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Foster poured some more bourbon for his guest. I don't know what it's -- Tom Clancy
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As George removed the cork and began very slowly to pour the thick brown stuff into the spoon, -- Roald Dahl
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Raw, gentle, and easy, it mizzled out of the high air, a special elixir, tasting of spells and stars and air, carrying a peppery dust in it, and moving like a rare light sherry on his tongue. Rain. -- Ray Bradbury
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Feeling hearts
touch them but lightly
A thousand melodies unheard before. -- Samuel Rogers
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And the drops of rain. They are delicate, at first, their splashes graceful against pavement. Soon, though, the soft patter grows into a furious storm. -- Ky Grabowski
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The waterwheel accepts water and turns and gives it away, weeping. -- Rumi
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Pandemonium did not reign; it poured. -- John Kendrick Bangs
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The final condensation. -- Dewitt Wallace
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Pru, you have the depth of a puddle. -- Lisa Kleypas
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For the raindrop, joy is in entering the river. -- Mirza Asadullah Khan Ghalib
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Happy in all that ragged, loose collapse of water, the fountain, its effortless descent and flatteries of spray ... -- Richard Wilbur
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I'm walking you home. It's late. And it's pouring -- Stephanie Perkins
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Pony eyed the pitcher of hot fudge sauce Nellie had placed on the table. "And if you pass that pitcher, I will reveal a nugget of information that will please you and instantly return me to your good goddess graces."
Nellie pushed the pitcher forward. "Spill. Not the fudge sauce. The info. -- Jude Watson
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Pouring espresso is an art, one that requires the barista to care about the quality of the beverage. -- Howard Schultz
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Yielding, like ice about to melt. -- Laozi
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A little rain beats down a big wind. Long drinking bouts break open the tun(der). -- Francois Rabelais
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You see, God's love is an endless ocean, and human beings strive to get as much water as they can out of it. But at the end of the day, how much water we each get depends on the size of our cups. Some people have barrels, some buckets, while some others have only got bowls. -- Elif Shafak
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Take sips of this pure wine being poured. Don't mind that you've been given a dirty cup. -- Rumi
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I like to pour my wines for people. I watch their eyes, I can see what they'll like. Most people say they don't like dry wine because they haven't had a dry wine that's clean and fruity, instead of a big, oaky thing. -- Pat Paulsen
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Brimming. That's what it is, I want to get to a place where my sentences enact brimming. -- Li-Young Lee
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a vessel containing beer and other liquids. -- Mark Twain
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Nobody pours stuffing like you do, my friend. -- David Sedaris
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why do people pour water on concrete expecting something to grow from it" AP -- Alexis Pettway
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It flows purling, widely flowing, floating foampool, flower unfurling. -- James Joyce
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Heavy drops fall - drip, drip, drip - upon the broad flagged pavement, called from old time the Ghost's Walk, all night. -- Charles Dickens
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What river can flood over the mountains of your love? -- Sorin Cerin
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Now that's something different! I'm not bored of buckets yet! -- Ann Leckie
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You cannot pour more water into a full cup without causing a spillage. -- Rasheed Ogunlaru
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[Referring to a glass of water:] I mixed this myself. Two parts H, one part O. I don't trust anybody! -- Steven Wright
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The soft droppes of rain perce the hard marble. -- John Lyly
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you make autumn mist
taste like champagne

and turn winter rain
into the elixir of life itself. -- Sanober Khan
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God is in the midst, and each drop tries to expand so as to reflect Him to the greatest extent. And it grows, merges, disappears from the surface, sinks to the depths, and again emerges. -- Leo Tolstoy
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There was a rhythm, an
alternation in the dripping that I found as teasing as a coin
trick. -- Vladimir Nabokov
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You have to be prepared to take a spill. -- Shaun White
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Alcohol is the monarch of liquids. -- Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin
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I have this beautiful antique silver wine decanter that I bought at an auction. I always pour wine from that. -- Paul Lynde
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What's drinking? A mere pause from thinking! -- Lord Byron
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It seems a peculiar thing when I go to fill my own cup; it remains empty as if the liquid evaporates as soon as it touches the glass. Yet when I reach to top off the cups of others, my own spills over. This is the crazy magic of charity. -- Richelle E. Goodrich
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I'm supposed to figure out if the glass is half full or half empty," I told her.
Without a moment's hesitation, in a split second, my grandmother shrugged and said: "It depends on if you're drinking or pouring. -- Bill Cosby
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Do not disregard the accumulation of goodness, saying, 'This will come to nothing.' By the gradual falling of raindrops, a jar is filled. -- Gautama Buddha
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Holy water at my wrists and behind my ears; my version of Eau de Don'tbiteme -- Karen Marie Moning
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rain or snow. Mama worried and Papa was impressed; -- Jane Smiley
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Sometimes a single drop of water is so valuable for the very thirsty that he may hesitate to drink it immediately! -- Mehmet Murat Ildan
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It's raining like a cow relieving itself. -- Rosen Topuzov
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How you refill. Lying there. Something like happiness, just like water, pure and clear pouring in. So good you don't even welcome it, it runs through you in a bright stream, as if it has been there all along. -- Peter Heller
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You are quaffing drink from a hundred fountains: whenever any of these hundred yields less, your pleasure is diminished. But when the sublime fountain gushes from within you, no longer need you steal from the other fountains. -- Rumi
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Giving is a stream of abundance. -- Lailah Gifty Akita
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Stones are hollowed out by the constant dropping of water. -- Ovid
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Each mans spills the drink he loves. -- Robert Anton Wilson
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Rainwater purls from cloud to roof to eave. -- Anthony Doerr
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I'm Little Miss Sunshine, I sprinkle it around. -- Courtney Robertson
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By constant dripping, water hollows stone,
A signet-ring from use alone grows thin,
And the curved plowshare by soft earth is worn. -- Ovid
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Love poured out multiplies love poured in. -- Matshona Dhliwayo
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He gripped the flask with the tongs, and taking care not to spill the tiniest drop, he poured the contents into the plastic bucket. One false move was all it would take. -- Terry Pratchett
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It started to rain. Fat, heavy drops of summer rain - the kind that always struck her as vaguely lewd and debauched. Little potbellied drunkards, those summer raindrops, chortling on their way to earth and crashing open with glee. -- Tessa Dare
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The hand which scoops up the water is the first vessel. The fingers of both hands intertwined are the first basket. [p. 217] -- Elias Canetti
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Rain scatters plum petals; Weeping stains the earth. One can only take shelter And wait for clearing. -- Ming-Dao Deng
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When it rains manna from heaven, some people put up an umbrella. Others reach for a big spoon. -- Peter Drucker
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I am leaking letters and dripping verbs and bathing myself in the actions they long to take. -- Tyler Knott Gregson
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You will b experienced as a blessing
to the extent you have fist experienced yourself as blessed. You must feel the fullness of your own pitcher before you trust the pouring out of yourself. -- Ann Voskamp
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Beautiful, luscious and flowing. Atop the governor's head. -- Rick Perry
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And it rained a screaming. And it rained a rawness. And it rained a plasma. And it rained a disorder. -- Tom Robbins
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Pour me something tall and strong, make it a Hurricane before I go insane. It's only half past twelve but I don't care, it's 5 O'clock somewhere. -- Alan Jackson
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What starts in clouded minds finishes in the rain -- Lupe Fiasco
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When it's raining pudding, hold up your bowl. -- Sandra Dallas
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Fill me I'm cold. Fill me I'm half way gone.
Would you crush me in the stairwell?
Could we just lie down? -- Deborah Landau
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The cup has to be left clean and empty for the divine liquor to be poured into it. -- Sri Aurobindo
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When in doubt, bourbon through it. -- Donna Ison
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I wish to cup knowledge in my hand and drink it as one drinks water by the side of the stream. -- Bryce Courtenay
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Cautious of the flood so I always lay the right pipe. -- Drake
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Holding my hands out open wide. Not catching the drops or trying to hold them. I'm letting them leave their mark and then letting them go. -- Ally Condie
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All the emptying out is only for the sake of a Great Outpouring. -- Richard Rohr
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Your name is Rain, isn't it? Rain slips in the cracks and slides through the seams. You can do it? Can't you? -- Gregory Maguire
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You know how we make a Scotch and water in this home?"
"No, sir," Gus said.
"We pour Scotch into a glass and then call to mind thoughts of water, and then we mix the actual Scotch with the abstracted idea of water. -- John Green
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It's not sipping wine. It's a mourning wine. You drain it. Like this. -- Neil Gaiman
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An infinite
Rains where the white
Mists opalesce
In the moon-shower ... -- Paul Verlaine
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Raise a million filters and the rain will not be clean, until the longing for it be refined in deep confession. -- Leonard Cohen
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A tiny hole can empty a great big bucket. -- Cynthia Lewis
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I love rains which carry desires
oceans. -- Etel Adnan
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The sky, an inverted blue ceramic cauldron, poured out a hot dry brew. -- Dean Koontz
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After washing there was no place to pour the water except out of the window onto the heads of the people in the streets, which is the proper place to throw everything that is not wanted. -- Ellsworth Huntington
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Dames. Sometimes all they got to do is let it out and a few buckets later there's no way you'd ever know. -- Frank Miller
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Slow is the experience of all deep fountains: long have they to wait until they know what has fallen into their depths. -- Friedrich Nietzsche
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Pour him out of here! -- Mae West
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Rain brings rain of umbrella! -- Mehmet Murat Ildan
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rain, I don't mind -- John Lennon
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The champagne was flowing like the Potomac in flood. -- Ben Bradlee
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The shallow teapot does the most spouting, and boils dry most quickly! -- Elizabeth Foreman Lewis
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I'm surprised you agreed to let me pour the wine. -- Scott Lynch
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You'd have coffee on a drip if you could, wouldn't you? -- Kristina Adams
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some poems froth
and foam and rise...

out of my morning cup of
mist-sweetened coffee. -- Sanober Khan
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Pour God's love out of you in pitcher fulls, not thimbles. -- Shannon L. Alder
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Poor me, poor me, pour me another. -- George Galloway
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The glass is neither half full or half empty but merely too large for the contents. -- Chris Byrd
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My love is such that rivers cannot quench -- Anne Bradstreet
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The morning pouring everywhere, its golden glory on the air. -- Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
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At the beginning of the cask and the end take thy fill but be saving in the middle; for at the bottom the savings comes too late. -- Hesiod
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Holding a bottle of Evian water -- Jennifer Weiner
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Drinking: something to do while getting drunk. -- Peg Bracken
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The swirling mist lay in the bottom of such great bowls like a broth of dreams. -- Iain M. Banks