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Power is not merely shouting aloud. Power is to act positively with all the components of power.
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Power among humans is not simply the physical force with which one material body may move another; it is the force to distract, detour, maneuver, and command. Every pleasure we indulge in and every pain we suffer exerts power over others.
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Power is crack cocaine for your ego and battery acid for your soul.
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power-hungry man
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Power wears out those who don't have it.
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Power begins with having a crystal-clear view of reality and what each and every person in your life is driven by.
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The secret to using power is not to use it. Just having it is enough.
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Power, from the standpoint of experience, is merely the relation that exists between the expression of someone's will and the execution of that will by others.
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Power is a test - the test - of character.
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Real power is measured by how much you can let things be.
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Power is not a means; it is an end.
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Power comes and goes. It can vanish in the twinkling of an eye, like smoke dissolving in the air.
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Power is never measured by what you can give but by what you can actually take!
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What is power without control?
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As we think of power in the 21st century, we want to get away from the idea that power's always zero sum - my gain is your loss and vice versa. Power can also be positive sum, where your gain can be my gain.
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Power comes from leading a controlled life, a happy life, a perky life.
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Power itself is simply a word to describe attention, awareness, which embodies all things.
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You wonder at power yoked to service. You wonder because you have come into power young and are learning that power comes through the acceptance of a bond. But if to have power is to be bound, then what is power?
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The most important thing about power is to make sure you don't have to use it.
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Power is being told you're not loved and not being destroyed by it.
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Some people use power, whilst they are some who let power use them.
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A word after a word after a word is power.
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Power wears out those who do not have it.
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The object of power is power.
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The power is that which generated and maintains the universe ... the life-force, the stuff of creation. It is the very substance of existence itself.
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Power is the capacity to generate relationships.
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Power is the ability to define phenomena, and make it act in a desired manner.
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Power is the by-product of understanding.
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Do the thing and the power will come.
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Power's a strange thing, lad. It's a drug people like me crave it.
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All your power is in your awareness of that power, and through holding that power in your consciousness.
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Power is the manifestation of the use men make of it.
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Know your power.
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There is power in everything you say to lift you up or pull you down. There is power in everything you do to reward you or penalize you.
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You need Power,
only when you want
to do something harmful
Love is enough to get everything done.
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Power is the pivot on which everything hinges. He who has the power is always right; the weaker is always wrong.
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Power operates only destructively, bent always on forcing every manifestation of life into the straitjacket of its laws. Its intellectual form of expression is dead dogma, its physical form brute force.
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Power is an illusion of perception.
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Positive Power can inspire; Negative Power can perspire. Which power are you on?-RVM
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Power is the relation of a given person to other persons, in which the more this person expresses opinions, theories and justifications of the collective action the less is his participation in that action.
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What combats powerlessness? Power.
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Power is something that is out of term.
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Power is a companion it is not easy to part with, when it goes, the zest of life goes with it. With dry eyes and clenched fist, one stares after it, jealous of the next one it will single out.
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Character is power.
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Power is everywhere when you can see it and find it. It is nowhere when you can't.
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The real secret of power is consciousness of power.
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When you gain maximum knowledge in any area of work and put it into practice, no power
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Power is the chance to impose your will within a social context, even when opposed and regardless of the integrity of that chance.
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Real power is creating stuff.
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Power perceived is power achieved.
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Power is what is required to change the universe - to change yourself into what you might like to be.
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The challenge of power is how to use it and not abuse it. When you abuse it, it reverses on you and it hurts you.
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Like many things, power is like the two sides of a coin.
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Power consists in one's capacity to link his will with the purpose of others, to lead by reason and a gift of cooperation.
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You empower what you fight.
You withdraw power from what you release.
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Real power comes when we stop holding others responsible for our pain, and we take responsibility for all our feelings.
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Power is not given to you. You have to take it.
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Power is a trick. It lies where we believe it lies.
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You have to take power. No one gives it.
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Power is my mistress
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Power: a currency that never went out of style.
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POWER: The ability to make our fellow humans squirm, sweat and stammer on command. Often regarded as an aphrodisiac; actually a potent laxative that, whenever ingested by people in high places, causes everyone below to run for cover.
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Power...Born out of nature, Coveted by men; Wars rage on, And victors are crowned. But true power can never be lost or won. True power comes from within.
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Power is not found in muscles; power is found in the mind.
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I look at power as the ability to get people motivated and to get them to do things that maybe they don't think are important but, in the end, are in pursuit of something greater than themselves.
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Much like addictive drugs, power uses ready-made reward circuitries in the brain, producing extreme pleasure.
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My power is discombobulatingly devastating.
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If you have power, you have to empower.
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You have the power to let power go
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Power: The ability to force or coerce someone to do your will, even if they would choose not to, because of your position or your might.
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A lot of people refer to power as shooting a loaded gun. When you have to shoot the gun, you've lost the power. Other people's knowledge of your gun should be enough.
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I will tell you where there is power: where the dew lies upon the hills, and the rain has moistened the roots of the various plant; where the sunshine pours steadily; where the brook runs babbling along, there is a beneficent power.
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All power is within YOU. You are the creator of your experience.
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Real power comes by empowering others.
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The individual is the product of power.
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Power doesn't have to show off. Power is confident, self-assuring, self-starting and self-stopping, self-warming and self-justifying. When you have it, you know it.
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True power arises in knowing what you want, knowing what you don't want, expressing it clearly and lovingly without attachment to the outcome.
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Power is strength and the ability to see yourself through your own eyes and not through the eyes of another. It is being able to place a cicle of power at your own feet and not take power from someone else's circle.
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Desire creates the power.
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Remember the art of the mind, mouth, and ear? Well the ear feeds into the mind and that leads to knowledge. That leads to power. Remember that saying: Knowledge is power?
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Motivation is Power, Power is Motivation
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Power is a funny thing. Sometimes you can just take it.
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Real power is control. Knowing that you can do anything ... and not doing it only because you can.
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There is a major ingredient missing from our perception of how changes are brought about; that ingredient is power.
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Power is the ultimate aphrodisiac.
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Power is the recognition of necessity.
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You have no power at all if you do not exercise constant power.
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Power is in inflicting pain and humiliation.
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True power is in the unknown.
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Power is the great aphrodisiac.
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Power is like a nuclear weapon,
very dangerous in the wrong hands.
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Power is just using energy in a wise way to get things done. Power has been misinterpreted to mean getting my way on the backs of other people. Getting whatever I want, forgetting that there are other beings and species and energies involved.
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Real power has fullness and variety. It is not narrow like lightning, but broad like light. The man who truly and worthily excels in any one line of endeavor, might also under a change of circumstances, have excelled in some other line. Power is a thing of solidity and wholeness.
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Power in organizations is the capacity generated by relationships. It is an energy that comes into existence through relationships.
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Power, as human beings exercise power, to me means the ability to change: the ability to change oneself, the ability to change one's community. And the positive use of power is transformation of self and community toward a higher ideal, toward a healed world.
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Authentic power shares power with others.
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Power is a disease one has no desire to be cured of.
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Power is nothing unless you can turn it into influence.
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Power makes you lazy.
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Asking questions gives you significant power.