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The first sentence cant be written until the final sentence is written.
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No. One. Comes. Before You.
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Belief sometimes precedes understanding; faith sometimes precedes scientific evidence.
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Before is the only time you own, the only before you can trust is now, and you don't even know how long before is.
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Behind me the world, ahead of me my world.
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The mind precedes all things, the mind dominates all things, the mind creates all things.
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Whose order is shut inside the structure of a sentence?
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Love always comes first.
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Before, you are wise; after, you are wise. In between you are otherwise
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Life before Death.
Strength before Weakness.
Journey before Destination.
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The first is last, and the last is first.
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In human life, economics precedes politics or culture.
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The subject comes first, the medium second.
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What do we mean by saying that existence precedes essence? We mean that man first of all exists, encounters himself, surges up in the world-and defines himself afterward.
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Pre-order is the new order
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The music comes first. It will always be first
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Now I want to say: 'After being - doing and being done to. But first, being.
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People first. Dogs second. Things last.
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Nobody walks well first, nobody writes well first and nobody cooks well first.
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In many instances, order is apprehended first of all by the senses.
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Before you can have, you must do; but before you can do, you must first become.
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It's always music first, or melody and words together, but never words first.
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Benefit to the community precedes benefit to the individual
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Before Me you are a slug in the sun. You are privy to a great Becoming and you recognize nothing. You are an ant in the after-birth.
It is in your nature to do one thing correctly: before Me you rightly tremble. Fear is not what you owe Me, Lounds, you and the other pismires. You owe Me awe.
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Our lives are before us, not behind."
"That depends on where you're standing on the timeline.
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( ... ) but no, ends must not be permitted to precede beginnings and middles, even if recent scientific experiments have shown us that within certain types of closed systems, under intense pressure, time can be persuaded to run backwards, so that effects precede their causes.
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He who comes first, eats first.
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God has to be first for there to be order in your life".
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Before GOD,no god,after him,there will be no GOD.
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Your greatest failure will precede your greatest success.
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shall be up before you are awake; I shall be afield before you are up; and I shall have breakfasted before you are afield. In short, I shall astonish you all." (All.)
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I felt before I thought
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Order is what exists before you start arranging things.
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What God predetermine proves true!
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The first thing that confronts us in studying verbal structures is that they are arranged sequentially, and have to be read or listened to in time.
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Chicks before dicks.
Hos before Bros.
Moms before Doms.
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First and last follow each other.
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Dying before dying has two important consequences: It liberates the individual from the fear of death and influences the actual experience of dying at the time of biological demise.
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Consider a world in which cause and effect are erratic. Sometimes the first precedes the second, and sometimes the second the first. Or perhaps cause lies forever in the past effect in the future, but future and past are intertwined.
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The last thing one discovers in composing a work is what to put first.
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Order is a necessary condition for anything the human mind is to understand.
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When an animal comes between the lion and its prey, the animal first becomes the prey before the main prey.
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The profoundest order is revealed in what is most casual.
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There was before you, and then there was after, and in this after, you were the God I'd never had.
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Before anything else, preparation is the key to success.
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The real process of making decisions, of gathering support, of developing opinions, happens before the meeting or after.
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Every action is an idea before it is an action, and perhaps a feeling before it is an idea, and every idea rests upon other ideas that have preceded it in time.
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First we will be best, then we will be first
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Deep darkness precedes the dawn of brightness light.
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Simplicity does not precede complexity, but follows it.
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The wisest prophets make sure of the event first.
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First comes the day, then the seconds of the event, then the days which become weeks, then the months, then the years.
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The effort to strive for truth has to precede all
other efforts.
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Look before, or you'll find yourself behind.
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He seeks us before we dream of seeking him; he knocks before we invite him in; he loves us before we respond.
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Throughout my training we always had a mantra; They come first. If I had really and truly screwed up my future, I'd have a new mantra; A comes first. Then B, C, D ...
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You can't get second things by putting them first. You get second things only by putting first things first.
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Order and simplification are the first steps towards mastery of a subject
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The race is long. To finish first, you must first finish.
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My death and life, My bane and antidote, are both before me.
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That which we manifest is before us.
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In my dream, spring came after summer, came after fall, came after winter, came after spring.
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Before you procrastinate, begin.
Before you begin, plan.
Before you plan, visualize.
Before you visualize, dream.
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One [has] to sense the trend of history and precede it.
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Existence is prior to essence.
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Is there life before death? - that is the question!
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Your work is first, learning is first, winning is everything because without it there is nothing.
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The situation comes first ... the characters ... come next ... [then] begin to narrate ...
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In the past the man has been first; in the future the system must be first.
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Principle comes first; action thereafter.
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In all science, error precedes the truth, and it is better it should go first than last.
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You always come first for me, Kitten.
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The order that our mind imagines is like a net, or like a ladder, built to attain something. But afterward you must throw the ladder away, because you discover that, even if it was useful, it was meaningless.
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The idea comes before the logical argument.
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Love knows nothing of order.
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It is not order only, but unexpected order, that has value.
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Morality must always precede and accompany religion, and yet religion is much more than morality.
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In God's eyes, there's not before and after. Every moment of time is simultaneous to God.
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Order, thou eye of action.
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Put first things first and second things are thrown in. Put second things first and you lose both first and second things.
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Awareness precedes choice and choice precedes results.
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Order is one of the needs of life which, when it is satisfied, produces a real happiness
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order to be seen.
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Thought and theory must precede all salutary action; yet action is nobler in itself than either thought or theory.
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For still I see that forethought spares afterthought and after-sorrow.
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The tale of someone's life begins before they are born.
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Instead of following one another the sounds overlap; a sound which is acoustically perceived as coming after another one can be articulated simultaneously with the latter or even in part before it.
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The cat came first, in order to be absolute first. It arrived when all the cribs and closets and cellar bins and attic hang-spaces still needed October wings, autumn breathings, and fiery eyes.
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Someone came too sooner.
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The created order is everywhere punched and torn open by ellipses, drifts, and leaks of meaning: it is a sieve-order.
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Problem-insight precedes solution insight. Someone has to recognise a problem before they start to solve the problem ...
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we had everything before us,
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You saw me before I saw you
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First is first. That's the way I was brought up. Second or third are nowhere.
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Sacrifice precedes success.
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Being precedes Truth, and ... Truth precedes the Good.
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Often the thing that frightens us the most is the one that should be done first.
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premillennialism go far deeper.2
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Mark in what order: first, our calling; then, our election; not beginning with our election first. By our calling, arguing our election.
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Life is before you,- not earthly life alone, but life- a thread running interminably through the warp of eternity.