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Finished products are for decadent minds.
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The Maker is Mighty!
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We are God's productions, His compositions.
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All products come from the worth of time
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I recently decided that I'm not an originator. I'm a synthesist.
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We're all such products
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No one is self-made
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Whenever you want to produce something, do not depend upon the outside source: go deep and seek the Infinite Source.
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Writing code is not production, it's not always craftsmanship though it can be, it's design.
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Producing is great because you learn.
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Quality is never an accident. It is always the result of intelligent effort. There must be the will to produce a superior thing.
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If you want to create, you'll create...
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immutable productions
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You make the best products you can, and you grow as fast as you deserve to.
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Only God creates. The rest of us just copy.
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The marvelous Maker!
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Producers are men who will keep their heads in the noisy presence of writers and directors and not be carried away by art in any of its subversive guises. Their task is to guard against the unusual. They are the trusted loyalists of cliche.
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We must have a better word than "prefabricated", why not "ready-made"?
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You have been crafted with utmost care and creativity by your Creator. There is none other like you in the world.
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The finished product is a result of a series of organic, creative mistakes
perception itself becoming the editor of the final report.
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Producers are now employees, not creators.
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It's time to stop producing stuff, and start producing fun.
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I love producing, I love bringing things together.
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In producers, loafing is productive; and no creator, of whatever magnitude, has ever been able to skip that stage, any more than a mother can skip gestation.
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The work produced is a thing among things, able to be experienced and described as a sum of qualities. But from time to time it can face the receptive beholder in its whole embodied form.
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Are you a consumer or producer?
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I am a product of my failures,
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Brands are born, not created.
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New product and new types of service are generated, not by asking the consumer, but by knowledge, imagination, innovation, risk, trial and error on the part of the producer, backed by enough capital to develop the product or service and to stay in business during the learn months of introduction.
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We are born creators, here to achieve the exuberant expression of our gifts. The
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I've been producing for 13 years. I've made a string of joyful movies with positive messages about comedy, love and romance.
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by its makers after centuries of careful
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There's no 'Self made' we're all dependent.
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If you would create something,
you must be something.
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The human mind cannot create anything. It produces nothing until having been fertilized by experience and meditation; its acquisitions are the germs of its production.
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but to create a real feeling - made
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The thing about producing is that the pressure is off of being in front of the camera, and being critiqued and judged in that way, but there are other pressures producing.
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When the tools of production are available to everyone, everyone becomes a producer.
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Those who believe in quality produce quality goods.
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We all are manufacturers in a way - making good, making trouble or making excuses.
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I am a maker of useful things.
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A product is only as good as the process it passed through.
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Very few things actually get manufactured these days, because in an infinitely large Universe such as, for instance, the one in which we live, most things one could possibly imagine and a lot of things one would rather not, grow somewhere.
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You have it made when you don't care whether you have it made or not.
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After forty years, with whatever authority comes from lived experience, I can say: You, too, can create something. You can nurture it and watch it grow.
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The society based on production is only productive, not creative.
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You must be engaged with the process of producing something to expect something.
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The production must be faithful to the line. If the production fails, my work fails.
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One creates oneself.
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Producing is like pushing jello up a hill on a hot day.
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The product of your life depends on your choices
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I don't like producing. It's a lot of meetings you sit through that amount to nothing.
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No creative work is ever the product of one person alone (no matter how tempting it is to believe our own hype),
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Everyday I create myself...
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Product must be intentional
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even virtual, if that is what you turned out to be
I would love you.
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I don't think artists are made, I think they're born.
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I produced Run DMC. I produced some early records, lots of records early on.
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I think that Jesus is the product.
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The artist is seen like a producer of commodities, like a factory that turns our refrigerators.
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It is not enough to have a talented designer; the management must be inspired too. The creative process is very disorganised; the production process has to be very rational.
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Production is "anarchistic.
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For all fragrances I create, I ask each of my suppliers to deliver and provide the best raw materials. It is my personal quest for excellence and quality to create luxury perfumes ...
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Monsters are made
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As the editor-in-chief of the do-it-yourself magazine 'Make,' I've met scores of dedicated makers. They come from all walks of life - rich, poor, young, old, male, female, religious, atheist, liberal, conservative.
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Don't tell people how good you make the goods; tell the how good your goods make them.
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We are all consumers and should all be producers.
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Anything that the human mind can conceive can be produced ultimately.
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The producer is at the center of entertainment. The producer is being forgotten, and producers must seize the center of activity.
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Everything is generated through your own will power.
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What I created got abominated.
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Production goes up and up because high pressure advertising and salesmanship constantly create new needs that must be satisfied: this is Admass- a consumer's race with donkeys chasing an electric carrot.
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Create something. Create something ugly. Create something beautiful. I don't care what it is. Create it.
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A creative person has to # create .
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I do not over-intellectualize the production process. I try to keep it simple: Tell the damned story.
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Nowadays, business is all about productivity - and our folks produce.
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Only great people can make great products.
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I don't know if most people know it or not, but I produce, like, 95% of my own stuff.
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I used to produce years ago when I feel like. I produced myself, Bounty Killer. That was the first set. Then I did a Bounty Killer, Lexxus, Spragga Benz, Sizzla, a whole lot of artist..
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I'm ready to create.
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I think you can fairly say I spawned or laid an egg that has turned into a lifestyle industry.
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The greatest shortage in our society is an instinct to produce. To create solutions and hustle them out the door. To touch the humanity inside and connect to the humans in the marketplace.
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Self-creation is the highest art.
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We have to create; it is the only thing louder than destruction.
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I am not a product of my circumstances. I am a product of my decisions.
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Creation is everything you do. Make something.
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They themselves are makers of themselves.
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To say someone is a producer ... it's kind of a slippery term.
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The best creates, the rest follows
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I don't want to produce anyone that doesn't want to be produced by me.
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The determination that led me to create a new sports team taught me an important lesson: opportunity is manufactured.
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Production is not the application of tools to materials, but logic to work.
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High yields do not in themselves imply lower quality: the balance of the vine is the crucial point. Casablanca's
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A field Marshall is born, not made!
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Process can not be inferred from product any more than a pig can be inferred from a sausage.
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Amazing products, cats. And real simple to manufacture.
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We will see the day when we live on what we produce.
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When you cannot find, make.
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I create easily and effortlessly when I let my thoughts come from the loving space of my own heart.
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Without producing, no man can love, nor can he understand or remember, nor have the power of feeling and being.