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The public is a great actuality, like war. If you are a creative and creating artist, you cannot ignore it, though it can ignore you. -- Arnold Bennett
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Literature is a peculiarly public product of a particularly private endeavor. -- Valerie Miner
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Who is the public now that it has changed color? -- Judy Baca
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I am the same as the public as my fans. -- Jenni Rivera
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One of the great penalties those of us who live our lives in full view of the public must pay is the loss of that most cherished birthright of man's, privacy. -- Mary Pickford
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I went public too soon. Stay private as long as you can. -- Bill Gates
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My private life became public. -- Brigitte Bardot
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I'm a private person in many ways. -- Peter Dinklage
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My life, I swear, is, like, 75% public. I have a very small percentage of my life that is private. But I do keep that private life private. -- Steve Aoki
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Sharing a book with others becomes a public enterprise. There -- Brandon Mull
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Having been given that public trust, we have a responsibility to share with the public. -- Steven Squyres
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I'm a kind of private guy. -- Jason Reitman
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As a private person, professionally I am invisible. -- Michael Haneke
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The key to security is public information. -- Margaret Chase Smith
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Public sharing is an important part of science. -- Richard Dawkins
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A secret's safest hiding place is in the open. -- Jill Alexander Essbaum
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Culture is public, because meaning is -- Clifford Geertz
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I happen to have a public profile. Ditto newspaper editors. It's a result of what I do, not an end. -- Steve Coogan
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I have lived in public as a somewhat recognizable person since I was a teenager. Emails I answer end up posted on sites; pictures of me and someone I just met, taken by a cellphone, literally number in the thousands and are easily accessed. -- Henry Rollins
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The public's not stupid. -- Rita Ora
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Nothing in human life is inherently private. -- Terry Eagleton
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The public are not stupid. -- Pete Waterman
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I am a public library -- Tony Benn
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The public be damned. I am working for my stockholders. -- William Henry Vanderbilt
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There are some public figures who are very private and almost hide behind their work. I try to be as open as possible. -- Moby
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I don't like audiences, I prefer my mistakes in private. -- Dr. Seuss
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I'm a pretty private person. I'm not "out there" out there. From living in New York City, I developed a certain awareness that you have to have when you live by yourself. -- Brooklyn Sudano
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Since there is no such entity as 'the public,' since the public is merely a number of individuals, any claimed or implied conflict of 'the public interest' with private intersts means that the interests of some men are to be sacrificed to the interest and wishes of others. -- Ayn Rand
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I'm kind of a private person in a way. -- Thomas Horn
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In our era of celebrity, where every life is made public through email, blogs and Facebook, one of the greatest oddities may be that there is not a livelier discussion about the individual's basic need for a more private space. -- Lily Koppel
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The public already knows about me more than I ever wanted it to know. -- Paul Reubens
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Public self is a conditioned construct of the inner psychological self. -- Sigmund Freud
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The public must be put in its place, so that it may exercise its own powers, but no less and perhaps even more, so that each of us may live free of the trampling and the roar of a bewildered herd. -- Walter Lippmann
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I'm in the wrong racket if I didn't want a public life. -- Joe Mantegna
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As content creators, we separate ourselves from the public while we create our product until we are finished and make it public - because that is what our means of production and distribution long demanded; only now are we learning to collaborate during the process. -- Jeff Jarvis
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The public is the tribunal before which all art is judged - not the critics or the academies. The public is the artist's only patron, and has certain fundamental rights. It will submit to education, and will respond to suggestion, but it will not be bullied. -- Walter J. Phillips
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The internet is necessarily public. It can be filtered-public or censored-public, but it necessarily has to be open and available. -- John Green
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There are two types of stories: public and private. -- Antonio Munoz Molina
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The public is a ferocious beast; one must either chain it or flee from it. -- Voltaire
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Private is our DNA, in my DNA. It enables us to make decisions for the long term. -- Anthony Pratt
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The saint and poet seek privacy to ends the most public and universal: and it is the secret of culture, to interest the man more in his public, than in his private quality. -- Ralph Waldo Emerson
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I fell in love with the public, the public fell in love with me, and I tried to keep it that way. -- Julia Child
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Being a public person doesn't necessarily mean you're a piece of meat for everybody. -- Elle Macpherson
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Everything about my life is private, really. I'm not so sure that any of it has ever been public. -- Morrissey
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I represent the public, not public opinion. -- Theodore Roosevelt
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Public schooling does not serve a public; it creates a pubic. -- Neil Postman
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I'm the most private person. -- Ashley Olsen
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My art became very public. -- Joey Skaggs
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All business begins with the public permission and exists by public approval -- Arthur W. Page
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If you make too many things too public, then you end up living your life before the court of public opinion. -- Farrah Gray
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People are rewarded in public for what the practice for years in private. -- Tony Robbins
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Public postures have the configuration of private derangement. -- Tom Stoppard
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What's interesting about art in public spaces is that the public really sort of takes over and uses it in ways that you didn't anticipate. -- Teresita Fernandez
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If there's anything a public servant hates to do it's something for the public. -- Kin Hubbard
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Non-disclosure in the Internet Age is quickly perceived as a breach of trust. Government, corporations and each of us as individuals must recalibrate how we live and share our lives appropriate to the information now available and the expectations of others. -- Simon Mainwaring
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I have to say that I reject somewhat the distinction between something called art and something called public art. I think all art demands and desires to be seen. -- Antony Gormley
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All architecture has a public nature, I believe, so I would like to make a public space. -- Tadao Ando
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Your public-spiritedness is appreciated, I assure you. -- Scott Westerfeld
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For most of my life, I deliberately led a private life in the public eye. -- Chelsea Clinton
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I'm a very private person. -- Kirsty Gallacher
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Living your life in the public eye is a greater burden than most people can imagine. -- Justin Trudeau
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The Transparent Society: -- Julia Angwin
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Actually I don't choose to expose myself in public. I choose to compete; the other side just comes with the package. -- Paula Radcliffe
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Today, the mass audience (the successor to the "public") can be used as a creative, participating force. It is, instead, merely given packages of passive entertainment. Politics offers yesterday's answers to today's questions. -- Marshall Mcluhan
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There is a note in the front of the volume saying that no public reading may be given without first getting the author's permission. It ought to be made much more difficult to do than that. -- Robert Benchley
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[T]he public library is where those without money, power, access, university affiliation, or advanced degrees can get information for free.. -- Siva Vaidhyanathan
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I've always had my own access to the public, because I started off making my clothes for a little shop, and so I've always had people buying them. I could always sell a few, even if I couldn't sell a lot, and somehow my business grew because people happened to like it. I'm in a fortunate position. -- Vivienne Westwood
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There are no private lives. This a most important aspect of modern life. One of the biggest transformations we have seen in our society is the diminution of the sphere of the private. We must reasonably now all regard the fact that there are no secrets and nothing is private. Everything is public. -- Philip K. Dick
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I make my mistakes in public. -- Shirley Maclaine
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Why is non-commercial public expression considered criminal? -- Shepard Fairey
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Public success flourishes when we uphold private order. -- Shannon Tanner
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I avoid the public because the English public is too aggressive these days for me. -- David Hockney
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The distinction between private and public undermines the unity of spiritual strength, draining the public of the transcendent energies while trivializing them because the merely private life provides no proper stage for their action. -- Allan Bloom
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When was public virtue to be found when private was not? -- William Cowper
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Modern Americans are so exposed, peered at, inquired about, and spied upon as to be increasingly without privacy
members of a ;naked society and denizens of a goldfish bowl. -- Edward V. Long
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No task, rightly done, is truly private. It is part of the world s work. -- Woodrow Wilson
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[T]he ways in which the information we give off about our selves, in photos and e-mails and MySpace pages and all the rest of it, has dramatically increased our social visibility and made it easier for us to find each other but also to be scrutinized in public. -- Clay Shirky
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The public is never wrong. -- Adolph Zukor
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To have a public life, you still have the right to a private life. -- Catherine Deneuve
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The public has a right to art ... Art is for everybody, -- Keith Haring
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There's an audience for everything. -- Davy Jones
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About my books, that's all that I think the public has, in its normal way, to know. My private life is, by definition, private. -- Patrick O'brian
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The public square is more public than ever, but minds are rarely changed in 140 character bursts and by selfies. -- Seth Godin
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If one is to use public funds he must accept a responsibility to the public. -- Thomas Francis Jr.
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Acting is actually private. -- Joan Chen
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There are at least two distinct selves, the public and regal self, the private and human. -- Walter Lippmann
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I have never seen Jeff Bezos, Marc Benioff, or Reed Hastings complain about being public. Nor have they ever argued that being public prevented them from doing things with a long-term focus. -- Bill Gurley
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I'm a private person, but I don't feel afraid to walk out of my door or anything. I get recognised occasionally, but not overwhelmingly so. -- Paul Dano
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Never use the word 'audience.' The very idea of a public, unless the poet is writing for money, seems wrong to me. Poets don't have an 'audience': They're talking to a single person all the time. -- Robert Graves
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The public does not know what is possible. We do. -- Akio Morita
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I'm more private than people realize. I'm not that easy to get to know. -- Shania Twain
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Everyone has a private self and a public self. -- Kevin Conroy
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There are epic downsides to living a somewhat public life. The upshot of that is there's nothing to hide. It's a relief in a way. There's nothing about me that can't be said. -- Natasha Lyonne
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My life is going to continue to be public, and I just accept that. -- Robert Knepper
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Fortunately we're not a public company - we're a private group of companies, and I can do what I want. -- Richard Branson
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I don't have a publicist. I don't go to events or self-promote, or endorse things, or whatever it is people are meant to do in that world. -- Rupert Friend
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The frontier between public and private shifts from time to time and culture to culture. -- Terry Eagleton
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The approval of the public is to be avoided like the plague. It is absolutely essential to keep the public from entering if one wishes to avoid confusion. I must add that the public must be kept panting in expectation at the gate by a system of challenges and provocations. -- Andre Breton
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When we have public success we also have private struggles. -- Deion Sanders
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God, how I still love private readers. It's what we all used to be. -- J.d. Salinger