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I believe in using words, not fists. -- Susan Sarandon
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For punches I never really choose, I take whatever opportunity is given to me. If it's a left, I'll take it. If it's a right I'll take it. -- Nonito Donaire
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The weakest punches are thrown with the tongue. -- Robert Sharenow
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punching holes the size of dogs -- S.m. Reine
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I bob and weave em, hit em wit that Mayweather JAB. -- Nicki Minaj
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Power is more than the punch. I get so much power and belief in myself from God, and from God the power passes through my legs, through my hips, up to my shoulders, through my arms, and into my fists ... I'm written to be a legend. -- Naseem Hamed
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fisticuffs battle royale. -- Lolah Lace
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It's going to come to fists eventually. -- Carrie Jones
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The art of boxing is seeing spaces and being able to take shots. The hitting and being hit have to become one. Your reactions have to be so in the moment. There's no time to think. -- Garry Shandling
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Usually in fist fights you get punched in the face. -- David James Elliott
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I've thrown enough punches in my life to know when someone is hurting. -- Ally Carter
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Fathers should start teaching the boys how to punch. -- Scott Thompson
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The last time I threw a punch was in primary school, and that was probably a slap. -- Martin Compston
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Punch me." "Don't be absurd." "Come on, punch me, Barrons." "I'm not punching you." "I said, punch
OW!" He decked me. -- Karen Marie Moning
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Boxing is about being hit rather more than it is about hitting, just as it is about feeling pain, if not devastating psychological paralysis, more than it is about winning. -- Joyce Carol Oates
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The punch that knocks a man out is the punch that he doesn't see. -- Cus D'amato
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Boxing is rough. Even if you win, you get hurt. -- Joyce Carol Oates
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Some fighter's waist a lot of their energy. Wait for your opportunity and when it comes, avail yourself of it. The idea of boring in and throwing punches helter skelter without reason doesn't amount to a row of pins. Every time you miss a swing it is worse than being hit. -- Jack Johnson
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Why hang about in long drawn out fights, you want them to be over as quick as possible and I was blessed with a pitiless punch that sorted the men out from the boys. The only drawback to having such a vicious punch is that my hands have been broken so many times over the years. -- Stephen Richards
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When someone is punched in the face, you find out what they are made of. -- Jacques Audiard
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There are many ways to roll with the punches. Still, it's probably best to avoid people who punch you. -- Alex Bosworth
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Here we received the first blows: and it was so new and senseless that we felt no pain, neither in body nor in spirit. Only a profound amazement: how can one hit a man without anger? -- Primo Levi
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He punched me. If that's his best punch, he'll be in trouble some day. -- Patrick Roy
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I know by the way the punch landed, he wouldn't get up. -- Sergio Martinez
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Attack rapidly, ruthlessly, viciously, without rest, however tired and hungry you may be, the enemy will be more tired, more hungry. Keep punching. -- George S. Patton
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The best fighter fights with love and kindness. -- Debasish Mridha
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I have a radar built inside me to avoid punches -- Muhammad Ali
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If you're going to get in the ring and try to take the belt, you have to prepare to get hit. -- Stanley Crouch
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Little Fists, what's wrong? -- Marie Rutkoski
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The ability to punch isn't that useful in a girl fight. Words are our finest weapons ... and well, most men can't keep up. -- Katie Graykowski
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You've got to be careful against classy fighters, especially counter-punchers because if you go for the finish too early, you can end up getting finished yourself. -- Carl Froch
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No punching?" he asked.
"No kicking?"
"How about arm wrestling?"
"No. And before you ask, we've avoided Slug Bug, Slap Bets, and any and all Dance-Offs."
Fate Succumbs -- Tammy Blackwell
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Life throws punches. It's not about punching back ... It's about taking 'em, and still standing. -- Vaughn Ripley
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I'm basically like, you know, learned pretty quickly the guy who throws the first punch usually wins, so when people gave me a hard time I just punched them. -- Quentin Tarantino
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A man strikes you, make him bleed. He makes you bleed, you break his bones. He breaks your bones, kill him. Being hit is inevitable, strike back twice as hard. -- Bruce Lee
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There is no first strike in Karate. -- Gichin Funakoshi
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Go in quickly - Punch Hard - Get out! -- Adolph Malan
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I teach kids that want to be tough that their fists are not the way. -- George Foreman
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This is a sport where attack and defense that uses fists. Opponents punch at each other and block the punches. The goal is to knock out your opponent. Typically, those who engage in boxing are of equal weights and skill levels. -- Jenny River
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There is a time for reciting poems and a time for fists. -- Roberto Bolano
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Every punch was thrown with bad intentions. -- Mike Tyson
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I threw about 16 punches in 3 seconds. It was some Bruce Lee speed! -- David Haye
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The punches came fast and hard, lying on my back in the school yard. -- Neil Young
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Mike's (Tyson) punch is like an atomic bomb in that it is relative to nature. Both have no value unless you have a means of conveying it to the target. He is boxing-smart. -- Cus D'amato
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Once the fight is on-strike quickly and often. -- Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn
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I have always been a martial arts fighter; it goes to back when I was eighteen. I was competing on the circuit, but when you're performing, you tend to pull punches because you don't want to hurt anyone. -- Jason David Frank
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Fights begin and end with handshakes. -- Cameron Conaway
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The guys today are just too strong and back then they would take many hard punches to land one. -- Larry Holmes
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[Kirk] Johnson throws some heavy punches and is a knockout fighter. This is what people want to see. They want to see a fight, they want to see punches and they want to see action. -- Lennox Lewis
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Stop moving around.'
'Your opponent"
Daniel panted
"isn't going to stand still and just let you hit him.' He held his boxing mitts out in front of him, welcoming a new attack.
He would if he knew what was good for him. -- Bree Despain
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The words hit, a sucker punch that first inspired pain, then a powerful impulse to strike back. -- Rob Thomas
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There is no such thing as a natural puncher. There is a natural aptitude for punching and that is different. Nobody is born the best. You have to practice and train to become the best. -- Cus D'amato
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Women are heavyweight boxers; only, they punch with words, not fists. -- Matshona Dhliwayo
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You know, if you have certain frustrations," Ascanio said, "I would be happy to help you work them out."
Derek looked at me, pointed at Ascanio, and punched his left palm with his right fist a few times. I shook my head. No, you can't pummel him. -- Ilona Andrews
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A lot of guys just punch with their arms; they don't utilize every part of their muscles they can use. I know how to use that, and that's where the power comes in. -- Nonito Donaire
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A hand fought best when it made a fist. -- Guy Gavriel Kay
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People think that boxing is all about how hard you can hit your opponent. It's not. Boxing is about how hard a hit you can take and keep going. -- Justin Trudeau
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It is what it is;...hit,shift, and rotate;... roll with the punch -- Robert A. Heinlein
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Fighting is art and there is nothing more beautiful than the painted canvas of just totally kicking someone's ass. -- Frank Shamrock
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There are two kinds of people in boxing. Those who say, 'Oh, boy; Tom Hauser is writing an article about me,' and those who say, 'Big problem; Tom Hauser is writing an article about me.' -- Jim Lampley
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Boxing isn't just about brute strength; it's about skill and outwitting your opponent. -- Lennox Lewis
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Novak! Take the blazer off before you punch, it will help. Take it off. Hey, that's from Express. -- Dolph Ziggler
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Whenever you entertain the Bunch,
Always plan to have a punch. -- Mary Jane Remole
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If he wants to box we'll box. If he wants to brawl we'll brawl. -- Nonito Donaire
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If I'd let my mind roll with that boxing metaphor just a little longer, I might've followed it to its logical conclusion: In a boxing match, the fighters absorb some vicious blows because they're ready for them. And usually, the knockout punch is the one they didn't see coming -- Todd Burpo
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You fight like you train. -- George S. Patton
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Ali's got a left, Ali's got a right, if he hits you once, you're asleep for the night -- Muhammad Ali
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I've been in a few fights and I know what it's like to get punched in the face. -- James Mcavoy
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When you fight, if it is a real fight, use every tool that you have, use your whole body. Use your fists, your legs, your fingers, your head if you have to, and hit them in every vulnerable spot, the balls, the eyes etc. to win. -- Bruce Lee
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He knows I'm brutal. He's knows I can punch hard. He knows if I connect on his chin, at any one moment, 12 three minute rounds, he's going to be in serious trouble. If he's not on the floor, his legs will do a funny dance. -- Carl Froch
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All boxers are different, and we all approach the fights in different ways. -- Miguel Cotto
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When boxers are in the ring, they're simple. It's when the fight is over, that's when the other fight, the real fight, begins. That's the problem. -- Sylvester Stallone
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Take things as they are. Punch when you have to punch. Kick when you have to kick. -- Bruce Lee
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Slapping her palm against his wrist with lightening speed, she deflected the weapon before immobilizing his knife wielding hand with an excruciatingly painful armbar that would have made Ronda Rousey proud. -- Bianca James
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There used to be an old thing where every team had a heavy bag in their locker room for people to punch, but again, it was more about conditioning because if you hit a heavy bag for a minute, it feels like your arms are about to fall off. -- Steve Yzerman
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I'm quite shocked by the recent British media stories about an alleged brawl between myself and Dereck Chisora. I am a professional prize fighter and let my fists do the talking only inside the ring. I don't want to comment on Chisora's psychological issues. -- Wladimir Klitschko
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Unlike any other sport, the objective in boxing is chillingly simple: One man purposefully endeavors to inflict bodily harm on another man. -- Howard Cosell
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Boxing is smoky halls and kidneys battered until they bleed. -- Roger Kahn
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I've had just about everything punched. I've had things grabbed that just shouldn't be grapped. -- Tom Brady
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When you strike a blow, do not let your mind dally on it, not concerning yourself with whether or not it is a telling blow; you should strike again and again, over and over, even four or five times. The thing is not to let your opponent even raise his head. -- Yagyu Munenori
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My last fight was more than 20 years ago. I'm not a fighter, I'm a lover. If somebody's going to speak bad about me, I will walk away. But if a guy like Steven Seagal slaps me once, I will slap him twice as hard. Life is full of violence. -- Jean-Claude Van Damme
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I'm just going to punch him and do my best. If the knockout comes, it comes. -- Manny Pacquiao
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Fight your battles with words, not fists -- Ann M. Martin
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I could see he was having problems taking my punches. I had no problem taking his. -- Manny Pacquiao
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I don't even remember if he hurt me with even one punch. Amazing what the result is. -- Manny Pacquiao
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To be knocked out doesn't mean what it seems. A boxer does not have to get up. -- Joyce Carol Oates
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I was hittin' him with body punches and I hurt him. Actually he was cryin' in there, makin' woman gestures like -- Mike Tyson
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I fight like Bruce Lee. I train in his style of kung fu, wing chun. It's all about fighting with controlled power, so you learn to punch correctly. -- Lucy Griffiths
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In a fight almost anything goes. It almost reaches the point where you stop to apologize if a chance blow lands above the belt. -- Saul Alinsky
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If there's magic in boxing, it's the magic of fighting battles beyond endurance, beyond cracked ribs, ruptured kidneys and detached retinas. It's the magic of risking everything for a dream that nobody sees but you. -- Paul Haggis
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A good boxer, in striking the round blow, instead of loosening body and arm, gathers himself into a heap of muscularity and begins his blow where all blows ought to begin, from the solidarity of the right foot. -- John Boyle O'reilly
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Five swoops down, flames extinguished. Instead of going in for another strike, Five catches Nine by the wrist in midair. He lowers him gently to the ground. In response, Nine punches him right in the face. Because of course he does. -- Pittacus Lore
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There was only one punch. Tony Blair rang me and he said 'Are you OK?' and I said 'Yes', and he said 'Well, what happened?' and I said 'I was just carrying out your orders. You told us to connect with the electorate, so I did. -- John Prescott
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I kick and punch quite hard, and it surprises people. -- Michelle Yeoh
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There's nothing better than a fight, especially when you're watching it from a safe place. You can yell encouragement! Hit him with the left, he's a big Jessie! -- Billy Connolly
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Abruptly, she let go of his wrists and allowed him to push her to her knees. She looked up, waited for his smile.
And then she punched him in the nuts. -- Laura Ruby
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Two babies in little more than a year and a half. Knockout Jimmy was forced to give up boxing and take a job in the paper mill.
It broke him, and in turn, he broke us all. -- Kate Avelynn
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The more relaxed the muscles are, the more energy can flow through the body. Using muscular tensions to try to 'do' the punch or attempting to use brute force to knock someone over will only work to opposite effect. -- Bruce Lee
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Don't go for knockout in one punch, if your desire is to stay longer in the fight and thrive; go for outlasting them. Take the higher road. -- Assegid Habtewold
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It's all about one split-second. Boxing is a funny thing. You blink your eyes and somebody says good night to you. -- Kostya Tszyu