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I was as pure as the morning When I first looked on your face; I knew I never could reach you In your high, exalted place ... -- Ella Wheeler Wilcox
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My hair is pure. It stands for purity because no foreign chemicals or substances has ever touched my hair. -- Cm Punk
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The pure soul is a pure lie. -- Friedrich Nietzsche
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The truth is rarely pure -- Oscar Wilde
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Purity is when there is no anxiety, no worry, no thinking. -- B.k.s. Iyengar
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Pure heart begets pure thoughts. -- Lailah Gifty Akita
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She was pure, it was true, as he had never dreamed of purity; but cherries stained her lips. -- Jack London
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vanilla with a twist. -- Lora Ann
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Gnani Purush' (The Enlightened one) is pure, so one becomes pure by just seeing him. -- Dada Bhagwan
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Love is pure and divine. -- Lailah Gifty Akita
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The purer I try to become, the nearer I feel to be to God. -- Mahatma Gandhi
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I'm so storming pure I practically belch rainbows. -- Brandon Sanderson
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We must be as pure as our music. -- Albert Ayler
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Turren blinked and then smiled from ear to ear. "What makes a pure soul extra purer?"

"I don't know," Sebastian said. "I didn't eat anything weird today. -- Sam Argent
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I would beseech you not only to be pure beyond suspicion but I would ask you to combine with stainless purity, great wisdom and great ability. -- Mahatma Gandhi
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But it was pure, this love that I was feeling. -- Elizabeth Gilbert
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A pure heart means a single heart, a heart in which only one desire lives: love. -- Peter Kreeft
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Purity is light. Not just an ordinary light, but a transcendental light. -- Frederick Lenz
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The attention is to be kept pure. -- Nirmala Srivastava
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Quite pure, quite free of future planning, I mounted
the tangled funeral pyre built for my suffering,
so sure of nothing more to buy for future needs,
while in my heart the stored reserves kept silent. -- Rainer Maria Rilke
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To constantly see one's own self as 'Pure', and to see other's self as 'pure', is focused applied awareness of the Self, the Soul (shuddha upayog). -- Dada Bhagwan
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Within our impure mind the pure one is to be found. -- Huineng
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You are purer than the pure. Never manifold, you are individual Consciousness.
Unborn, unchanging, all-pervasive You are a mountain of joy. -- Swami Muktananda
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One never finds anything perfectly pure and ... exempt from danger. -- Niccolo Machiavelli
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A pure love is a dead love. -- Albert Camus
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In order to go beyond ideas to direct realization, it's essential to have a great deal of purity. -- Frederick Lenz
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A pure heart is one that is unencumbered, unworried, uncommitted and which does not want its own way about anything but which, rather, is submerged in the loving will of God. -- Meister Eckhart
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Pure women are only those who have not been asked. -- Ovid
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It's always very pure, that last moment before an ugly, unsettling truth hits someone. The most stark of before-and-afters. -- Sarah Dessen
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If you will not determine to be pure, you will grow more and more impure. -- George Macdonald
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How can one go from good [auspicious state] to pure (state)? There are no words for it. It will happen when the Gnani Purush (the enlightened one) gives the awareness of the Self; it will happen when He bestows God's grace upon you. -- Dada Bhagwan
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Clear and sweet is my soul, clear and sweet is all that is not my soul. -- Walt Whitman
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Pure thoughts can emanate from a pure mind and a pure mind can rest only on a pure body. -- Girdhar Joshi
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A pure heart is perhaps one which has no natural propulsion towards anything in any manner whatsoever. When in its extreme simplicity such a heart has become like a writing-tablet beautifully smoothed and polished, God comes to dwell in it and writes there His own laws. -- Maximus The Confessor
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The unadulteratedness makes a person beautiful. -- Kristian Goldmund Aumann
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The highest wisdom and truth are like the purest liquid we may wish to imbibe,' he said. 'Can I receive that pure liquid into an impure vessel and judge of its purity? Only by the inner purification of myself can I retain in some degree of purity the liquid I receive. -- Leo Tolstoy
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Pure love is an unmediated, unmitigated, and unrevealing, but everlasting source of joy for the giver and for the receiver. -- Debasish Mridha
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For a deed to be totally pure, it must be done without any thought of reward, whether worldly or divine. -- Bill Vaughan
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Nobody is more dangerous than he who imagines himself pure in heart; for his purity, by definition, is unassailable. -- James Baldwin
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We must be pure. I do not speak merely of the purity of the senses. We must observe great purity in our will, in our intentions, in all our actions. -- Peter Julian Eymard
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Purity is very fragile when it takes physical manifestation. It is very, very strong in its original aspect. -- Frederick Lenz
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If you do not join the polluted, then you are pure; if you reject society in search of purity, that is not purity but fanaticism. -- Zicheng Hong
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The purest suffering bears and carries in its train the purest understanding. -- John Of The Cross
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In deep meditation we see nothing but purity. -- Frederick Lenz
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Purity is receptivity, the ability to sit and wait patiently, for as long as necessary, for the coming of the light. -- Frederick Lenz
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Purity is something that cannot be attained except by piling effort upon effort. -- Tsunetomo Yamamoto
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No idea stays pure. Even the flowering of art isn't pure. And the sun has spots. -- Gunter Grass
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Purity lives and derives its life solely from the Spirit of God. -- Charles Caleb Colton
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True purity, however, is a direction, a persistent, determined pursuit of righteousness. This direction starts in the heart, and we express it in a lifestyle that flees opportunities for compromise. -- Joshua Harris
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The pure in heart shall see God, because they always do His will. Purity does not begin in the body but in the will. From there it flows outward, cleansing thought, imagination, and, finally, the body. Bodily purity is a repercussion or echo of the will. Life is impure only when the will is impure. -- Fulton J. Sheen
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Love is divine and pure. -- Lailah Gifty Akita
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Love is the purest emotion in the world; music is the purest language. -- Rae Lynn Blaise
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Everything I do with BLK DNM is more personal than anything I have done before. I've worked hard to go deeper in my true intuition, and therefore I am definitely more pure in my personal taste than ever. -- Johan Lindeberg
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Love is the purest form of each individual on the planet Earth -- Nitin Yaduvanshi
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Pure is honourable.
Honourable is right.
Right is lovely.
Lovely is admirable.
Admirable is excellent.
Excellent is prasie worthy.
Praise worthy is peace. -- Lailah Gifty Akita
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This purity is attained through conquering the passions. -- Vladimir Aleksandrovich Antonov
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As to the pure all things are pure, so the common mind sees far more vulgarity in others than the mind developed in genuine refinement. -- George Macdonald
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Pure Love is detached, self-assured, self-poised, non-possessive and non-aggressive in nature. Yet, it is tremendously powerful to move the whole universe. -- Banani Ray
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Thought is the fount of action, life, and manifestation; make the fountain pure, and all will be pure. -- James Allen
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Clear and sweet is my soul ... and clear and sweet is all that is not my soul. Lack -- Walt Whitman
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Pure Spirit, one hundred degrees proof - that's a drink that only the most hardened contemplation-guzzlers indulge in. Bodhisattvas dilute their Nirvana with equal parts of love and work. -- Aldous Huxley
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Pure art exists only on the level of instant response to pure life -- Keith Haring
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To attain to perfect purity one has to become absolutely passion-free in thought, speech and action; to rise above the opposing currents of love and hatred, attachment and repulsion. -- Mahatma Gandhi
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This pure little drop from a pure little source was too sweet: it penetrated deep, and subdued the heart -- Charlotte Bronte
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The supreme bliss that pulsates in the wake of meditation is your pure essence. -- Swami Muktananda
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Pure potentiality is a phrase that denotes that pure consciousness is the true essence that lies in us. -- Stephen Richards
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Pure souls, didn't I tell you not to be seduced by this colorful world for I am the Ultimate Painter. -- Rumi
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It was hate at first sight, clean, pure and strong as grain alcohol. -- Barbara Mertz
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In numbers warmly pure and sweetly strong. -- William Collins
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Perfect refining is for another world, -- Richard Sibbes
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Little kids shoot marbles
where the branches break the sun
into graceful shafts of light ...
I just want to be pure. -- Jim Carroll
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Purity means lack of hatred, jealousy, fear, greed and lust - the absence of anything that can stain consciousness. -- Frederick Lenz
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Of course, Ankh-Morpork's citizens had always claimed that the river water was incredibly pure. Any water that had passed through so many kidneys, they reasoned, had to be very pure indeed. -- Terry Pratchett
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Color is for me the purest form of expression, the purest abstract reality. -- Jim Hodges
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For me, Love is something very pure. -- Michael Jackson
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Purity is defined by
the clearness of the stars -- Michael Biondi
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To become pure is not difficult. Make the choices that will lead you to freedom and liberation - not enslavement to the wills, actions and desires of others. -- Frederick Lenz
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It's clear, it's fresh, like a mint candy. -- Margaret Atwood
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Purity is something that comes from another world. It's a radiance that enters into this world of transformation and change. -- Frederick Lenz
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An idle life cannot be pure. -- Anton Chekhov
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Something pure to burn away the darkness that hides inside my mind -- Andy Biersack
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With passions stilled and one's nature firm, all destinies are in harmony; When the full moon of contemplation is reached you will be pure. -- Wu Cheng'en
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I've known damnable beauty - the turgid pull of swirling blackness - but in the end, it's futile - purity alone redeems ... -- John Geddes
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Pure love is who you are! When you express pure love, you give yourself the direct experience of who you are. It is the greatest gift! It looks as if your giving a gift to others, and you are giving it to yourself, that is because there is no one else in the room, it only looks as if there is. -- Neale Donald Walsch
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If Love is Pure, Love is Simple -- Pawan Painjane
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It was Brian's blood, and for some reason I knew it was pure. No other man I'd held in my arms -and now, not even I- had blood this pure. -- Scott Heim
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Snow is false purity. -- Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe
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Pure things give off positive energy; impure things don't. -- Michelle Goldberg
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Emotional reactions are pure after-all they can be neither manufactured nor changed. -- Anthony E. Zuiker
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A man who repents after doing any action, he will certainly become pure one day, that is definite. -- Dada Bhagwan
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Pure love is a willingness to give without a thought of receiving anything in return. -- Peace Pilgrim
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The race of the guardians must be kept pure. -- Plato
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Because I'm pure inside, the music that comes out of me is a life-giving thing. Like water. -- John Frusciante
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The soul is pure when it leaves the body and drags nothing bodily with it, by virtue of having no willing association with the body in life but avoiding it ... Practicing philosophy in the right way is a training to die easily. -- Socrates
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We have no need to teach pure motives to the mind. All that is necessary to make the mind pure is to undo the negative conditioning to which it has been subjected; then we will be left with Pure, Unconditioned Awareness. -- Eknath Easwaran
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If absolute power corrupts absolutely,
does absolute powerlessness make you pure? -- Harry Shearer
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Strong determination makes the distination shine. -- Kishore Bansal
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Pure love is giving without the mind of having given. This is true love, compassion and virtue. -- Woo Myung
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A formally harmonious product needs no decoration; it should be elevated through pure form. -- Ferdinand Porsche
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If our hearts were truly pure, we would never have our fill of the words of your Lord -- Uthman Ibn Affan