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As long as they were talking, it was easy. And Levi was always talking.
He told her about 4-H.
"What do the H's stand for?"
"Head, heart, hands, health. They don't have 4-H in South Omaha?"
"They do, but it stands for hard, hip-hop, and Homey-don't-play-that. -- Rainbow Rowell
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What the fuck?" That was me. Pete's not an f-word kinda guy. Me? My current record is eighty-two F-bombs in under a minute. -- Adrienne Wilder
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This bulletin brought to you from the Department of Duh. -- K.a. Mitchell
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I'm tired of hyphenated Americans. -- Bobby Jindal
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Phish has run its course and that we should end it now while it's still on a high note. -- Trey Anastasio
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Come back, paragraphs. America needs you. -- Merlin Mann
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Hi, Billy Mays here for ... -- Billy Mays
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A startled giggle burst out of me. Paranormal Management Society. PMS. I hadn't even thought of it like that. -- Rachel Hawkins
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It is the highest and most legitimate pride of an Englishman to have the letters M.P. written after his name. No selection from the alphabet, no doctorship, no fellowship, be it of ever so learned or royal a society, no knightship,
not though it be of the Garter,
confers so fair an honour. -- Anthony Trollope
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Phooey, I say, and again phooey! -- Adolf Hitler
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There is something in the American project, something in simple American oratory, something in the hope and idealism of this frustrating and contradictory nation that still makes my spirits soar and my heart leap with optimism and belief. If only they understood how to make a cup of tea. -- Stephen Fry
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poxy shitweasel, -- Kevin Hearne
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Roxy had once called him the Pussy Whisperer, and it had kind of stuck. For the sake of brevity, though, they simply called him P-Dub. -- Tessa Bailey
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our floating barge. -- Tali Alexander
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The motto was 'Pax', but the word was set in a circle of thorns. -- Rumer Godden
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hello my fellow americans -- George W. Bush
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I guess the word to call me is my name, Pete. -- Peter Dinklage
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This nation under God -- Abraham Lincoln
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Somewhere inside you, I hope you know who you are. I hope you know what you are. I hope you know that you're powerful. We need you. -- Danielle Paige
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We, of our time, have played our part in the perseverance, and we have pledged ourselves to the dead generations who have preserved intact for us this glorious heritage, that we, too, will strive to be faithful to the end, and pass on this tradition unblemished. -- Eamon De Valera
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The one being abhorrent to the powers above the earth and under them is the hyphenated American -- Theodore Roosevelt
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I embrace the PKI because it is a revolutionary force. PKI go forward. PKI never retreat. PKI grow. PKI be strong. Onward. -- Sukarno
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The stern hand of fate has scourged us to an elevation where we can see the great everlasting things which matter for a nation - the great peaks we had forgotten, of Honor, Duty, Patriotism, and clad in glittering white, the great pinnacle of Sacrifice pointing like a rugged finger to Heaven. -- David Lloyd George
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Cockblocked by the phone. Wanna bet it's Focus On The Family or some Satanic organization like? -- Andrea Speed
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Save the World-ers -- Kajsa Li Paludan
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Throughout this section, I'm gonna be calling the United States of America "AMERICA" and you are going to deal with this because America is just flat out easier to type than "The States" or "The U.S. of A." or "That Big Basket of Jerks under Canada -- Cory O'brien
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If you want something, you have to take it. Because nobody's ever going to give it to you. So we're going to take back what has been taken from us. Ad then we'l' create a better future for Paelsia. A better future for us all. -- Morgan Rhodes
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Bad spellers of the world untie! -- Adam Savage
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When I die and they come for me bury me a g. -- Tupac Shakur
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The two most precious things this side of the grave are our reputation and our life. But it is to be lamented that the most contemptible whisper may deprive us of the one, and the weakest weapon of the other. -- Charles Caleb Colton
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Shit, money, and the World, the three American truths, powering the American mobility, claimed the Slothrops, clasped them for good to the country's fate. But they did not prosper ... about all they did was persist -- Thomas Pynchon
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Uncle Pumblechook: a large hard-breathing middle-aged slow man, with a mouth like a fish, dull staring eyes, and sandy hair standing upright on his head, so that he looked as if he had just been all but choked, and had that moment come to. -- Charles Dickens
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Iggy: Now what? Who you gonna call?
A quiet voice in the hallway outside: Ghostbusters!
(Captain Perry and John groan)
John: That phrase is ruined forever. -- James Patterson
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Proletarians of the world, look into the depths of your own beings, seek out the truth and realise it yourselves: you will find it nowhere else. -- Peter Arshinov
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It was a surprise party, Parker," America said softly.
"Oh," Parker said, cringing.
"You're throwing me a surprise party?" I asked America.
She shrugged. "It was Trav's idea. It's at Brazil's on Sunday. Six o'clock. -- Jamie Mcguire
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I am here to fix the problem with yer pheaun. -- Peter Sellers
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I love that word: us. It's the best, most simple, most incredible two letters ever put together. -- Melissa C. Walker
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Peanut butter is the pate of childhood. -- Florence Fabricant
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We may hold the world as a posy in our hand, but it must not lie too near our heart. -- Thomas Watson
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We here in America, hold in our hands the hope of the world, the fate of the coming years; and shame and disgrace will be ours if in our eyes the light of high resolve is dimmed, if we trail in the dust the golden hopes of men. -- Theodore Roosevelt
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Shit, money, and the Word, the three American truths, powering the American mobility, claimed the Slothrops, clasped them for good to the country's fate. -- Thomas Pynchon
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The United States pledges before you-and therefore before the world-its determination to help solve the fearful atomic dilemma-to devote its entire heart and mind to find the way by which the miraculous inventiveness of man shall not be dedicated to his death, but consecrated to his life. -- Dwight D. Eisenhower
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prestidigitator, -- Jay Samit
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If she were honest, she'd admit to being very attracted to Creighton Matheson. Something about him formed a large P in her heart ---for passion, protection and permanence. Wasn't P Paisley's favorite letter? -- Vonnie Davis
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This is being written abord the S.S. Augustus, three days at sea. My suitcase is full of peanut butter, and I am a fugitive from the suburbs of all large cities. -- John Cheever
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What I am about to set forth is our system for gaining power over the people of the world. We have two things that will help us achieve this: we have ourselves, with our knowledge, intentions, scheming and actions, and we have the unawareness of the mass of the people. -- Paul Bowden
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You are the world, Letha.. -- Richelle Mead
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This is the United States of America. It means we respond to our fellow Americans in times of crisis and emergency and disaster. -- Bob Menendez
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America, half-brother of the world! -- Philip Bailey
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A pesudovision! You will go to the pseduovision and you wil lnever come back. -- John Green
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Sh!t. F_ck sh!t.' ...
'Sh!t f_ck would have also been accepted. -- Ilona Andrews
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... here at home our faith dwindles
political division
causes tensions to kindle -
we should never forget
who stands at the door -
who shields us with armor
and shall forever more ... -- Muse
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Don't repeat this word again -- Unknown
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plews." Glass paid the captain his full attention. Every citizen of St. Louis knew some version of Drouillard's story, but Glass had never heard a first-person account. "He did that twice, went out and came back with a pack of plews. Last thing he said before he left the third time was, -- Michael Punke
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K [Kissinger] called from New York all disturbed because he felt someone had been getting to the P [President] on Vietnam ... Henry's concerned that the P's looking for a way to bug out and he thinks that would be a disaster now. -- Bob Woodward
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He had taken to asking himself WWPD? (What Would Pia Do?) -- Thea Harrison
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I'm an unpure purist, something like that. -- Keith Richards
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[On the United States:] A nation which does not appreciate that the simple elocution exercise 'Merry Mary married hairy Harry' contains not one but three vowel sounds. -- Jessica Mitford
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Gimme an S! A T! An O! A C! Followed by a K-H-O-L-M! What's it spell? HEAD FUCK.
- Jane -- J.r. Ward
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A Farewell to Arms To -- Ernest Hemingway,
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Billy Pilgrim has come unstuck in time. It ends like this: Poo-tee-weet? -- Kurt Vonnegut
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Patzer sees a check, gives a check. -- Bobby Fischer
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The unspeakable in pursuit of the uneatable! -- Oscar Wilde
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General Otis is proclaimed American Military Governor of the Philippines and I protest a thousand times and with all the force in my soul against such pretension. -- Emilio Aguinaldo
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From this day forward until the end of the world ... we in it shall be remembered ... we band of brothers. -- William Shakespeare
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Hopeless, hysterical hypochondriacs of history ... -- Spiro T. Agnew
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Pussies [10w]
Pussies are like parachutes ~
they work best when wide open. -- Beryl Dov
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Shhh Kelsey. I'm here. I'm not leaving you priya. Hush now. Mein aapka raksha karunga. I will watch over you priyatama. -- Colleen Houck
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The Stamp Act was to go into operation on the first day of November. On the previous morning, the 'New Hampshire Gazette' appeared with a deep black border and all the typographical emblems of affliction, for was not Liberty dead? -- Thomas Bailey Aldrich
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The truth istrong>sstrong>," I strong>sstrong>ay, "he'strong>sstrong> having my baby. It'strong>sstrong> a medical miracle. Someone call the newstrong>sstrong>paperstrong>sstrong>. -- Laura Ruby
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Then came the pak-pak-pak of DeVontay's rifle. -- Scott Nicholson
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relaxed perseverance. -- Sharon Salzberg
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I vote yes....for Prim. -- Suzanne Collins
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If I had one dollar left, I'd spend it on PR -- Bill Gates
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You're a solemn prig, Prendick, a silly ass! You're always fearing and fancying. We're on the edge of things. I'm bound to cut my throat tomorrow. I'm going to have a damned Bank Holiday tonight. -- H.g.wells
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P.E. was my life in school. Without it, I wouldn't be standing here. It gave me confidence when I was an overweight kid with a speech impediment. -- Herschel Walker
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Ev'ry heart beats true 'neath the Red, White and Blue -- George M. Cohan
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Wh<>ong>oong> has the data has the p<>ong>oong>wer. -- Tim O'reilly
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In February 1969, 25 years ago, I arrived as a young, terrified PFC on this lonely little hill in Quang Ngai Province. Back then, the place seemed huge and imposing and permanent. -- Tim O'brien
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Penn station", Ali said to the driver, slamming the door. Then she turned back to Hanna. "We ditch the bitches", she said. "And then we take them down". -- Sara Shepard
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shadow of authority -- Jane Austen
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I'm sure something will pop into my head here in the midst of this press conference, with all the pressure of trying to come up with an answer, but it hadn't yet. -- George W. Bush
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You spell Bob Hope C-L-A-S-S. -- Lucille Ball
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The melancholy ghosts of dead renown, Whispering faint echoes of the world's applause. -- Edward Young
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So I decide to overshoot his estimation of my insanity and show him how little he really understands the psychology of Reds. Today I lead the Pax on a suicide mission into the heart of his fleet. -- Pierce Brown
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Power without principle is barren, but principle without power is futile. This is a party of government, and I will lead it as a party of government. -- Tony Blair
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I lost a whole continent.
a whole continent from my memory.
unlike all other hyphenated americans
my hyphen is made of blood.
when africa says hello
my mouth is a heartbreak
because i have nothing in my tongue
to answer her.
i don't know how to say hello to my mother. -- Nayyirah Waheed
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I think that the Peeps or Peppies or Pipes diaries would be much more popular had there been a universal pronuncation of his name. -- Groucho Marx
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The United States is a key ally, a strategic partner, and a reliable friend of the Philippines. -- Benigno Aquino Iii
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Give Pirrip as my father's family name, on the authority of his tombstone and my sister, - Mrs. Joe Gargery, who married the blacksmith. As -- Charles Dickens
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While briskly to each patriot lip
Walks eager round the inspiring flip;
Delicious draught, whose pow'rs inherit
The quintessence of public spirit! -- John Trumbull
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May the friends of America rejoice! May her enemies be humbled and her censors silenced at the news of her noble exertions in continuance of those principles which have placed her so high in the annals of history and among the nations of the earth. -- Marquis De Lafayette
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Does he have a nickname?' Diana went on remorselessly. 'I mean, 'gaiphage' is so long. Can we call him phage? Or maybe just 'G'? -- Michael Grant
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hey people im just chillin as usaual -- Ashley Bowen
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To us Americans much has been given; of us much is required. With all our faults and mistakes, it is our strength in support of the freedom our forefathers loved which has saved mankind from subjection to totalitarian power. -- Norman Thomas
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Better we see them seeing us, because then we can all see together, but when not seeing them seeing us we might not see them seeing us doing what we are doing. MI5 agent Iona von Ustinov (father of actor Peter Ustinov) to MI6 agent Desmond Bristow about the PDVE (Portuguese Secret Police) in 1944. -- Desmond Bristow
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Hey Pete. What's up?"
"'What's up? You ran away from home!"
Dropping my backpack on a bench, I sat down and looked out at the water. "I'll be back next Monday. Is that still considered running away?"
I pulled the phone away from my ear as he hollered, "Yes, that's still running away! -- H.r. Willaston
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Thizz iz wat it iz -- Mac Dre
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Ah, Robbie, when we are dead and buried in our porphyry tombs, and the trumpet of the Last Judgement is sounded, I shall turn and whisper to you, 'Robbie, Robbie, let us pretend we do not hear it. -- Oscar Wilde