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The hand-plucked rose loses meaning as life is leached. Red love, once clutched to breast, putrefies and is thrown to the midden.
The hand leaked life as meaning was pucked. Putrefaction clutched love and was thrown to the midden. -- Michael R. Fletcher
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Need more votes! -- Frankie
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Now, you'll have to answer my questions."
"Oh, very well," Set said. "I like Brazil for the World Cup. I'd advise investing in platinum and small-cap funds. And your lucky numbers this week are 2, 13
"Not those questions!" Menshikov snapped. -- Rick Riordan
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Giving requires good sense.
[Lat., Rest est ingeniosa dare.] -- Ovid
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I give with reason. -- Thomas North
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Express your aliveness by giving - of yourself, of your resources, of your heart. -- Patti Digh
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Dare something worthy. -- David Barrett
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The best stroked putt in a lifetime does not bring the aesthetic satisfaction of a perfectly hit wood or iron shot. There is nothing to match the whoosh and soar, the almost magical flight of a beautifully hit drive or 5-iron. -- Al Barkow
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Say that again said the red gash in the white putty. -- Samuel Beckett
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There are only two places in this league, First Place and No Place. -- Tom Seaver
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In this configuration, -- Ed Bott
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explained, finally picking -- Tom Clancy
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Life is short. Help more people. -- Robin Sharma
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No putt is too short to be despised. -- Bobby Jones
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when one person gives -- Susan M. Gass
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I like to give back. -- Jackie Chan
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Give what you possess. -- Lailah Gifty Akita
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To give requires good sense. -- Ovid
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Into crates, but threw the bad ones away. 49 That is the -- Anonymous
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I think my putting could be better, my short game. -- Deron Williams
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Give the people - confidence. Give the people - delight. Give the people - hope. Give the people - the best. -- Gautama Buddha
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People-to-people charity is more efficient, less costly, more human and compassionate, and more likely to inspire change and self-sufficiency in the beneficiary. -- Larry Elder
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Serve a person in need.
Give generously indeed. -- Debasish Mridha
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Watch where you put your words. -- Neil Gaiman
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Never concede the putt that beats you. -- Harry Vardon
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I wanted to write in you. -- Beatrice Sparks
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Putting allows the touchy golfer two to four opportunities to blow a gasket in the short space of two to forty feet. -- Tommy Bolt
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My place is placeless, a trace of the traceless. -- Rumi
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It's important to give back to people. -- Sheila Johnson
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127 How do you express your creativity? -- Rossi Fox
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Charity is the note that resolves the discord. -- Austin O'malley
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Screw your courage to the sticking-place -- William Shakespeare
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Put up the dream. Put in the knowledge. Put out the effort. -- Denis Waitley
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I like to give people more than their money's worth. -- R. Kelly
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SUPPOSE that an investor you admire and trust comes to you with an investment idea. This is a good one, he says enthusiastically. I'm in it, and I think you should be, too. -- Warren Buffett
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Let your brilliance be expressed through kindness. -- Bryant Mcgill
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been lowered slightly because -- Edward Young
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The basic philosophy behind [switch putting] is you always want a hook putt. So for a left-to-right breaking putt, you're going to want to hit it left-handed and vice versa. -- Notah Begay Iii
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Oh my God, what's happened?' asked Birdie, putting -- Amy Perfect
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Give liberally. Go urgently. Live dangerously. -- David Platt
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Don't repeat this word again -- Unknown
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so I can get paired. -- Lauren Oliver
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Square go then smart cunt! -- Irvine Welsh
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I cannot well repeat how there I entered, -- Dante Alighieri
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Places are people as well as rocks, trees and buildings. Places are moments in time. -- A.j. Dalton
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The seed: 2151361310212770970 The -- Michael Marlon
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So many good fortunes have come my way, and I'm trying to pay it forward by helping to raise money to complete 'Bulbul: Song Of The Nightingale,' a documentary that brings attention to the social and human injustices suffered by the Banchara tribe in India. -- Ian Anthony Dale
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You get NOWT for being second. -- Don Revie
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giving me the choice about -- Denise Welch
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Give while your hands are warm -- Benjamin H. Berkley
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Ninety percent of putts that are short, don't go in. -- Yogi Berra
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In order to succeed, this group will need a singleness of purpose, they will need a dedication, and they will have to convince all of their prospects of the willingness to sacrifice. -- Vince Lombardi
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Give and spend And God will send. -- Henry George Bohn
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Desperate people do foolish things, don't be one of them. -- Jenni Young
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We are inviting you to invest yourself through the resources that God has given you - your energy, your prayers and your money - in this work to which God has called us. -- Henri
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There are only two places in the league - first place and no place. -- Tom Seaver
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Well, that's not easy to answer when the question is so stupidly put ... -- Hans Christian Andersen
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There is a place and a time for philanthropy, and there is only so much money you can give away. -- Stelios Haji-Ioannou
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This is a place for ordinary human compassion of the kind that is reconciling -- Richard Chartres
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Every time I thought that I was "put together," I realized that we're always putting ourselves together, gathering the world in, letting it sift down and form us. -- Rebecca Wells
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this word needs to be reworded ========== -- Anonymous
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Party at in my mind, you're place sucks -- Brooke Bida
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Let this expiate! -- Samuel Richardson
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Exercise your purchasing power as a consumer, volunteer and bring joy to those in need, and share your experiences, tell your stories, and inspire others along the way. -- Blake Mycoskie
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Random Acts of Kindness [10w]
Performing random acts of kindness invites random acts of imitation. -- Beryl Dov
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Let us leave a spare place at our table: a place for those who lack the basics, who are alone. -- Pope Francis
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My putting strategy is simple: If you're not making putts, don't be afraid to change your technique. -- Louis Oosthuizen
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Believe in yourself, take a bet on yourself. If you don't, then who will? -- Anuranjita Kumar
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My goal is for 300 people to hear the wisdom that God gives my heart for them to become millionaires for the sake of the Kingdom of God -- Mike Murdock
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Hear more than people say.
Give more than people ask.
Do more than people expect.
Achieve more than people imagine. -- Matshona Dhliwayo
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tits. He couldn't handle himself any longer and he put his -- Allison Hardy
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I am proud to be part of the Toys for Tots program for a second year. In addition to giving kids the chance to design a special The UPS Store/Toys for Tots car, this contest is a great way for children to learn about the importance of charitable giving. -- Dale Jarrett
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I loafe and invite my soul. -- Walt Whitman
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I've gone to prepare a place for you
But I will come back again. -- Anonymous
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I wanted to give money to people like this woman so that they would be free from the moneylenders to sell their product at the price which the markets gave them - which was much higher than what the trader was giving them. -- Muhammad Yunus
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Be giving, enjoy sharing. -- Debasish Mridha
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I want people to know that on the other side of the world - and even in your own country or on your own street - there are people who need something that you can give them. -- Debby Ryan
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Let your words be your voice. And let your voice be heard within the hearts of others. -- Anasia Nicole Hixon
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Done is the engine of more. -- Bre Pettis
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I am going to give from every corner of my soul. -- Michael Dolan
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Never submit we are all equals -- Heather Nelson
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Don't get it right - get it WRITTEN! -- Lee Child
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Philanthropy requires thought, action, and passion. -- Robert L. Payton
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If you give money, spend yourself with it. -- Henry David Thoreau
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I could go on and on and on about how we use the word 'place' in so many different ways. About how somebody might ask you 'Where you at?' And they're not asking where are you sitting, where are you living, they're asking: 'How are you doing? -- Justin Vernon
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A place for everything and everything in its place -- Samuel Smiles
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People want to give back. People want to do good -- Bruce Poon Tip
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Spread good energy. Pay it forward! -- Brittany Maynard
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I am the donation to the foundation. -- Baron Davis
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Share your love, share you happiness, care for others; your wealth will be endless. -- Debasish Mridha
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You give me I will surely give a etenth to You. -- Anonymous
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I got your invitation, -- Kaycee Kline
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Together we hope to establish a standard of Bravery and Kindness, as well as a community worldwide that protects and nurtures others in the face of bullying and abandonment. -- Lady Gaga
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You should never get set over the ball and then aim your putter face. If you do it in that order, you can easily lose sight of your intended line. Instead, aim the face down your line first, then settle your body into position. -- Ernie Els
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The World Is Yours -- Al Pacino
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To get, simply release, and then gently invite. -- Bryant Mcgill
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Second place is the first loser. -- Dennis Anderson
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To place your name by gift or bequest in the keeping of an active educational institution is to ... make a permanent contribution to the welfare of humanity. -- Calvin Coolidge
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What else may hap, to time I will commit. -- William Shakespeare