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From the heights of these pyramids, forty centuries look down on us. -- Napoleon Bonaparte
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The scene fascinated me: a round straw hat; the funnel leaning left, the stairway leaning right; the white drawbridge, its railings made of chain; white suspenders crossed on the back of a man below; circular iron machinery; a mast that cut into the sky, completing a triangle. -- Alfred Stieglitz
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When Moses was alive, these pyramids were a thousand years old. Here began the history of architecture. Here people learned to measure time by a calendar, to plot the stars by astronomy and chart the earth by geometry. And here they developed that most awesome of all ideas - the idea of eternity. -- Walter Cronkite
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A labyrinth of symbols ... An invisible labyrinth of time. -- Jorge Luis Borges
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From the foot of the pyramids I contemplate twenty centuries, buried in the sand ... I came here to hold on to fleeting life, and I see all about me only death ... I write this, not quite knowing what I'm saying, but I dry the ink with the dust of Egyptian queens. -- Rachel
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When we find something new at Giza, we announce it to the world. The Sphinx and the Pyramids are world treasures. We are the guardian's of these treasures, but they belong to the world. -- Zahi Hawass
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What sphinx of cement and aluminium bashed open their skulls and ate up their brains and imagination -- Allen Ginsberg
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Yes, the pyramids have been built, but if you give me 300,000 disciplined men and give me 30 years, I could build a bigger one. -- Werner Herzog
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His ancestors had been keen on pyramids. The pharaoh wasn't. Pyramids had bankrupted the country, drained it drier than ever the river did. The only curse they could afford to put on a tomb these days was 'Bugger Off'. The -- Terry Pratchett
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The bhel-puri stall was a sculptured landscape with its golden pyramid of sev, the little snow mountains of mumra, hillocks of puris, and, in among their valleys, in aluminium containers, pools of green and brown and red chutneys. -- Rohinton Mistry
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The pyramids of Egypt will not last a moment compared to the daisy. -- D.h. Lawrence
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All objects transmit their image to the eye in pyramids and the nearer to the eye these pyramids are intersected the smaller will the image appear of the objects which cause them. -- Leonardo Da Vinci
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Egypt, the Egypt of antiquity, at a later time, exercised a mysterious fascination over me. I recognized a picture of it immediately, without hesitation and astonishment, in an illustrated magazine. -- Pierre Loti
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The monument of death will outlast the memory of the dead. The Pyramids do not tell the tale which was confided to them; the living fact commemorates itself. -- Henry David Thoreau
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I already find pyramids from space. Is there anything cooler than that? -- Sarah Parcak
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Emerson, do you mean it?' 'It is only your due, my dear Peabody. Spite and selfishness alone kept me from beginning on them long ago. You deserve pyramids, and pyramids you will have! -- Elizabeth Peters
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I'm building a glass pyramid over the Egyptian escalator where my body will be mummified, so my customers can come and see me forever. -- Mohamed Al-Fayed
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Pharaoh Chephren (circa 2600 B.C., Fourth Dynasty), who built the second Giza pyramid. -- Cheikh Anta Diop
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The pyramid once passed there was still a short way to go before we confronted the Sphinx, in the middle of what our contemporaries have left him of his desert. -- Pierre Loti
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A well-constructed lie is assembled largely from the alphabet blocks of fact, which will as easily make a pyramid as a platform. -- Lionel Shriver
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If the Aztecs saw Giza, they would have called Menkaure - the Pyramid of the Moon. -- Ibrahim Ibrahim
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Soldiers, forty centuries are looking down upon you from these pyramids. -- Napoleon Bonaparte
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triangle of my mons, -- Cari Silverwood
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Some men are like pyramids, which are very broad where they touch the ground, but grow narrow as they reach the sky. -- Henry Ward Beecher
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All through history, a nation or a civilization's enduring glory is articulated by its mega constructions - the pyramids, the lofty cathedrals of the Christian world. -- F. Sionil Jose
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All inquiry into antiquity, all curiosity respecting the Pyramids, the excavated cities, Stonehenge, the Ohio Circles, Mexico, Memphis,
is the desire to do away this wild, savage, and preposterous There and Then, and introduce in its place the Here and Now. -- Ralph Waldo Emerson
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If the Egyptian people can create a democracy in the heart of the Arab world, it will be a more significant contribution to civilization than the great pyramids. -- Lindsey Graham
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This country [the Philippines] is like a pyramid, like a tower. It is made up of millions of stones ... And the foundation stone of this pyramid is the common man. -- Ramon Magsaysay
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We feel surprise when travellers tell us of the vast dimensions of the Pyramids and other great ruins, but how utterly insignificant are the greatest of these, when compared to these mountains of stone accumulated by the agency of various minute and tender animals! -- Charles Darwin
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In Egypt, like everywhere, the land is made to fit the sky; but here it is more so. Here it is possible to say, "This is land," and point, and "This is sky," and point, but the eyes can't discover the dividing line. -- Helen Oyeyemi
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It's true, I rarely leave my apartment, and whenever I do, I rarely leave the pyramid. The pyramid has filtered air so I haven't been breathing in that gold crap like everyone else. See, sometimes staying inside and playing video games can save your life. -- Edward Mullen
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I gaze at you (Great Pyramid of Giza), and I see time! -- Ibrahim Ibrahim
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A ladder's a flag pole with delusions of grandeur. -- Peter Clines
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Letter 84

An elephant with his trunk raised is a ladder to the stars.

A breaching whale is a ladder to the bottom of the sea.

My photographs are a ladder to my dreams.

These letters are ladders to you. -- Gregory Colbert
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Also, I am not sure what you are teaching in your classroom, but Seb came home the other week talking about a healthy eating pyramid. I had to explain to him that pyramids are made of stone and therefore not edible, so I would appreciate your not filling his head with these fanciful notions. -- David Thorne
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The least we can say about the Great Pyramid of Giza is that it certainly was an observatory of the heavens. -- Ibrahim Ibrahim
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background. 5. Rubin's vase -- Freda Mcmanus
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Picturesqueness is a lost art. We may expect at anytime to hear that a collar ad is blazing its electric lights atop of the largest pyramid. -- Alice Dunbar Nelson
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What do the hieroglyphs tell us of what it was like to live under the lash, building the pyramids? Do we talk of that? Do we? No, we talk of the magnificence and majesty of the Egyptians. Of the Romans. Of Saint Petersburg, and nothing of the bones of the hundred thousand slaves that it is built on. -- Richard Flanagan
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History fades into fable; fact becomes clouded with doubt and controversy; the inscription molders from the tablet; the statue falls from the pedestal. Columns, arches, pyramids, what are they but heaps of sand - and their epitaphs, but characters written in the dust? -- Washington Irving
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Was it designed and constructed by the Egyptians, Satan, gods or aliens, and for what purpose? -- Robert Jean Redfern
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The boy stood up shakily, and looked once more at the Pyramids. They seemed to laugh at him, and he laughed back, his heart bursting with joy. Because now he knew where his treasure was. -- Paulo Coelho
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The five hundred feet up the square-spiral staircase -- Tom Clancy
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Egypt! from whose all dateless tombs arose Forgotten Pharaohs from their long repose, And shook within their pyramids to hear A new Cambyses thundering in their ear; While the dark shades of forty ages stood Like startled giants by Nile's famous flood. -- Lord Byron
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While I still did not know what self- actualization that sat on the top level of the pyramid meant, I could believe
that if I knew I would be able to say something positive about it as well in
my life. -- Vann Chow
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Khufu who is believed to have been the pharaoh who commissioned the building of the great pyramid at Giza. -- Michael Tsarion
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Build your own pyramids, write your own hieroglyphs. -- Kendrick Lamar
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Ancient astronauts didn't build the pyramids. Human beings built the pyramids, because they're clever and they work hard. -- Gene Roddenberry
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You are the culmination of all that ever was. You are the highest point of the vast pyramid of history and of your own life. -- Bryant Mcgill
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Vehement silhouettes of Manhattan - that vertical city with unimaginable diamonds. -- Le Corbusier
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That like I best that flies beyond my reach.
Set me to scale the high pyramids
And thereon set the diadem of France;
I'll either rend it with my nails to nought,
Or mount the top with my aspiring wings,
Although my downfall be the deepest hell. -- Christopher Marlowe
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I don't know anyone around here who would want to cross the desert just to see the Pyramids," said the merchant. "They're just a pile of stones. You could build one in your backyard. -- Paulo Coelho
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An object is great in proportion to its power of resistance to time and the elements. That is why we think the pyramids are great. But see, the desert is greater than the pyramids, and the sea is greater than the desert, and the heavens are greater than the sea. -- Ameen Rihani
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A circus of stars,
your dreams a trapeze, faces
lift like mirrored moons. -- Imtiaz Dharker
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A plane of cheekbone, -- Margaret Atwood
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Sphinxes without secrets. -- Oscar Wilde
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It's foolish to trump up stories about how primitive humans built pyramids, stone henge or other ancient giant structures. The only logical explanation is ... those relics ain't built by human kind. It is easier to admit this pity explanation than to justify otherwise. -- Toba Beta
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A pharaoh's profile, a Krishna's grace, tail like a question mark. -- Louis Macneice
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The tomb of ancient Egyptian Great Chief of the Oryx, Baqet III (2500 B.C.) -- Jessie Perault
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What signifies the ladder, provided one rise and attain the end? -- Charles-Augustin Sainte-Beuve
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I used to consider myself as great as a pyramid, and now I realize that I am only a shadow that passes. -- Rachel
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The Sphinx-riddle. Solve it, or be torn to bits, is the decree. -- D.h. Lawrence
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The reason why the Great Pyramid of Giza has Earth's circumference figure embedded in it is not because ancient Egyptians knew that number, but because they were observing the horizon and the lunar movement. -- Ibrahim Ibrahim
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It was one to three football fields in length. It was massive, about 300 feet above the ground. It had three lights on the points of its triangle and a large red light beneath. -- Steven M. Greer
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A city where the Capitol Dome, perforated like a kitchen colander, is the symbol of how secrets are kept ... -- Leslie Ford
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High office, is like a pyramid; only two kinds of animals reach the summit - reptiles and eagles. -- Jean Le Rond D'alembert
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It has been aptly said that all Egypt is but the facade of an immense sepulcher. -- Amelia B. Edwards
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Palace of Crystal -- Fyodor Dostoyevsky
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as well balanced as an upturned pyramid. -- Terry Pratchett
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Inside this clay jug there are canyons and pine mountains,
and the maker of canyons and mountains!
All seven oceans are inside, and hundreds of millions of stars. -- Kabir
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He would come to school balancing his night's dreams like an acrobat bearing a human pyramid on his shoulders. -- Howard Jacobson
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Neat little rectangular arrangements of suffering. His -- Jessica D. Lovett
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Hey guys! Wish you were here, except not really. We're having fun. Check it out-the pyramids! -Alec and Magnus -- Cassandra Clare
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An inverted five-pointed star. The humans don't understand it correctly. They draw a goat's head into it with the horns at the top. They like to see the devil everywhere, except in the mirror and on TV. -- Victor Pelevin
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Every human face is more enigmatic than the timeworn expression on the famous Sphinx out there in the sands of Egypt. -- Dean Koontz
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The stars are the apexes of what triangles! -- Henry David Thoreau
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It looks like a parallelogram fucking an isosceles triangle, I said. -- Leah Raeder
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The giant tree starts out as the tiniest shoot, the tallest tower starts out as a single brick, the longest journey starts with the first step. -- Lao-Tzu
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According to Eliade, the shamanic ladder is the earliest version of the idea of an axis of the world, which connects the different levels of the cosmos, and is found in numerous creation myths in the form of a tree. -- Jeremy Narby
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Where everyone else sees a straight line, you see a maze, and when I'm done talking to you, the maze starts to make more sense
Reply by Dove to Aly's silent inquiry -- Tamora Pierce
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A labyrinth is an ancient device that compresses a journey into a small space, -- Rebecca Solnit
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with thick stone walls and high, slitted -- Diana Gabaldon
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That tower of strength Which stood four-square to all the winds that blew. -- Alfred Lord Tennyson
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It was arranged like a drunk triangle. None of the walls were straight. Each had some odd angle, and most had two. Tables and benches lined each section, and a long one stretched down the middle. -- Rob Howell
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THE SECRET GARDEN -- Frances Hodgson Burnett
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On a level plain, simple mounds look like hills; and the insipid flatness of our present bourgeoisie is to be measured by the altitude of its great intellects. -- Karl Marx
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The palace of the Saggese family, once the great landowner of those parts. An archway -- Malcolm Gladwell
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Beyond the window was the parking lot and beyond that the desert, and beyond that the sky, mostly void, partially stars. Layered -- Joseph Fink
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Many people say I believe aliens built the pyramids. I don't. In fact I'm not a supporter of the 'ancient alien' hypothesis at all. I think a lost human civilization is a much better explanation of the mysteries and paradoxes of ancient cultures. -- Graham Hancock
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The Looming Tower. -- Jeremy Scahill
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Above the stage was a glass-floored second stage, which allowed customers to look up and watch another girl dancing overhead. This multidimensional display of poontang reminded me of the 3-D chessboard on Star Trek, which in turn reminded me that I was a huge nerd. -- Diablo Cody
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Prism! Where is that baby? -- Oscar Wilde
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Bee there Orr Bee A Rectangular Thyng -- Terry Pratchett
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She has seen the mystery hid Under Egypt's pyramid: By those eyelids pale and close Now she knows what Rhamses knows. -- Elizabeth Barrett Browning
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The Sphinx is missing a nose. Someone shot it off in a moment of idle desecration - some say it was Mameluke Turks, others, Napoleonic soldiers. -- Carl Sagan
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I have no interest in going to Egypt and seeing the pyramids. I'm just not that kind of dude. -- Gary Vaynerchuk
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Think you figured it out, but you don't have a clue.
Think you on top of the world, but the world on top of you. -- Young Jeezy
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There is no top. There are always further heights to reach. -- Jascha Heifetz
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Skyscraper National Park -- Kurt Vonnegut Jr.
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What mazes there are in this world. -- Anthony Doerr