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Bright-flaming, heat-full fire,The source of motion. -- Guillaume De Salluste Du Bartas
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I keep thinking about fire," Piper said. "How we expect Leo to beat this giant because he's ... " "Hot?" Leo suggested with a grin. "Um, let's go with flammable. -- Rick Riordan
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I am a fanatic! I feel a power within me ... a fire that I may not quench, but must keep ablaze. -- Vincent Van Gogh
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Fire is the most tolerable third party -- Henry David Thoreau
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I lay sweating, shaking, doing my best to quell the overwhelming need
to extinguish the dark flame inside me.
A flame that burns brighter, hotter, stronger each day.
A fire so insatiable it'll consume everything in its path. -- Alyson Noel
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I'm scared, I burn, o Dragon please tell me, How do you love a fire? Every scale upon his body trumpeted its delighted recognition. He bugled back: You become the fire. Even -- Marc Secchia
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somethingological -- Charles Dickens
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You are a firework! -- Katy Perry
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Sort of person who would set something on fire just to get attention. -- Rainbow Rowell
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What man wanted a woman without fire, and vice-versa? -- Stewart O'nan
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What fire dies when you feed it? It -- David Foster Wallace
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Some dry leaf blows into a campfire well-stoked and drawing well. What follows? That leaf catches at once, swiftly is consumed, a shadow withering briefly in the fierce light, and thereafter little remains, not cinder and ash so much as smudges of char. -- Kai Ashante Wilson
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I am a hot-blooded fire and I am fearless. -- Amy Schumer
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What fire joins none man can put aside, -- George R R Martin
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Witticisms are fire-arms, that make a noise and give pain ... -- Eugenie De Guerin
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Fire burns blue and hot.
Its fair light blinds me not.
Smell of smoke is satisfying, tastes nourishing to my tongue.
I think fire ageless, never old, and yet no longer young.
Morning coals are cool: daylight leaves me blind.
I love the fire most because of what it leaves behind. -- Penny Reid
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Once upon a time, man had a love affair with fire. -- Robert Mccammon
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The flame is faith. -- Lailah Gifty Akita
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What the hell do you call that?" I asked him quietly. "Firefog?"
"We could," he responded. "Kilvin would probably call it an atmospherically enhanced incendiary action. -- Patrick Rothfuss
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Heat that rots ambition and stuns the intellect and will. -- Don Delillo
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What fire does not destroy, it hardens -- Oscar Wilde
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A jealous lover lights his torch from the firebrand of the fiend. -- Edmund Burke
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The fire that burns against the cold. -- George R R Martin
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smouldering away in a fit of impotent rage -- Annabel Crabb
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Fire is often the weapon of choice for the insane. -- Douglas Preston
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They were firemakers! They were gods! [humans] -- Jack London
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Aelin of the wildfire. -- Sarah J. Maas
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Fire taps something ancient and vital in each of us, something both snarling and reverential. -- Caroline Paul
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bearers of a spark from the sacred fire. What -- Joseph Conrad
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I want a trouble-maker for a lover, blood spiller, blood drinker, a heart of flame, who quarrels with the sky and fights with fate, who burns like fire on the rushing sea. -- Rumi
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Uncomfortable. Well, you have great pyrotechnics. -- Rick Riordan
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The phases of fire are craving and satiety. -- Heraclitus
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a madman's line of fire. -- James Patterson
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One spark short of a bonfire. -- Angelika Rust
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Perfect alchemists I keep who can transmute substances without end, and thus the corner of my garden is an inexhaustible treasure-chest. Here you can dig, not gold, but the value which gold merely represents; and there is no Signor Blitz about it. -- Henry David Thoreau
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A fuel-less flame is nothing but a wraith, However wrought, if unsustained by passion. -- Nick Gordon
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Flames of another kind. Hellfire. You will believe you canna possibly endure the agony. -- Karen Marie Moning
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A torch-flame resembles the wisdom of cowards: it gives a poor light because it trembles. -- Victor Hugo
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Fire made us human, fossil fuels made us modern, but now we need a new fire that makes us safe, secure, healthy and durable. -- Amory Lovins
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With my burned hand, I write about the nature of fire. -- Gustave Flaubert
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Be ignited, or be gone. -- Mary Oliver
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Eternally the embers glow masterfully fueled by lovers passion. -- Truth Devour
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Wood halfe burnt is easily kindled.
[Wood half-burnt is easily kindled.] -- George Herbert
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If your hero is a firefighter, your heroine better be an arsonist. -- Linda Howard
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A fiery soul, which, working out its way, Fretted the pygmy-body to decay, And o'er-inform'd the tenement of clay. A daring pilot in extremity; Pleas'd with the danger, when the waves went high He sought the storms. -- John Dryden
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The flame consists of a splendid clarity, of an unusual vigor, and od an ingenious ardor, but possesses the splendid clarity that it may illuminate and the ingenious ardor that it may burn. -- Umberto Eco
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What's the definition of a good flame? One you agree with ... -- Karl Lehenbauer
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Figures you'd be a fire demon."
"It's what makes me so hot." He arched a brow and she snorted.

-Ysabel & Remy -- Eve Langlais
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The human relationship to combustion is as mysterious as it is fraught with madness. From the candle flame to the nuclear blast, it has lit up the human imagination with fear and fascination. -- Michael Leunig
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Sparks are warm while they last. -- Susan Price
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Sole and self-commanded works,
Fears not undermining days,
Grows by decays,
And, by the famous might that lurks
In reaction and recoil,
Makes flames to freeze, and ice to boil. -- Ralph Waldo Emerson
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I don't have a type, really. But I've always been more attracted to girls who yell fire. -- Anthony Jeselnik
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Fire is calling my name. It is whispering words of encouragement, sweet things. It wants out, for me to fan the heat until it's a vortex that can't and won't be stopped. -- Alexandra Bracken
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Cinders. Embers. Ashes. -- Marissa Meyer
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Vengeane, Justice. Fire and Blood -- George R R Martin
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Fire is a good companion for the mind ... -- May Sarton
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Fire is a natural symbol of life and passion, though it is the one element in which nothing can actually live. -- Susanne Katherina Langer
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He is a strange, resolute, repulsive, iron-willed, inexorable old man, [possessing] a firey nature and a cold temper, and a cooler head--a volcano beneath a covering of snow. -- William A. Phillips
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Steel is forged by fire... -- Larry Chapman
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The blazing fire burns to light. -- Lailah Gifty Akita
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A steady flame unwavering & honest -- Cassandra Clare
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See what perils do environ those who meddle with hot iron. -- John Galsworthy
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Fight Fire with Fire -- Lemony Snicket
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Aelin of the Wildfire. Aelin Fireheart. Aelin Light-Bringer. -- Sarah J. Maas
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Dark vaild Cotytto, t' whom the secret flame
Of mid-night Torches burns; mysterious Dame
That ne're art call'd, but when the Dragon woom
Of Stygian darknes spets her thickest gloom,
And makes one blot of all the ayr -- John Milton
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Who rant by note, and through the gamut rage; in songs and airs express their martial fire; combat in trills, and in a fugue expire. -- Joseph Addison
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The burning flame is the fierce fire. -- Lailah Gifty Akita
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The Assassin the midst the deadly druid
Fury the shattering -- Thomas E. Sniegoski
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Dark, primitive magic. Swords Against Death. -- John Darnielle
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a criminal misuse of the gift of fire.' -- Melinda Wells
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Its aura distorts hard edges. Shimmering vortices of discoloration boil off, swirling, licking the
cold night air with bright spectral fire. Violence and death, this one's still hot. -- Michael Allan Scott
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Heat not a furnace for your foe so hot that it do singe yourself. -- William Shakespeare
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The burning flame is a spirit of light. -- Lailah Gifty Akita
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Fiery the Angels rose, and as they rose deep thunder roll'd
Around their shores, indignant burning with the fires of Orc ... -- William Blake
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Glowering like a dwarven god of vengeance. -- Markus Heitz
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A custom loathsome to the eye, hateful to the nose, harmful to the brain, dangerous to the lungs, and in the black, stinking fume thereof nearest resembling the horrible Stygian smoke of the pit that is bottomless. -- King James I
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[Non-flammable? Challenge accepted.]
[Alan], I texted, [arson is bad.]
[It's in the spirit of academic inquiry! It's SCIENCE!]
['Science' is not a legal defense.]
[Damn them.] -- K.d. Sarge
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The chemists are a strange class of mortals, impelled by an almost insane impulse to seek their pleasures amid smoke and vapour, soot and flame, poisons and poverty; yet among all these evils I seem to live so sweetly that may I die if I were to change places with the Persian king. -- Johann Joachim Becher
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Affliction, like the iron-smith, shapes as it smites. -- Christian Nestell Bovee
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A burnt broom that has had enough, and refuses to burn further ... -- Gregory Maguire
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There is a slumbering subterranean fire in nature which never goes out, and which no cold can chill. -- Henry David Thoreau
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Fire that's closest kept burns most of all. -- William Shakespeare
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Panegyric upon modern chemistry, the terms of which I shall never -- Mary Shelley
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Though weary, it is not tired: though pressed it is not straightened; though alarmed, it is not confounded; but as a living flame it forces itself upwards and securely passes through all. -- Thomas A Kempis
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A flame burns brightest just before it goes out. -- Gene Tierney
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Stoke thy fires, thou Dragon-hearted daughter of flame, Rend the storm with thy mighty wings unfurled, Graciously salute the dawn. -- Marc Secchia
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I'm probably a bit romantic about it, but I think we humans miss having contact with fire. We need it. -- Jamie Oliver
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The fire which seems out often sleeps beneath the cinders. -- Pierre Corneille
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That light he'd felt when he first saw her
he understood now that it was only a lightbulb. It was quick and easy, full of electricity, but there was something artificial about it. What he wanted was fire: heat and spark and flame. -- Jennifer E. Smith
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Fire is bright and fire is clean. -- Ray Bradbury
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You're a fireman?" I asked. "You're the one who ... ?"
He nodded. "I'm a firefighter."
"You threw me into a pool." I scowled.
He grinned. "You were on fire."
"Well, there is that," I allowed. -- Cambria Hebert
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Among the young ravens driven to roost awhile on Graydon's ark was James Andrew Manallace - a darkish, slow northerner of a type that does not ignite, but must be detonated. ("Dayspring Mishandled") -- Rudyard Kipling
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I love hot hand of explosion. I love a breeze perfumed with the devil smell of powder. -- Tom Robbins
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Fire is like greed, my comrade. It spreads across the world, thinking only of itself, seizing everything it sees, and ruining everyone's fun. -- Lemony Snicket
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Our dependence on fossil fuels amounts to global pyromania, and the only fire extinguisher we have at our disposal is renewable energy. -- Hermann Scheer
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The interesting pyrotechnics of the day had played a part - how could you write while pocket thunderstorms kept coming and going over the water? -- Stephen King
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This daemon loves men whose marriage beds have grown cold, so she can set them ablaze. -- Solange Nicole
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This mystery of use without consumption, of warmth without combustion, seems like magic, but was merely an ingenious application of the art now happily lost but carried to great perfection by your ancestors, of shifting the burden of one's support on the shoulders of others. -- Edward Bellamy
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Tangaloor, fire-bright
Flame-foot, farthest walker
Your hunter speaks
In need he walks
In need, but never in fear. -- Tad Williams
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For those without fire, any fire is strange fire. -- Bill Johnson