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Rawls, the back-up running back (Tank wrenched his leg out of socket, which I didn't know was possible). -- Alan Janney
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Tortall and the Queens Riders! -- Tamora Pierce
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Roza." His voice had that same wonderful lowness, the same accent ... it
was all just colder. "You forgot my first lesson: Don't hesitate. -- Richelle Mead
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Roger (Maris)
was a class act and I know exactly what he went through. -- Mark Mcgwire
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between Scylla and Charybdis, -- Alison Weir
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Reepicheep: Unhand the tail. Aslan the Great gave me this tail and no one, repeat, no one, touches the tail. Period, exclamation mark! -- C.s. Lewis
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Well, ring-tailed rutabagas. -- Thomas Pynchon
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Reformed rakes often make the best husbands. -- Judith Mcnaught
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You mean your initials are RA-RA? -- Rick Riordan
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My name is CHL. That's Charles Haas Layfield. -- Charlie Haas
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Both the Glory and the destroyer We are Proud to Honor Clan Sub-Leader Rash-au-Tal Vergent who Inspires us Every Day had gathered vital intelligence about Ruhar defense tactics and capabilities. -- Craig Alanson
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Ruby Stevens was determined, ambitious and tough. She had to fend for herself in so many ways as a child and always felt apart, on her own. -- Victoria Wilson
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Jason Randal is without a doubt the finest in the world at what he does! -- Michael Jackson
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God, I fucking race you, Ryles, -- K. Bromberg
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How can you get what you want if you do not know what you are seeking?-RVM -- R.v.m.
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Mister Hawe, you come along, not satisfied with ropin -- Zane Grey
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Do not judge Ripred's behavior by that of his kind -- Suzanne Collins
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Old Mr. Rarx was not a pleasant man to look at, nor yet to talk to, or to be with, for no one could help seeing that he was a sordid and selfish character, and that he had warped further and further out of the straight with time. -- Charles Dickens
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Erak. The one they call the Oberjarl," the Arridi answered him.
Impulsively, Axl took a pace forward, raising his ax threateningly.
You'll have to go through the rest of us to take him!" he shouted defiantly.
Well done, Axl," he said. "You've just told them I'm here. -- John Flanagan
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Ripper in the front, ZZ in the back, Dirty in the mouth. -- Madeline Sheehan
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Randal is a lad of about twenty and two, curly-haired and distressingly cherubic in appearance."
"Distressingly? Really, Northrup, I cannot see what could be distressing about a cherub."
His brows drew in a scowl. "They're baby angels, for God's sake." As if this explained all. -- Kristen Callihan
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Your storm, Thlayli-rah. Use it. -- Richard Adams
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I have a name," I grumped, my stomach pinching me harder.
"Yes, but it has no pizzazz. Ra-a-a-a-chel. Rach-e-e-e-eel," he said, trying it out in different ways. "No one will tremble in terror at that. Oh my God!" he said in a high falsetto. "It's Rachel! Run! Hide! -- Kim Harrison
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It's tough having the last name Rickles. Luckily, my kids handled it great. -- Don Rickles
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Men, some to business take, some to pleasure take; but every woman is at heart a rake -- Alexander Pope
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ROSTRUM, n. In Latin, the beak of a bird or the prow of a ship. In America, a place from which a candidate for office energetically expounds the wisdom, virtue and power of the rabble. -- Ambrose Bierce
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Behold Akar Kessell, the Tyrant of Icewind Dale!" he cried. "People of Ten-Towns, your master has come!" "Your words are a bit premature - " Cassius began, but Kessell cut him short with a frenzied scream. "Never interrupt me!" the wizard shouted, -- R.a. Salvatore
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But there was another, secret Ruby. This one was as thin as a wisp of air, and had struggled for so long just to be. This was the one that Liam carried with him, without knowing. The one that would ride in his back pocket, whisper words of encouragement, tell him he was born to chase the light. -- Alexandra Bracken
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Aelin of the Wildfire. Aelin Fireheart. Aelin Light-Bringer. -- Sarah J. Maas
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You may have caught my heart before but not my name. Lynch Katlan. -- Brit Malorie
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Isaac Rothe, Matthias -- J.r. Ward
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He looked as much like Karl as Cuddles Sakall resembled Argentina Rocca. -- William Goldman
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Raimund Hoghe is a little man with a spinal deformity who was once Pina Bausch's dramaturge. -- Robert Gottlieb
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i race you ryles -- K. Bromberg
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Buckler, a lean hack, and a greyhound for coursing. An olla -- Miguel De Cervantes Saavedra
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I kan noght parfitly my Paternoster as the preest it syngeth,But I kan rymes of Robyn Hood and Randolf Erl of Chestre. -- William Langland
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rabid tush patrol -- Kevin Barry
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Rus, dancing alongside Roza like a monstrous, bedraggled pony. -- Laura Ruby
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Come, then! Face Ravelle! The gods have sent your doom, motherfuckers! -- Scott Lynch
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Eriskigal, or as some say it, Erishkigal, is Morgan le Fay, Kali, Persephone, and Hel.'
'She's Hel all right,' Jarrah muttered. -- Michael Grant
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Well, schmear my bagel, if it isn't Mara Dyer. -- Michelle Hodkin
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Hark! Hear this tale, the legend of Aidan the Fierce and Reginleit the Radiant One, a pair of lovers both bound and cursed by fate. -- Kresley Cole
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Raki is bad enough, but it's nectar compared with pulque. -- Fergus Hume
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I like the new scar Captain. -- Sarah J. Maas
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Even though Sachin is great, I have always found Rahul more solid and hard to get out. He has a solid defense and plays less shots than others. When a batsman plays less shots then it is tough to get him as he makes less mistakes. -- Shoaib Akhtar
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Kavinsky," Gansey said evenly. "Where's Ronan?"
"Right here. WAKE UP, FUCKWEASEL, IT'S YOUR GIRLFRIEND!" Kavinsky said. "Sorry. He's totally pissed. Can I take a message? -- Maggie Stiefvater
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some evil old ruffian of a Dog-stealer -- Charles Dickens
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Legacy Damian Green -- Damian Green
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People love the electric rake. You just hit it or whatever you want to do. You can't play 'Swanee River' on it. You have to just make terrible noise. Occasionally, it will make a sound like a note. -- Eugene Chadbourne
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pussy, Ryker. I've waited forever -- Milly Taiden
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Let me spell my name out for you, it's Ricky:
R: Ravishing, I: Impress,
C: Courageous or Careless,
K: for the Kangols which I've got,
That I wear everyday and Y: Why not? -- Slick Rick
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Even though I am told that my name is Ruby, I still didn't know who the blue eye brunette with red streaks through her hair was. She was a stranger to me. -- Jessica Madden
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Roger, liftoff, and the clock is started. -- Alan Shepard
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Rhy held Kell's pain in his hands, while Kell held Rhy's life in his. -- Victoria Schwab
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Battles are won en route, Shalhassan of Cathal though. A worthy thought: he raised his hand in a certain way, and a moment later Razeil galloped up, uneasy on a horse at speed, and the Supreme Lord of Cathal made him write it down. -- Guy Gavriel Kay
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Oh, Irrylath,Irrylath, we squaundered our two years together. -- Meredith Ann Pierce
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How rude of me. This is Roaan Recklit." We shake hands. Good grip, good grip. "Sorry," he says, releasing my hand. "I forget my own strength. -- Zoraida Cordova
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RVM Thoughts for Today -
If only I had spent my life Smiling and Laughing rather than regretting and cursing , I would have been much Happier. -- R.v.m.
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Rahul is always been in the shadow of Sachin. If you take his record it's as good as Sachin's but you cannot compare both as they are different kind of players. Rahul is a complete cricketer. -- Muttiah Muralitharan
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Ulick Norman Owen. -- Agatha Christie
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Little Arin has missed me. I will not be parted from him."
"Would you consider changing his name?"
"What if I begged?"
"Not a chance."
"Roshar, the tiger has grown."
"And what a sweet big boy he is. -- Marie Rutkoski
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Roo-coo-coo-coo! Roo-coo-coo-coo! -- Katherine Mansfield
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Call me Richard, I love it when you call me Richard. -- Julie Ann Walker
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Kiss my ass Rath Roiben Rye -- Holly Black
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Shprintzl Rudashevsky's wide face takes on a philosophical, even mystic, blankness. She looks like she's wetting her pants and enjoying the warmth. -- Michael Chabon
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The great god Ra, whose shrine once covered acres, is filler now for crossword puzzle makers. -- Keith Preston
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Shoulder up, I reeled around to face Boo Radley and his bloody fangs; instead, I saw Dill ringing the bell with all his might in Atticus's face. -- Harper Lee
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Martin Jol is literally a dead man walking -- Steve Claridge
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We are the ring of steel around Lord Rahl himself... Two thousand strong. We fall to a man before harm gets a glance at Lord Rahl.
-Commander General Trimack -- Terry Goodkind
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Though Roose had been in battles, he bore no scars. Though well past forty, he was as yet unwrinkled, with scarce a line to tell of the passage of time. -- George R R Martin
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Raistlin opened his eyes, looking at her without recognition. And in them, she saw deep, undying sorrow
the look of one who has been permitted to enter a realm of deadly, perilous beauty, and who now finds himself, once more, cast down into the grey, rain-swept world. -- Tracy Hickman
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I'd heard of Vlad Dracul, but only the name. The kids at Cotton Maher never said much except things like "The football team's up against Vlad this Saturday. Pray for them."
When I'd heard that, I'd asked the kid who'd said it what the big deal was.
"Shut up," he'd explained. -- Douglas Rees
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Mourning Ruby is not a flat landscape: it is more like a box with pictures painted on every face. And each face is also a door which opens, I hope, to take the reader deep into the book. -- Helen Dunmore
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Hell, yeah, Ryland. Man up and carpe girl. -- John Corwin
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What bothered Ruth was that she needed to be with Rooie again -- just to see, as in a story, what would happen next. That meant Rooie was in charge. -- John Irving
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What is the sound of Perl? Is it not the sound of a wall that people have stopped banging their heads against? -- Larry Wall
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I can't say enough about 'OLTL's' strong cast. -- Kassie Depaiva
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Roger (Kellaway) amazed us all. Blessed with great technique, he could play any style, from ragtime to space music. Whatever style he chose to play at the moment would be filled with wonderful surprises that kept the rest of us continually delighted. -- Bill Crow
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I was saving the name of 'Geisel' for the Great American Novel. -- Dr. Seuss
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Na razrusha'ya. E'ya razrushost." (Translation): I am not ruined. I am ruination. -- Leigh Bardugo
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Ruby inherited the Perl philosophy of having more than one way to do the same thing. I inherited that philosophy from Larry Wall, who is my hero actually. I want to make Ruby users free. I want to give them the freedom to choose. -- Yukihiro Matsumoto
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You got a name?"

"Uhad Ul-badir Taruk Ultani," the wizard said with a small dip of his chin.

Jackal blinked. "That name is a fucking nightmare. I'm going to call you Crafty. -- Jonathan French
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Who is that?"
"Your replacement."
"You replaced me with a shaved poodle?"
"He's got mad skills. -- Ilona Andrews
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Her rage took her to a place where she only knew three things: that Chaol had been taken from her, that she was a weapon forged to end lives, and that if Chaol was hurt, no one was going to walk out of that warehouse. -- Sarah J. Maas
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CHAPTER I - M. MYRIEL -- Victor Hugo
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I'm a rageaholic. I just can't live without rageahol. -- Homer
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Don't just follow the line ... To be a Star - Shine!-RVM -- R.v.m.
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You're my Aslan. -- Kristen Ashley
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Ron pointed Helen's gun at me. What kind of name is Ron for such a menacing figure? -- Chris Fabry
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Some gems for the greatest of them all -- Muhammad Ali
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Every night before putting her to sleep, Yankel counts her ribs, as if one might have disappeared in the course of the day and become the seed and soil for some new companion to steal her away from him. -- Jonathan Safran Foer
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Rakesh said, 'What do the Aloof think we can do with this, that they can't do themselves?' 'Give a damn?' Parantham suggested. -- Greg Egan
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Fancy me between Scylla and Charybdis. -- Henry James
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It has always been Oscar Peterson. He is my Rachmaninoff. -- Shirley Horn
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Kalevala, whereas -- Arthur C. Clarke
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James Remar is a student of life. -- James Remar
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I ripped his spine straight out from him and watched as Raz folded into himself like crumpled paper. -- Jennifer L. Armentrout
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When (Rube) Waddell
had control and some sleep, he was unbeatable. -- Branch Rickey
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Any self-respecting rake had two kinds of women in his life: those he took to bed at night and those who made him a pancake in the morning. If he suddenly wanted both from the same woman, it was a warning flag. One big and red enough for even a blind man to see. -- Tessa Dare