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Memory shrinks until it fits in a fist
memory shrinks without forgetting -- Fady Joudah
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Memory is a painter. Paintin's not important. The important thing is keepin' busy. -- Grandma Moses
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The whole hardware industry has experienced the phenomenon in which every time computers get cheaper, they appeal to a new set of users; every time they get more powerful, old customers upgrade. -- Nathan Myhrvold
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memory is desperate to leave us. Memory knows that we cannot endure its company. Memory would reduce us to fools. -- Anne Rice
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Memory is a glue: it attaches you to everything, even to what you don't like. -- Yann Martel
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I have a hard time telling the difference between an old memory and a recent one. -- Jennifer Rush
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Memory is a hunting horn
Its tone dies out along the wind. -- Guillaume Apollinaire
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Memory works like the collection glass in the Camera obscura: it gathers everything together and therewith produces a far more beautiful picture than was present originally. -- Arthur Schopenhauer
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The early personal computers were not very powerful so the idea of feeding their program into a small amount of memory requires immense skill. -- Bill Gates
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The memory management on the PowerPC can be used to frighten small children. -- Linus Torvalds
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Computers double their performance every month. -- Stephen Hawking
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I've always been fascinated by the operation of memory - the way in which it is not linear but fragmented, and its ambivalence. -- Penelope Lively
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Data is the next Intel Inside. -- Tim O'reilly
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Memory is a net: one that finds it full of fish when he takes it from the brook, but a dozen miles of water have run through it without sticking. -- Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr.
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I've said some stupid things and some wrong things, but not that. No one involved in computers would ever say that a certain amount of memory is enough for all time. -- Bill Gates
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When comparing human memory and computer memory it is clear that the human version has two distinct disadvantages. Firstly, as indeed I have experienced myself, due to aging, human memory can exhibit very poor short term recall. -- Kevin Warwick
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Apparently there is redundancy in memory: You store the same memory in different parts of your brain for accessing at different speeds. That speed would depend on the frequency of use and the importance of the knowledge. -- Bill Nye
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RAM sticks do get hot, especially if overclocked and need to be cooled. Though not as serous as other components like the CPU or GPU, your DIMMS still need cooling. -- Kieran Leyland
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Memory is trust open to doubt. Perhaps -- Durga Chew-Bose
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The inside of a computer is as dumb as hell but it goes like mad! -- Richard P. Feynman
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My CPU is a neural net processor; a learning computer. -- Arnold Schwarzenegger
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The stored-program digital computer has three major attributes: it is fast, it is accurate, and it is stupid. The first two attributes are often used to disguise the third. -- P. J. Plauger
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How is something a memory if you never forgit? -- Sapphire.
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The selective memory isn't selective enough. -- Blake Morrison
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Computers aren't smart, just fast. Garbage in, garbage out. -- Peter F. Hamilton
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No, memory is true as long as you do not set it, as long as it is not enclosed in a form. -- Italo Calvino
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What is memory for if not to fortify and sustain? -- Alice Tisdale Hobart
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Memory has strange power keeps full data of the past. -- Kishore Bansal
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Without memory there are no worries. -- James Cook
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memory has a palette and broad brush. -- Colson Whitehead
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Memory is as thick as mud. It rises up, it overwhelms. It sucks you down and freezes you where you stand. Thrash and kick and gnash your teeth. There's no escaping it. -- Lauren Oliver
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Memory at last has what I sought. -- Wislawa Szymborska
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Memory is a magpie after chips of colored glass and ribbon rather than the upright accuracy of objective sequence. -- Larry Woiwode
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Hardware can't argue. -- C.a. Higgins
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It's hardware that makes a machine fast. It's software that makes a fast machine slow. -- Craig Bruce
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If technology is not a metaphor for memory, what is it? -- K.k. Raghava
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There are a lot of new things going on in the microprocessor world, including increased focus on power and efficiency. -- Michael Dell
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This is what I know: memory is the same as water. It permeates and saturates. Quenches and satiates. It can hold you up or pull you under; render you weightless or drown you. It is tangible, but elusive. -- T. Greenwood
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I love memory sticks. They seem to me to be magic. -- Ruth Rendell
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And memory has no syntax. -- Lidia Yuknavitch
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The ever-growing size of software applications is what makes Moore's Law possible: 'If we hadn't brought your computer to its knees, why would you go out and buy a new one?' -- Nathan Myhrvold
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Software is more important than hardware. -- Bill Gates
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The creation of this new company supports Intel's intent to maintain its industry-leading position in nonvolatile memory and enables us to rapidly enter a fast-growing portion of the flash market segment, -- Paul Otellini
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When you don't have the hardware resources, you have to take advantage of what you have inside the chip -- Steve Wozniak
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You have available to you, right now, a powerful supercomputer. This powerful tool has been used through-out history to take people from rags to riches, from poverty and obscurity to success and fame, from unhappiness and frustration to joy and self-fulfillment, and it can do the same for you. -- Brian Tracy
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It is not a large exaggeration to say that everything else in a computer exists in order to bring information swiftly to the ALU for manipulation; and for the ALU, adding is the mechanical equivalent of breathing. But -- Tracy Kidder
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Memory is like a rope, knotted every three or four feet, and hanging down a deep well. When you pull it up, just about anything might be attached to those knots. But you'll never know what's there if you don't pull. And the more you pull at that rope, the more you find. -- Dinty W. Moore
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When you're on a golden sea, you don't need no memory... -- Weezer
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Any given program will expand to fill all available memory. -- Arthur Bloch
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Sometimes we keep the physical objects until memory is enough -- Vikki Wakefield
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Memory: what wonders it performs in preserving and storing up things gone by - or rather, things that are -- Plutarch
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The programmer's primary weapon in the never-ending battle against slow system is to change the intramodular structure. Our first response should be to reorganize the modules' data structures. -- Fred Brooks
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778524317292 -- Gf
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My memory, sir, is like a garbage disposal. -- Jorge Luis Borges
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A memory is what is left when something happens and does not completely unhappen. -- Edward De Bono
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We can invent only with memory. -- Alphonse Karr
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The two offices of memory are collection and distribution. -- Samuel Johnson
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When we get the final hardware, the performance is just going to skyrocket. -- J Allard
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If one ox could not do the job they did not try to grow a bigger ox, but used two oxen. When we need greater computer power, the answer is not to get a bigger computer, but ... to build systems of computers and operate them in parallel. -- Grace Hopper
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Hardware works best when it matters the least. -- Norman Ralph Augustine
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I'm a high-tech low-life. A cutting edge, state-of-the-art bi-coastal multi-tasker and I can give you a gigabyte in a nanosecond! -- George Carlin
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When I use a PC today I cannot understand why a machine with 1,000 times more processing power has a worse user response than the machine I was using in the late '80s at Acorn,' remarks Steve Furber. 'Well, I do know why it is, but it still seems the wrong answer. -- Tom Lean
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Memory runs by its own itinerary, departing and arriving at stations of the past on its own schedule. -- Steve Erickson
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I was running an assembly line designed to build memory chips. I saw the microprocessor as a bloody nuisance. -- Andy Grove
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The Apple IIc, with its 128KB of RAM, 125KB floppy drive, word processor, and spreadsheet application, did everything I could imagine a computer doing at the time. -- Andrew Rosenthal
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Thinking professionally" is the first step in building a high-performance digital Board. -- Pearl Zhu
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Caches aren't architecture, they're just optimization. -- Rob Pike
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Indeed, as the above calculation indicates, to take full advantage of the memory space available, the ultimate laptop must turn all its matter into energy. -- Seth Lloyd
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Time is a thief of memory -- Stephen King
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Memory is like a dog that lies down where it pleases. -- Cees Nooteboom
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I have an excellent memory, a most excellent memory. -- Bill Gates
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No memory is anything more than a personal choice. -- Chuck Palahniuk
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Talking about performance is such a strange thing because it's so immaterial. We are talking about soft matter. We are talking about something that is invisible. You can't see it. You can't touch it. You just can feel it. -- Marina Abramovic
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Every memory was valuable; even the bad ones. -- Cassandra Clare
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Back in the 1980s, you could learn how to add memory cards to your PC in a Radio Shack. -- Annalee Newitz
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Memory isn't the defective tape recording you've been led to believe. It's the tape player itself, playing back the tracks of music we select - and sometimes those we don't. -- James Kimmel Jr.
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Memory, perhaps, should have no physical shape. -- Dave Eggers
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Some day, on the corporate balance sheet, there will be an entry which reads, "Information"; for in most cases, the information is more valuable than the hardware which processes it. -- Grace Hopper
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Time's the thief of memory -- Stephen King
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Memory is like a long, dark street, illuminated at intervals in a light so bright that it shows up every detail. And then one plunges into the dark stretch again. -- Susan Hill
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The microprocessor is a miracle. -- Bill Gates
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The last person who wrote about me for the Wall Street Journal didn't even know the difference between machine memory and a floppy! -- Brent Schlender
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The strongest memory is not as strong as the weakest ink. -- Confucius
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Computers can bully us. A slow and unreliable system will bring even the toughest soul to their knees as they find themselves completely defenseless against the erratic whims of their rogue machine. -- Lou Ferrigno
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I have the sense that if I push too hard or too far into memory I'll come apart. -- Harold Brodkey
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The funny thing about memory is that it can't be fully trusted, and yet, in the end, it's the only truth we have. -- Mindscape
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Holes in the memory. You grab on to some things, others have completely disappeared. -- Paul Auster
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The fastest thing computers do is go obsolete. -- Andy Rooney
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Although computer memory is no longer expensive, there's always a finite size buffer somewhere. When a big piece of news arrives, everybody sends a message to everybody else, and the buffer fills. -- Benoit Mandelbrot
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Intel's Pentium III processor operating at 1 GHz is the highest performance microprocessor for PCs, enabling Intel's customers to ship the fastest personal computers in the world, -- Paul Otellini
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A computer is a wonderful thing, but it's cold, and what comes out of it is sort of cold. -- Jerry Della Femina
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You don't have conversations with microprocessors. You tell them what to do, then helplessly watch the disaster when they take you literally! -- David Brin
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The speed at which modern CPUs perform computations still blows my mind daily. -- Markus Persson
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Sony is a clear leader in the digital camera and camcorder categories. As Sony continues to develop next-generation video and still image capture technologies, the demand for high speed, large capacity, small form factor memory cards will grow as well. -- Bill Vaughan
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Memory is the space in which a thing happens for a second time. -- Paul Auster
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Some people can mess up anything, and computational demonology adds a new and unwelcome meaning to terms like "memory leak" and "debugger. -- Charles Stross
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Memory is a double-edged sword, Uthas. It can keep you strong through dark times, but it can also cripple you, keep you locked in a moment that no longer exists. -- John Gwynne
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One of the things that's interesting is that the PC has always had a huge amount of scalability. It was sort of the wild dog that moved into Australia and killed all the local life because it could just adapt. There used to be these dedicated devices, like dedicated word processors. -- Gabe Newell
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You can map out a whole city according to the weight of memory, like pins on the homicide board tracking the killer's movements. But the connections get thicker and denser and more complicated all the time. -- Lauren Beukes