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Whatever you're ready for is ready for you.
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I can wait for you longer. Because you have arrived.
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I am ready. I have repented my sins and soon I will be in heaven with Christ my savior. Now I must die like a man.
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When will you come
and how will you come
and will we be ready
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Finally, I can get on with someone
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Get me ready," Ty growled. He
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Am I now ready to make some changes.
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You guys ready to do this?
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Don't wait speak now
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If there's 'game' in the title, I'm there! Ready to play!
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I'll be ready when you are, esclave. A life for a life. A tale for a tale.
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Ten more minutes ticked
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The time for your labor has been granted.
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When you are ready, every door will open automatically for you.
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If we keep waiting until we are ready, we will be waiting for the rest of your lives.
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But what does ready matter, when it's happening?
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You're here now. Be here now.
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Are you ready to fight for good jobs and and a solid level playing field? Are you ready to prove to another generation of Americans that we can build a better country and a newer world? Joe Biden is ready. Barack Obama is ready. I am ready. You're ready.
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Everything I need now is here
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Are you ready for the rapture of the church
Are you ready for Heaven
Our Lord Jesus Christ now wants all Christians to get into a sense of urgency in our preparation for His second coming.
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Give it a minute or two for the weaction to begin.
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Are you ready for it?
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Were ready for him!
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I'm ready to rock and roll.
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Now is my time. Everything I've done up to this point is just a warm up. This is where it all begins.
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Don't be in such a hurry.
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I'm ready. No matter what's ahead for us. I'm ready to go down any road with you. Go through any door. I know that now, more than I ever did.
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Before beginning, prepare carefully.
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Nobody ever got ready by waiting. You only get ready by starting.
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I'm ready to stretch my legs. I'm ready to jump in the ring.
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I gotta go. Just got a taker on the rope.
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Quarterbacks are always ready.
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I am ready. I'm in great shape. My workouts have been great. I'm ready to get back and help a team get to the Super Bowl.
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Done. I have a date. Well, hot damn!
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I bid you ... Welcome
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To quote your annoying self, are you ready to do this shit?
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If you want me to speak for two minutes, it will take me three weeks of preparation. If you want me to speak for thirty minutes, it will take me a week to prepare. If you want me to speak for an hour, I am ready now.
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You've got to stay ready, especially around here. That's what we preach, you'll get your opportunity whether it comes at the beginning or in the middle or in the end whenever it may be. When your time comes, you need to be ready to go because you're going to earn your minutes
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My door is open.
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Get my swan costume ready.
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she's ready." A gorgeous blonde came in with a box that opened
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I shall be there before the commencement.
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If everything goes right then I can get going.

-- Lionel

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I'll meet you outside. I rushed to
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I'll be here when you get back.
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A little bit of stage fright, then I'm ready.
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should start preparing for my funeral. I had been
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Ready for a new life
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Gideon grinned down at me. "Ready?" he whispered.
"Ready when you are," I replied automatically. It just slipped out
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I'm a showgirl, as you can tell. I'm ever ready.
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Prepare ye the way of the Lord
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I am a child who is getting on.
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Feeling ready to do something doesn't mean feeling certain you'll succeed, though of course that's what you're hoping to do. Truly being ready means understanding what could go wrong - and having a plan to deal with it.
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I'm ready to take the heat.
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Prepare your thrusters.
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I'm game if you are.
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It's time to fight.
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We goan start promptly at seven o'clock, so be sure to take care of all your bodily needs and functions before we get started.
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I've put our guys in position. I gave them the blueprint. I think they're ready.
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I am ready to work, I am ready for this job and I am ready for this challenge.
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Sit ... down
Are you ready for this?
Shut ... up
Are you ready for this?
Stand ... up
Are you ready for this?
Are you ready for this?
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The stage is yours, my dear Aaronic Priesthood boys. Are you ready and willing to play your part? The Lord needs every able young man to prepare and recommit, starting tonight, to be worthy of a call from the prophet of God to serve a mission.
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When prayers are done, my Lady is ready.
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Are you ready for the God that dwells in your heart ?
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I glance at Magiano. "Ready?" I ask.
He winks. Rain soaks us both now, coming down in sheets, and water drips from his high knot of braids. "Always ready for you, my love.
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Whatever I damn well please, and what difference does that make to you? Ivy you ready to go?
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I got your invitation,
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I'm here and I'm ready. They're not. Bring it.
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In a good house all is quickly ready.
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Are you ready for me to read?" I took her outstretched cup and placed it on the bedside table.
"I was ready ten minutes ago. If you wait any longer I'll have time to write a novel meself.
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Once I get outside my house in the morning, I'm on.
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Locked, cocked, and ready to rock, sir!
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I don't exactly know what it means to be ready. A cake when the oven timer goes off? Am I fully baked, or only half-baked?
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You may fire when you are ready Gridley.
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Now the circus is open. Now you may enter.
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Now is the appointed time. Today is the day of my amazing good fortune.
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No! I'm not ready, this is still my first cup of coffee!
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Thank God in advance for what's already yours.
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I'm going now. My time has come.
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Already churning. If I come, will you make Dad put
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I'm ready when you are, Lucan."
"Okay," he said, shaking his head in defeat. "Let's go get our boy.
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Good luck tomorrow, everyone. Now hurry back inside
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Lord I thank you for the timely provisions
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All I can say is hold on, and prepare ...
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I was born ready, I'm Ron F****** Swanson
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I deposited Drew at the infirmary a half hour ago.
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How ready is heaven to those that pray!
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Can we just get on with this already?"(7).
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Give me the ready hand rather than the ready tongue.
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I'm ready now." If he'd intervened, it might have
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Welcomed me home.
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Show Up [10w]
I've waited for you all my life ~
show up already!
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You're never going to be ready"..."Don't you see that? You have to forget about ready. If you don't, you're always going to run away
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The foundation is in place, and now we have to get to work.
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Room 121. Be there.
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If you're ready to make the mad dash I'm game.