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One must educate oneself -- Marjane Satrapi
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I don't name sources. -- Nelson Demille
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Often books speak of books. -- Umberto Eco
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Consider the source ... Don't be a fool by listening to a fool. -- Sylvester Stallone
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Dismiss any doubt. -- Lailah Gifty Akita
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The greatest homage we can pay to truth, is to use it. -- James Russell Lowell
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Attention: a sacred energy coming into me. Be sensitive to it. Recognize again and again that it is there -- Michel De Salzmann
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Read to rediscover. -- Lailah Gifty Akita
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Open your mind to what I shall disclose, and hold it fast within you; he who hears, but does not hold what he has heard, learns nothing. -- Dante Alighieri
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In general, I think people should be skeptical of the Internet as a reference tool because so much of what's on it is unreliable and costumed - a hall of mirrors. -- James Gleick
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Do not give in to the provocation of the devil -- Sunday Adelaja
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Seek not to know who said this or that, but take note of what has been said. -- Thomas A Kempis
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What? Who? You can't throw around pronouns like that without their antecedents if you want people to follow you. -- Kevin Hearne
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False attributions are the bane of legitimate discourse. -- Winston Smith
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I don't want to repeat myself. -- Philip Seymour Hoffman
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So then, when I speak to you, I speak to myself. If I seem to warn or to rebuke you, it is not so much you, as myself, to whom the warning or the rebuke is addressed. -- Joseph Barber Lightfoot
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You know, I believe it is possible to reference something other than Star Wars, boss." I narrowed my eyes in Muppetly wisdom. "That is why you fail. -- Jim Butcher
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Sometimes the best answer to a question is another question. Is it not by asking questions that we stimulate each other to reach more deeply into our own source and, thereby, approach the Source, both together and in our different ways? (7) -- Jean-Yves Leloup
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The greatest homage to truth is to use it. -- Ralph Waldo Emerson
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Unify your attention. Do not listen with your ears, but with your mind. Do not listen with your mind but with your essence. -- Confucius
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I, who am king of the matter I treat, and who owe an accounting for it to no one, do not for all that believe myself in all I write. I often hazard sallies of my mind which I mistrust. -- Michel De Montaigne
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To list and name people ... is to subjugate them. -- David Mitchell
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Sceptic, mathematician, Christian; doubt, affirmation, submission. -- Blaise Pascal
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the knowable community - to -- Raymond Williams
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Implications of treason are fed like cubes of sugar to the twelve-headed animal which is justice. In ... opening remarks. In the way questions are asked. In support of lines of questioning where cases of treason are cited and the Judge endorses the relevance of the citation. -- E.l. Doctorow
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listen with your eyes,
and your lips.
Listen with your skin,
and your blood.
Can you hear us,
at the edges? -- Emmanuelle De Maupassant
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You're necessary to me, and that's why I've come to you -- Fyodor Dostoyevsky
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I tried to pay attention, but attention paid me. -- Lil' Wayne
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Reverence invites Revelation -- Boyd K. Packer
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You cannot be anything that you point to. -- Mooji
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Witness your thoughts. Your thoughts are attachments. -- Ram Dass
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I seek to bring forth what you almost already know. -- Aristotle.
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Attention is the beginning of devotion. -- Mary Oliver
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Knowledge is provided but only to those who need to know -- Kevin Gates
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I thought we were to discuss a referral which we believe contains substantial and credible information of potential impeachable offenses by the President of the United States. -- Ken Starr
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Monsieur, pray confine yourself to the point. -- Agatha Christie
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We feel in one world, we think and name in another. Between the two we can set up a system of references, but we cannot fill in the gap. -- Marcel Proust
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Note on Interviews and Attribution -- Rebecca Traister
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See and keep silent. -- Francis Walsingham
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The wise respond; the otherwise react. -- Raheel Farooq
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Although your knowledge is weak and small, you need not be silent: since you cannot be judges be at least witnesses. -- Franz Grillparzer
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The source and end is you. -- Epica
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One must keep repeating the Truth. -- Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe
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You must emulate the truth you exhort. -- Johnny Hunt
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And most important, listen. -- John C. Maxwell
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The library is testimony to truth and to error, -- Umberto Eco
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Ask the next question. -- Theodore Sturgeon
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being of the knower, there is a corresponding -- Aldous Huxley
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I gave my word that this source would not be identified unless he changed his mind. He has not. -- Bob Woodward
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Of what, when seen, shall then be told. -- Lao-Tzu
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Know thy Creator. -- Lailah Gifty Akita
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To understand is to stand under which is to look up to which is a good way to understand. -- Corita Kent
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One should always cite what one does not understand at all in the language one understands the least. -- Voltaire
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The concept of loyalty is distorted when it is understood to mean blind acceptance. It is correctly interpreted when it is assumed to cover honest criticism. -- Dag Hammarskjold
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Listen to hypotheses as they plead their cases before you, but remember that you are not a hypothesis, you are the judge. Therefore do not seek to argue for one side or another, for if you knew your destination, you would already be there. -- Eliezer Yudkowsky
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What comes from oneself, is nearly from no one. There is only me as a link. -- Eduardo Chillida
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establishing the -- Anonymous
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You are what you listen to -- Alicia Keys
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See you now your bait of falsehood take this carp of truth; and thus do we of wisdom and of reach, with windlasses and with assays of bias, by indirections find directions out. -- William Shakespeare
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The wise listen to the foolish. -- You
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Certainty is an enemy of truth: examination and reexamination are allies of truth. -- Peter Boghossian
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In this Postscript I distinguish references back to the revised text of this book by placing these in italics thus (262), from references to the works of other authors under discussion, which are thus (p. 162). account -- E.p. Thompson
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Ultimately, with every film I'd done before, there was a reference. They have their own uniqueness, but there was always a precedent. -- Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu
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The inquirer after holiness should associate with those whose intelligence will instruct him; whose example will guide him; whose conversation will inspire him; whose cautions will warn him. -- John Angell James
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Don't listen to what I'm saying. Listen to what I'm listening to. -- Michael Bernard Beckwith
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Apply yourself wholly to the text; apply the text wholly to yourself. -- Johann Albrecht Bengel
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To remove this obstacle I repeat or refer to such knowledge as has come under my notice, my own previously expressed views, and also describe and exhibit my last experiments and explain their novelty and utility. -- Lawrence Hargrave
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I must ... warn my readers that my attacks are directed against themselves, not against my stage figures. -- George Bernard Shaw
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Critics sometimes appear to be addressing themselves to works other than those I remember writing. -- Joyce Carol Oates
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Watch for contradictory information (page 37). -- James Morrison
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If you don't listen to the question entirely, then
you are going to revise your answers frequently. -- Toba Beta
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I listen to them freely and with all the respect merited by their intelligence, their character, their knowledge, reserving always my incontestable right of criticism and censure. -- Mikhail Bakunin
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Declare the sacred utterances. -- Lailah Gifty Akita
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You listened. You always listen. -- Laurelin Paige
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Only what is essential must be said. -- Dietrich Bonhoeffer
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The skeptic, being a lover of his kind, desires to cure by speech, as best he can, the self-conceit and rashness of the dogmatists. -- Sextus Empiricus
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I reck'n I knows what I knows. -- Mark Twain
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You write about what you know. -- Larry David
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I have a position of indirect respect and oblique power. -- Drew Carey
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Seek truth from facts. -- Deng Xiaoping
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We need to pay attention with a particular attitude: one of openness, curiosity, and receptiveness. -- Russ Harris
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Let your resistance, judgements, angers and fears inform you. -- Bryant Mcgill
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Remember only to learn -- Racha Zeidan
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Do not wear yourself out fighting facts;
do not be weary of seeking truth.
Truth is more than information.
It is the gatekeeper of knowledge. -- Matshona Dhliwayo
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LISTEN twice as much as you speak. -- John C. Maxwell
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We must speak carefully so that we and our listeners do not get stuck in words or concepts. It is our duty to transcend words and concepts to be able to encounter reality. -- Thich Nhat Hanh
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Shut your mouth; open your eyes and ears. -- C.s. Lewis
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I rely on you to misrepresent me. -- Oscar Wilde
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All I can do is repeat what I think is the best information that anybody ever gave me. -- John Mellencamp
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Respond; don't react.
Listen; don't talk.
Think; don't assume. -- Raji Lukkoor
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It will contribute towards one's object, who wishes to acquire a facility in the gaining of knowledge, to doubt judiciously. -- Aristotle.
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Listen to many, speak to a few. -- William Shakespeare
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I am my brain's publisher. -- Philippe Starck
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Learning to listen relationally, listen with cool heads and clear boundaries, listen with the quietness of the heart and the gentleness of the body, means having a self so developed it can afford to yield. -- Terrence Real
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Memory is the receptacle and sheath of all knowledge -- Marcus Tullius Cicero
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Read,not to believe, contradict or complement, but to understand. -- Debasish Mridha
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shows how fruitful analogies can be - not in proving points but in illustrating them, showing spiritual truths by means of material images. -- Peter Kreeft
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I willingly speak to those who know, but for those who do not know I forget. -- Aeschylus
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To reject revelational epistemology is to commit yourself to defending the truth of autonomous epistemology. -- Greg L. Bahnsen
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raise the affections of my hearers as high as I possibly can, provided they are affected with nothing but truth, and with affections that are not disagreeable to the nature of what they are affected with."1 -- Bob Kauflin