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Geographic boundaries really begin to disappear with the Internet.
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UK - that was Britain.
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territory, but they actually belonged to
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On a surface level, regionalism is gone, if we define regionalism as human culture. But, what if we define regionalism as something older than human culture?
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WindClan territory
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I based in Brazil, Sao Paulo, but I come very often to the states, and I travel all over the world.
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What I do and where I come from, the kind of music that I'm making, it's definitely U.K. If I turned around and did a tune with Timbaland, it would be amazing, but it would be me kind of leaving where I'm coming from.
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I live wherever I happen to be.
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What part of Canada are you from, honey?"
"THE LEFT PART," said Jay.
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I am in a country which is five hours behind my beloved homeland Pakistan and my home in the Swat Valley.
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I live in Cullowhee, North Carolina. That's where I teach, at Western Carolina University. That region is where my family has lived for a long time and that region is my landscape.
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the coast, irregular
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Just as none of us is outside or beyond geography, none of us is completely free from the struggle over geography. That struggle is complex and interesting because it is not only about soldiers and cannons but also about ideas, about forms, about images and imaginings.
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I live between Jamaica and Paris.
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Where the hell is Australia anyway?
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The City that knows how.
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Say 'Toronto' or 'Ontario,' and the immediate thought associations are with a somewhat blander version of North America: a United States with a welfare regime and a more polite street etiquette, and the additionally reassuring visage of Queen Elizabeth on the currency.
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We need to realise we are Europeans before we belong to a region or a Nation.
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Despite the ethnic diversity within each nation, the social fabric of the region by and large is one.
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London, dirty little pool of life
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I live in Hamburg; that's in the north. And I live on the outskirts of town. It looks like countryside.
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I have settled down in this border area; I am trying to find distinct standards of shape, and I long to experience, formulate, and evoke this dark, heavy, tranquillity.
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Location pertains to feelings - feelings are bound up in place.
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i m tune with WEST but everything Also Found In EAST
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England that little gray island in the clouds where governments don't fall overnight and children don't sell themselves in the street and my money is safe.
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It is a region of high plains and of mountains, having limited fertility but esteemed for natural beauty. Its
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Land of Heart's Desire Where beauty has no ebb, decay no flood, But joy is wisdom, time an endless song.
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We join the call from other States from our region
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"Abroad," that large home of ruined reputations.
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The country is an archipelago of lakes,
the lake-country of New England.
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You know when you play Pictionary and someone draws a state? My biggest fear is that I'm not gonna know what state it is. I'm so bad at geography.
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You want to make the photograph work in every way possible. Doesn't matter where it is in the world.
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I think we're always going to be based in New York. So I would say 50 percent New York and the other 50 percent around the world.
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Ubi amo, ibi patria. Where I love. there is my home.
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Where you live is important. It is where you dream. You lose or gain a tremendous amount of energy there.
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Shropshire, the fatlands of Gloucestershire,
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I am not born from a single place. My country is the whole world.
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The land of embarrassment and breakfast.
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Washington, or as I like to call it, 68 square miles surrounded by reality.
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The developing coherence of Asian regional thinking is reflected in a disposition to consider problems and loyalties in regional terms, and to evolve regional approaches to development needs and to the evolution of a New World Order.
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neighborhood, the place I left each
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the land of their birth; the Urban Areas Act of
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To redeem your territory for the kingdom is to identify your territory
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My work doesn't speak about individuals (it's not portraiture in the traditional sense), it tries to speak about life in general in cities of the West - which is where I live and what I understand.
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beautiful country with spectacular views. As
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Its a town eat town world
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I think regionalism was a little easier before mass communication was made possible. This is not to say that regionalism doesn't exist anymore. I think it does.
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on a map: There it
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Logic stays true, wherever you may go,
So logic never tells you where you live.
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California, the department store state.
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How can you live in the Northeast?
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Southern California, where the American Dream came too true.
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I think the place I identify most with is the border.
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England, where nobody ever says what they mean: and by denying feeling, kill it off stone-cold at the roots ...
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Europe is a state with several provinces
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A special issue of the Review of Radical Political Economics (vol. 10, no. 3, 1978) on uneven regional development
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I have had people come to the site from all over the world. The US and Canada predominantly, but also Brazil and South Africa and Greece and Indonesia and Hong Kong and Ireland and Argentina and Spain and Israel and Australia.
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Mark you for death, won't even talk that East or West crap.
From Watts to Lefrak, it ain't where ya from, it's where's your gat.
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Locate your own territory and help others achieve theirs
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New York is really the cheapest ad market. When I go on TV, I'm hitting a country. The market is as big as some countries, you know.
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Everything has to do with geography.
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The hinterlands. Where the criminals and the carnivals and the concatenating counterfeiters of no morals to speak of make a home.
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When I am in New York, I want to be in Europe, and when I am in Europe, I want to be in New York.
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Territory is but the body of a nation. The people who inhabit its hills and valleys are its soul, its spirit, its life.
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I tend to eat geographically. When I'm in L.A., I like to eat L.A. food.
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Levante have gone fourth in Serie A. If anyone can tell me what part of Italy Levante is in, please call. I've no idea
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Downtown New York, I'm within certain styles of music and I'm also within certain cultural, you know, and literary context.
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On the ground, our operations are in India. We believe we are in a country where the growth is still to be captured, so we will remain reasonably focused in this country.
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My Invented Country; it resembles a heart-shaped paradise.
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Goldsboro, North Carolina.
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Canada, or as i call them, America Light.
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outside the city. Fortunately for them,
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Where are you from?" I started with what I thought was an easy question.
"Everywhere," he grumbled.
"Everywhere?" I stared into the blackness of the espresso. "I don't think I've been there.
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I come from suburban America. It was a very safe environment and it was a good place to come from in that it was a good place to leave.
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If you're big in Montreal, you're big in Quebec. If you're big in Toronto, you're big in Canada. But if you're big in New York, you're big in the rest of the world.
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Over the years, I've lived in a variety of places, including America, but I was born and raised in the Lake District, in Cumbria. Growing up in that rural, sodden, mountainous county has shaped my brain, perhaps even my temperament.
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Lo! body and soul!
this land! Mighty Manhattan, with spires, and The sparkling and hurrying tides, and the ships; The varied and ample land,
the South And the North in the light
Ohio's shores, and flashing Missouri, And ever the far-spreading prairies, covered with grass and corn.
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I come from south Wales. A place called Aberbargoed.
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Where there is love, nothing is too much trouble and there is always time.
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Charleston, West "by gods" Virginia
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Ireland?" "Small wet place across the Irish Sea," Barry offered kindly. "Where they drink a lot?" Lisa said faintly. "And they never stop talking. That's the place.
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Would be to start local. Assuming
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Southern California, they have been amazing. They're totally with us.
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around the country, fill your belly well -
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I shall speak, not of self, but of geography.
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Peru, Peru. My heart's lighthouse.
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London darkens the map like England's bowel polyp. There is a whole country up here.
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We're from Rockford, Illinois, but we've always thought international.
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The country is the place for children, and if not the country, a city small enough so that one can get out into the country.
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A region where grey twilight ever descends, never falls on wide sagegreen pasturefields, shedding her dusk, scattering a perennial dew of stars.
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The growth of markets in the region also provides opportunities for home-grown entities - whether established brand names like DBS, Singtel and Keppel Corporation, or SMEs - to establish and grow their presence in the region.
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That country whose people are autumn people, thinking only autumn thoughts.
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No one lives in these regions
of rock and sun.
It is a lucky part of the world;
to grow old without buildings
and roadways,
to dissolve quietly
without feeling stunned.
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Massachusetts, which is hard to spell, it is hard not to
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What region of the earth is not full of our calamities?
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I'm in a place where I don't know where I am!
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Kashmir, the 86,000-square-mile region in India's north, both is and isn't the India of the popular imagination.
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South America hell! If you went there the way you feel now it would be exactly the same. This is a good town.
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Regional exchange can be a source of growth and development, and of enhancing good governance.