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Many a one has been comforted in their sorrow by seeing a good dish come upon the table. -- Elizabeth Gaskell
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The smell of food made him realize how ravenous he was. There was hot bread and honey, a bowl of pease porridge, a skewer of roast onions and well-charred meat. He sat by the tray, pulled apart the bread with his hands, and stuffed some into his mouth. -- George R R Martin
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The sweetest pleasures soonest cloy, And its best flavour temperance gives to joy. -- Juvenal
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Pleasures are enhanced by a moderate indulgence. -- Juvenal
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Sweetly and subtly perfumed ... so soft it is best eaten with a spoon, a tenderness more appealing to gourmets than to those who have to pick, ship, handle and store it in constant fear of ruinous spoilage. -- Waverley Root
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What neat repast shall feast us, light and choice, Of Attic taste? -- John Milton
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I have an enormous fondness for delicious food. It's very comforting. -- Teri Garr
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I love food, I love eating. -- Robin Gibb
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For knowledge to be digested, it must be absorbed with relish," wrote Anatole France. -- Anonymous
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There was a great satisfaction to be found in the food which we need and obtain by our own hand. -- Ayn Rand
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My soul tasted that heavenly food, which gives new appetite while it satiates. -- Dante Alighieri
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Smiles from reason flow, To brute deny'd, and are of love the food. -- John Milton
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Taste of forbidden fruit, made all the more exciting -- Andrzej Sapkowski
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A certain connoisseurship of taste, a mark of how you deal with the world, is the ability to relish the bitter, to crave it even, the way you do the sweet. -- Stephanie Danler
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It's been too long since I've savored you. You. Are. Intoxicating. -- K. Bromberg
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Food for her was as much about colour, smell and presentation as taste: the experience of eating should start in the eye and the nose and then erupt in the imagination. Chewing and tasting were the climax to a sensual experience. On -- Hannah Mary Rothschild
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If you don't love it, don't eat it, and if you love it, savor it. -- Evelyn Tribole
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I like French fries; I like mashed. I love potatoes. -- Mary J. Blige
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Who riseth from a feast With that keen appetite that he sits down? -- William Shakespeare
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Food is the supremest of pleasures. -- Fay Weldon
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I have salted my hatred and cured it, stored it in a dark cellar of my mind against the day when I could let it be my only nourishment. The day is finally come, and I will tear into this meat and savor its taste. -- Kevin Hearne
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Tis not the meat, but 'tis the appetite makes eating a delight. -- John Suckling
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Charred, blackened, and cooked, the morsel was brought to the mouth and chewed, contemplated, and swallowed with relish. There was no sauce or seasoning and no consideration for aesthetics or art. Yet the combination of meat and fire yielded something revolutionary. Cooked meat made man happy. -- Tony Federico
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He tastes like my deepest craving fulfilled. -- Stephanie Perkins
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It's like pain, this pleasure. -- Stephenie Meyer
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Every real thing is a joy, if only you have eyes and ears to relish it, a nose and tongue to taste it. -- Robert Farrar Capon
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The joy from eating does not come from the exclusivity of the food, but instead from the sensitivity that we eat it with. -- Nino Gruettke
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The present joys of life we doubly taste,
By looking back with pleasure to the past. -- Martial
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I ... Kisss the tender inward of thy hand. -- William Shakespeare
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Such grief might be to them quite delicious, a delicacy. -- Dean Koontz
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You don't spell it, son. You eat it. -- John Hughes
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As she starts crushing the nuts and cloves, the maid's whispering, her air of secrety and conviction tastes more delicious to Nella than the pasty on her plate. -- Jessie Burton
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A crude meal, no doubt, but the best of all sauces is hunger. -- Edward Abbey
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Give us this day our daily taste. Restore to us soups that spoons will not sink in and sauces which are never the same twice. Raise up among us stews with more gravy than we have bread to blot it with Give us pasta with a hundred fillings. -- Robert Farrar Capon
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his mind at rest, his flesh at ease, he went on, re-chewing his happiness, like those who after dinner taste again the truffles which they are digesting. -- Anonymous
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The pleasures of the palate deal with us like Egyptian thieves who strangle those whom they embrace. -- Seneca The Younger
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Relish the fresh landscape of my wound, break rushes and delicate rivulets, drink blood poured on honeyed thigh. -- Federico Garcia Lorca
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I don't eat a single bite of food that I don't absolutely love. -- Mark Sisson
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Your greatest pleasure is that which rebounds from hearts that you have made glad. -- Henry Ward Beecher
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The nourishment from barbecue is palatable. -- Millard Fillmore
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The myriad of flavors explode on my tongue, shimmy through my mouth, slap my taste buds and call them filthy bastards, and I love it. -- Stacey Jay
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I like a cheese and pickle. Nice cheese and pickle on a real old-fashioned bread. Ploughman's lunch. -- Gary Oldman
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There is a certain pleasure in weeping -- Ovid
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What relish is in this? How runs the stream?
Or I am mad, or else this is a dream.
Let fancy still my sense in Lethe steep.
If it be thus to dream, still let me sleep! -- William Shakespeare
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gastronomic flavours and traditions on display to tease and seduce the senses. -- Atsons
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Joys season'd high, and tasting strong of guilt. -- Edward Young
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Indulgence is lovely in the sinless; toleration, adorable in the pious and believing heart. -- Sophie Swetchine
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Taste is nothing but an enlarged capacity for receiving pleasure from works of imagination. -- William Hazlitt
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I'm a hedonist when it comes to culinary delights. -- Robin Wright
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Clouds of flavors and savors float around the thing-in-itself. -- Mason Cooley
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Raw. Dirty. Scandalous and oh so delicious. -- V. Theia
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Beauty loses its relish; the graces never. -- Henry Home, Lord Kames
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I value this delicious home-feeling as one of the choicest gifts a parent can bestow. -- Washington Irving
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I know few greater pleasures than holding a lacquer soup bowl in my hands, feeling upon my palms the weight of the liquid and its mild warmth. The sensation is something like that of holding a plump newborn baby. -- Jun'ichiro Tanizaki
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The sweetness of this content overflowing runs down the walls of my mind, and liberates understanding. -- Virginia Woolf
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I know pleasure. When given, it clears the air. -- C.c. Wyatt
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We are suggesting a new kind of opulence, of intelligent indulgence over blind gluttony. -- Naeem Khan
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She savors each bite: the meringue is perfect crispy brown on top, melts in the mouth; the lemon tart, custardy; the crust breaks away. -- A.m. Homes
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You take what God gives you and relish it. -- Frank Vincent
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I flush with heaving passion's strange delight, Yet find contentment lost in appetite. -- Brian Swimme
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Food delights us, food unites us, food embodies the soil, the sea and the weather, the farmer's sweat and the fisherman's toil. -- Don George
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I'm into grilled cheese. Grilled cheese makes me feel beautiful! -- Emma Stone
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Sorrows is more plentiful than dinners just now; I -- Elizabeth Gaskell
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The comfort of browning butter and the excitement of lemon zest. -- Sarah Addison Allen
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... novels contained something inexpressibly delicious. -- Marcel Proust
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Of all the things I love to taste, sweetest is the kiss of love. -- William, Saroyan
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...One lives and survives only if one has the ability to swallow and digest bitter and unpalatable things. We, you and I, and our people shall live because there are only a few among us who do not love raw onions. -- Jamil Ahmad
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Chewing the food of sweet and bitter fancy. -- William Shakespeare
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Jesu, the very thought of Thee With sweetness fills the breast. -- Edward Caswall
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Decadence is wonderful. -- Jack L. Chalker
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Unlawful pleasure, trenching on another's rights, is delusive and envenomed pleasure-its hollowness disappoints at the time, its poison cruelly tortures afterwards, its effects deprave forever. -- Charlotte Bronte
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Taste the joy
That springs from labor. -- Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
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I sing the sweets I know, the charms I feel, my morning incense, and my evening meal, the sweets of hasty pudding. -- Joel Barlow
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Something of vengeance I had tasted for the first time; as aromatic wine it seemed, on swallowing, warm and racy: its after-flavour, metallic and corroding, gave me a sensation as if I had been poisoned. -- Charlotte Bronte
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Only your hearts be frolic, for the time Craves that we taste of naught but jouissance. -- Robert Greene
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When I eat with my friends, it is a moment of real pleasure, when I really enjoy my life. -- Monica Bellucci
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The most miserable mortals are they that deliver themselves up to their palates, or to their lusts; the pleasure is short, and turns presently nauseous, and the end of it is either shame or repentance. -- Seneca The Younger
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I know the ways of Pleasure, the sweet strains, The lullings and the relishes of it. -- George Herbert
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Whatever are the benefits of fortune, they yet require a palate fit to relish and taste them. -- Michel De Montaigne
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Sweets with sweets war not, joy delights in joy. -- William Shakespeare
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I look at [books] as a child looks at cakes - with glittering eyes and a watering mouth, imagining the pleasure that awaits him. -- Elizabeth Gaskell
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The satisfaction of a special Pninian craving. -- Vladimir Nabokov
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A lonely impulse of delight -- W.b.yeats
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I feast on wine and bread, and feasts they are. -- Michelangelo
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Tis not the food, but the content, That makes the table's merriment. -- Robert Herrick
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Kill my envy, command my tongue, trample down self. Give -- Anonymous
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The gruel that children's little hands have stirredIs sweeter than nectar. -- Thiruvalluvar
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taste it! it's to die for! -- Vee Jocson
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Men loves pleasure -- Lailah Gifty Akita
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What is sweeter than lettered ease? -- Marcus Tullius Cicero
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How delicious is pleasure after torment! -- Pierre Corneille
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Whatever pains disease may bring Are but the tangy seasoning To Loves delicious fare. -- Richard Wilbur
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Delicious foods are drugs that will inflame the gut and rot the bones, but there is no harm if one eats moderately. Delightful things are all purveyors of destruction and decadence, but there is no regret if one enjoys them moderately. -- Zicheng Hong
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Martin Silenus sniffed a jar, found a knife on the sandwich plate, and added great dollops of horseradish to his sandwich. His eyes sparkled with tears as he ate. -- Dan Simmons
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One of my favourite activities is eating. -- Waris Ahluwalia
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Delight is incomplete until it is expressed. -- C.s. Lewis
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He had forgotten that anything could be so tender. He breaks the bun open, revealing glossy bits of pork and glaze, a secret red heart.

When he puts it to his mouth, it is like a kiss: sweet and salty and warm. -- Celeste Ng
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I'm a simple cook, and there's a lot I don't eat. But food is important. It translates so easily into pleasure. -- Mona Simpson
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I cook this food with love and affection, for those I serve, I ask protection. -- Deborah Blake