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I'm completely uninhabited.
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The Old Ones were, the Old Ones are, and the Old Ones shall be. Not in the spaces we know, but between them. They walk serene and primal, undimensioned and to us unseen.
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The climate of our culture is changing. Under these new rains, new suns, small things grow great, and what was great grows small; whole species disappear and are replaced.
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In a continent but recently settled, many parts of which have as yet little historical or cultural background, the material for this volume has been gathered from a section that was one of the first to be colonized.
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Build houses and settle down; plant gardens and eat what they produce.
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Who is the public now that it has changed color?
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They are gone now. Fled, banished in death or exile, lost, undone. Over the land sun and wind still move to burn and sway the trees, the grasses. No avatar, no scion, no vestige of that people remains. On the lips of the strange race that now dwells there their names are myth, legend, dust.
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Nobody knows quite how destructive human beings are, but it is a fact that over the last fifty thousand years or so, wherever we have gone animals have tended to vanish, often in astonishingly large numbers. In
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When one historical period is replaced by another, there is
always a group of people left over from the old society
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Who belongs to the community of the commonly protected?
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Modern people are just like ancient ones, only more numerous.
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Somewhere in the dead space between house and shelter civilians became soldiers.
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Volunteers are the backbone, heart, and soul of the restoration movement. And whatever the eventual results of their labors may be, working to revive damaged ecosystems is transforming and strengthening their relationship with the rest of nature.
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Women are a colonized people.
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The people became no less than what they were to begin with - in some cases they became horrifyingly more. They were never destroyed. They were ground into the dirt and up they popped.
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There's so much focus and interest about what happens during war, but very little about what happens when people return to homes and communities that have been destroyed. There's a renewal that happens, but it's a very difficult one.
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All families had started off in some mysterious waay: to repopulate the earth, or by accident, or by force, or out of boredom; and it's all a mystery what each will become.
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Ye say they all have passed away, That noble race and brave; That their light canoes have vanished From off the crested wave; That mid the forests where they roamed There rings no hunter's shout; But their name is on your waters; Ye may not wash it out.
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That's crazy-rare."

"And now it's extinct.
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This was like being in one of those National Geographic magazines. We were among the natives now.
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A collection of huts surrounded by a barbed wire fence, and in the huts lived 500 of the original inhabitants of our area. And so it went with many country towns around Australia.
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Crows are the world's great survivors. They are capable of living at any height and in any climate; as much at home in the back streets of Delhi as on the heights of Tungnath. Another
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I reside in a new colony for the Chinese-singing banjo player, with a population of one. At least I have something I have to do with my life.
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Over-population is a phenomenon connected with the survival of the unfit, and it is a mechanism which has created conditions favourable to the survival of the unfit and the elimination of the fit.
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In 1976, when eight million Indians were sterilised, Robert McNamara visited the country and congratulated it: 'At long last India is moving effectively to address its population problem.
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The wretched of the earth do not decide to become extinct, they resolve, on the contrary, to multiply: life is their weapon against life, life is all that they have.
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Lives gone, traces left.
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In a land of immigrants, one was not an alien but simply the latest arrival.
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Go through the towns and ask yourselves whether these people should reproduce! Let them go to their whores!
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Its evolutionary adaptability is largely gone. Ecologically, it has become moribund. Sheer chance, among other factors, is working against it. The toilet of its destiny has been flushed.
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What was once dormant is now a Creeping Thing
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Idealistic and self-sufficient and rugged people they had once been, and
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And there are new kinds of nomads, not people who are at home everywhere, but who are at home nowhere. I was one of them
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The new Kenyans. There are always new Kenyans.
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The Earth's population will be culled from today's 6.6 billion to as few as 500 million, with most of the survivors living in the far latitudes - Canada, Iceland, Scandinavia, the Arctic Basin.
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Increasing food production to feed an increased population results in yet another increase in population.
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Sometimes, when one person is missing, the whole world seems depopulated
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The house was left; the house was deserted. It was left like a shell on a sandhill to fill with dry salt grains now that life had left it. The long life seemed to have set in; the trifling airs, nibbling, the clammy breaths, fumbling, seemed to have triumphed.
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The population question is the real riddle of the sphinx, to which no political Oedipus has as yet found the answer. In view of the ravages of the terrible monster over-multiplication, all other riddle sink into insignificance.
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Today three-quarters of the Palestinian people are displaced: there are 5 million Palestinian refugees throughout the world.
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That have never known inhabitants, or homes that have known owners and seen them ejected, the house standing triumphantly voided, humanless.
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Bats and birds taken from those mountains
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We're not nomads, we're not gypsies! We have a home!
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A hundred years ago, in Africa, the population of black rhinos approached a million;
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So, my tactic with conservation of apex predators is to get people excited and take them to where they live.
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Overpopulation in the United States will become THE single greatest issue facing Americans in the 21st century. We either solve it proactively or nature will solve it brutally for us via water shortages, energy crisis, air pollution, gridlock, species extinction and worse.
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You and I are forever at the mercy of the census-taker and the census-maker. That impertinent fellow who goes from house to house is one of the real masters of the statistical situation. The other is the man who organizes the results.
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The slogan used to be 'Populate or perish'. We can now see that it is more like 'Populate and perish'. A sustainable future has to be based on stabilisation of both population and consumption.
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Every Concatenate world faced biological problems as the habitat aged.
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Common man has at long last got himself so far out of gear with nature and his environment that he is beginning to see the shape of extinction, whether he recognizes it as such or not.
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Between 1800 and 1914 the proportion of the earth's surface occupied by Europeans, whether in colonies or in former colonies, rose from 35 to 84.4 per cent.14
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Like so many poor Ilokanos, my grandparents left their village, for it could no longer sustain them. The Ilocos is a narrow coastal plain where, so often, the mountain drops to the sea. Land hunger had always afflicted the Ilokanos and made them migratory.
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We have awakened. We will not sleep anymore. Today, from now on, there is a new African in the world!
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A typical battlefield of this struggle is Hawaii, America's most deceptively beautiful state. For most residents and visitors, it seems an unspoiled island paradise. In actuality it is a killing field of biological diversity. When
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vaccinated every single condor - today there about four hundred
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Each colony became accustomed to planting new settlements and to claiming new boundaries.
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In the year 2007, seals, otters, lions, turtles, frogs, apes, snakes, butterflies, polar bears, cheetahs, whales are disappearing along with their variously furnished homes: cloud forests, rain forests, ice pack, boreal forests, coral reefs, forests of deciduous trees, conifer and palm.
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Since the end of the Second World War, our population has more than doubled to 27 million people.
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Immigrants are more fertile.
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This sweet virginal primitive land will metaphorically breathe a sigh of relief
like a whisper of wind
when we are all and finally gone and the place and its creations can return to their ancient procedures unobserved and undisturbed by the busy, anxious, brooding consciousness of man.
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the land of their birth; the Urban Areas Act of
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After being nearly eradicated from the lower 48 states by the 1960s, bald eagles were re-introduced to the Adirondacks in the 1980s, and I'm proud to report the view from my home indicates they are flourishing in upstate New York.
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Agriculture has become essential to life; the forest, the lake, and the ocean cannot sustain the increasing family of man; population declines with a declining cultivation, and nations have ceased to be with the extinction of their agriculture.
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Sociology has gone the way of poli-sci and econ, now firmly in the clutches of rabid number crunchers who have abandoned or forgotten the link between their abstruse theoretical musings and the presence of human beings on the planet's surface;
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We live in an era where masses of people come and go across a hostile planet, desolate and violent. Refugees, emigrants, exiles, deportees. We are a tragic contingent.
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Who are the rabble and who are the ruled?
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The vast country is still there, but it has somehow been altered by intrusions, "peopled" to death.
It is all gone, all changed, all tamed and pacified and cleaned and boiled and sanitized and made healthy and politically correct.
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Where have all the Fembots gone?
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People have been born in refugee camps and they are getting tired of that.
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These people came into the world and left it bound to their soil, proliferating on their own dung-hills with slow deliberation like the uncomplicated soul of trees which scatter their seed about their feet, with little conception of any larger world beyond the dun rocks among which they vegetated.
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Where did all these damn indians come from?
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Until we consider animal life to be worthy of the consideration and reverence we bestow upon old books and pictures and historic monuments, there will always be the animal refugee living a precarious life on the edge of extermination, dependent for existence on the charity of a few human beings.
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Animals that were fashioned for hunting and fighting in the wild were suddenly called upon to be citizens, and moreover citizens of a world-community.
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They live, we sleep, we starve, they eat. You must comply with their deceit, don't trust the wolves to guard the sheep. They'll colonize when you close your eyes into a superpower that will never die.
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How had so large a population of Americans disappeared into a largely unrecorded oblivion of poverty and obscurity?
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The masses of Negroes ... particularly in the South, still breed carelessly and disasterously, with the result that the increase among Negroes, even more than among whites, is from that portion of the population least intelligent and fit ...
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and all the people who were
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Often immitated, but never duplicated!
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We now know that climate change is a driver of migration, and is expected to increase the displacement of populations.
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The business of return migration is a phenomenon that historians have indeed begun to look at, but it is rather an ignored and underplayed story and one that we need to know more about.
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The most fertile districts of the habitable globe are now actually cultivated by men for animals, at a delay and waste of aliment absolutely incapable of calculation
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Twenty orphans, one of whom was vaccinated, were put on board a ship. On the eighth day, when a pustule had developed, a second orphan was vaccinated, and so on. When the ship reached its destination, the transfer of vaccinia was made to local residents and the vaccination chain continued.
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amaXhosa came to an end, and their numbers were made up from among
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Can you think of any problem, in any area of human endeavour, on any scale, from microscopic to global, whose long-term solution is in any demonstrable way aided, assisted, or advanced by further increases in population, locally, nationally, or globally?
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What is the city but the people?
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I am looking for the people who have always been there, and belong to the places they live. The others I do not wish to see.
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A new species is arising on the planet, it is arising now and you are it.
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Having viewed slum clearance projects in most major cities of the world may I state that you have conceived and created in the Johannesburg townships what is probably the most impressive and adequate resettlement activity in existence.
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Who will bear witness to these small islands and oases of wildness as land is divided and sold to become strip malls, housing developments,and parking lots? What happens to the natural history here? We must bear witness.
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Transient guests are we.
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Numerous, and every Starr perhaps a World Of destind habitation; but
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Our South Australian farmers left their holdings in the hands of their wives and children too young to take with them, but almost all of them returned to grow grain and produce to send to Victoria.
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Habitat has opened up unprecedented opportunities for me to cross the chasm that separates those of us who are free, safe, financially secure, well fed and housed, and influential enough to shape our own destiny from our neighbors who enjoy few, if any, of these advantages of life.
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Gone is what happens when people stop asking, when all research has ceased, when no one contributes to the archives of a life or its extinction.
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I felt as lonely and desolate as a man suddenly fallen from the clouds into an unknown town on the Antarctic Continent built of ice and inhabited by Penguins. Who are these people? I asked myself irritably.
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Not in innocence, and not in Asia, was mankind born. The home of our fathers was that African highland reaching north from the Cape to the Lakes of the Nile. Here we came about-slowly, ever so slowly-on a sky-swept savannah glowing with menace.
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How will humanity react when it realizes that it has survived an extinction event?
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Inhabited by those who died in wickness,
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Frequently the new ones were damaged. They hobbled on canes or were ill. Sometimes they were disfigured by wounds or simply because they had been born that way. Some were orphans. All of them were welcomed.
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Humans are the most successful invasives of all time.