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I'm from Dallas. My whole family is based in Texas and Mississippi and Arkansas, spread throughout most of the South.
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I live about six miles from where I was born and raised.
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I think it's so dope that I'm here in Chicago and contributing to the music scene that's thriving. People are so happy Chicago's shining that everyone is willing to say 'I represent Chicago.' That wasn't always the case.
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I'm blessed to represent Florida in the United States Senate.
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I'm proud to represent the average woman.
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I do fairly represent Middle Eastern women.
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I represent what is left of a vanishing race, and that is the pedestrian. That I am still able to be here, I owe to a keen eye and a nimble pair of legs. But I know they'll get me someday.
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Like my colleague, I represent a large Assyrian community in central California, one of the largest concentrations of Assyrian Americans anywhere in the United States.
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I claim to represent all the cultures, for my religion, whatever it may be called, demands the fulfillment of all the cultures.
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For 25 years, it has been my privilege to represent the city of San Francisco and the great state of California; to work to strengthen our vibrant middle class; to secure opportunity and equality.
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I'm from New York.
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I may not know who I am, but I know where I am from.
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I'm a small-town kid from Kerrville, Texas.
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I'm from Southampton.
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I belong to the tribe of Levi.
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I am local, rural, communal. And I find that the whole world is a community. We have made progress in asserting our local community rights globally. We shall continue to do so.
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Tell me with whom you associate, and I will tell you who you are.
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I want to thank the people of Texas for asking me to represent them in Washington.
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We're from Athens, Alabama. That's my town. People think it's Muscle Shoals, but they have no idea. It's a quiet, sleepy little town, about 45 minutes from Muscle Shoals. It's really hard to be a band in Athens; there are no venues.
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Everyone is from someplace. We all have stories, our lives unfolding along crooked lines, colliding in unexpected ways.
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We're experiencing the genesis of a community where it does not matter where your roots lie, but what you believe in. We will continue to create an inclusive and sustainable spirit, spreading the word from coast to mountaintop.
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hello my fellow americans
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Who knows anybody?
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I'm from Middlesboro, Ky., a little town on the Tennessee and Virginia border.
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district: small,
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Each of us, right here, right now - we are the resistance.
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I'm from Long Island. Strong Island.
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I'm from the gulf coast of Louisiana.
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In my years of public service at both the federal and state levels, I have had the privilege of representing most of the communities that make up Congressional District 21, including Hialeah, Westchester, Doral, Kendall, Miami Lakes, Hialeah Gardens, Medley and Palmetto Bay.
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Every day I am part of my local town community, part of Rio Mesa High School Alumni, part of the racing world, part of the diabetes community worldwide.
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I kinda live where I find myself.
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I'm a member of the American Indian Movement, and I'm from the indigenous nations of the Western Hemisphere.
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I'm just a hometown boy from Grand Rapids, Michigan - where I still live - who is trying do what he feels that he's been called to do.
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I'm world-famous in West Bromwich.
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Let us all be from somewhere.
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I'm representing women in a cool way
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I'm from Kingston, R.I., sort of on the University of Rhode Island campus - on the margins of that, actually.
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each human being, each one of you, if I may point out, represents the whole of mankind.
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There are so many women out there relying on me to represent them.
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I come from the very heart of America.
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I move in the university of the waves.
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I say that I represent this movement because my intellectual allegiances are clearly European, not African.
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As southeast Texas's only Member of the House Transportation Committee, I'm especially proud of being able to help bring hundreds of millions of dollars to the region to create jobs and improve the area infrastructure.
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I am part of all that I have met.
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I represent a district in Nevada, a state that is home to more wild horses than all other states combined.
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I feel like there is a part of me that represents a minority in the U.S., a minority around the world. People who struggle, people who want to succeed with drive and ambition.
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Where I'm from? A little town called none of yo god damn business.
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I'm from all over the Northeast.
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I love my country and I love my league.
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I live in Brooklyn, New York, and hail from the 'East Bay,' Oakland, CA.
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We are one in spirit.
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I'm from here, born and raised, and I'm a criminal justice major.
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I represent poor people, I represent working people. I represent senior citizens. I represent family businesses. I represent people who don't have the wherewithal to hire overpriced Washington lobbyists and lawyers. I want to send the powers back to the states and the people.
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I was born and raised in Honolulu, Hawaii.
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I stand for the Midwest. That's why the album's titled 'M.O.,' 'cause I'm still holding it down like that. My friends and family all call me Mo, so it's kind of like really representing where I'm from and me at the same time.
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Some people recognize me. I really like it.
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Home of lost causes, and forsaken beliefs, and unpopular names, and impossible loyalties!
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I represent a party which does not yet exist: the party Revolution-Civilization. This party will make the twentieth century. There will issue from it first the United States of Europe, then the United States of the World.
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I was born and raised in Denver, CO.
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I belong to the people I love, and they belong to me
they, and the love and loyaty I give them, form my identity far more than any word or group ever could.
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As the first Member of Congress from western Washington to serve on the House Agriculture Committee in over 50 years, I am proud to represent the needs of our agriculture community.
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To represent your country is an honor and a great experience.
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I and motherland are one. My name is Million, because for millions do I love and suffer agonies.
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I'm in Cleveland. I enjoy myself. I enjoy going out and competing at highest level for the Cleveland Cavaliers.
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I grew up in and identify with and that she works and exists in.
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Our community belongs to us and whether it is mean or majestic, whether arrayed in glory or covered in shame, we cannot but share its character and destiny.
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I'm from Port Arthur, Texas! Little guy! Little character guy from one of the saddest oil-refinery towns in America. And here I was driving over to Beverly Hills, to 20th Century Fox, to be on 'M*A*S*H!'
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I identify with the 99 per cent.
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I grew up in Shrewsbury, Massachusetts and went to college in Washington D.C.
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I was born and raised in southern Utah.
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HI. I'm from Arkansas, the cantaloupe state. And tonight, I hope you will hold my melons close to your heart and vote me your Miss Teen Dream.
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I'm from Wisconsin; well, that's where I went to school from, like, sixth grade till I graduated high school.
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I'm a reflection of the community.
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I come from Main Street, from a small town that's really depressed.
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Representing Australia has always been a honour and a privilege, and the older and more experienced I get, the more I enjoy it.
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Akron, Ohio, is my home. I will always be here. I'm still working out at my old high school.
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I represent a district covering Rockland, Westchester and Bronx counties, all of which are part of the 9 million people that this water is so important for.
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My native land, good night!
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I'm proud to represent those hands that labor in this country.
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Straight from the heart, I represent hip hop,
I be three albums deep, but I don't wanna go pop,
Too many candy rappers seem to be at the top,
Too much candy is no good, so now I'm closin the shop
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Started off local but thanks to all the haters, I know G4 pilots on a first name basis.
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I'm very proud I'm Chinese and represent the Chinese community.
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I'm from outside Philadelphia, a town called Wayne, which is, like, 25 minutes northwest.
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I live in Cullowhee, North Carolina. That's where I teach, at Western Carolina University. That region is where my family has lived for a long time and that region is my landscape.
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Denver is home to me, and to be recognized for my achievements in the sports community here is a great honor.
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rep" squad - the all-star
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I divide my time between Columbia, Maryland, and Lagos, Nigeria.
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I come home every weekend and I still can't believe I represent Las Vegas in Congress. It's such a kick.
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I've been very active in Missouri.
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My primary motivation for running for the 9th Congressional District is that I strongly believe that one of the hallmarks of the American democracy is a representative form of democracy.
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I don't represent anyone's opinion. Not even my own. I'm neutral.
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National Action Network, the group I founded, has affiliates or chapters in over 40 cities around the country.
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I am a Norfolk man and Glory in being so.
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I am from the poor people; I represent the poor people. I like workers. I like people that suffer because these people have a different approach to life from the people that have everything and don't know what suffering is.
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My country tears of thee.
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I'm an activist for gay marriage equality and children's rights. I'm the face of Share Our Strength.
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How is it that you live, and what is it you do?
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I come from the Lynchs of Sligo. You know, I went there, but I looked in the phone book and there are nine million Lynches in Sligo.
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I'm a girl from Jersey.
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I believe in - I am proud to belong to - the United States.