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I value my reputation. I work hard to avoid even the appearance of impropriety.
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The universal object and idol of men of letters is reputation.
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Reputation is but a synonym of popularity: dependent on suffrage, to be increased or diminished at the will of the voters.
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Your reputation is what you're perceived to be,
Your character is what you really are
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We make children and wealth and amass land and build halls and assemble armies and give great feasts, but only one thing survives us. Reputation.
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Build your reputation by helping other people build theirs.
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If you are worrying about reputation, you are taking time away from doing the things that really matter.
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Reputation Is Temporary..As Much as The Man Owning Your Reputation Is
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Reputations are built one successfully fulfilled promise at a time.
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You do anything in the world to gain a reputation. As soon as you have one, you seem to want to throw it away.
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Protect your reputation. Don't be afraid of making mistakes.
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Reputation is made in a moment; Character is built over a lifetime.
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There is a difference between image and reputation. Image is nice. Reputation is developed over an entire career. Reputation is what I'm searching for.
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The reputation is not essentially built by earning too much, learning too many things, achieving awards, bagging rewards or catapulting position to the hilt; but by unquestionably staying simple, humble , well grounded and doing nothing that makes own conscience to feel guilt.
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Be more interested in character than reputation
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Repetition makes reputation.
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A good reputation is measured by how much you can improve the lives of others.
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What's in a name? The accumulation of reputations from all who've owned it before you.
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If you pay too much attention to your reputation, you could lose your character.
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I'm really interested in the intersection between reputation, identity, and knowledge.
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Whatever the future of social reputation online, I'm excited to dig in and help forge the path forward. Not only will embracing and enabling the growth of these reputation elements benefit my business, the consumer in me can barely control her excitement.
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You earn your reputation by the things you do every day.
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I consider a good reputation is a great part of the human happiness. Some people, if they are very, very rich can permit themselves certain negligence to their reputations.
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A good reputation is better than fame.
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Faithfully guard your reputation.
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Character is made by what you stand for;reputation by what you fall for.
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Reputation is a reward, to be sure, but it is really the beginning, not the end of endeavor. It should not be the signal for a let-down, but rather, a reminder that the standards which won recognition can never again be lowered. From him who gives much - much is forever after expected.
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It's better to not have a reputation than a bad one.
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Either a good or a bad reputation outruns and gets before people wherever they go.
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You build a reputation by your action, not by your imagination.
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Your reputation is what people say about you. Your character is what God and your wife know about you.
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You can't buy a good reputation; you must earn it.
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Reputation should be neither sought nor avoided.
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One's reputation must not exceed one's capabilities;
by your works you shall be known.
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It is difficult to make a reputation, but is even more difficult seriously to mar a reputation once properly made
so faithful is the public.
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As a general rule, a reputation is built on manner as much as on achievement.
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Reputations rise and fall almost as regularly as the tides.
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To enjoy a good reputation, give publicly, and steal privately.
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Work is the price which is paid for reputation.
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Your reputation is like a shadow, following you wherever you go.
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Take care of your reputation. It's your most valuable asset.
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Tomorrow your reputation has to be made again.
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It takes many good deeds to build a good reputation, and only one bad one to lose it.
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Repetition makes reputation and reputation makes customers.
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Nothing so uncertain as general reputation. A man injures me from humor, passion, or interest; hates me because he has injured me; and speaks ill of me because he hates me.
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Privacy is dead. Reputations are dying.
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There are few persons of greater worth than their reputation; but how many are there whose worth is far short of their reputation!
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Remember that reputation and integrity are your most valuable assets - and can be lost in a heartbeat.
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Reputations, like beavers and cloaks, shall last some people twice the time of others.
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It takes a lifetime to build a good reputation, but you can lose it in a minute.
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A guy's reputation is the first thing you hear about
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We all of us have a reputation, something we are known for, and sometimes it may be different from what we would like to be known for. At the core of this is the simple but fragile heart - our integrity - which is always under challenge, under tests both trivial and profound every day of our lives.
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What we do in public determines our reputation; what we do in private determines our character.
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Reputation is like fine china: Once broken it's very hard to repair.
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The thing that must be preserved in all situations whatever is the reputation of one's character.
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One of the biggest things you have is your reputation and your reputation with knowing what's good and what's not good.
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Reputation is fine but you have to keep justifying it. In a sense, it makes it harder because people's expectations of you are higher. So, you have to fulfill those expectations. Or, try to exceed those expectations. But, it becomes more difficult as time goes on.
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A ballplayer has two reputations, one with the other players and one with the fans. The first is based on ability. The second the newspapers give him.
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Develop your character; there is no need to be concerned about reputation.
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Let reputation be one of the green or red lights that leads you toward or away from a person you are considering dating.
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Achieving repute and notoriety is at first like the seemingly hopeless effort of pushing a large snowball up a hill, but eventually you will push it over the apex and watch it grow rapidly as it rolls effortlessly away.
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Since humans are social animals, you're basically only as good as your reputation.
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Be more concerned with your character than your reputation, because your character is what you really are, while your reputation is merely what others think you are.
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Reputation became the pirates' sharpest sword.
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My only excuse is that I have no reputation myself, and I am thereby well aware of its ephemeral value. Reputation is worthless.
Sebastian Bonnington's love letter to Esme Rawlings
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A good reputation is more valuable than money.
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And reputation bleeds in ev'ry word.
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Who gives a damn about their reputation? Oh, that would be me.
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In social networks, you gain and bestow status through those you associate with.
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Your mother told you all that I could give you was a reputation.
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Attain and maintain a reputation, for it is the usufruct of fame. A stiff climb, for it is the issue of excellence, as rare as mediocrity is common.
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Hard, withering toil only can achieve a name; and long days and months and years must be passed in the chase of that bubble, reputation, which, when once grasped, breaks in your eager clutch into a hundred lesser bubbles, that soar above you still.
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Virtue creates reputation, but action brings success.
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A man's reputation is the opinion people have of him; his character is what he really is.
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In all the affairs of this world, so much reputation is in reality so much power.
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There are two modes of establishing our reputation; to be praised by honest men, and to be abused by rogues.
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A great reputation is a great noise, the more there is of it, and the further does it swell. Land, monuments, Nations, all fall, but the noise remains, and will reach to other generations.
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Reputation shows who people think you are. Character shows who you really are.
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You only have one thing in business, and that is your reputation
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The way to gain a good reputation is to endeavor to be what you desire to appear.
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For individuals and organizations alike, a reputation is far easier to destroy than it is to build.
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I've never tried to enhance my reputation. Never moved upwards from one thing to another. That sort of thing is of no interest to me at all.
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The basis on which good repute in any highly organized industrial community ultimately rests is pecuniary strength; and the means of showing pecuniary strength, and so of gaining or retaining a good name, are leisure and a conspicuous consumption of goods.
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Don't entertain others at the expense of your reputation.
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Gain at the expense of reputation is manifest loss.
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Reputation is what people think we are; character is what God and the holy angels know we are.
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It is the duty of every one to strive to gain and deserve a good reputation.
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It takes a long time time to earn a reputation and hardly a sec to ruin it. That's the way life is all about.
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Nothing is more disreputable than wasting a reputation where it cannot be flaunted, for fame fades fast in fighting filthy foes.
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Reputation is more than symbolic in Afghanistan; it is a commodity that is hard to restore once it has been damaged.
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Reputation is what others think you are; character is what God knows you are.
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Once established, reputations do not easily change.
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loyalty and devotion.
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I am better than my reputation.
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The reputation of power IS power.
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Most reputations are not ruined but forgotten.
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Laugh at a bad reputation. Fear a good one that you could not sustain.
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more enemies, more honour.
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strength and honor
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Only Truth can give true reputation: only reality can be of real profit.