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Against the grape-flushed sky perfect amethyst night.
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SAINT, n. A dead sinner revised and edited.
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Jethro, you have been a most helpful captive."
"Are you ... are you going to let me live?"
Sanguine's grin grew wider. "Not even remotely.
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Sawbeaked epitome of bodiless Idea, tossed by gusts of ether, dive Through abstract mists and raid the sea of fact Eat rich strange fish, grow long bright feathers, press Form's flesh around thought's rib, and so derive From the act of beauty, beauty of the act.
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Her heart was made of liquid sunsets.
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My soul is wrapped in harsh repose, Midnight descends in raven-colored clothes, But soft ... behold! A sunlight beam Butting a swath of glimmering gleam. My heart expands, 'tis grown a bulge in it, Inspired by your beauty ... Effulgent.
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Optimist: day dreamer more elegantly spelled.
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I've become saucy.
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Sanguine chuckled. I like you, boy. You got optimism in these bones. I like you so much that I ain't gonna tell you what I did to poor old Jethro, the first Jethro, may he rest in peace, may they someday find his head.
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Speramus meliora; resurgret cineribus. We hope for better things; it will rise from the ashes,
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I that in heill wes and gladnes Am trublit now with gret seiknes And feblit with infermite: Timor Mortis conturbat me.* * Fear of Death troubles me.
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I typed in a single word: Vampre. Google asked, 'Did you mean vampire?' I said, 'Yes.
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yet chill and formal,
how I ache
to tempt a chisel
as a sculptor.
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Where shall I find a style to catch a stroll,
Chablis on ice, a crisply toasted roll,
The agate succulence of cherries ripe?
The sunset's far, the ocean's splashing cool
Can offer solace to a sunburned nape.
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Devilish in my innocence.
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She had on a spangled top that sparkled like fish scales. Her hair was very yellow. She looked like a mermaid in a bad mood.
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cream of banana soup
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nocturnal purple.
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Ragweed,wild oat,vetch,butcher grastrong>sstrong>strong>sstrong>,invaginate volunteer beanstrong>sstrong>,all headstrong>sstrong> gently nodding in a morning breeze like a mother'strong>sstrong> strong>sstrong>oft hand on your cheek ...
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A very patient voice. Concerned, somehow, but a hopeful voice; a cheerful, even loving voice. He tried to remember his mother. 'Cheradenine?' the voice said again. Trying to get him to wake up. But he was awake. He tried moving his lips.
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Our lover istrong>sstrong> the strong>sstrong>un, and we the strong>sstrong>tarstrong>sstrong> forever floating in their glow. We pustrong>sstrong>h and pustrong>sstrong>h, yearning for our strong>sstrong>un'strong>sstrong> raystrong>sstrong> to reach out and touch ustrong>sstrong> for justrong>sstrong>t a moment in time ... one strong>sstrong>econd-glance to warm our strong>sstrong>piritstrong>sstrong> and strong>sstrong>oothe our aching heartstrong>sstrong>.
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The griding sword with discontinuous wound Pass'd through him, but th' Ethereal substance clos'd Not long divisible, and from the gash A stream of Nectarous humor issuing flow'd Sanguin, such as Celestial Spirits may bleed, And all his Armour staind ere while so bright.
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Thankful. Blessed. Loved.
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Warm evenings, pale mornings, bottle of blues
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Staring down at his napkin, he resembled a scruffy heron. Tempest,
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Oh, this beast? It's ... perspicacious loris. 'Perspicacious' meaning 'wise or canny'."
"Get stuffed," Bovril said, then giggled.
"And it insults people," Telsa said. "How peculiar.
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Studious of ease, and fond of humble things.
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It was wild. Abandoned. Rough. Wet. Intense. Fiery. Thorough. Exquisite. Heart-pounding. Blood-singing. Soul-rocking. Life-altering.
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Silene, who declines The garish noontide's blazing light; But when the evening crescent shines, Gives all her sweetness to the night ...
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Hail, gentle Dawn! mild blushing goddess, hail!Rejoic'd I see thy purple mantle spreadO'er half the skies, gems pave thy radiant way,And orient pearls from ev'ry shrub depend.
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sangfroid. Brezan took notes, even though the meeting was being recorded, because otherwise he wouldn't have been able to concentrate on what Muris was
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Hopeful soul, indomitable spirit.
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glared an upset glare
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Frail but never weak.
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The hues of bliss more brightly glow,
Chastis'd by sabler tints of woe.
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A crier of green sauce.
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Salbitxada is a sharp and lightly sweet Catalan sauce that's traditionally served with calcots - spring or salad onions, grilled whole, make a good substitute.
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mushroom pie stuffed with spinach, thyme, and currants.
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Nora said, "I thought vampires drank virgin blood. They hypnotize ... they turn into bats ... " Setrakian said, "They are much romanticized. But the truth is more ... how should I say?" "Perverse," said Eph. "Disgusting," said Nora.
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The Nightingale has sung
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very acutely conscious
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In the immortal words of Mr. Burns ... eeeeexcellent.
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PIE, n. An advance agent of the reaper whose name is Indigestion.
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The sky
Scorched by the sun,
Fecund tears.
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His sanguine spirit turns every firefly into a star.
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Soft and sun-warm, see her glide
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Compassionate the mountains rise
Dim with the wistful dimness of old eyes
That, having looked on life time out of mind,
Know that the simple gift of being kind
Is greater than all the wisdom of the wise.
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cheery as a cherrio
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Placid, adj.
Sometimes I love it when we just lie on our backs, gaze off, stay still.
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SkyClan or cream,
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Let tenderness pour from your eyes, the way sun gazes warmly on earth.
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The Sky was red, but not warm red of a sunset. This was an angry, glowering red, the colour of an infected wound.
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returned to sow the valley. In the communal dining hall, they sing joyfully. They dance through the night, into the light of dawn.
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A healer of others, himself diseased.
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Sweetly and subtly perfumed ... so soft it is best eaten with a spoon, a tenderness more appealing to gourmets than to those who have to pick, ship, handle and store it in constant fear of ruinous spoilage.
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Confident and timid; angelic with the tongue of the devil; fierce and fragile - a woman who made him feel unworthy of her affection. She was his past and present - his heaven and hell.
Dark, Dannika (2014-07-27). Five Weeks (Seven Series #3) (p. 89). Kindle Edition.
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Sweet the young muse with love intense,
Which smiles o'er sleeping innocence.
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Caelum non animum mutant qui trans mare currunt.
(They change their sky, not their soul, who rush across the sea.)
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O radiant Dark! O darkly fostered ray!
Thou hast a joy too deep for shallow Day.
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In numbers warmly pure and sweetly strong.
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Nor dim nor red, like God's own head,
The glorious Sun uprist
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Audentes fortuna iuvat. Fortune favors the bold.
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HALE, with a tasty love of intellectual pursuit
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She might be a little introverted, livelier of movement than of conversation, neither bashful nor forward, with a soul that seemed submerged, but in a radiant moistness. Opalescent on the surface but translucent in her depths ...
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Had pale scanty hair and an earthy skin;
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I wish to stay drenched
in those rain-blue eyes
in those...soul-reaching crystals

not moving a muscle
nor breathing
this turquoise ache
against my heart.
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Vampire, come to me...
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She was by nature a sunny soul
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Seraphine, Seraphine, Seraphine. O most beloved of women, most fiery of saints, never leave me, please. I'll erect columns of white marble to you, build gardens of delights for you, cause ships to sail and warriors to rise for you, if you'll only remain by my side.
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Heavens, how charming it is! There is now in the sky only the soft vaporous color of pale citron - the last reflection of the sun which plunges into the dark blue of the night, going from green tones to a pale turquoise of an unheard-of fineness and a fluid delicacy quite indescribable ...
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Apparuit iam beatitudo vestra' That is, Now your blessedness appears.
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Methinks I am never quite committed, never wholly the creature of my moods, but always to some extent their critic. My only integral experience is in my vision. I see, perchance, with more integrity than I feel.
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like a poet hidden
In the light of thought
Singing hymns unbidden,
Till the world is wrought
To sympathy with hopes and fears it heeded not.
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A very scurvy fellow.
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Sassicaia from Tuscany,
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Life is squinchy.
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Throb thine with Nature's throbbing breast.
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Justrong>ststrong> before the top of the hill she strong>ststrong>opped, breathed deeply, and tried to mustrong>ststrong>er her scattered sense of calm, like a bride checking her veil in the lastrong>ststrong> mirror before the aisle.
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Serene last evening,
short as life,
end of all that was loved,
I want to be eternal!
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What is sublime? / the artist said. / I haven't time / to be well read. / To be sub lime / I'll place, instead, / green citrus fruit / upon my head.
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Soft and faire goes farre.
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exiled spirits, red
as the spotless toe of a seraph spread
with scarlet by the shame of rumpled dawns
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Eyes of gentianellas azure,
Staring, winking at the skies.
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Here, illuminated at last,
Nestles the ruddy glint of spiritual certainty;
Sweet moments of passion and healing,
Of sensual release.
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pressed. I felt very slobbish next
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He was unheeded, happy, and near to the wild heart of life. He was alone and young and wilful and wildhearted, alone amid a waste of wild air and brackish waters and the seaharvest of shells and tangle and veiled grey sunlight.
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His suave loins of darkness, dark-clad and suave
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I sang and sang, until I died. And Sarren gave me a new purpose, a new song. But the requiem isn't over yet.
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Hi, my name is Sunny and I'm a bloodoholic.
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That dandy, the sky, enters blue-suited
sun like a scotch in hand.
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Saturnine, with thin arched brows above large eyes as black and
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Pale northern complexion that turned to burn at the drop of a sunbeam.
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Fallaces sunt rerum speciaes. The appearances of things are deceptive.
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Lark of memory
it is your blood that is flowing
and not mine
Lark of memory
I have tightened my fist
Lark of memory
dead bird of mist
you should not have come
to eat from my hand
the grains of oblivion.
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Morituri Non Cognant (Those Who are About to Die, Just Don't know)
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Sanguine took a moment, finding it hard to process the information. He ... this guy uses a wand? For real? He actually uses a wand? Like a wizard? ... Don't the other Necromancers have any sense of pride? What's he gonna do next, fly around on a broomstick? This ain't Harry Potter.
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A bard's down-to-earth love: My mistress' eyes are nothing like the sun; Coral is far more red and when she walks, treads on the ground ...