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Renko has just about had it. Pretty soon somebody will come out of the dugout with a fork and get him. -- Jerry Coleman
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Being compared to him [Ron Francis] is pretty cool for me, but I know I am a long way away. I feel really comfortable at center, being able to roam the ice and do your thing. -- Eric Staal
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He has. A fucking. Rothko. Over the fireplace -- Jean Hanff Korelitz
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Emil Drukker, the Head-hunter of Cologne. -- Earl Peirce
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On his attempt at the Edmonton Oilers empty net: I guess they respect my shot because they were all ready at the blue line. -- Patrick Roy
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Orr is the greatest young hockey player that's come along since I've been here. -- Bobby Hull
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A defenseman passed the puck to the right forward, and he flipped, fell on his face, the defenseman took over the puck, dived and scored. -- J.m.k. Walkow
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Stoichkov's playing on the wing, in this situation he likes to come in and scalp the centre-half. -- Ron Atkinson
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Hockey,' mused Marcus. 'The sport of kings. -- Dan Wells
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I told him they built a statue of Schultz, and then he said that a monument is cold comfort to a dead man, and then I said that the statue was built not for Schultz, but for us
to remind us how to be human. -- John Green
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After you've had Alain Prost and Ayrton Senna as team-mates you don't give a **** who the next bloke is -- Damon Hill
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The great thing about hockey players is that they are able to separate the on-ice from the off-ice and not let the latter distract them. -- Stu Grimson
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Lewis Strauss is one of my best friends. -- Herbert Hoover
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Bruckner he is my man! -- Richard Wagner
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Someone who plays hard every shift, it's pretty admirable for a young guy. -- Marty Turco
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Sometimes you surprise the goalkeeper and sometimes the goalkeeper surprises you. In my career, I tried to do more of the first than the second. -- Eric Cantona
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Here Lies Julius Schwartz. He met his last deadline. -- Julius Schwartz
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Hayes. Peter Hayes. -- Veronica Roth
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I'm not a pretty goalie and I don't ever want to be called one, to tell you the truth. -- Ed Belfour
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You want to know what I want? I'll tell you what I want. I want back what Bobby Fischer took with him when he disappeared. -- Ben Kingsley
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There are only so many skaters like Brian Orser. Nobody is going to just step into his shoes. -- Kurt Browning
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Horton is not a "who!" - STOP! -- Peter Wilkes
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Stefan G. Bucher is a man possessed. -- Stefan G. Bucher
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I tell you one you straight off in Scotland - Nick de Luca. I don't see his name quoted, but I've played against Nick quite a lot and he is a good player - one of the trickiest centres I've played against. -- Brian O'driscoll
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Sure, Daniel wears number 22 and Henrik number 33. -- Marc Crawford
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Only a goalie can appreciate what a goalie goes through. -- Jacques Plante
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For tonight, maybe we can just be Laia and Elias. -- Sabaa Tahir
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If you call me Holt one more fucking time I'm bending you over my knees, yeah? I am not Holt to you, and you damn well fucking know it. -- Harper Sloan
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I've told you guys before, goalies don't think. -- Chris Osgood
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We goaltenders tend to be very proud bastards. -- Gerry Cheevers
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Wagner has lovely moments but awful quarters of an hour. -- Gioachino Rossini
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I go back to Francis Schmidt. Francis Schmidt was the Ohio State coach who hired me. -- Sid Gillman
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I don't think you ever stopped Bobby Orr. You contained Bobby Orr, but you never stopped him. When we played the Bruins and Bobby had to give up the puck, it was a good play. -- Larry Robinson
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Usually when you play a team, you want to focus on one line. Pittsburgh is the only team where you have to focus on one player [Mario Lemieux]. When he's coming toward you, all you see is him. -- Patrick Roy
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He's a gritty hockey player, he's got good vision, he's an intelligent player. -- John Muckler
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Fahlberg is a scoundrel. It nauseates me to hear my name mentioned in the same breath with him. -- Ira Remsen
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That leaves Decker and what's his name, Mr. I'm Too Sexy for My Shirt. -- Suzanne Brockmann
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Now i know what it feels like being Ryan Bingham -- Ariel Seraphino
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Seabeck is slow to change. -- Ashley Wagner
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Excuse my voice - I don't have the thundering voice I used to have to get players going on the ice anymore. -- Pat Burns
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Sassenach I might be to him, but not English. -- Diana Gabaldon
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Yeah I got a question: Any more excuses tonight, Roy? -- Antonio Tarver
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He's one of the best power forwards of all-time. I take my hands off to him. -- Scottie Pippen
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Who is Antonio Weiss? He's the head of global investment banking for the financial giant Lazard. -- Elizabeth Warren
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And he extends and grows even bigger than he is.
(on Peter Schmeichel) -- Ron Atkinson
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What a debut for the young goalkeeper, as a striker. -- Peter Drury
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Mario Lemieux is Mr. Pittsburgh. -- Andy Van Slyke
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An avowed homosexual, that would never be accepted in hockey - never! Because it's a milieu where everyone is often naked. -- Pat Burns
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The way to get a ball past (Honus) Wagner is to hit it eight feet over his head. -- John Mcgraw
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He's skating like he's 36 again. -- Mike Keane
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If Peter has learned one thing about human nature during all his years in hockey, it's that almost everyone regards themselves as a good team player, but that very few indeed understand what that really means. -- Fredrik Backman
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I'm not really anything like Puck - I'm worse! -- Mark Salling
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If I had to pick three players to start a franchise, I'd choose Hasek, Peter Forsberg and Eric Lindros. -- Wayne Gretzky
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The offensive presence of Greg Ostertag is quite overwhelming sometimes! -- Bill Walton
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Robert Fischer is a law unto himself -- Larry Evans
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Who cares who's captain after the wings have fallen off. -- Scott Mcnealy
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Gary Lineker has now scored 37 goals. That is precisely twice as many as last year. -- John Motson
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I still hope to kill Fischer -- Boris Spassky
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In Detroit, Ned [Harkness] kept talking about a new concept, and when I'd ask him what he meant he never gave me the right answer. Now, take Bobby Hull. Give him a puck, a stick and a pair of skates and put him on your team. Do you need a new concept? -- Frank Mahovlich
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You know what Gordie Howe got for a signing bonus? A team jacket! -- Ed Lauter
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Ben Morris is fucking Switzerland -- K.a. Tucker
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When Jason Koumas is on form, he's the type of player who calls all the strings -- Ian Rush
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What kind of a goalkeeper is the one who is not tormented by the goal he has allowed? He must be tormented! And if he is calm, that means the end. No matter what he had in the past, he has no future. -- Lev Yashin
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You score goals as a kid. Then you grow up stupid and become a goalkeeper. -- Gianluigi Buffon
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With him in defense, we could play Arthur Askey in goal.
(after signing Ron Yeats) -- Bill Shankly
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There is no position in sport as noble as goaltending. -- Vladislav Tretiak
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Johnny Winter is one of the best blues players in the world. He's very underrated. -- Ritchie Blackmore
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As a goalie, you must stay positive. And if you do make a mistake, well, those things happen when you play my position. -- Henrik Lundqvist
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I put in the work to hand Keith Thurman his first loss. -- Jan Zaveck
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It's hard not to root for Henrik Lundqvist, he's practically perfect. -- Mike Milbury
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All work and no play makes Matthias a dull mouse. -- Brian Jacques
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Fischer does not merely outplay opponents; he leaves them bodily and mentally glutted. Fisher himself speaks of the exultant instant in which he feels the 'ego of the other player crumbling.' -- George Steiner
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Oh this young man has had a very trying rookie season, with the litigation, the notoriety, his subsequent deportation to Canada and that country's refusal to accept him, well, I guess that's more than most 21-year-olds can handle... Ogie Ogilthorpe! -- Jim Carr
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Got any excuses tonight Roy? -- Antonio Tarver
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I am a huge hockey fan. -- Serinda Swan
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I say, 'I will not be your weakness, Sean Kendrick.'
Now he looks at me. He says, very softly, 'It's late for that, Puck. -- Maggie Stiefvater
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You know what? Don't even worry about it," I said. "Cory Wheeler already asked me. I can tell him I changed my mind."
"Who the hell is Corky Wheeler? -- Jenny Han
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Paul Konerko is one of the greatest players in White Sox history, not only for his strength and performance on the field, but also for his heart and leadership off the field. -- Jerry Reinsdorf
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He's a rather brilliant defensive tactician," Grimm said. "I agree," Bayard said. "The problem is that he's an inept defensive strategist. -- Jim Butcher
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That Reyes Farrow boy. -- Darynda Jones
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To win the Calder Trophy means a lot. It means a lot. I don't have words. I could tell you in Russian. -- Alexander Ovechkin
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Renfield, my ass. What I had on my hands was a Van Helsing. -- Jordan Castillo Price
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What's your name?" Scapegrace asked.
"Gerald," said the man.
Scapegrace pondered. Gerald the zombie just didn't have that fear-inducing ring to it. "I'm going to call you Thrasher," he said. -- Derek Landy
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I will not be your weakness, Sean Kendrick."
"It's late for that, Puck. -- Maggie Stiefvater
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All backups take their cue from Elrod Hendricks, the patron saint of erstwhile catchers. -- Stephen Rodrick
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Closers. So let's close this one out. Bosch and Rider stood -- Michael Connelly
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I wish more people knew Steve Howe the way I knew him. His struggles in life were well documented, but he always tried to fight through them and I will always respect that. My thoughts and prayers go out wife Cindy and his family. -- Brian Cashman
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Just because there's a goalie, doesn't mean you can't score. -- Jillian Dodd
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I hate you, Richard Wagner ... but I hate you on my knees. -- Leonard Bernstein
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I'll still run him on the ice tomorrow. -- Tie Domi
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Hockey is a tough game. -- Bobby Orr
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Cournoyer has it on that wing. Here's a shot - Henderson made a wild stab for it and fell. Here's another shot! Right in front - THEY SCORE!!! Henderson has scored for Canada! -- Foster Hewitt
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Schoenberg is too melodious for me, too sweet. -- Bertolt Brecht
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Because he stinks on the power play. He stinks. I don't know why. I wish I could put him on the power play, but every time I put him on, he stinks. -- John Tortorella
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between Scylla and Charybdis, -- Alison Weir
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He is the enigmatic, mysterious artist, who is undeniably attractive, and he is the man who every woman wants to pose for, but he wants none of that. He only wants her. It all begins and consequently ends with Chantel Rosenberg. -- Ella Frank
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Keep attacking. The whole key is look after the puck and keep attacking. I don't think you adjust your personnel. You adjust your mindset. -- Mike Babcock
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He's pushing me, so I push him back.
His cross is rattling in my tongue and jaw. His pulse is beating in my throat. And his mouth is killing everything I'm trying to think.
Simon Snow. -- Rainbow Rowell
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Victor Hernandez, like an orchestral conductor directing his troops ... -- Jon Champion
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Play out a boring game to the end and funny things can happen; Fischer knew it. -- Hans Ree