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School is a jail, people want there a lot of and when you are out of school what you know from school you remember few and it's useless. So far 12 years at school... (Take it 12 years at jail!) -- Deyth Banger
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There's no better school than real life. -- Lisa Genova
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The first few weeks of school were always surreal, like you landed on an alien planet with strange teachers and unfamiliar classrooms, even though the lockers and cafeteria seemed familiar. -- S.m. Stevens
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A school should not be a preparation for life. A school should be life. -- Elbert Hubbard
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Life is school.
Be a student for life. -- Lailah Gifty Akita
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Parents teach in the toughest school in the world - The School for Making People. You are the board of education, the principal, the classroom teacher, and the janitor ... -- Virginia Satir
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I prefer the school of life. -- Cassandra Clare
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School sucks. I'm dropping out and becoming a truck stop waitress. I think i'll change my name to Flo and get a really bad perm. Flo the truck stop waitress with a bad perm doesn't need high school. She lives off the knowledge of life. -- Tammy Blackwell
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If we are wise, we never leave school. -- Horace Fletcher
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School means work and work means death. Let's all go take a nap. -- Emma Shannon
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School used to be an escape. Now it's just another place with too much pressure, too much confrontation, & so not enough joy. -- Ellen Hopkins
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Going to school is an everyday process; it isn't something we accomplish and are all done with. -- Bruce Vento
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School is learning things you don't want to know, surrounded by people you wish you didn't know, while working toward a future you don't know will ever come. -- Dave Kellett
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What matters school? We can go to school to-morrow. Whether we have a lesson more or a lesson less, we shall always remain the same donkeys. -- Carlo Collodi
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School is one long illness with symptoms that switch every five minutes so you think it's getting better or worse. But really it's the same thing for years and years. -- Helen Oyeyemi
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School will always be there, Life won't -- Jasmine J. Anderson
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My happiest hours are spent in school, surrounded by those I hope to benefit. -- Dorothea Dix
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School is a hospital where men recover from ignorance. -- Matshona Dhliwayo
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School's okay. I mean, it's the usual oppressive regime of fascist dogma. But I'm surviving. -- Lili Wilkinson
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I just hated school. I don't like to learn. Don't teach me anything! -- Christopher Mintz-Plasse
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School. The Place everyone is sent to study but no body really does. Do you? -- Laksh Kishore
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School was a strange place where they tried to make you into something. -- Frederick Lenz
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The great purpose of school can be realized better in dark, airless, ugly places ... It is to master the physical self, to transcend the beauty of nature. School should develop the power to withdraw from the external world. -- William Torrey Harris
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[The public school system is] usually a twelve year sentence of mind control.
Crushing creativity, smashing individualism, encouraging collectivism and
compromise, destroying the exercise of intellectual inquiry, twisting it
instead into meek subservience to authority. -- Walter Karp
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Home was the place where I was forced to conform to someone else's image of who and what I should be. School was the place where I could forget that self and, through ideas, reinvent myself. School -- Bell Hooks
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School is the path, not the point. -- Will Richardson
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I always hated school. -- Paz De La Huerta
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I really hated school and so I just wanted to stay home and watch 'I Love Lucy' and watch the movies that inspired me to the point where we are sitting here. -- Justin Long
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Whose school-hours are all the days and nights of our existence. -- Thomas Carlyle
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School doesn't teach you much. School teaches you how to follow directions, that's what school is for. -- Vince Staples
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I don't think anyone at school gets on this site much. -- Casey Phillips
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A school is a place through which you have to pass before entering life, but where the teaching proper does not prepare you for life. -- Ernest Dimnet
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School is one thing. Education is another. The two don't always overlap. Whether you're in school or not, it's always your job to get yourself an education. -- Austin Kleon
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I hated school, but I love work. -- Simon Cowell
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our daily associations cannot be trusted to make clear to the young the part played in our activities by remote physical energies, and by invisible structures. Hence a special mode of social intercourse is instituted, the school, to care for such matters. -- John Dewey
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The best function of the school in my head, as it turns out, is to remind me where not to dwell. I did my time in and around school, and learned things painstakingly and grudgingly that my children later learned while laughing and playing and singing. -- Sandra Dodd
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School was my solace, and studying let me escape, allowing me to live a thousand vicarious lives. -- Sarah Dessen
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I hated school. After 15, you went off to college if you were good enough. It didn't appeal to me so I left school. I did what everybody did - get a job. -- Tony Iommi
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It's important for nerds to realize, too, that school is not life. School is a strange, artificial thing, half sterile and half feral. It's all-encompassing, like life, but it isn't the real thing. It's only temporary, and if you look, you can see beyond it even while you're still in it. -- Paul Graham
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I went to a regular school ... education kept me sane. -- Romeo Miller
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I just couldn't take school seriously: I had this guitar neck with four frets which I kept hidden under the desk. It had strings on it so I would practice my chord shapes under the desk and that's about all I did at school. -- Alvin Lee
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The business of schools is to design, create, and invent high-quality, intellectually demanding schoolwork that students find engaging. -- Phillip C. Schlechty
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Schools are not intended to moralize a wicked world, but to impart knowledge and develop intelligence, with only two social aims in mind: prepare to take on one's share in the world's work, and perhaps in addition, lend a hand in improving society, after schooling is done. -- Jacques Barzun
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You may leave school, but it never leaves you. -- Andy Partridge
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School overpopulates students' minds with too much of what happened yesterday; seldom with what the students can do today, or, tomorrow. -- Mokokoma Mokhonoana
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Schools are compulsory for about ten years of a person's life. They are, perhaps, the only compulsory institutions for all citizens, although those with full membership in schools are not yet treated as full citizens of our society ... -- Marie Brennan
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School is a joke. But go along with it, because you are very near to the punchline. -- Matt Haig
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I hated school ... One of the reasons was a learning disability, dyslexia, which no one understood at the time. I still can't spell ... -- Loretta Young
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The problem with education is school. -- Mark Twain
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I was never too much into school. I liked lunchtimes and breaks, but nah, I hated sitting at a desk. I was always looking out of the window, looking at my watch, thinking about when I could play football. -- Gareth Bale
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Education that stops with school stops where it is beginning. -- Stephen Leacock
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I loathed school. I don't have an academic mind, and besides I was so bored by my teachers! How teachers can take a child's inventiveness and say yes, yes, in that pontifical way of theirs, and smother everything! -- John Hurt
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Home is the first school for us all, a school with no fixed curriculum, no quality control, no examinations, no teacher training -- Charles Handy
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If you liked school, you're gonnnnna lovvvvve work! -- Jello Biafra
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I hated school, didn't like the discipline. -- Gary Gygax
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For me, I've always taken being on a set as my school, because I've been working since I was ten. -- Ethan Embry
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I used to love school until everybody got old enough to point and laugh. -- A.s. King
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showed up at the school library and huddled -- Aabra
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Drama school, you know, I own an acting school, Actor Prepares. -- Anupam Kher
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Before her parents were killed, Lena hadn't minded school. She had even liked some of her classes. Now school was just watching the clock tick. -- Aaron Michael Ritchey
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P24- the power of school loss to divide social reality has no boundaries education becomes unworldly and the world becomes noneducational -- Ivan Illich
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Schools teach the need to be taught. -- Ivan Illich
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For some students, school is the only place where they get a hot meal and a warm hug. Teachers are sometimes the only ones who tell our children they can go from an Indian reservation to the Ivy League, from the home of a struggling single mom to the White House. -- Denise Juneau
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When you're a child, it's easy to see school as the worst thing in the world. It's only later in life you realise what a wonderful time it was. Looking back, I can't believe I even wanted to leave. -- Ian Beattie
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In school one learns to ask stupid questions of life. -- Marty Rubin
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I found school pretty tough. I got the mickey taken out of me at school. -- Mika.
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I loved school. I studied like crazy. I was a Class A nerd. -- Maya Lin
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We learn not in the school, but in life. -- Seneca.
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Whoever had decided that school should start so early in the morning and last all day long needed to be hunted down and forced to watch hours of educational televison without the aid of caffine. -- Heather Brewer
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We class schools into four grades: leading school, first-rate school, good school and school. -- Evelyn Waugh
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I hated school because I liked to daydream and the system tried to stop me from that. -- Nassim Nicholas Taleb
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English and Gym. That's it. Look, do you know how difficult it is to write about being at school convincingly? It's been years since Stephfordy graduated, so it'll save us all a lot of time and effort if we just stick to two real subjects... -- Stephfordy Mayo
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From that day on, the school was closed, and without school, life is like ashes. -- Fabio Geda
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Julia really likes school and she is one of the top students. Mikolay doesn't mind the weekend school because he is allowed
to do lots of magic, which he really likes and is very good at. -- Magda M. Olchawska
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My feeling about school was that it interfered with my reading. -- Linda Ronstadt
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If you think about it, the guy who brought out the concept of school, hadn't been to school himself! -- Shubham Choudhary
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Our lives are the best school in the universe because we all have to face happiness and madness -- Dalin Shu
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What happened at school, she said. -- Barbara Park
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One thing about school - I always had this attitude that I was in school to learn, and attempted to do whatever was involved in that process, while school had this attitude that I was there to earn grades, which I couldn't care less about. Unsurprisingly, my grades weren't very good. -- Bram Cohen
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I'm actually the last person to ask about school. I kinda ducked out at 12, before all that stuff might have happened. I left school after sixth grade and was basically home-schooled after that. -- Emma Stone
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You've never been to school, ever? If that's true and you're right, I don't think it is - what made you decide to come this year?"
"You. -- Becca Fitzpatrick
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Whenever I wasn't working, I had my butt back in normal school. -- Tahj Mowry
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Kids who are in school just visit life sometimes, and then they have to stop to do homework or go to sleep early or get to school on time. They're constantly reminded they are preparing 'for real life,' while being isolated from it. -- Sandra Dodd
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The school had a big problem with drugs ... especially Class A. -- Milton Jones
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I wasn't that bothered with school; I was too mad into horses. But I liked reading and was good enough at English and always liked music. -- Kate Thompson
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It's back to school time. or as home-schoolers call it, stay-where-you-are time. -- Stephen Colbert
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Thank goodness I was never sent to school; it would have rubbed off some of the originality. -- Beatrix Potter
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The Friday before winter break, my mom packed me an overnight bag and a few deadly weapons and took me to a new boarding school. -- Rick Riordan
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I loved school, maybe too much, really. I was summa cum laude in high school. I was driven that way. -- Robin Williams
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Behind the parents stands the school, and behind the teacher the home. -- A. P. J. Abdul Kalam
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One of the things that is very silly - and I hear from educators all the time - is that schools essentially teach kids to learn. They don't need school for that. Learning is what they do best. -- Ricardo Semler
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What about your school? It's defective, it's a pack of useless lies. -- Meat Loaf
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I hated school so bad. I only liked art class during high school. I was always smart. -- Iggy Azalea
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School prepares you for the real world ... which also bites. -- Jim Benton
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I did go to school - my kind of school. When I was a kid I went out ... and you meet people. You talk to them. Anybody says something that makes sense, it stays with you, rubs off on you. That kind of school. -- George Burns
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I wasn't good at school. -- Celine Dion
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High school is a haunted house in April, when seniors act up because the end is near. Even those who hate school sometimes cling to the devil they know. And for the kids who love it, the goodbyes are hard to think about. -- Nancy Gibbs
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The Professional Children's School, it's for professional kids, so if you wanted to ditch, you could just write, Audition on a note and leave. I didn't really like school all that much. -- Kieran Culkin
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Some people can't leave school because they're carrying it around like a snail and his shell. They live there, still. School became an ingrown, hard part of them. They still define themselves by their school failures and successes. -- Sandra Dodd
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I don't like that sort of school ... where the bright childish imagination is utterly discouraged ... where I have never seen among the pupils, whether boys or girls, anything but little parrots and small calculating machines. -- Charles Dickens