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go to schools with no -- Ben Carson
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Schools can do no good; what will do good is an economic organization in which the people will become richer, will have more leisure - and then there will be schools. -- Anton Chekhov
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Education that stops with school stops where it is beginning. -- Stephen Leacock
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Behind the parents stands the school, and behind the teacher the home. -- A. P. J. Abdul Kalam
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School has never really been about individualized learning, but about how to be socialized as a citizen and as a human being, so that we, we have important rules in school, always emphasizing the fact that one is part of a group. -- Neil Postman
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Schools should take an active part in directing social change, and share in the construction of a new social order -- John Dewey
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There is only one school: that of talent. -- Vladimir Nabokov
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When schools flourish, all flourishes. -- Martin Luther
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Schools are not equal. There are still the haves and the have-nots. -- Erin Gruwell
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School is a foretaste of life. -- Georg Brandes
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Anyone who fears, as I do, that today's public schools are dangerously close to being irrelevant must read this book. The authors provide a road map-and a lifeline-showing how schools can prosper under the most difficult conditions. It is a welcome departure from all the school bashing. -- John Merrow
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A good school teaches you resilience - that ability to bounce back. -- Kate Reardon
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P24- the power of school loss to divide social reality has no boundaries education becomes unworldly and the world becomes noneducational -- Ivan Illich
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Public school - where the human mind is drilled and manipulated into submission to various social and moral spooks, and thus fitted to continue our system of exploitation and oppression. -- Emma Goldman
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Schools should be the most beautiful place in every town and village-so beautiful that the punishment for undutiful children should be barred from going to school the following day. -- Oscar Wilde
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A school is a place through which you have to pass before entering life, but where the teaching proper does not prepare you for life. -- Ernest Dimnet
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Growing up, I was always in normal public school which is very important in my eyes. -- Tahj Mowry
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The business of schools is to design, create, and invent high-quality, intellectually demanding schoolwork that students find engaging. -- Phillip C. Schlechty
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I founded this school for the masses. -- Atiku Abubakar
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School is about learning to wait your turn, however long it takes to come, if ever. And how to submit with a show of enthusiasm to the judgment of strangers, even if they are wrong, even if your enthusiasm is phony. -- John Taylor Gatto
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We should see schools as safe arenas for experimenting with life, for discovering our talents ... for taking responsibity for tasks and others people, for learning how to learn ... and for exploring our beliefs about life and society. -- Charles Handy
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School is cool. Thats why it rhymes -- Terry Crews
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The trouble is not that schools don't work; they do. They're excellent machines for achieving historically accepted purposes. In suburban schools are children of the rich, who grow up to privilege and anesthetic oblivion to pain - and who then use the servants produced by ghetto schools. -- Jonathan Kozol
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We class schools, you see, into four grades: Leading School, First-rate School, Good School, and School. Frankly," said Mr Levy, "School is pretty bad ... -- Evelyn Waugh
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The schools begin with what they call the elements, and where do they end? -- Henry David Thoreau
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You go to school every morning and sit there for -- David Grossman
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Schools are made for the average. The holes are all round, and whatever shape the pegs are they must wedge in somehow. One hasn't time to bother about anything but the average. -- W. Somerset Maugham
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School is the first impression children get of organized society. Like most first impressions it is the lasting one. Life is dull and stupid, only Coke provides relief. And other products, too, of course. -- John Taylor Gatto
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Schooling is so important. -- Haile Gebrselassie
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School is a hospital where men recover from ignorance. -- Matshona Dhliwayo
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I prefer the school of life. -- Cassandra Clare
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It is time that we squarely face the fact that institutional schoolteaching is destructive to children. -- John Taylor Gatto
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Drama school, you know, I own an acting school, Actor Prepares. -- Anupam Kher
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Education rears disciples, imitators, and routinists, not pioneers of new ideas and creative geniuses. The schools are not nurseries of progress and improvement, but conservatories of tradition and unvarying modes of thought. -- Ludwig Von Mises
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It is time that we had uncommon schools, that we did not leave off our education when we begin to be men and women. -- Henry David Thoreau
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Education stems from the desire to learn. With that, you don't need schools. Without it, all the schools in the UNIVERSE are useless. -- Gene Brewer
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Schools work. The only problem with school, for the kids who aren't achieving, is that there isn't enough of it. -- Malcolm Gladwell
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School is no place of education for any children whatever till their minds are well put in action. This is the work which has to be done at home, and which may be done in all homes where the mother is a sensible woman. -- Harriet Martineau
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When you succeed at keeping almost everyone in school, you must figure out ways to educate everyone you keep in school. -- Diane Ravitch
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We need to create schools that are organized to meet the needs of the kids they serve instead of what we've been doing. We expect kids to adjust to the schools and if they can't, we say something is wrong with the child - instead of focusing on engagement and nurturing the love of learning in kids. -- Pedro Noguera
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For me, I've always taken being on a set as my school, because I've been working since I was ten. -- Ethan Embry
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I think schools, as they are now regulated, the hot-beds of vice and folly, and the knowledge of human nature supposedly attained there, merely cunning selfishness. -- Mary Wollstonecraft
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There is much more to schools than buildings. There are academic activities, how it reaches the community and its proximity to other programs. -- John Warner
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Having a school really is the fulfillment of a longtime dream of mine. -- Richard Rohr
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The best students come from homes where education is revered: where there are books, and children see their parents reading them. -- Leo Buscaglia
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School is a factory where the raw material called student is turned into a product called employee. -- Mokokoma Mokhonoana
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The school depends not on man, or any set of men. God planted it, and we are but gardeners to take care of it. -- George H. Brimhall
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Out of the public schools comes the greatness of the nation. -- Mark Twain
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The great purpose of school can be realized better in dark, airless, ugly places ... It is to master the physical self, to transcend the beauty of nature. School should develop the power to withdraw from the external world. -- William Torrey Harris
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The function of this school is custodial. It's here to keep these kids off the streets until the girls are big enough to get pregnant and the boys are old enough to go out and hold up a gas station. -- William Gaddis
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School sounds a bunch more two-fisted than I'd thought. -- Jonathan L. Howard
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School doesn't teach you the three most important things in the world: how to have relationships, how to raise children and, most importantly, why on earth you'd want to be in this world in the first place. -- Clive Stafford Smith
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Whose school-hours are all the days and nights of our existence. -- Thomas Carlyle
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Boston Latin School. -- David Mccullough
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The idea of education has been so tied to schools, universities, and professors that many assume there is no other way, but education is available to anyone within reach of a library, a post office, or even a newsstand. -- Louis L'amour
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School is a jail, people want there a lot of and when you are out of school what you know from school you remember few and it's useless. So far 12 years at school... (Take it 12 years at jail!) -- Deyth Banger
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School is pure psycology warfare. -- Benjamin Lebert
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The terror of the ordinary is what keeps many affluent, educated parents and their kids out of the merely 'decent' schools, the ones that are simply 'fine.' -- Sandra Tsing Loh
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The purpose of school should be to prepare kids for the rest of their lives, but too often what kids need to be prepared for is surviving the school day itself. -- Susan Cain
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Schooling is what happens inside the wall of the school, some of which is educational. Education happens everywhere, and it happens from the moment a child is born-some say before-until it dies. -- Sara Lawrence-Lightfoot
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All over the world, children facing the challenges of poverty attend schools that aren't designed to meet their extra needs; across country lines, the lives of marginalized kids look far more similar than they do different. -- Wendy Kopp
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All too often, schools resemble museums, reflecting the past rather than shaping the future -- Max Tegmark
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The best function of the school in my head, as it turns out, is to remind me where not to dwell. I did my time in and around school, and learned things painstakingly and grudgingly that my children later learned while laughing and playing and singing. -- Sandra Dodd
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A successful school has to engage all the people, all the powers, and all the capacities within it. -- Andy Hargreaves
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Even the Teachers Have Teachers -- Robin S. Sharma
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School's a weird thing. I'm not sure it works. -- Johnny Depp
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A community of people, that's the really what art school is. -- Ross Bleckner
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School teaches you what to do with the rest of your life. I already knew. -- Avril Lavigne
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Schools cannot shut their gates and leave the outside world on the doorstep. -- Andy Hargreaves
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Every home is a university and the parents are the teachers. -- Mahatma Gandhi
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To me the worst thing seems to be a school principally to work with methods of fear, force and artificial authority. Such treatment destroys the sound sentiments, the sincerity and the self-confidence of pupils and produces a subservient subject. -- Albert Einstein
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Our school not only makes you an actor, it makes you understand who you actually are as well ... it gives you discipline and punctuality. It also teaches you a way of life. -- Anupam Kher
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The schools must fashion the person, and fashion him in such a way that he simply cannot will otherwise than what you wish him to will. -- Johann Gottlieb Fichte
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There has been a growing consensus across the country - from statehouses to the White House and the halls of Congress - that we need to take dramatic steps to improve our secondary schools. -- Ruben Hinojosa
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Instead of revamping school policies to welcome every child, many school systems are bent on revamping the students to conform to their schools. -- Alexandra Robbins
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I did go to school - my kind of school. When I was a kid I went out ... and you meet people. You talk to them. Anybody says something that makes sense, it stays with you, rubs off on you. That kind of school. -- George Burns
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The first few weeks of school were always surreal, like you landed on an alien planet with strange teachers and unfamiliar classrooms, even though the lockers and cafeteria seemed familiar. -- S.m. Stevens
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When kids start school, families often have little choice over where they can go. Sometimes, children are forced into a failing school simply because their parents live in a certain district, and that school is the only option. -- Kevin Mccarthy
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The school should be an appendage of the family state, and modeled on its primary principle, which is, to train the ignorant and weak by self-sacrificing labor and love; and to bestow the most on the weakest, the most undeveloped, and the most sinful. -- Catharine Beecher
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School is not the end but only the beginning of an education. -- Calvin Coolidge
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The school is a political prize of the highest importance. It cannot be deprived of its political character as long as it remains a public and compulsory institution. -- Ludwig Von Mises
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We imagine a school in which students and teachers excitedly and joyfully stretch themselves to their limits in pursuit of projects built on their vision ... not one that succeeds in making apathetic students satisfying minimal standards. -- Seymour Papert
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If I had a child of school age, I would send him to one of the Waldorf Schools. -- Saul Bellow
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What matters school? We can go to school to-morrow. Whether we have a lesson more or a lesson less, we shall always remain the same donkeys. -- Carlo Collodi
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If we are wise, we never leave school. -- Horace Fletcher
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My happiest hours are spent in school, surrounded by those I hope to benefit. -- Dorothea Dix
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School is a drill for the battle of life. If you fail in the drill you will fail in the battle. -- Karl G. Maeser
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Schools [are] ... institutions monopolizing the daytimes of childhood. -- John Taylor Gatto
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The nation that has the schools has the future. -- Otto Von Bismarck
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The national school is not a lecture hall or a library. Its schooling consists chiefly in experimental collective action aimed at the realization of a collective purpose. -- Herbert Croly
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The human heart is my school. -- Anne Rice
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I went to public school but kept to myself. When you live in a brothel, you don't want anyone coming to your home. -- Eric Jerome Dickey
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I believe that school makes complete fools of our young men, because they see and hear nothing of ordinary life there. -- Petronius
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I was honestly never a huge school person. -- Anna Paquin
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I went to eight different schools my first nine years of school. -- Vanessa Minnillo
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our daily associations cannot be trusted to make clear to the young the part played in our activities by remote physical energies, and by invisible structures. Hence a special mode of social intercourse is instituted, the school, to care for such matters. -- John Dewey
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Far from creating independent thinkers, schools have always, throughout history, played an institutional role in a system of control and coercion. And once you are well educated you have already been socialized in ways that support the power structure, which, in turn, rewards you immensely. -- Noam Chomsky
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School is not meant for the poor, only for the rich. -- Olusegun Obasanjo
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More depended on the student than on the school. -- Robert A. Heinlein
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My school is the world, and my teacher is the people. It is very important not to stay cloistered in the office if you want to create. We have to go out in society to understand how people live and dress in their real lives. -- Alberta Ferretti