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the full fury of his storming countenance with its rugged overhang of gullied forehead and huge crag of a humpbacked nose that came charging out of his face wrathfully like a Big Ten fullback. -- Joseph Heller
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If you could kill a man by frowning at his back, the Breaker of Swords would have fallen bloody through the Last Door that day, but a frown is no blade, and Thorn's hatred cut no one but her. -- Joe Abercrombie
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Anger had arrived and it was riding a big furious don't-fuck-with-me horse. -- Lucy Robinson
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Okay, time in. I can yell at whoever I want!"
"You really can't," Gary said. "It's unattractive on you. Some people pull off the angry look. You're not one of them. -- T.j. Klune
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A dingily bilious sun was seeping through a tent of black clouds. Passersby, spitefully elbowing elbows, were rushing along the pavement. People thronging the doorways of shops tried to pummel their way through and stuck fast, their faces flushed with spite and fury, their teeth bared. -- Sigizmund Krzhizhanovsky
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Never let the sun go down upon your anger. -- Roger N. Walsh
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Stark raving mad. -- Stieg Larsson
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Hello, Harry" said George, beaming at him. "We thought we heard your dulcet tones."
"You don't want to bottle up your anger like that, Harry, let it all out," said Fred, also beaming. "There might be a couple of people fifty miles away who didn't hear you. -- J.k. Rowling
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He looks like a man who has spent most of his life frowning. -- Veronica Roth
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Bitterness is so ugly. -- Amy Heckerling
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A Smile is enough to cure your Anger... -- Jeswant Gembali
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Now she was angry. Some -- Jane Austen
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He doesn't scowl, but his mouth is so tense that I know he's angry with me. 'Don't be an idiot,' he says.
'An idiot?' Is he talking about the blanket?
'You were lying. -- Veronica Roth
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Just thought you should know," she said, winking. "Can I tell them to piss off?"
"Oh sure," Jeth said, not nearly as amused by the situation as she was. "Just be polite about it."
Lizzie grinned and said into the comm, "This is the Montrose. The captain says piss off. Politely. -- Mindee Arnett
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I went into the bathroom to brush my teeth. It is good to brush your teeth when you are angry, because you brush harder and do a better job. -- Lemony Snicket
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The hours and days you spend being annoyed or frustrated are times when you deny yourself access to life's best possibilities. When you live in anger and resentment, you cut yourself off from life's goodness. -- Ralph Marston
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Anger has become one of the trendiest emotions of all. In moderation it can be a righteous force for constructive change. But its hackneyed omnipresence means the vast majority of its outbreaks are trivial. The paucity of colorful obscenities is aggravated by an abundance of frivolous fury. -- Rob Brezsny
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Time spent looking back in anger is time wasted. -- Mary Stewart
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A complaining tongue reveals an ungrateful heart. -- William Arthur Ward
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He leaned his head in his hands, as if the burden he bore were too great for endurance. 'You are wise', he said, then raised his head and stared at her with unflinching hatred. 'I wish you were a foolish woman I could despise, damn you! -- Marion Zimmer Bradley
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Control your "anger" because it is just ONE Letter away from "d"anger. -- Auliq Ice
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A petty one, but most resentments are. And one that for its smallness I felt obliged to repress. For that matter, that is the nature of resentment, the objection we cannot express. It is silence more than the complaint itself that makes the emotion so toxic, like poisons the body won't pee away. -- Lionel Shriver
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Oh, do not scowl at me, reader, I do not intend to convey the impression that I did not manage to be happy. -- Vladimir Nabokov
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frustration. He stalked off -- Andy Mcdermott
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Brigan spun around to face the man, swearing with as much as exasperation and fury as Fire had ever heard anyone swear. The man scuttled away in alarm. -- Kristin Cashore
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Anger was better than weeping. -- Sophie Page
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I was shocked at the anger toward me. -- Bernadine Dohrn
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turned away. It looked as though I lived in a family of dimwits. I -- W. Bruce Cameron
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Do not plunge thyself too far in anger. -- William Shakespeare
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Sometimes I frown and I don't realise it. -- Mary J. Blige
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They could not every day sit so grim and taciturn; and it was impossible, however ill-tempered they might be, that the universal scowl they wore was their every-day countenance. -- Emily Bronte
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He glared at Lucian in the manner of birds, first peering through one eye and then turning his head to peer through the other, apparently finding both views equally loathsome. -- Rachel Swirsky
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Hate furroweth the brow; and a man may frown till he hateth. -- Martin Farquhar Tupper
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Hespe's mouth went firm. She didn't scowl exactly, but it looked like she was getting all the pieces of a scowl together in one place, just in case she needed them in a hurry. -- Patrick Rothfuss
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Hagrid looked down at his umbrella and scratched his beard. 'Shouldn'ta lost me temper,' he said ruefully, 'but it didn't work anyway. Meant ter turn him into a pig, but I suppose he was so much like a pig anyway there wasn't much left ter do. -- J.k. Rowling
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Anger was both a disfiguring and a revealing passion. -- Patricia Wentworth
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If a pretty woman only knew how anger improved her beauty! Her complexion needs no other paint than indignation. -- Pedro Calderon De La Barca
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I couldn't even find it in me to be annoyed -- Mariana Zapata
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Anger flared through him, but anger was unproductive so he twisted it into pragmatism while he searched for a flaw. -- Victoria Schwab
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As pissed as a fart in a vacuum cleaner. -- Britney Spears
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The angrier you were, the less likely you were to think clearly. -- Anne Holm
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Anger was a weapon to be honed and treasured and used only at the moment yielding most premium. -- Terry Pratchett
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I was once a fairly angry person. -- Scott Rudin
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Dowager grumbled a bit about that, using the same peevish -- Julia Quinn
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I can't hold my anger when you smile. -- M.f. Moonzajer
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about to turn to frustration, -- Scott Cawthon
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Temperate anger well becomes the wise. -- Philemon
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Eric the Evil scowled. Well, hell. He was jealous of himself. -- Nina Bangs
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The old bitterness came up in him and he did not have time to cogitate and push it down. -- Carson Mccullers
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I scowled. I could resist it all I wanted, but I did understand what he was trying to explain. How sometimes he pieces of who you thought you were didn't add up to who you really were, like with me not standing up for Patrick when he wore those pants. -- Lauren Myracle
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Life is short, so don't waste any of it carrying around a load of bitterness. It only sours your life, and the world won't pay any attention anyway. -- Pat Dye
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I'd strike the sun if it insulted me. -- Moby
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Don't get mad, get even, -- Robert F. Kennedy
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That was not a glare. That was a dignified look of measured contempt. -- Brandon Sanderson
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He was mad enough to chew nails and spit horseshoes! -- Waylon Jennings
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Peeta, you were supposed to wake me after a couple of hours," I say.
"For what? Nothing's going on here," he says. "Besides, I like watching you sleep. You don't scowl. Improves your looks a lot."
This, of course, brings on a scowl that makes him grin. -- Suzanne Collins
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In anger, you look ten years older. -- Hedda Hopper
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Gorgonised me from head to foot With a stony British stare. -- Alfred Lord Tennyson
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I felt this weird mix of disappointment and anger welling up inside of me. -- John Green
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Gabriel flashed him the one-fingered Mudra of Contempt. -- Walter Jon Williams
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Anger is the agro-chemical that makes the weeds of failure to germinate and compete with your crops of success. Don't apply it. -- Israelmore Ayivor
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I was so humiliated, hurt, spurned, offended, angry, sorry
I cannot hit upon the right name for the smart
God knows what its name was
that tears started to my eyes. -- Charles Dickens
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Yelled, and finally got me on my cheek with a loud slap that made -- Anita Diamant
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He was seething, drunk on his own magnificence -- Lara Adrian
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I wasn't pissed off; I was just robbed of most of the cocky confidence my cunningness had created. -- S.a. Tawks
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Captain Jibby looked at the door, clenched his teeth, and worked his face into a scowl so fierce you would think the door had insulted his mother - which, for the record, it had not. -- Cuthbert Soup
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grudge who grudge -- Anne Boleyn
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I took a rant-sized breath. -- Scott Westerfeld
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Stared fixedly into the sky like a rabbit trying to get run over by a car. -- Douglas Adams
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I'm a little angry in life. -- Vincent Cassel
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Contempt and anger of his lip! A murderous guilt -- William Shakespeare
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Anger has been ready to be angry. -- James Richardson
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Perhaps I have too much anger of my own to tell. If a
man is steeped in bitter anger every day of his life, how then
would he notice a small additional fi re? Particularly when the
fi re comes in the presence of . . . -- Tina Connolly
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Anger may glance into the breast of a wise man, but rests only in the bosom of fools. -- David C. Stark
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I was feeling the height of bitchiness. -- Jennifer L. Armentrout
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Close your lips in anger, open in admiration -- Ipsit Bibhudarshi
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Anger is a loaded weapon, be careful where you point it."~ -- Frank Sonnenberg
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contemptuous cough -- Anton Chekhov
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Toward me. I looked angry, and I knew it. Randy was -- Nicholas Sparks
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I made bitterness into a wad and swallowed it. I -- Maya Angelou
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Kissi frowned ar him, then looked at me for explanation. I widened my eyes, grimaced: the look women give each other when they're embarrassed of the men they're with. -- Gillian Flynn
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Anger dwells only in the bosom of fools. -- Albert Einstein
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I saw myself exactly as he saw me.
And that made me angry. -- Jennifer Echols
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And finally - he was neither able nor willing to prevent it - the self-loathing dammed up inside him spilled over and gushed out, gushed out of glaring eyes that grew ever grimmer, angrier, beneath the rim of his cap, flooding the outside world as perfect, vulgar hate. -- Patrick Suskind
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Question your answers, Truth has no anger -- Ed Roland
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he was left with the words going sour on his tongue. -- V.e Schwab
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What is more miserable than discontent? -- William Shakespeare
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A temperate anger has virtue in it. -- Thomas Chandler Haliburton
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Angry people may appear strong, willful, or certain, but be assured that beneath the veneer are fear and loneliness and insecurity and pain. Especially, there is pain. -- Les Carter
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I am often mad, but I would hate to be nothing but mad: and I think I would lose what little value I may have as a writer if I were to refuse, as a matter of principle, to accept the warming rays of the sun, and to report them, whenever, and if ever, they -- E.b. White
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Someone else's phone rang twice, and was answered by a scowl I could hear all the way over on my end of the line. -- Cherie Priest
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You should try smiling, yourself,' he had said with a sudden flash of spirit. 'Do you never tire of being displeased, Darcy? Upon my soul, I believe you take pleasure in finding fault and looking at the world with disdain. -- Mary Street
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I went on and on, and as I continued, I became more righteous in my indignation. It was the sort of anger one gets high on, the kind one takes home to show off to family and friends. -- Azar Nafisi
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It was like smiling at a gargoyle. -- Rhys Bowen
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Cast from your heart the bitterness ... -- Vincent De Paul
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Kieran grinned. You look good when you're angry. Now say the pitchfork line again with more oomph. -- Jayde Scott
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Indignation at literary wrongs I leave to men born under happier stars. I cannot afford it. -- Samuel Taylor Coleridge
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There was a dumb misery about him that irritated her; there was a manly staying of his hand that made her heart beat faster. She felt her agitation rising, and she said to herself that she was angry in the way a woman is angry when she has been in the wrong. -- Henry James
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Levi celebrates the Pharisees scowl. -- Jonah Books
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Rage welled up within me. The I-need-to-punch-something-before-I'll-feel-better kind. -- Jamie Mcguire