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... and who are you, anyway?"
"I'm Tina."
"Thank goodness!" I said so loudly she stepped back. "No silly-ass overdone names for you, m'girl."
"It's short for Christina Caresse Chavelle."
"Well, you did the best you could. -- Maryjanice Davidson
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When I was doing preliminary research on this case, I remembered the story about Tlazolteotl.' [Mulder] glanced at the old archaeologist. 'Am I pronouncing it correctly? It sounds like I'm swallowing a turtle. -- Kevin J. Anderson
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A Schwalling is when he does something unintentionally idiotic that makes him look stupid, -- Michael Lewis
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So the question is ... You wanna be a Scruffian or not? -- Hal Duncan
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What would Scobby-Doo? -- Annabel Monaghan
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When the game ended, Mike laid down his control paddle. "So you've met the Nordic goddess, right?"
Aria glanced up at him warily. "Excuse me?"
Mike rolled his eyes. "Duh. Klaudia, which I'm pretty sure is Scandinavian for sex vixen. -- Sara Shepard
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Well, schmear my bagel, if it isn't Mara Dyer. -- Michelle Hodkin
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The last name is pronounced Jill-en-hall. It's spelled with two l's, two a's. We have a song in my family; G-Y-Double L - EN - HAAL spells Gyllenhaal. It's a Swedish name. It's a family heirloom set to music. -- Jake Gyllenhaal
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Father, it's Wistala. Wistala."
Father grimaced. "You're a star, Wistala - I saw you twinkling beneath dear Irelia last night. You, Auron, and Jizara all in a row. I'll be up there soon. Wait. -- E.e. Knight
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If I dress like a schlump, I think like a schlump and I work like a schlump. -- Nina Totenberg
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Roberta Marieschi -- Donna Leon
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STRYMAKTFJERDAN. Fjerdan might. -- Leigh Bardugo
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Whoever gulps down wine as a horse gulps down water is called a Scythian. -- Athenaeus
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He looked as much like Karl as Cuddles Sakall resembled Argentina Rocca. -- William Goldman
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That's Lalasa, Kel's maid. She sews and knows all sorts of ways to hurt you. -- Tamora Pierce
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I tell you Schoonmaker she doesn't know what she has. That's the heart of it. She's like some wild creature who hasn't a clue the worth of its coat. -- Anna Godbersen
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You've got to be kid - Well, crud, what just happened there? I ran out of syl - -- Rick Riordan
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This is Klara. She's yours to do with as you will. Here.' He gave me a small, silver handled whip. 'You might need this to remind her of that, though -- K.a. Perkins
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Skulduggery? Where's Skulduggery?"
"I'm here," Skulduggery said. "I was beginning to think you were lost to us."
Finbar's mouth twitched into a brief smile. "Sorry. You're not going to get rid of me so easily. -- Derek Landy
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Besyn larveth'is! -- Patrick Weekes
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Lamia was not sure whether she liked Leyla. She was too quiet, too knowing, her eyes were always probing, she felt, and she was clearly a bad influence on Tala, enticing her to museums and libraries when she should be shopping. -- Shamim Sarif
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This cocktail may be virgin, but you won't be after drinking it. Schisandra is a superberry, an adaptogen and ... an aphrodisiac. -- Zoe Helene
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You're scum, Morelli! You're scum! -- Janet Evanovich
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Gervasio Lonquimay -- Isabel Allende
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A Sibyl is a door shaped like a girl. -- Catherynne M Valente
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Se scappi non capisci. -- Raffaella Fenoglio
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Hyacinth. Please forgive me. -- Vanessa Diffenbaugh
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CRATEL is a center with a two-fold mission - to explore technology as an expressive element and to use technology to bridge gaps between diverse groups of people. -- John Harrison
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ISL is a tough place to crack they're the rich and we are the poor you can guarantee that the city is padded with security-" before Kosse could finish Ingra cut in "Yes we are aware of that but the reason we want your help is- -- Charon Lloyd-Roberts
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Danzhol. The one with the marriage proposal and the objections to the town charter in central Monsea. "Bacon," Bitterblue muttered. "Bacon!" she repeated, then carefully made her way up the spiral stairs. -- Kristin Cashore
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You shall be known among us as Usul, the base of the pillar. This is your secret name, your troop name. We of Sietch -- Frank Herbert
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Palace of Crystal -- Fyodor Dostoyevsky
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Casildea de Vandalia, the rawest and best -- Miguel De Cervantes Saavedra
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We lost Klimmt, Schiele and Moll -- George Pratt
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Sir McCoolpants Von No Touchy -- Penny Reid
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Miguel: Merle? What kind of hick name is that? I wouldn't name my dog Merle. -- The Walking Dead
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Do not pursue with the terrible scourge him who deserves a slight whip.
[Lat., Ne scutica dignum horribili sectere flagello.] -- Horace
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Sorry, no. I'm Magog, and I'm a raven. Not a selkie. she said, in a singsong accent I recognized as Welsh from watching Torchwood. -- Nicole Peeler
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Sassenach I might be to him, but not English. -- Diana Gabaldon
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A plant similar to sorrel. The leaf can be chewed up and applied -- Erin Hunter
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You're that lady," Leo said. "The one who was named after Caribbean music."
Her eyes glinted murderously. "Caribbean music."
"Yeah. Reggae?" Leo shook his head. "Merengue? Hold on, I'll get it."
He snapped his fingers. "Calypso! -- Rick Riordan
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Gilly Gilleshpee -- Victoria Laurie
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Niki Behrikis Shanahan -- Niki Behrikis Shanahan
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The best thing about Ikea - I'm going to do a quiz here - the names. Do you know what a Floria Fin (ph) is? It's a candle. A Pogestra (ph) - table. A Bar Grick (ph) is a plate, an Eterleeg (ph) is a wine glass and a Scuggle (ph) is the name of my third nipple. -- Greg Gutfeld
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Yeah, I'm bringing back the word "slattern." Deal -- L. H. Cosway
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Call me Silidons, for such I am. -- Stephen R. Lawhead
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Let me tell you, that was a thrill. Now, even more, I knew I had to get Schmeling good. -- Joe Louis
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Chippy, pulling his hand from Rilla's. Rilla -- L.m. Montgomery
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scat to rock steady -- Robert A. Roskind
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So amaze! Such name!
Sssssarah with five s's is
Still two syllablessssss -- Rick Riordan
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Its not Wingardium Levio-sa its wingrardium levi-o-sa -- J.k. Rowling
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Lyra and Caelum: the two replicas with names plucked straight from the stars. -- Lauren Oliver
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Eid ma clack shaw
Zupoven del ba
Mertepy ven seinur
Cofally ragdah -- Bill Callahan
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Some lioness whelped you on a mountain rock
In Libya, or else you're Scylla's child
Whose womb's all barking dogs, for only a wild
Beast with the nature of a beast could mock
A desperate man making a last appeal
Down on his knees. Bitch heart too hard to feel! -- Catullus
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The name is Schitt," he replied. "Jack Schitt. -- Jasper Fforde
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I am a longtime, rabid fan of Jonathan Kozol. -- Sandra Tsing Loh
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I bet his mother was a wyvern.
-Scamp -- Tamora Pierce
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You can't spell squirrel without si, and that's me. -- Si Robertson
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Scapegrace swivelled his eyes to her and she yelped and dropped his head. He bounced, and landed on his ear.
"I'll get you," he wheezed. "All of you. You're dead!"
Valkyrie didn't know what to do. She glanced back. Even Melancholia's eyes widened in surprise. -- Derek Landy
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You may have caught my heart before but not my name. Lynch Katlan. -- Brit Malorie
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You don't have to yell at me Schiavone. I'm not blind! -- Bobby Heenan
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The -- Ogden Nash
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Cabal? His summoning name is Calab? Really?" Kody
"Don't, Nekoda. Just don't. I can wreck your day, too, you know?" Caleb
Yes, you can. Please don't. I've already forgotten I ever heard it." Kody
"Good woman." Caleb -- Sherrilyn Kenyon
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Jesper Llewellyn Fahey, that is enough!" Colm roared. (...)
Inej cocked her head to one side. "Jesper Llewellyn Fahey?"
"Shut up," said Jesper. "It's a family name."
Inej made a solemn bow. "Whatever you say, Llewellyn. -- Leigh Bardugo
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Isaac Rothe, Matthias -- J.r. Ward
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We're looking at eight straight months of chaqueta."
"Chaqueta? Jacket?" Reid translated with a frown.
"No, man." Garcia grinned, fisting his hand and mimicking jacking off. -- Victoria Vane
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Hey, Sunshine, your friend's awake. What's his name? (Starla) I don't know, Starla. I didn't ask. (Sunshine) You look like a Steve. Are you hungry, Steve? (Starla) -- Sherrilyn Kenyon
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In Nina Kimbereley's garden the scabiosa flowers were dark as garnet brooches; the nicotiana a veil of tossing crimson stars. Nothing was usual, or a dull color. All was exceptional, designed to be exceptional since it had been planned as the background for a beauty by the beauty. -- Elizabeth Enright
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What the fuck is a scone?
It's Irish, I think, for stale bread. -- J.r. Rain
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I heard you talking about the Night Angel," she said. "Kylar Stern."
"I want you to know something," she whispered into his ear, making him shiver. What the hell was she saying? "Kylar's my brother. He's coming for me,
you dirty fucker, and if I don't kill you, he will. -- Brent Weeks
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I love you, Leila, nothing else matters. -- Jeaniene Frost
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DEDICATION To Staci -- Patricia Cornwell
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Who the *&^$* is "Paolo"? -- Daniel Way
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Scrabble was invented by Nazis to piss off kids with dyslexia. -- Eddie Izzard
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You're saying it wrong! It's LEVIOSA not LEVIOSAAA -- J.k. Rowling
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M. Myriel -- Victor Hugo
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All of us have schnozzles ... if not in our faces, then in our character, minds or habits. When we admit our schnozzles, instead of defending them, we begin to laugh, and the world laughs with us. -- Jimmy Durante
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My mum refers to female genitalia as scones. -- Leah Marie Brown
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Is it Rilla-my-Rilla? -- L.m. Montgomery
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Trespass, the outdoor clothing company based in the South Side, is run by two of the nicest guys and proudest Glaswegians you could meet, Afzal and Akmal Khushi. -- Nicola Sturgeon
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Do you have a name?" "Ygritte." Her -- George R R Martin
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Spira, spera.

(breathe, hope) -- Victor Hugo
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Hello - what hotel is this - ? -- F Scott Fitzgerald
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Carolyn Heilbrun's -- Gloria Steinem
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It's leviOsa, not levioSA! -- J.k. Rowling
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Names are important," she said, twirling the cord. "Mine is Ojka, and I have orders to keep you out." Beyond the doors, Kell let out a scream of frustration, a sob of pain. "My name is Lila Bard," she answered, drawing her favorite knife, "and I don't give a damn." Ojka -- V.e Schwab
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Sassy want a mousey??!! -Syd The Long Lost (Hayle Coven #5) -- Patti Larsen
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Kell managed an echo of her smile, and [Lila] gasped. "What's that on your face?"
The smile vanished. "What?"
"Never mind," she said, laughing. "It's gone. -- Victoria Schwab
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King Offa's dyke, -- John B. Hattendorf
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Hello, Hazel Levesque. -- Rick Riordan
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Tagliatelle comes from the word tagliare, meaning 'to cut.' Tagliolini are simply thinly cut tagliatelle. -- Yotam Ottolenghi
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Our Welsh teacher thinks he is young. He tells us that the Welsh for skiving in town is 'mitchio yn y dre'. -- Joe Dunthorne
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'Chamalkay' is an old Guyanese slang word. It means a 'young mischievous girl.' It's not derogatory, but it isn't over complimentary, either. It was probably a word I just Googled one day, and the song kind of played into the feel of that. -- Dev Hynes
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For if hevene be on this erthe, and ese to any soule,It is in cloistre or in scole. -- William Langland
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Cassia Reyes, the Society is pleased to present you with your Match. -- Ally Condie
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Samy was Samantha. She was wearing a white linen dress. She also had on hobbit feet, huge and extremely hairy ones. -- Nina George
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SCORPIUS: Thank you for being my light in the darkness -- J.k. Rowling
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I loved playing Darla. -- Julie Benz
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Sorcha," he whispered, and realized that he had called her so a moment before. Now, that was odd; no wonder she had been surprised. It was her name in the Gaelic, but he never called her by it. He liked the strangeness of her, the Englishness. She was his Claire, his Sassenach. -- Diana Gabaldon
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Serpine: No, my old enemy, I think for the moment anyway, we're all alone. And you have something I want
Skulduggery: A winning sense of style? -- Derek Landy