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psychologist Timothy -- Malcolm Gladwell
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His eyes sparkled again, and in that instant I felt a strong urge to get up and leave him behind. I had been wrong to think what Sean and I had was special. He wasn't 'the one'. He couldn't be. 'The one' would never leave me behind. -- J.c. Reed
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Josh is ... Josh -- Carolyn Mackler
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Hayes. Peter Hayes. -- Veronica Roth
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The match would have to be made at 165 pounds. Sean can't make 160 any more, even though he's drinking lite beer these days -- Angelo Dundee
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Unlike so many Dylan-writer-wannabes and phony 'encyclopedia' compilers, Sean Wilentz makes me feel he was in the room when he chronicles events that I participated in. Finally a breath of fresh words founded in hardcore, intelligent research. -- Al Kooper
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Oh yes, Sean Kowalski. Your amazing kisses have made all rational thought fly out of my besotted brain. If only you could fill me with your magic penis, I know we'll fall madly in love and live happily ever after. -- Shannon Stacey
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I hear Dylan rummaging around in the cupboards. "You want a jelly doughnut?It's the only breakfast food I've got."
"No time!I'll just snort the powdered sugar off the top."
"Bad joke, considering who I used to go out with. -- Ann Redisch Stampler
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As an actor, Sean [Penn] is brilliant. And he's really an excellent director, as well. We got along really well. -- Vilmos Zsigmond
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Marcus directed his response to Zach. "Do you have something against shirts?" His eyes dropped to Zach's bare chest.
"Yes," Zach retorted.
Tracy laughed. "I can live with that."
"Me too," Sean's Second, Nichole, said with a smile. -- Dianne Duvall
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My breath slipped from me, almost a groan. Trent Kalamack. The obscenely successful, smiling businessman, ruthless bio- and street-drug lord, elf in hiding, and pain-in-my-ass-extraordinaire Trent Kalamack. Right on schedule. Why is it you show up only when I need money? -- Kim Harrison
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Original, pacy, and hugely entertaining-Seanan McGuire knows how to tell a good story! -- Alma Alexander
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Tom. I'd like to -- F Scott Fitzgerald
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We are shoulder to shoulder due to the size of the cab, and if Gratton is made of flour and potatoes, Sean is made of stone and driftwood and possibly those prickly anemones that sometimes wash up on shore. -- Maggie Stiefvater
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(Dylan air - gross) -- Rick Riordan
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I will not be your weakness, Sean Kendrick."
"It's late for that, Puck. -- Maggie Stiefvater
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Sean O'Connell: Sometimes I don't. If I like a moment, for me, personally, I don't like to have the distraction of the camera. I just want to stay in it. -- James Thurber
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This is Shaun Mason activating security protocol Campbell. The bridge is out, the trees are coming, and I'm pretty sure my hand is evil. Now gimme some sugar, baby. -- Mira Grant
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Michael Rafferty was a good
man. A solid man. He was never going to be Hugh Jackman handsome or Bill Gates rich or King of England powerful. But he was hers and he was Sean's and that was more than enough -- J.r. Ward
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your uncle Geoffrey. -- Catherine Coulter
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Make-Out McGuire -- Sara Humphreys
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hospital johnny. -- Mary Catherine Gebhard
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When Sean sees that I didn't hear him, he leans forward to my ear again. I can't think of the last time I was so close to another person. I can feel the rise and fall of his chest when he breathes. His words are warm in my -- Maggie Stiefvater
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Better you than Cameron " McGillicuddy grumbled. "I know where Cameron's been."
Sean snorted.
Cameron said "I already told you I did NOT come on to Lori. -- Jennifer Echols
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Is that a yes?" Sean's dark gaze flicked up to meet Justin's, before Justin threw his head back onto the pillow, closed his eyes, and let Jesus take the wheel. -- Jay Northcote
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Logan McCade. Paging Logan 'Pantyripper' McCade. Please return to your conference call. -- Samanthe Beck
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Sean's face turned beet red. "No bloody way, Macgregor. Lay a hand on her and I'll kill you." His enraged gaze traveled to D. "Same goes for you, you psycho. You're not touching her. -- Elle Kennedy
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Dar's been through enough in his life, and his legs are only a small part of it. Don't play with him, Cassie. If you're not serious, leave him the hell alone."

"And if I am serious?"

Sean smiled ruefully. "Then you're in for the fight of your life. -- Justine Davis
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Clare. Give me a reason to stay. -- Kim Harrington
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Wait a minute. You expect me to stay overnight in a house with four single men? Sean grinned. We're perfect gentlemen, Kim. Everyone knows that. Don't let us worry you. I'm not worried about my reputation, I'm worried about the state of the bathrooms. -- Jennifer Ashley
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Sean takes my ponytail in his hand, his fingers touching my neck, and then he tucks my hair into my collar out of the reach of the wind. He avoids my gaze. Then he links his arm back around me and pushes his calf into Corr's side. -- Maggie Stiefvater
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Linc Hawkins," Erin answered. "He's -- Jerrie Alexander
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Listen, Sean," Dani says. "I need you to do something. My treatment isn't over yet, and my mom and I still have rough times ahead. We need people we can really rely on. So think about whether you can be that person. If you're going to be into my mother, be really into her. -- Janet Ruth Young
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Conversation between Jem and Ethan on Sean:
'" ... Has it never occurred to you that maybe your brother brings out the worst in people?"
"Or the best," he said, "depending on which way you look at it."
"You're as bad as he is."
"Actually, I'm much worse. -- J.a. Belfield
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Sean Black writes like a punch to the gut. -- Jesse Kellerman
Sean Quotes : pic 001879775 ... u..s fu ... Ch..ri ... strong>ststrong> Liam! The bed slammed againstrong>ststrong> the wall. -- J.j. Mcavoy
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Sergeant Stephan Schneider -- Markus Zusak
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Johnny, he is bounce, effort, and snark. -- E. Lockhart
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Something tells me my spit wouldn't mean as much to Corr as yours would." There's a long Pause before Sean speaks. He says, "Maybe not yet." Yet! I don't think I've ever heard such a fine word before. -- Maggie Stiefvater
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What is his name? -- Jane Austen
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Dylan? Are you kidding me? I'm breathing Dylan?" "Yes," Kym said. "That seems to be his name. -- Rick Riordan
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what you recall this Dylan -- James Ignizio
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We stop at a red light.Mom stares at me."You like him"
"You do.You like this boy."
"He's just a friend.He has a girlfriend."
"Anna has a boooy-friend," Seany chants.
"I do not!"
"ANNA HAS A BOOOY-FRIEND! -- Stephanie Perkins
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Fuck you, Alex." "Come on, man. You were always there for me. You have woman troubles. You can lean on me." "You make it sound like I'm menstruating, Alex." Sean nodded. "That would explain the mood swings, -- Lexi Blake
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Do you know who I am?" (Cassidy)
"Cassidy Summers, approximately thirty-years-old and a waitress who isn't sure who the father of her child really is." (Ashling) -- Rosetta M. Overman
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What's his name? -- Anthony Marra
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And Clare, always Clare. -- Audrey Niffenegger
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Gilly Gilleshpee -- Victoria Laurie
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STEPHEN O'CONNOR Next to Nothing -- Jennifer Egan
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Great. There goes our security deposit."
~ Sean -- Dianne Duvall
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Sean slowly met her eyes. He knew damn well that now wasn't the time to have this conversation, not when they were parked a hundred yards from the warehouse, but he couldn't stop the confession. "I love you, you know. -- Elle Kennedy
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In the happy scenes there were really fun times. Sean would say really funny stuff because he likes to improv. I would want to laugh, but you are not allowed to do that during the take. -- Dakota Fanning
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Ask Bond-watchers of a certain age about the six actors who have slipped into Bond's Savile Row suits in the Broccoli franchise, and they might say it's really Connery and five other guys - since he, being first and being Sean, stamped the role with his sulfurous masculinity. -- Richard Corliss
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We're just doing our best to live in this world, Davy." Sean's voice stretches into the fading dark. "We're not perfect, but we're not monsters, either. We're just human. -- Sophie Jordan
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home early, Liam? -- Maeve Binchy
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In Kevin's movies I would like to stay Jay. -- Jason Mewes
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My friends call me Keith, but you can call me John. -- Keith Moon
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Something snapped inside Maryse. He is not a Herondale. He is a Lightwood. Jace Lightwood. He's my son. -- Cassandra Clare
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Dominic Chocolate!!! -- Elle Bright
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StocktontoMalone -- Hot Rod Hundley
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St. Patrick ... one of the few saints whose feast day presents the opportunity to get determinedly whacked and make a fool of oneself all under the guise of acting Irish. -- Charles Madigan
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I hope you won't wait for Sean Kendrick to realize that he's lonely. -- Maggie Stiefvater
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Wait a minute, hold up. Stop everything. His name is Barry -" i started. "-Derry?" Mimi finished. We collapsed on the floor howling amid chopsticks and soy packets. "Silence, whores, silence. Besides, Reynolds, you dated a guy named James motherfucking Brown," Sophia snapped back. -- Alice Clayton
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You are my mere jaan, my life, Kelsey Hayes. -- Colleen Houck
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Ulick Norman Owen. -- Agatha Christie
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John-who-wasn't-gonna-get-none -- J.r. Ward
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I don't want what Shaun Cassidy gets. I am a serious actress. -- Melissa Sue Anderson
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I find Anders very funny and funny lasts forever." Samantha -- Angela Nicoara
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Stuart Davises he -- Amor Towles
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Do ya, now?

Jaxson Ryan -- T.l. Alexander
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Sean," I forced a smile, but it might have looked a little scary. "When have I ever done anything stupid?"
"Perfect," he muttered. -- Kristen Simmons
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Sarah. Sarah. Sarah. I can't get away from myself. -- A.s. King
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I need him like the axe needs the turkey.
Don't be vulgar, Jean. Let us be crooked, but never common. -- Preston Sturges
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Own your own dreams

Cornelius Crapp to Gerald Crapp -- Noel David
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Zach, we have to stop her!"
But Zach just held me. He looked at me with shock and awe and just a little bit of wonder. In spite of everything, I thought that he might laugh.
"Gallagher Girl," he told me, "you are the school. -- Ally Carter
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Daryl, de The Walking Dead, y Mike, de Breaking Bad -- Rick Riordan
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Baxter and Sam Hall. 'I'll have a large Scotch, I'm -- Jack Higgins
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It is Patrick the Legend, of course, who is most engaging and comes to us as something of a happy Celtic party monster. -- Charles Madigan
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Who the shit is Otis? -- Caris O'malley
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What's your name?" Scapegrace asked.
"Gerald," said the man.
Scapegrace pondered. Gerald the zombie just didn't have that fear-inducing ring to it. "I'm going to call you Thrasher," he said. -- Derek Landy
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I have to give it to Adam, he's an excellent bullshitter. -- Pittacus Lore
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Jackson Rathbone - he is a prankster. Constantly scaring people from behind, stuff like that. -- Michael Welch
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how will I know which one he is?' I asked puzzled by how serious they all were, like he was some ax murdrer or something.

Chapter 1 -- Shanice Williams
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That's got to be Nix," Benny said as he pulled the door open. "Hey, sweetie ... "
Morgie Mitchell and Lou Chong stood on the black porch.
"Um," said Chong, "hello to you, too, sugar lumps. -- Jonathan Maberry
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Mitch", but then reattach it and call it "Mitch-all-together. -- Mitch Hedberg
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Suddenly reminded, she clapped a hand over her mouth. "Oh- Simon!"
"No, I'm Jace," he said patiently. "Simon is the weaselly little one with the bad haircut and dismal fashion sense. -- Cassandra Clare
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Sean Evans was officially pissed off. Serves you right, furball. -- Ilona Andrews
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That ones yours,huh?"he asked,pointing to 3A."How come it just says 'Kyle'?Doesnt he have a last name?"
"Kyle wants to be a rock star,"Simon said,heading down the stairs."I think his working the one-name thing.Like Rihanna. -- Cassandra Clare
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Wouldn't. Think. About. Ian. -- Jude Watson
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I watched her walk away and thought that if anybody could make a fighting suit look sexy, it'd be Sean. But even she couldn't. -- Joe Haldeman
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William, my sweet William! I want him. -- Gena Showalter
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Leo laughed. "I keep forgetting about your amnesia. Heh. Forgetting about amnesia. That's funny. But yeah, her dad's Tristan McLean." "Uh - Sorry, what was he in?" "It doesn't matter," Piper said quickly. -- Rick Riordan
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Ronan and Declan Lynch were undeniably brothers, with the same dark brown hair and sharp nose, but Declan was solid where Ronan was brittle. Declan's wide jaw and smile said Vote for me while Ronan's buzzed head and thin mouth warned that this species was dangerous. -- Maggie Stiefvater
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Traaaiiinnn," Roc repeats slowly, sounding out the word for me like I'm stupid. "T-R-A-I-N. Spell it with me, Tristan. -- David Estes
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An interesting one, this boy who looks like a Shadowhunter and speaks like gentry. -- Cassandra Clare
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Once shit on, twice shy," Jan -- Terry Tyler
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want to forget Silas -- Colleen Hoover
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Patrick used to be popular, until Sam bought him some good music. -- Stephen Chbosky
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Who you looking at -- Darren Shan
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Declan, get your ass out of bed!
A light flicked on and Declan stumbled into view through the open window. He looked to be only half awake and was missing his shirt.
Alex, on the other hand, was not missing that shirt in the slightest. -- Jena Leigh