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Sanguillen is totally unpredictable to pitch to because he's so unpredictable. -- Jerry Coleman
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Well, schmear my bagel, if it isn't Mara Dyer. -- Michelle Hodkin
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She's Verglas's greatest tragedy and last hope: the Princess Rakel. -- K.m. Shea
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Dill was a villain's villain: he could get into any character part assigned him, and appear tall if height was part of the devilry required. -- Harper Lee
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Miguel: Merle? What kind of hick name is that? I wouldn't name my dog Merle. -- The Walking Dead
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I dig Strauss and Wagner. Those cats are good. -- Jimi Hendrix
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Cole Walker. Cole freaking Walker. All grown-up. And he was my new manager. I was so screwed. -- Samantha Young
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Thomas Teal, a luminous translator of Jansson's twin talent for surface and depth, simplicity and reverberation in language, and someone who knows exactly how to convey her gift for sensing the meaning embedded in the most mundane act or turn of phrase. -- Ali Smith
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Heath Slater, or the chick from Wendy's -- John Cena
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Sayles could pull a performance out of a dog. I'm serious. He was just amazing. The world could fall apart and he remained on neutral. -- Elizabeth Pena
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After The Ventures I dug Johnny Smith quite a bit. -- Terry Kath
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Do ya, now?

Jaxson Ryan -- T.l. Alexander
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CSL - cock- sucking-lips. -- Stylo Fantome
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Why become a second-rate Ravel when you're already a first-rate Gershwin? -- Maurice Ravel
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Adam Sandler is a remarkable movie brand. -- Ted Sarandos
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I could pick a favorite YouTuber, maybe I would say GloZell. -- Tyler Oakley
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I'm the seagull. No, that's not it. I'm an actress. That's it. -- Anton Chekhov
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Victor Hernandez, like an orchestral conductor directing his troops ... -- Jon Champion
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The current Babe Ruth of improv? Sacha Baron Cohen. He's pretty amazing. -- Seth Rogen
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Enos Cabell started out here with the Astros, and before that he was with the Orioles. -- Jerry Coleman
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Sam seabury is a fresh new face on the International Market...Jeffery Marsh -- Mike Sullivan
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Shilo, when I was young, I used to call you name. -- Neil Diamond
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Accept me or kill me MacKayla. But choose. Fucking Choose. -- Karen Marie Moning
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Bill Parcells is a life changer -- Curtis Martin
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Give an inch, he'll take an ell. -- Thomas Hobbes
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Ahh . . . him I don't like. -- Molly Mcadams
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Hermann Buhl with K2. First -- James M. Tabor
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Julian of Norwich, -- Louise Penny
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Axl Rose is the ear-cutting scene from Reservoir Dogs in human form. -- Chuck Klosterman
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If you were in the Brondby dressing room right now, which of the Liverpool players would you be looking at? -- Ray Stubbs
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Hackle may be the best absurdist story writer working today. -- Bradley Sands
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Renfield, my ass. What I had on my hands was a Van Helsing. -- Jordan Castillo Price
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I can't say enough about 'OLTL's' strong cast. -- Kassie Depaiva
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Arden Banks The Timer -- Arden Banks
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Kell used to feel like a possession. Now he felt like a prisoner. -- Victoria Schwab
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If Michaelangelo made a marble sculpture of a defensive end it would look like Mario Williams. -- Dan Dierdorf
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I'm a huge science fiction fan, and I'm a huge fan of J. Michael Straczynski. -- Jamie Clayton
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Jason Randal is without a doubt the finest in the world at what he does! -- Michael Jackson
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Legacy Damian Green -- Damian Green
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I recognise Santangelo's dad, who saves police brutality for when he gets to his son. -- Melina Marchetta
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Dreiser ... I love ... and almost wouldn't speak to anyone who ever attacked him. -- Marguerite Young
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Ginsberg, Clifton, Sedgwick - are -- Maggie Nelson
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My former coach, Simen Agdestein, used to be the best player in Norway. -- Magnus Carlsen
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Our Z's been fucking Loren Blake. -- P.c. Cast
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I believe in Wendel Clark. We want Wendel to be a prime-time player. -- Pat Burns
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I'm a huge Kevin Youkilis fan. -- Denis Leary
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SHUT UP!...PADLE! -- Ridley Pearson
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Geoff Bartley is great and always will be. -- Chris Smither
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Ron Thompson, he's my main man! -- John Lee Hooker
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Reading Alan Zweibel makes me laugh out loud. And yet it is not a particularly funny name. -- Eric Idle
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Steinberg is great. I should like to meet him. -- Gyorgy Ligeti
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Are you serious? This is some Rylan Star League ridiculousness. -- Michael R. Underwood
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There's no other like Leo. -- Deco
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I grew up loving Ridley Scott and Tony Scott and Michael Bay and Adrian Lyne. -- Dan Trachtenberg
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Honorable Judge Robert Galbraith -- Georgette St. Clair
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Stuart Davises he -- Amor Towles
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Sammy Lee is another inbred player -- David Pleat
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As a mentalist, perhaps only Orson Wells was in Jason's league. After a career in television, Randal has my endorsement. He's simply the best I've ever seen! -- Merv Griffin
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Here lies Walter Winchell in the dirt he loved so well. -- Walter Winchell
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Raylan got ready. -- Elmore Leonard
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What I've been conscious of, from the beginning is that I can't be Jil Sander. -- Raf Simons
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I always wanted to be Gene Hackman and I always wanted to be, you know ... I wanted to be one of these guys. I always wanted to be Bob Duvall. -- John C. Mcginley
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Steve Carell, we've been nodding at each other for years now. -- Jane Lynch
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Frederick Mitchell-Hedges, -- Christopher S. Stewart
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Daniel Geale is the next chapter in my career. After I get through him, I can talk about what comes next. -- Miguel Cotto
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Michael Sanchez and I grew up in New Jersey, not far from here, playing soccer together. When I was in high school, I worked to start an organization to help senior citizens, which I learned a great deal from. -- Andrew Shue
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Pablo Casals is a great musician in all he does: a cellist without equal, and extraordinary conductor and composer with something to say. I have been profoundly impressed by all I have heard of his work, but he is a musician of this stature because he is also a great man. -- Albert Schweitzer
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I like to refer to myself as 'The George Clooney of the Lane Bryant set.' -- Kevin Chapman
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Frankl wondered whether "there may be such a thing as autobibliotherapy - healing through reading." Frankl's -- Viktor E. Frankl
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Josh: "Are there any rules to this deal I should know about?"
Shel: "Don't make me want to keep you."
Josh: "Well then, don't make me want to be kept. -- Ella Frank
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You're much the senior in years, Master Axl, but in matters of blood, it may be I'm the elder and you the youth. I've seen dark hatred as bottomless as the sea on the faces of old women and tender children, and some days felt such hatred myself. -- Kazuo Ishiguro
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stomata. The guard -- Kenya Literature Bureau
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Kalevala, whereas -- Arthur C. Clarke
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I'm probably the only guy who worked for (Casey) Stengel before and after he was a genius. -- Warren Spahn
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Kenny Burrell that's the sound I'm looking for. -- Jimi Hendrix
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You told me there wouldn't be any Rod Serling voice-overs, yet here I am in the middle of a Twilight Zone episode. Oh, and let me guess the title of it, Night of the Terminally Stupid! (Channon) -- Sherrilyn Kenyon
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Turner was like a pencil. He bent around that pitch! -- Jerry Coleman
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Keith Powell and Judah Friedlander are like brothers to me. -- Katrina Bowden
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Dick Martin, if you put a gun to his forehead, he couldn't tell you a joke. -- Bob Newhart
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HO. LEE. SHIT. I feel sorry for all the girls in the world that never get to experience a Jake Andrews at least once in their lifetime. -- Jay Mclean
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I would love to have everybody in the world love Bob Schneider. That's my goal- hundred per cent world domination! -- Bob Schneider
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Tobias Eaton is a powerful name. -- Veronica Roth
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Adam Sandler is truly brilliant. He plays these goofy characters, but he is a brilliant fellow. -- Henry Winkler
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Ray Garton never fails to go for the throat! -- Richard Laymon
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[Lee Morgan] was the only young cat that scared me when he played. He had so much fire and natural feeling. I had more technique, but he had that feeling. People seemed to like him more than they like me at the beginning. -- Freddie Hubbard
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Unlike Ronan, Adam's Aglionby jumper was second-hand, but he'd taken great care to be certain it was impeccable. He was slim and tall, with dusty hair unevenly cropped above a fine-boned, tanned face. He was a sepia photograph. -- Maggie Stiefvater
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Pello, if I wanted two guys, I would have two guys, one's a big enough nuisance as it is. -- Sally Courtnix
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Adel could almost feel himself leapfrogging over childhood. Soon, he would land as an adult. And when he did, there would be no going back because adulthood was akin to what his father had once said about being a war hero: once you became one, you died one. Lying -- Khaled Hosseini
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Michael Scofield is someone everyone can relate to, but nobody would want to be in his shoes. -- Wentworth Miller
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Though a good cop, Luc Claudel has the patience of a firecracker, the sensitivity of Vlad the Impaler, and a persistent skepticism as to the value of forensic anthropology.
Snappy dresser, though. -- Kathy Reichs
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Yule - Yul log for the Christmas-fire tale-spinner - of fairy tales that can come true: Yul Brynner. -- Marianne Moore
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Who is the player and who's being played? -- Andrew Kaplan
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If I were a bottle of wine, my name would be Thom Cork -- Thom Yorke
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He (Leo Durocher) had the ability of taking a bad situation and making it immediately worse. -- Branch Rickey
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CHAPTER I - M. MYRIEL -- Victor Hugo
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What man in his 40s would not like to look in the mirror and find Nolan Ryan? -- Nolan Ryan
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It is nearly two o'clock in the morning, and Tom Bolan is ass-over-head, military-grade, wearing-more-booze-than-he's-ingesting drunk. -- Robert Jackson Bennett
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I always liked Casey Stengel as a manager because he seemed to have a grasp of so many things. -- Walter Alston
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What's his name? -- Anthony Marra