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Renunciation is the background of all religious thought wherever it be, and you will always find that as this idea of renunciation lessens, the more will the senses creep into the field of religion, and spirituality will decrease in the same ratio. -- Swami Vivekananda
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Agrarian Anabaptists, Christian Scientists, and Samurai are among the rare examples of renunciation stemming from an unwillingness to sacrifice the spiritual qualities of community life. Evidently there is no separate salvation. -- Stephanie Mills
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What the warrior renounces is anything in his experience that is a barrier between himself and others. In other words, renunciation is making yourself more available, more gentle and open to others. -- Chogyam Trungpa
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Renunciation made for the sake of service is an ineffable joy of which none can deprive anyone, because that nectar springs from within and sustains life. -- Mahatma Gandhi
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This world is nothing. It is at best only a hideous caricature, a shadow of the Real. We must go to the Real. Renunciation will take us to It. Renunciation is the very basis of our true life; every moment of goodness and real life that we enjoy is when we do not think of ourselves. -- Swami Vivekananda
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Repentance is an internal shift -- Dan B. Allender
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The transformation of silence into language and action is an act of self-revelation . -- Audre Lorde
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Renunciation is everyone's prerogative. -- Mahatma Gandhi
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There is no end to renunciation. -- Swami Vivekananda
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Renunciation is always the ideal of every race; only other races do not know what they are made to do by nature unconsciously. -- Swami Vivekananda
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To renounce things is not to give them up. It is to acknowledge that all things go away. -- Shunryu Suzuki
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Self-forgiveness is a daily practice of the humble, strong and mentally sane. It is an intentional preservation of inner-peace and a reflection of a healthy self-concept. -- Shannon Tanner
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Forgiveness, that noblest of all self-denial, is a virtue which he alone who can practise in himself can willingly believe in another. -- Charles Caleb Colton
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Be gentle and forgiving with yourself, abandon any and all shame, and refuse to engage in any self-repudiation. -- Wayne Dyer
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Forgiveness of self is all forgivenesses starts -- Neale Donald Walsch
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Complete surrender usually happens through living. Your very life is the ground where that happens. There may be a partial surrender and then there may be an opening, and then you may engage in spiritual practice. -- Eckhart Tolle
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Surrender to your soul and spirit. -- Lailah Gifty Akita
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Remember that the man who truly repents is never satisfied with his own repentance. -- Charles Haddon Spurgeon
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Renunciation means absence of hankering after fruit. -- Mahatma Gandhi
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There is a luxury in self-dispraise; And inward self-disparagement affords To meditative spleen a grateful feast. -- William Wordsworth
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Surrender is the inner transition from resistance to acceptance, from no to yes. -- Eckhart Tolle
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Fight against yourself, recover yourself to decency, to modesty, to freedom. And, in the first place, condemn your actions; but when you have condemned them, do not despair of yourself. For both ruin and recovery are from within. -- Epictetus
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The sweetness of self-denial and self-control, -- Louisa May Alcott
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The repentant man rightfully loses trust in himself. He recognizes his self-dependence as the source of his problems, not the solution. -- Randy Alcorn
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Renunciation of objects, without the renunciation of desires, is short-lived, however hard you may try. -- Mahatma Gandhi
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In our life sometimes we have to make painful choices. And it takes a bit of courage to make up our mind for it involves an element of renunciation, something hard to accept in a world steeped in pleasure and comfort. -- Fr. Henry Bocala
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Self-denial is often the sacrifice of one sort of self-love for another. -- Charles Caleb Colton
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Surrender to your own self, of which everything is an expression. -- Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj
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Asceticism is giving up selfish activities, as poets know, and the wise declare renunciation is giving up fruits of action. - Krishna. -- Anonymous
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Surrender to God. -- Lailah Gifty Akita
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Surrender is a journey from the outer turmoil to the inner peace. -- Sri Chinmoy
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The real thing that we renounce is the tenacious hope that we could be saved from being who we are. -- Pema Chodron
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The highest and greatest goal that every soul has to reach is God. As everything needs renunciation, that highest goal needs the highest renunciation. -- Hazrat Inayat Khan
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Renouncing things is less difficult than people believe: it's all a matter of getting started. Once you've succeeded in dispensing with something you thought essential, you realize you can also do without something else, then without many other things. -- Italo Calvino
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Cast your former self aside; you have been redeemed. -- Anonymous
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Self-acceptance is my refusal to be in an adversarial relationship to myself. -- Nathaniel Branden
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What has to be given up is not the I, but that drive for self-affirmation which impels man to flee from the unreliable, unsolid, unlasting, unpredictable, dangerous world of relation into the having of things. -- Martin Buber
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When attempted self-destruction does not cure a man of life, it cures him of voluntary death. -- Honore De Balzac
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Renunciation of many good things is needed to break our bondage to the fragmenting forces of our society, which most of us have internalized, as if busyness on many fronts were a virtue instead of a vice. -- David Janzen
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Nothing but the presence of God can reveal and expel self. -- Andrew Murray
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To reach perfection, we must all pass, one by one, through the death of self-effacement. -- Dag Hammarskjold
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Let go of self-condemnation and guilt! -- Tae Yun Kim
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Both renunciation of action and the performance of action lead to Nirvana (Liberation); but these performance of action is superior to renunciation of action. The action of today becomes the destiny of tomorrow. -- Chinmayananda Saraswati
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Self-forgiveness comes when we realize that if God has forgiven us, we needn't remain angry with ourselves, needn't hate ourselves any longer. God will use it all for good. -- Robert Morgan
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Alas! it is not the renunciation of our past and future selves that is difficult; it is the steady denial of our present self which makes the disciple. -- Amelia E. Barr
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There are moments when you can only stand and stare, watching the world forget you as you remove yourself from it - when you overcome it and cease to exist as the person you were. -- Markus Zusak
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Sometimes when we awaken from the bad dream of disowning ourselves, we think that the sojourn to self-discovery is a new one. But it is an ancient quest. -- Sarah Ban Breathnach
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The true confessors have been aware that not only is life mostly failure, but that in one's failure or pettiness or wrongness exists the living drama of the self. -- Gore Vidal
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renounce it as soon as it comes to mind - renounce everything in its entirety until there is no hidden dishonesty or craftiness about you at all. -- Oswald Chambers
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A man who renounces something is also a man who believes in something. -- Michelangelo Antonioni
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Self-forgiveness is essential to self-healing. -- Ruth Carter Stapleton
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What is this thing that has us chewing at our own selves, grating ourselves against our own sharp sieve? It is the act of stepping back. It is the act of separating, and judging. It takes only one because the one becomes two. -- Bonnie Friedman
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There is no wretchedness like self-reproach. -- Letitia Elizabeth Landon
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Through surrender the aspirant's ego is effaced, and ... grace ... pours down upon him like a torrential rain. -- B.k.s. Iyengar
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People who are involved in self-discovery lead different types of lives. The lives they lead are not necessarily the lives of renunciation. Rather, it is a structuring of the elements in your life in a particular way. -- Frederick Lenz
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If you would know whether you have made a good confession, ask yourself I you have resolved to abandon your sins. -- Bernard Of Clairvaux
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How much easier is self-sacrifice than self-realization! -- Eric Hoffer
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It is possible to renounce everything and attain enlightenment. But most people don't want to renounce; they wish to run away from responsibility and hard work. -- Frederick Lenz
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If you accept full responsibility for yourself, you will be released forever from expectation, resentment, blame and guilt. -- Leonard Jacobson
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So long as you do not know who you really are, this will be difficult. You may have to give up a lot of things to which you may be attached. You may have to give up your resentments, your anger, your upset, your annoyance, your desire to punish. -- Werner Erhard
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The more you condemn yourself for thinking or feeling a certain way, the more you feel stuck within your own body and mind.. What if you went the other way and embraced it so totally that it was as if there was never any alternative experience to be reached for? What happens when the conflict ends? -- Adam Oakley
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On the other hand, when we disown our beliefs, we lose touch with ourselves. We no longer know who we are or what we believe and neither does anyone else. -- Patty Houser
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A stunning meditation on the power of escape, and on the cat-and-mouse contest the self plays to deflect its own guilt. -- Ethan Gilsdorf
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"I do not want to get material life, do not want the sense-life, but something higher." That is renunciation. Then, by the power of meditation, undo the mischief that has been done. -- Swami Vivekananda
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In all our Yogas this renunciation is necessary. This is the stepping-stone and the real centre and the real heart of all spiritual culture - renunciation. This is religion - renunciation. -- Swami Vivekananda
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Surrender is not a weakness, or state of inaction, but rather a powerful state of pure energy; the energy of becoming your true purpose. -- Bryant H. Mcgill
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Redemption is promised at the low price of surrender of your critical faculties. -- Christopher Hitchens
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Fix, commit, condemn yourself -- Jane Austen
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Like certain devotees, who think they can fool God and wrest a pardon by paying lip-service to prayer and adopting the humble attitude of the penitent, Therese humiliated herself, beat her chest, found words of repentance, without having anything in the bottom of her heart except fear and cowardice. -- Emile Zola
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Disassociating, mindfulness, transcendence-whatever the label-it's a sort of loophole in our contract with reality, a form of self-rescue. -- Diane Ackerman
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Only once you destroy who you think you are can you embrace who you truly are -- Soman Chainani
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There is no refuge from confession but suicide; and suicide is confession -- Daniel Webster
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Withdraw, like a turtle, into a hard yet harmless shell, ornamented with beautiful memories of the past.
from the book 'I Know Who You Are! -- Mariam Masood
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Just practice good, do good for others, without thinking of making yourself known so that you may gain reward. Really bring benefit to others, gaining nothing for yourself. This is the primary requisite for breaking free of attachments to the Self. -- Dogen
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I have come to understand that the self, my self, is inherently sacred. By virtue of its own improbability, its own miracle, its own emergence ... And so I lift up my head, and I bear my own witness, with affection and tenderness and respect. And in so doing, I sanctify myself with my own grace. -- Ursula Goodenough
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Surrender is a state of mind and being that opens the mind and heart to divine revelation. -- Iyanla Vanzant
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When someone disowns an idea or even a person, they give up faith in or love for something or someone they used to call their own. -- Hayley Dimarco
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Repentance is a lifetime self-improvement. -- Toba Beta
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Of all the traps and pitfalls in life, self-disesteem is the deadliest, and the hardest to overcome: for it is a pit designed and dug by our own hands, summed up in the phrase, 'It's no use - I can't do it.' -- Maxwell Maltz
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Eradicate self-justification.
Then alone can you annihilate your ego. -- Sivananda
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Knowing yourself is first step towards self reclamation. -- Amit Gupta
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According to Buddhist practice, there are three stages or steps. The initial stage is to reduce attachment towards life. The second stage is the elimination of desire and attachment to this samsara. Then in the third stage, self-cherishing is eliminated -- Dalai Lama
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Self-preservation isn't worth it if you can't live with the self you're preserving -- David Levithan
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The total acceptance of ourselves in the present moment without judging things that happen, letting things happen as they happen, is the final act that frees us from the ego: this is the unconditional surrender of the ego to the Higher Self. -- Human Angels
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Resignation, not mystic, not detached, but resignation open-eyed, conscious, and informed by love, is the only one of our feelings for which it is impossible to become a sham. -- Joseph Conrad
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Forgiveness is a practiced and fervrent process".

~R. Alan Woods [2012] -- R. Alan Woods
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Die to self: die to criticism, die to praise. -- Lee Roberson
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Abandoning your true self amounts to suicide except that it is less dramatic. Don't commit suicide so that you may appease some folks... -- Assegid Habtewold
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Self-sacrifice? But it is precisely the self that cannot and must not be sacrificed. -- Ayn Rand
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A person archives self-realization by engaging in deliberate contemplative acts that serve to unify of all aspects of the self. To deny part of the self, a person risks spiritual decay. -- Kilroy J. Oldster
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Whoever hates his sins will stop sinning; and whoever confesses them will receive remission. A man can not abandon the habit of sin if he does not first gain enmity toward sin, nor can he receive remission of sin without confession of sin. For the confession of sin is the cause of true humility. -- Isaac Of Nineveh
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You cannot disown what is yours. Flung out, there is always the return, the reckoning, the revenge, perhaps the reconciliation.
There is always the return. And the wound will take you there. -- Jeanette Winterson
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Denying self isn't a one-time thing, but a daily task. -- Trip Lee
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To the ego mind, surrender means giving up. To the spiritual mind, surrender means giving in and receiving. -- Marianne Williamson
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True humility is a kind of self-annihilation; and this is the centre of all virtues. -- John Wesley
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Self-suppression is often necessary in the interest of truth and nonviolence. -- Mahatma Gandhi
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Confession breaks the power of canceled sin. It also heals the broken heart. -- Mark Batterson
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Self-realization is a comedown from salvation, but still gives us something to hope for. -- Mason Cooley
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Repentance, to be of any avail, must work a change of heart and conduct. -- Theodore L. Cuyler
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Denial, anger, acceptance -- Gayle Forman