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In [writing] fiction, every sentence is its own reward. -- Amy Tan
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A sentence that clots in your mouth is unlikely to flow in your mind. -- Mal Peet
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Never resist a sentence you like, in which language takes its own pleasure and in which, after having abused it for so long, you are stupefied by its innocence. -- Jean Baudrillard
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In any language it is a struggle to make a sentence say exactly what you mean. -- Arthur Koestler
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Long sentences in a short composition are like large rooms in a little house. -- William Shenstone
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No gun, no sword, no army or king will ever be more powerful than a sentence. -- Tahereh Mafi
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I like the challenge of creating a world with only sentences. -- Dana Spiotta
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No matter how wonderful a sentence is, if it doesn't add new and useful information, it should be removed. -- Kurt Vonnegut
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Writing a long sentence is like watching a soccer player in slow motion as he kicks the ball across the field, as I leave a trail of dots and loops behind me. -- James Rumford
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To leave no interval between the sentence and the fulfillment of it doth beseem God only, the Immutable! -- Samuel Taylor Coleridge
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You have already achieved the English-Language poet's most important goal: you can read, Write and speak English well enough to understand this sentence. -- Stephen Fry
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Life is the only sentence which doesn't end with a period. -- Lois Gould
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To be successful in writing, use short sentences. -- Ernest Hemingway,
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Words make the intangible aspects of human experience communicable, and a single sentence can shatter our world view and assist us in the formulation of a new one. -- Chris Matakas
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No one should ever have to read a sentence twice because of the way it is put together. -- Wilson Follett
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There exists, for everyone, a sentence - a series of words - that has the power to destroy you. Another sentence exists, another series of words, that could heal you. If you're lucky you will get the second, but you can be certain of getting the first. -- Philip K. Dick
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Thus I got into my bones the essential structure of the ordinary British sentence, which is a noble thing. -- Winston Churchill
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Grammar is the breathing power for the life of language -- Munia Khan
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Every word you add dilutes the sentence. -- Miller Williams
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The value of a sentence is the personality that utters't, for nothing new can be said by any man or woman. -- Joseph Conrad
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I'm going to give you a sentence, a full sentence with a noun and a verb and a possible agitate. I don't like all these judges running around with their half baked sentences, thats how you get salmonella poisoning. -- Michael Buckley
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Cancer is a word, not a sentence. -- John Diamond
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Some minds, at some point, discover that they can not make sense of their own predications without attention to grammar, although they do not ordinarily think of what they are doing as an exercise in grammar. -- Richard Mitchell
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A sentence is born into this world neither good nor bad, and that to establish its character is a question of the subtlest possible adjustments, a process of intuition to which exaggeration and force are fatal. -- Rachel Cusk
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It took me ten minutes to write this very sentence. I'm no writer. This is not my calling. -- Macaulay Culkin
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There is nothing that pleases me more than a beautiful sentence ... It is something that satisfies me. -- Arundhati Roy
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The maker of a sentence launches out into the infinite and builds a road into Chaos and old Night, and is followed by those who hear him with something of wild, creative delight. -- Ralph Waldo Emerson
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The longest sentence you can form with two words is: I do. -- H.l. Mencken
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You can put suspenders on a salamander, but it still won't make waffles. See what I mean? That sentence makes absolutely no sense, but I got paid to write it. It's printed right here in a published book! -- Dave Barry
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Words have weight, sound and appearance; it is only by considering these that you can write a sentence that is good to look at and good to listen to. -- W. Somerset Maugham
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To some extent, each sentence has to be the whole story. -- Lyn Hejinian
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A sentence is not emotional a paragraph is. -- Gertrude Stein
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The course of a man's destiny can seem sharply altered by a sudden illumination. But illumination is no more than the Spirit's sudden vision of a road that is long prepared. Gradually I learned grammar. I practiced syntax. My feelings were awakened. Then a poem suddenly blazed in my heart. -- Antoine De Saint-Exupery
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If Language is a Flower then without Grammar it will not smell. -- Purushottam Muley
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A sentence should contain no unnecessary words, a paragraph no unnecessary sentences, for the same reason that a drawing should have no unnecessary lines and a machine no unnecessary parts. -- William Strunk Jr.
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I drank that sentence and began to glow. -- Gary Soto
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Maximum sentence length: seventeen words. Minimum:one No semicolons. Semicolons indicate relationships that only idiots need defined by punctuation. Besides, they are ugly. Make sure each sentence is at least four words longer or shorter than the one before it. -- Richard Hugo
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I'll agonize over sentences. Mostly because you're trying to create specific effects with sentences, and because there are a number of different voices in the book. -- Neil Gaiman
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What kind of writer are you?" You can't think of a single sentence that would satisfy Hyong-chol. Your -- Kyung-Sook Shin
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Success consists in felicity of verbal expression, which every so often may result from a quick flash of inspiration but as a rule involves a patient search ... for the sentence in which every word is unalterable. -- Italo Calvino
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The most attractive sentences are not perhaps the wisest, but the surest and soundest. -- Henry David Thoreau
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If I can write one sentence, simple and true every day, I'll be satisfied. -- Paula Mclain
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Some writers are only born to help another writer write one sentence. -- Ernest Hemingway,
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There's grammar in my bones! -- Stanley Kunitz
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one sentence seemed to change a man, and the world seemed to change, one man at a time. -- Jung-Myung Lee
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There is no such thing as a natural sentence but there is such a thing as a natural paragraph and it must be found. -- Gertrude Stein
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Certain brief sentences are peerless in their ability to give one the feeling that nothing remains to be said. -- Jean Rostand
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Grammar is the greatest joy in life, don't you find? -- Lemony Snicket
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It helps to read the sentence aloud. -- Harry Kemelman
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Forming grammatically correct sentences is for the normal individual the prerequisite for any submission to social laws. No one is supposed to be ignorant of grammaticality; those who are belong in special institutions. The unity of language is fundamentally political. -- Gilles Deleuze
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When you are a sentence-based writer, they have to be good. They have to be really on the spot. Because when you don't have a plot, really, what shall you rely on? Just language. And sometimes I am so afraid of writing the wrong thing, I just sit and wait for the right thing to come. -- Per Petterson
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I can't stand a sentence until it sounds right. -- John Mcphee
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in the writing of good English is indispensable to any learned man who expects to make his learning count for what it ought to count in the effect on his fellow men. -- Theodore Roosevelt
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Give me a sentence which no intelligence can understand. There must be a kind of life and palpitation to it, and under its words akind of blood must circulate forever. -- Henry David Thoreau
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It can be a simple sentence that makes one single point and you build for that. You zero in on one moment that gets that character, you go for it, that's it, man, and if you fail the whole thing is down the drain, but if you make it you hit the moon. -- Jack Lemmon
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Music: what so many sentences aspire to be. -- Mary Oliver
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Before you can write a single sentence, you must first create an entire world to support it. -- Adam Santo
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That's the hardest thing to do-to stay with a sentence until it has said what it should say, and then to know when that has been accomplished. -- Vivian Gornick
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The first sentence cant be written until the final sentence is written. -- Joyce Carol Oates
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Every sentence stands on its own. Whether that's fair or not, that's kind of the way it is. -- Chris Hayes
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Every sentence, every phrase, every word has to fight for its life. -- Crawford Kilian
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I think a single sentence by Van Gogh is better than the whole work of all the art critics and art historians put together. -- John Olsen
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I still think it's really quite wonderful when I read a sentence of mine and it has that quality of lastingness. -- V.s. Naipaul
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It took me years to learn that sentences in fiction must do much more than stand around and look pretty. -- Karen Thompson Walker
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I still understand a few words in life, but I no longer think they make a sentence. -- Jean Rostand
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I had never been good with words. On the path from my heart to my brain to my mouth, phrases became twisted and hopelessly convoluted. The intent - what I meant to say - never quite made it out. -- Gabrielle Zevin
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I dream of summing everything up in the greatest sentence ever written. -- Mason Cooley
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If you can't write your message in a sentence, you can't say it in an hour. -- Dianna Daniels Booher
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Writers must rely more on the feel of a sentence than on the dictates of a rule book. -- James J. Kilpatrick
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A sentence can offer a moment of quiet, it can crackle with energy or it can just lie there, listless and uninteresting. What makes the difference? The verb. -- Constance Hale
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No" is a complete sentence. -- Anne Lamott
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A sentence is but a cheveril glove to a good wit; How quickly the wrong side may be turned outward! -- William Shakespeare
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I kept thinking the rest of my sentence would emerge from the air passing through my vocal cords, but nothing happened. -- John Green
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Sentences take shape from the words that are stacked on top of one another in the dusty chambers of my mind, waiting to be used--words that now peel off my lips, trembling as they come to life. -- Minka Pradelski
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There are times when the only access I have to the truest person that I am is when I'm alone and trying to solve a sentence. It's exciting, even when it's frustrating, even when I can't do it right. -- Elizabeth Gilbert
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Mr Robert Montgomery's genius [is] far too free and aspiring to be shackled by the rules of syntax? [His] readers must take such grammar as they can get and be thankful. -- Nathan Rothschild, 1St Baron Rothschild
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Another drink, another sentence, and the writing continues on ... -- Dennis R. Miller
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LIFE IS NOT A PARAGRAPH. I think about the bundle of clothes on the side of the track and I feel as though my throat is closing up. Life is not a paragraph, and death is no parenthesis. EVENING -- Paula Hawkins
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Write the story. Don't write sentences. -- James Patterson
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I'm a language-oriented writer who proceeds sentence by sentence. -- Jayne Anne Phillips
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Prescriptive grammar has spread linguistic insecurity like a plague among English speakers for centuries, numbs us to the aesthetic richness of non-standard speech, and distracts us from attending to genuine issues of linguistic style in writing. -- John Mcwhorter
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To cut and tighten sentences is the secret of mastery. -- Dejan Stojanovic
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Grammar to a writer is to a mountaineer a good pair of hiking boots or, more precisely, to a deep-sea diver an oxygen tank. -- A.a. Patawaran
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First sentences are doors to worlds. -- Ursula K. Le Guin
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There's no sentence that's too short in the eyes of God. -- William Zinsser
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You are all at once the subject, object, predicate, preposition, and period of my thoughts. -- Daria Snadowsky
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Begin your story with a sentence that will immediately grab hold of your listener's ears like a surly nun in a Catholic school. -- Amy Sedaris
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Punctuation are like road signs; without them we just may get lost... -- Nanette L. Avery
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The first thing to ask when writing a sentence is 'What am I trying to do?' -- Stanley Fish
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Grammar is ... the pole you grab to get your thoughts up on their feet and walking. -- Stephen King
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Life is a sentence without any fullstops. -- Danish Sayanee
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Words create sentences; sentences create paragraphs; sometimes paragraphs quicken and begin to breathe. -- Stephen King
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There is no one way to render an idea. Let's explore how masters of the sentence play with length and style to make their sentences distinctive. -- Constance Hale
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For any writer, the ability to look at a sentence and see what's superfluous, what can be altered, revised, expanded, and, especially, cut, is essential. It's satisfying to see that sentence shrink, snap into place, and ultimately emerge in a more polished form: clear, economical, sharp. -- Francine Prose
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No one wants to go out mid-sentence. -- Johnny Depp
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If life's lessons could be reduced to single sentences, there would be no need for fiction. -- Scott Turow
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A fine thought in fine language is a most precious jewel, and should not be hid away, but be exposed for use and ornament. -- Arthur Conan Doyle
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A sentence in a book may be the thing that changes your life. -- Stephen Reed
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Writing is a difficult thing. -- Scott Thompson
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It has taken me years of struggle, hard work, and research to learn to make one simple gesture, and I know enough about the art of writing to realize that it would take as many years of concentrated effort to write one simple, beautiful sentence. -- Isadora Duncan