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Sex is the greatest driving force on this planet. Christ, why are we living if we can't have a little fun? Sex is giving, and the more you give, the better lover you are. -- Jack Lalanne
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Sex is the glue of relationships, Caitlin, and it's what life is all about. It's the opposite of death, of giving up, of getting swamped by... What's out there. See it as symbolic. -- Mark Chadbourn
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Traditionally, sex has been a very private, secretive activity. Herein perhaps lies its powerful force for uniting people in a strong bond. As we make sex less secretive, we may rob it of its power to hold men and women together. -- Thomas Szasz
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Sex, like art, can unsettle a soul, can grind a heart in a mortar. Sex, like literature, can sneak the other within one's wall, even if for only a moment, a moment before one immures oneself again. -- Rabih Alameddine
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[Sex] is only a mirage, floating in shimmering mockery before the bulging eyes of middle-aged men as they stumble with little whimpers toward the double bed, that somewhere there is a person that will evoke from them sensations of which they dimly dream they are capable. -- Quentin Crisp
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Sweet intercourse of looks and smiles; for smiles from reason flow. -- John Milton
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Sex is like petrol. It's a galvaniser, a wonderful fuel for starting a relationship. -- Elizabeth Jane Howard
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Sexual activity is driven by the same aims and motives as reading poetry or listening to music: to escape the limitations imposed by the need for particularity in the consciousness. -- Colin Wilson
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Sex is the point of contact between man and nature, where morality and good intentions fall to primitive urges. -- Camille Paglia
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Pussy, pussy, pussy.
Cock, cock, cock.
Ass, ass, ass.
The games we play.
No, no, no, makes us obsessed to the point of insanity.
Yes, yes, yes, makes us superior to the point of cruelty.
It's just a fuck, after all. -- Robert Black
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Sex: the pleasure is momentary, the position ridiculous, and the expense damnable. -- Lord Chesterfield
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Sex is too sweet to speak about, you must only do it -- Bangambiki Habyarimana
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It is an old and ironic habit of human beings to run faster when we have lost our way; and we grasp more fiercely at research, statistics, and technical aids in sex when we have lost the values and meaning of love. -- Rollo May
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Sorry. Sexual intercourse? Coitus? The union and rhythm of our genitals? -- Jewel E. Ann
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Sex is emotion in motion. -- Mae West
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Everything is about sex, except sex -- Oscar Wilde
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Sex is a three letter word even the worst speller in the world can spell. -- Chloe Thurlow
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Sexual intercourse is a grossly overrated pastime; the position is undignified, the pleasure momentary and the consequences damnable. -- Lord Chesterfield
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With us, it'll never be just sex. -- Kelley R. Martin
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Because it's never really sex until someone squirts. -- Ben Monopoli
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The thrill of a boy putting his hands on you for the first time. -- Jenny Han
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Young lovers. If you get it right, it's amazing what you can share. The challenging part is maintaining it. -- S.a. Tawks
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The secret ingredient to sex is love. -- Lars Von Trier
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It is not sex that gives the pleasure, but the lover. -- Marge Piercy
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Sex has the unparalleled power to make us absurd to ourselves. It also has the power to make us understand transcendence. -- Erica Jong
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The emotion of sex is an "irresistible force," against which there can be no such opposition as an "immovable body." When driven by this emotion, men become gifted with a super power for action. -- Napoleon Hill
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Intimacy. We hunger for it, but we also fear it. -- Lillian B. Rubin
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Now that our sexual experience is increasingly available to us as a subject for contemplation, we have to extend our language to express our new consciousness until we have as many words for sexuality as the Eskimo has for snow, that pervasive, beautiful, and mortal climate in which we all live. -- Jane Rule
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Sex is the sweetest of all things. -- Lailah Gifty Akita
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New synonyms for sex: Going to a family function, getting the hard part over with, anti-fillet. Get it? Sex! -- Dana Gould
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[Sex] is something big and cosmic. What else do we have? There's only birth and death and the union of two people - and sex is the only one that happens to us more than once. -- Kathleen Winsor
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But sex as a physical act is merely athletics, a momentary relief. What it needs to be powerful is desire, and the strongest element of desire is longing. It's in the work. Desider-, sidus: from the stars. The longing that reaches beyond space and time. -- Rosemary Sullivan
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Sex is physical, mental, spiritual, emotional and soulful."

SPIRITUAL SEDUCTION, Novalee Champagne -- Nona Day
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Sex for men: when it's right, it's right; when it's wrong, it's still right. -- Richard Fish
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Just as trees bear their fruit before winter, just as bamboo grass produces its seeds just before it withers, sex is simply a struggle with death on the human level. -- Kobo Abe
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Sex is the sacred song of the soul; Sex is the sanctuary of Self. -- Aleister Crowley
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Sex is just a word. Love is a sentence -- Matt Fraction
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Sex is one's consolation when love is not enough -- Gabriel Garcia Marquez
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Through sex, mankind may attain the great spiritual illumination which will transform the world, which will light up the only path to earthly paradise. -- Margaret Sanger
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There are two important things in the world, the first is sex. The other isn't all that important. -- Woody Allen
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Hello, sex on legs -- Toni Aleo
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Sex and death: the front door and the back door of the world. -- William Faulkner
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Carter, it's not about sex. It's about showing our love for one another. It's about expressing our feelings for each other without words. It's about two people who share a connection so strong, so deep that no one could take it away. -- Annie Brewer
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Sex: the match that sets off human firework. -- Steve Toltz
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the great inequality, the great miscalculator, the great Irritator. -- Enid Bagnold
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Sex is not merely an entertainment; it is a courtesy and affability. -- M.f. Moonzajer
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That's what we do. We sex things up. -- Lauren Layne
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I prefer love over sex. -- Enrique Iglesias
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At nineteen, one lives in the utter idolatry, therefore the extreme superstition, of sex. Monstrously exaggerated tales about sexual feats, which we listen to greedily, determine our expectations. The disappointments are correspondingly great. -- Gregor Von Rezzori
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If every man is supposed to think of sex once every nine minutes, what on earth does he think of in the other eight? -- Peter Greenaway
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Intercourse is the organic expression of two psyches, not a mechanical plugging in. -- Michael Novak
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For most of our lives, sex seems fated to remain steeped in longing and awkwardness. Whatever the manuals may promise, there are really no solutions to the majority of the dilemmas sex creates for us. -- Alain De Botton
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More sex. We must have more sex. -- Laurell K. Hamilton
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I want to engage people in an honest, enlightened, and provocative conversation about the nature of erotic desire and the intricacies of intimacy and sexuality. The object of my game is to bring nonjudgmental, multicultural understanding to the challenges and choices of modern relationships. -- Esther Perel
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Sex is a spiritual experience. -- Deepak Chopra
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When you add love to sex, it feels as if your soul is being drawn from the chains of gravity into the core of the infinite. New feelings come to life, emotions without explanations that we try to name with that perplexing little word we avoid using as if the word is sacred or sacrilegious. -- Chloe Thurlow
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The sex drive is the most important and powerful behaviour in mankind. -- Richard Ramirez
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Civilized beings regard the act of intercourse as the highest expression of romantic love. One need only observe the behavior of animals, however, to realize that the act is often a form of violence. -- Fiona Paul
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The heart and soul of sex is the physical heat it creates between two bodies. Sometimes playful, sometimes passionate, sometimes pure and sweet, this skin-to-skin connection renews your bond and strengthens chemistry. -- Laura Berman
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It is generally my thesis then to insist on the importance of imagination in sex, to insist that the practice of sex, as performed among human beings, be accorded the same deliberate and playful application of fancy, imagination and intelligence as any other significant human activity. -- John Norman
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Sex could be a blissful communion,. But it could also be a weapon, and its absence, sometimes, was required for the establishment of peace. -- Ann Brashares
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Procreation is nature's principal occupation, and every man, whether he be young or old, when meeting every woman measures the potentiality of sex between them. -- Charlie Chaplin
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Sex is always good, isn't it? Well, actually it's not always good, but it's always a good thing. -- Marc Jacobs
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Sex is more than an act of pleasure, it is a way of showing your appreciation and love to the loved body through her senses. -- Baris Gencel
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Sex is a three act play: foreplay, play and afterplay. -- Chloe Thurlow
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Sex is like an atom bomb. A potent weapon which fascinates and frightens. We're afraid to let it loose, yet we all have our finger on the button.
Zeena Schreck, Cuir Underground: Sado-Magic for Satan Interview, 1998 -- Zeena Schreck
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Great sex is a natural drug. -- Toba Beta
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Sex and hypocrisy. They go together like coffee and cream. -- Paolo Bacigalupi
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Sexual passion is the cause of war and the end of peace, the basis of what is serious ... and consequently the concentration of all desire -- Arthur Schopenhauer
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The omnipresent process of sex, as it is woven into the whole texture of our man's or woman's body, is the pattern of all the process of our life. -- Havelock Ellis
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What urge will save us now that sex won't? -- Jenny Holzer
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Thrilling to the sensation of hard, teeming flesh. -- Emma Holly
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Sucking each other off? -- Sarina Bowen
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Inspiration before intercourse. -- Lisa Kessler
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Sex is like any other transaction, except that it is not like any other transaction. -- Frederick Lenz
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Sex is all that it can and should be only when it is surrounded by and wrapped in love. -- Kevin Leman
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Sexual intercourse ... a joyous, joyous, joyous, joyous impaling of woman on man's sensual mast. -- Anais Nin
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Sex is a fact of life ... and while it may lead to abuses ... no words need be spoken ... for people to know that the subject is one pleasantly interwoven in all human activities and involves the very substance of creation itself. -- Hugo Black
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Some of the best sex I can barely remember. -- Chelsea Handler
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Sex contained all sorts of promises - I love you, I will see you again, I will not hurt you. It bonded people. It took down defenses. It made humans do unwise things with their hearts and their money. -- Maggie Lacroix
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You're too embarrassed to say it? Sex. Go ahead, give it a go. Sexsexsex -- Wendy Higgins
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Sexual reproduction and food -- humans' two favorite subjects. -- Melissa Landers
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No feelings, just sex, and when it ends we walk away, -- Regan Ure
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The zombie sex, I have no idea. It must be like tantric sex. -- Billy Connolly
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Sex is the consolation you have when you can't have love -- Gabriel Garcia Marquez
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It happens that I despise that locution, "having sex," which describes something a good deal more mechanical than making love and a good deal less fun than fucking. -- Wallace Stegner
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The question of sex will take care of itself. -- Helen Frankenthaler
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The emotion of sex brings into being a state of mind. -- Napoleon Hill
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Thank goodness it wasn't real sex. -- Lana Cox
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Sex should be about mutual enjoyment, connection, the borrowing from another's fire at a moment when you want it most. -- Alessandra Torre
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Nothing is better than sex and nothing is exactly like it. -- Chloe Thurlow
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Humans love sex, we need sex, it's how we connect, it reminds us we're alive, it's the third most basic human need, after food and good movie popcorn. -- Billy Crystal
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Sex is a discovery. -- Fannie Hurst
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Sex gets us out of the house and out of ourselves. -- Alain De Botton
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We'd had some sort of sex, sex of the mind, sex of ideas, sex of words, hundreds of thousands of words. -- Lily King
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There is no instinct that has been so maligned, suppressed, abused, and distorted by religious teaching as the instinct of sex. -- Dora Russell
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If sex were all, then every trembling hand
Could make us squeak, like dolls, the wished-for words. -- Wallace Stevens
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And so I ask, "Would You agree that sex is where philosophy begins?" But God, who is the oldest of the philosophers, answers in his weary cryptic way, "Rather think of Sex as Time, and Time as the connection of new circuits. -- Norman Mailer
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Sex. Hunger. Rage. Hunger. Sex. Hunger. Rage. Hunger. -- Karen Marie Moning
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The best sex takes place in the mind first -- Jenna Jameson