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Shape Branding is Brand Design Agency. Our branding process will help you attract business without having to chase it. Brand Strategists based in Dublin, Ireland.Brand Identity Design -- Graphic Design
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staggered on together. A dark shape -- Jennie Hansen
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Shape? Does a fog have shape? Does the twilight? Does the onset of darkness? -- A.p.
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Art is when things appear rounded. -- Maurice Denis
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When you are describing,
A shape, or sound, or tint;
Don't state the matter plainly,
But put it in a hint;
And learn to look at all things,
With a sort of mental squint. -- Lewis Carroll
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Form is the shape of content ... -- Ben Shahn
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I've decided to get into shape, and the shape I've selected is a triangle. -- Howie Mandel
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The shape is the most important to me because it is what really matters and what's really missing in the market. Anything else is easier. -- Beth Ditto
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What is straight? A line can be straight, or a street, but the human heart, oh, no, it's curved like a road through mountains. -- Tennessee Williams
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I love when things bend out of shape. That's why I love drum and bass music. -- Kevin Shields
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Would wheel square in shape if earth's box in shape? -- Toba Beta
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T-shaped people " those with a depth of knowledge in at least one discipline and a breadth of knowledge about innovation and entrepreneurship that allows them to work effectively with professionals on other disciplines to bring their ideas to life. -- Tina Seelig
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In life there are squares and there are circles, sometimes it's best to be an oblong -- Benny Bellamacina
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She fit
against him like a teaspoon inside a tablespoon, curves angling
together in all the right places to lock them into place with a nearly
audible click of perfection -- Louisa Edwards
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We shape our self
to fit this world
and by the world
are shaped again -- David Whyte
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The right angle is one of the world's basic shapes. -- Claes Oldenburg
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We favor the simple expression of the complex thought. We are for the large shape because it has the impact of the unequivocal. We wish to reassert the picture plane. We are for flat forms because they destroy illusion and reveal truth. -- Mark Rothko
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Our knowledge of shape and form remains, in general, a mixture of visual and of tactile experiences ... A child learns about roundness from handling a ball far more than from looking at it. -- Henry Moore
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Flat or round, there has always been hate in the world. -- Tanith Lee
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with an unexpected wave in the middle and a mild curl at the ends. A hat maker would have deemed it a wide head while a modeling agency would regard it as round, -- Anne Mcaneny
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Straight is the line of Duty, Curved is the line of Beauty, Follow the straight line, thou shall see. The curved line ever follow thee. -- Hilary Mantel
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Everything is made up of shapes and spaces. -- Joey Lawsin
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The bent but unbroken ones. -- Rick Yancey
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In geometry, as in nature, the circle is the archetypal shape of wholeness and inclusion. It is an effective shape for nonprofits or community-focused efforts. -- Maggie Macnab
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I'm a square that wants to become a circle. -- A Friend
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It's OK to have a little bit of curve. -- Miranda Lambert
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A round man cannot be expected to fit in a square hole right away. He must have time to modify his shape. -- Mark Twain
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I am like a child who blows up a bubble of soap. At first the bubble is very small, but it is already spherical. Then the child blows the bubble up very softly, until he is afraid that it will burst. -- Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot
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On the earth the broken arcs; in the heaven a perfect round. -- Robert Browning
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Magic lives in curves, not angles. -- Mason Cooley
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We are characters - spoken and shaped down to the rhythms of the electrons in our toe fungus. But we are also active. We have been shaped in the Shaper's image. -- N.d. Wilson
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People who look through keyholes are apt to get the idea that most things are keyhole shaped Author unknown -- Lynelle Clark
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A person's irregular surfaces are what make us interesting. -- Kilroy J. Oldster
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I'm so well-rounded I'm almost spherical. -- Brian Katcher
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I like architectural shapes. You can't put any shape on any body, except on the runway. In reality, it has to look and feel flattering. -- Bibhu Mohapatra
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Beauty is in all shapes and sizes -- Holland Roden
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I guess a sock is also a geometric shape - technically - but I don't know what you'd call it. A socktagon? -- Stephen King
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There is no geometry here; or rather there is a secret, infinitely non-Eucledian and subtle geometry, a secret harmony that the mind seizes before the intelligence. -- Alan Macfarlane
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The gist of the Twist is chiefly in the hips -- Chubby Checker
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Man must shape his tools lest they shape him. -- Arthur Miller
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Basic geometric shapes communicate universal qualities common to all cultures. Practical design integrates them appropriately. -- Maggie Macnab
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It is necessary that the object that the artist is shaping, whether it be a vase of clay or a fishing boat, be significant of something other than itself. This object must be a sign as well as an object; a meaning must animate it, and make it say more than it is. -- Jacques Maritain
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God built the world, but he did not know it was round. -- Jim Jefferies
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proportioned. While -- Jules Verne
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Mighty is geometry; joined with art, resistless. -- Euripides
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The shape of your character is the shape of your future. -- Erwin Mcmanus
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It doesn't really exist; it's just basically lots of different stages between the two pieces, and you end up with, like, a third shape that doesn't exist but is suggested to you by the image. -- Sean Booth
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No sane creator, setting out from scratch to design a flat-fish, would have conceived on his drawing board the absurd distortion of the head needed to bring both eyes round to one side. -- Richard Dawkins
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Blessed are the flexible for they will not allow themselves to become bent out of shape! -- Robert Ludlum
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There is no closed figure in nature. Every shape participates with another. No one thing is independent of another, and one thing rhymes with another, and light gives them shape. -- Henri Cartier-Bresson
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Patterns that Arthur knew, rough blobby shapes that were as familiar to him as the shapes of words, part of the furniture of his mind. For a few seconds he sat in stunned silence as the images rushed around his mind and tried to find somewhere to settle down and make sense ... -- Douglas Adams
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Thou art moist and soft clay; thou must instantly be shaped by the glowing wheel.
[Lat., Udum et molle lutum es: nunc, nunc properandus et acri
Fingendus sine fine rota.] -- Aulus Persius Flaccus
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Take it from me, its hip to be square. -- Huey Lewis
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Honestly, I'm a shallow performer. I just go with the text and feel my way around it. There's not a whole lot of shaping. -- George Wendt
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You can look at the words on this paper and, because they are the ones I am used to choosing, they will show you the shape of me. I am here to be read in the way you might read the impression of my weight in a bed after a still night, a restless night, a night not alone. -- A. L. Kennedy
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Life is shaped from the inside out. -- Arianna Huffington
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An image begins taking shape. Soon, however, it becomes diagonally deformed, like italics, and disappears like a flame blown out. Then the whole process starts again. The image strains to right itself. Trembling, it tries to give concrete form to something. But the image will not come together. -- Haruki Murakami
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...words so precisely placed that in combination with other words, also precisely placed, they carve out a shape in space and time. -- Stanley Fish
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like a patchwork of twisting tunnels and -- Shawn Thomas Odyssey
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Straight? So is spaghetti until you heat it up -- Jet Mykles
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Made out a shape at the other end of the greenhouse, -- Jonathan Kellerman
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If your born square you don't die round! -- Stephen J. Costello
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That holy shape becomes a devil best. -- Christopher Marlowe
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iconoclastically. -- Susan Cain
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I like my women soft and round. His blue gaze burned into hers. I don't lie, Becca. I love your body, every single curve, every dimple, every scar. -- Cherise Sinclair
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Your soul has a curious shape because it is a hollow made to fit a particular swelling in the infinite contours of the Divine Substance ... -- C.s. Lewis
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God shapes us with a hammer of pain on an anvil of duty. I cannot imagine what shape we will be when He is finished. -- Tad Williams
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See, the world is narrowing. We each live in a bubble of attitude. Everything tailored for us. No happenstance, only what I already am and know. At a certain point I find my shape is less here.' A palm flat on his chest.
'More out there.' Laying the palm on his keyboard. -- Matthew Blakstad
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Plexi, plexi, bend don't shatter. Once you're broken, shape won't matter. -- Jack Johnson
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In geometry Anne met her Waterloo. "It's perfectly awful stuff, Marilla," she groaned. "I'm sure I'll never be able to make heads or tail of it. There is not scope for imagination in it at all. -- L.m. Montgomery
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Lines and angles, flat and bland,
raise these volumes and make them stand. -- James Moloney
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What a curious shape you are! May I ask were you born like that, or is it the result of an accident?" "It -- Oscar Wilde
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The building blocks of Life are made up of shapes and spaces. -- Joey Lawsin
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I'm more a 1950s hourglass shape. -- Sarah Hay
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I have been a multitude of shapes, Before I assumed a consistent form. -- Taliesin
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Be sure to bend but never break -- Nikki Rowe
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The beams and bridges cut the light on the ground into little triangles and the rails run round -- Suzanne Vega
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What bends, can break. -- Marty Rubin
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Try not to make a straight line crooked. -- Matthew Mcconaughey
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No matter what the illusion created, it is a flat canvas and it has to be organized into shapes ... -- David Hockney
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Man's body had a different shape in the past from that of the present, and from that which it will have in the future. During involution it was approximately spherical, as it still is during ante-natal life, because the intra-uterine development is a recapitulation of past stages of evolution. -- Max Heindel
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flared out at the bottom. She wore so -- Brittainy C. Cherry
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Deep down, it's all baseball, no matter what kind of geometrical shape you play it with. -- Vernon D. Burns
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Today stretches ahead of you waiting to be shaped. You are the sculptor who gets to do the shaping. What today will be like is up to you. -- Steve Maraboli
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First we shape our tools, thereafter they shape us -- Marshall Mcluhan
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If time and space are curved where do all the straight people come from? -- R.j. Scott
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Because it does feel important to say it really doesn't matter what shape you are. -- Keira Knightley
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Don't confuse deformed with cute. -- Evelyn Smith
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We shape our tools and afterwards our tools shape us. -- Marshall Mcluhan
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Human nature is like water. It takes the shape of its container. -- Wallace Stevens
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Just a dark shape against an even darker background. -- Tom Perrotta
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The trouble is, writing the damn thing is like unscrewing your skull and pouring the contents of your brain into an empty tank. The tank has a shape, more or less - has more or less defined edges, a bottom and sides. But what it mostly has is volume: a hungry space I've somehow got to fill. -- Mike Carey
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It's one of the shapes money takes when it freezes. -- Margaret Atwood
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God forever geometrizes. -- Plato
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Even abstract shapes must have a likeness -- Willem De Kooning
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Straight lines don't exist in the human form and are extremely rare in nature, so the human touch in the logo is that all the lines and forms have at least a slight curve. -- Marissa Mayer
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Solid and dense as his own, a nose ring and angelbites. -- Cherrie Lynn
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We'll build our own world in the shape of us. -- Kelly Moran
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Beauty is geometry. -- J.k. Rowling
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A ruler isn't always straight. -- Robert Half