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It is proper Netiquette to contribute free resources to the internet, share.
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If you build a cloud network, people will share.
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To share a story is in part to take ownership of it, especially because you are often able to comment on a story that you are sharing on social media.
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Sharing is the answer for humanity. When we share we recognize that God is our brother, and unless we have that trust created by sharing, then nothing can be done.
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Love is there when you share.
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Share & enjoy life, the universe & everything
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Knowledge was meant to be shared.
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I like sharing stuff with people. I feel like it's kind of at their own discretion, you can see too much if you want to see too much.
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Everybody has to share something. This is one of the most important laws of the human condition, is the necessity to share. This is the task of the writer - but not only of a writer, of every human being - it is to share something that he or she has.
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I saw you flirting and sharing with those girls out there, and I'm telling you now, I don't share. No one else gets to see this. No one else gets to touch it. No one else gets to taste it. Just me.
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Giving freely is sharing freely.
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Giving is sharing.
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My dad has always taught me these words: care and share.
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The only way to make a great thought great is to share it.
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I'm genuinely curious about people, and I'm always interested when people do share with me. But I would not want someone to share something with me and then after the fact feel uncomfortable or regret it.
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Sharing is a much better way to communicate than proving.
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Share everything. Don't take things that aren't yours. Put things back where you found them.
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If you find yourself unwilling to share, you are cheating yourself.
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I keep what's mine, and I do not share.
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Dare to share for to give is to truly live.-RVM
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Always remember there is nothing worth sharing like the love that let us share our name.
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Share and enjoy the fruits of this planet.
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I tend not to share things unnecessarily with those I despise.
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Share love. Share time. Share friendship. Just share. Put some love into everything you do.
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I've learned that once children gain a sense of real possession, they share very naturally, freely, and spontaneously.
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Even on Facebook, like, I wouldn't share everything with my friends, because that's obnoxious.
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Loving and appreciating each individual, including ourselves, as the showing forth of the One Creative Principle, takes a great deal of humility and this includes sharing.
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Sharing our ideas with others is a way of showing what is important to us. We are sending out signals about ourselves as we highlight what we value and care about.
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Consume less; share better.
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The best way to get started on the path to sharing your work is to think about what you want to learn, and make a commitment to learning in front of others.
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Sharing is sometimes
more demanding than giving.
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There is no joy in possession without sharing.
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The best part of writing is sharing it.
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By giving people the power to share, we're making the world more transparent.
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When you share your knowledge, you gain wisdom. Share as much as you can and as often as you can.
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I wish I were like Facebook; being able to 'like' and 'share' everything I get.
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What does sharing music mean? It means playing it for people.
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Art is too important not to share.
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Sharing an idea you care about is a generous way to change your world for the better.
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The heart dances with joy when you're sharing.
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Life is so precious, it should be shared.
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When you're in a functional friendship or a functional relationship, and you feel like you've got something to share, you can share it with a friend, a lover or whatever.
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You can only begin to share life well when you think well of yourself.
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Think about what you have to share that could be of some value to people. Share a handy tip you've discovered while working. Or a link to an interesting article. Mentition a good book you're reading.
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The power to share has already turned once-solitary activities into social occasions.
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A friend who shares is a friend who cares.
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Share your love, share your happiness; you will be rich and a great success.
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Sacrifice begins with sharing.
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Mother says,
People share
when they know they have escaped hunger.
Shouldn't people share
because there is hunger?
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In general, sharing and using things decreases their value. However, knowledge increases by implementation and especially by sharing among people.
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Hasn't my mother warned you that I've never been good at sharing?
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Sharing life brings the greatest joy.
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Beauty is not diminished by being shared.
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The beauty of life is sharing life.
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Cities are platforms for sharing.
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As you make a prototype, assume you are right and everyone else is wrong. When you share your prototype, assume you are wrong and everyone else is right.
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Life is better when you share it.
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Share your happiness, share your love; you will always be happy and beloved.
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Define your priorities, know your values and believe in your purpose. Only then can you effectively share yourself with others.
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The most unique thing about music making is sharing.
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The sharing of a book is a statement - a message of affection that is also an act of self-revelation. Join my club, it says. Come and sit beside me.
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Never pass up any opportunity to share your gifts with the world.
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Sharing education, sharing a book ... that's what changes the world.
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Public sharing is an important part of science.
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Take that which God has given you and share it.
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The mere act of sharing something can, in other words, be a form of self-expression.
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Be not selfish in your doings: pass it on.
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Your default mode should be to share everything
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Why I have had such a huge career and why I have sold over four million books, is that people can do what I share with them to do.
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I'm lucky that people feel comfortable sharing things with me.
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Sweetheart, for you, I'd share whatever you asked.
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problem shared is a problem halved.
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Look at your own poverty
welcome it
cherish it
don't be afraid
share your death
because thus you will share your love and your life
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Disseminating knowledge is the human duty, sharing it about so that all can benefit.
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What I do best is share my enthusiasm.
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Relationships are all about trust and equality. If one person shares, then the other person should share, too.
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Sharing knowledge is sharing wealth
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You must feel love within, before you can share it.
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As we benefit from the inventions of others, we should be glad to share our own ... freely and gladly.
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You don't share the things you're forced to share [on a movie set].
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Once I was able to take care of myself and my children, I then wanted to share.
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You share with people who've earned the right to hear your story ... You have to earn the right to hear my story. It's an honor to hold space for me when I'm in shame.
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Success is best when it is shared.
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I think music sharing of any kind is great.
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Authority's for sharing only when the sharer is sure of his (or hers).
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Success is best when it's shared.
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It's important not to be afraid ego-wise to share your information.
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Sharing money is what gives it its value.
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Sharing knowledge is not about giving people something, or getting something from them. That is only valid for information sharing. Sharing knowledge occurs when people are genuinely interested in helping one another develop new capacities for action; it is about creating learning processes.
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Having been given that public trust, we have a responsibility to share with the public.
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On Sharing
I'm sorry, but if your brother doesn't want you to play with his shit, then you can't play with it. It's his shit. If he wants to be an asshole and not share, then that's his right. You always have the right to be an asshole - you just shouldn't use that right very often.
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People enjoy being able to articulate their interests and define themselves by selectively compiling and resharing content created by others
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This is the world I want to live in. The shared world.
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The one who can share will always have a advantage in Life.
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I have shared my whole life. My private and my show business life. It helps me actually to feel my songs and to go on with my dreams.
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In fact, sharing your process might actually be most valuable if the products of your work aren't easily shared,
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File sharing is our radio; that's the way people hear our stuff.
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I think sharing experiences is a great thing in order to change things in society.
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Our wisdom grows not by staking out claims and defending them against all comers, but by sharing information freely, so that we may work together for the betterment of all.
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Here's what is exciting about sharing ideas with others: If you share a new idea with ten people, they get to hear it once and you get to hear it ten times.