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Truth is short; lies are long. -- Jeff Funk
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I write short, my words tight to the thread of the narrative. -- Carmen Laforet
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All short stories long. -- Ali Smith
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You are wise as well as short."
"I can also break bricks with my bare hands."
"That's a handy skill if you ever find yourself walled up in the basement of an abandoned house by a psychopath. -- Nora Roberts
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Life isn't really short. There are just too many good books to read in one lifetime. -- Mokokoma Mokhonoana
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Swift as shadow, short as any dream -- William Shakespeare
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Life is short; but you are tall enough to reach for your destiny. -- Matshona Dhliwayo
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Life is too short for a long story. -- Mary Wortley Montagu
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Life is short and the art long. -- Hippocrates
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A short story is a short prose narrative, requiring from a half hour, to one or two hours in its perusal ... having conceived, with deliberate care, a certain unique or single effect to be wrought out ... -- Edgar Allan Poe
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I often say flippantly that the short story is ... shorter; you can be done with it more easily. It's much less of a commitment of time and energy than a big project like a novel or long nonfiction book. -- Bobbie Ann Mason
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There are no short hitters on the tour anymore - just long and unbelievably long. -- Sam Snead
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I was short with my fastball and breaking ball. -- Bruce Sutter
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I'm not a tall man. I'm just a hair under 5'5. -- Samm Levine
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Sports life is very short. -- Sergei Bubka
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Paddy is untall. Paddy hates the term "short" with a passion most folks reserve for the tax man. His distaste for the tax man exceeds known measurement. -- Patrick Thomas
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Short accounts make long friends. -- Anthony Trollope
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That's the fun thing about fashion: it changes. One day, we're into short, the next we're into full length for day, or half short and long. -- Jason Wu
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There's nothing as short as short-term debt. -- Evan Esar
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The faster you go, the shorter you are. -- Albert Einstein
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Life is short. But so are midgets. -- Jarod Kintz
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What is the short meaning of the long speech? -- Friedrich Schiller
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At five feet, two inches, I am the shortest girl in my class. -- Joelle Charbonneau
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My legs are long but my body is too short. -- Sophie Monk
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I almost short her once or twice, but the excitement ends there. -- Becca Fitzpatrick
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Life is too short because we die. -- Christopher Locke
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Tall girls are hot. Short girls are cute -- Harry Styles
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My short game's not that good. It just becomes a matter of getting that weight moving. -- Ozzie Smith
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People say they want shorter, but really want something that rivets them. They've got endless time for great. -- Bob Lefsetz
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I don't care that you're short. I like lots of things that are short. Little dogs and daffodils. I hate you because you're mean as a snake. Would it kill you to be nice? -- Janet Evanovich
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Life is not short or long, it lies in a moment, for a moment and by the moment. -- Santosh Kalwar
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The art is long, life is short. -- Hippocrates
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Never use a long word where a short one will do. -- George Orwell
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Life is not too short ... we just wait too long to begin it. -- Joel Osteen
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Life is short, but wide. -- Rebecca Wells
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Long quaffing maketh a short lyfe. -- John Lyly
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If you take shortcuts, you get cut short. -- Gary Busey
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A short story is what you see when you look out of the window. -- Mavis Gallant
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Life is short. Eternity is long. -- Bentley Little
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Always be shorter than anybody dared to hope. -- Rufus Isaacs, 1St Marquess Of Reading
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The more you've got, the shorter it feels. -- John Perry Barlow
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A short story is something that you can hold in your mind. You can really analyze how the entire thing works, like a machine. -- Chuck Palahniuk
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Your name's longer'n you are. -- Harper Lee
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Man wants little, nor that little long. -- Edward Young
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My attention span is very short. --
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If a book is well written,I always find it to short. -- Jane Austen
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I am short a cheek-bone and an ear, but am able to whip all hell yet. -- John M. Corse
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Everything of mine which has been filmed so far has been one character short, and that character is me. -- Kurt Vonnegut
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Life is short, death is forever -- Marsha Qualey
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A short story is the ultimate close-up magic trick
a couple of thousand words to take you around the universe or break your heart. -- Neil Gaiman
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Life is too short to be small. -- Tim Ferriss
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Tis better, sir, to be brief than tedious. -- William Shakespeare
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I started to shortcircuit because I had high aspirations for the film. I never told anybody that. -- Mickey Rourke
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If Life is short, then mine is fat and balding also -- Josh Stern
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Life is short, art is long. -- Hippocrates
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I feel sorry for short people, you know. When it rains, they're the last to know. -- Rodney Dangerfield
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With short hair you begin to crave pearl necklaces, long earrings, and a variety of sunglasses. Short hair removes obvious femininity and replaces it with style. -- Joan Juliet Buck
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I'm not short," Daisy muttered. "Short women are never mysterious, or elegant, or pursued by handsome men. And they're always treated like children. I refuse to be short. -- Lisa Kleypas
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It's not the length of the word; it's how well you use it! -- Rachel Vincent
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A short horse is soone currid. -- John Heywood
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Life is short and the world is wide -- Simon Raven
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I'm short, I'm Jewish and I'm a liberal. -- Paul Wellstone
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People say I'm wearing heels because I'm short. I wear heels because the women like 'em. -- Prince
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Short as life is, we make it still shorter by the careless waste of time. -- Victor Hugo
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The two times I have cut my hair shorter, I've ended up out of work - so short hair is not an option. -- Marie Helvin
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Life's to short for chess. -- Henry James Byron
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I'm Short and fat and proud of that!! -- A.a. Milne
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This is Mr. Round."
"SHORT Round. -- James Kahn
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I don't know what the definition of a short story is, and I don't even care to answer that question. That's something somebody in academia would think about. I just want to tell a story, and if people listen, and if it stays with you, it's a story. -- Sandra Cisneros
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Life is short but heartache is shorter -- Tyler Perry
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I am paid by the word, so I always write the shortest words possible. -- Bertrand Russell
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I've been fortunate to be short my entire life. There's only one position I've ever had to play, and that's point guard. So I've always had to be that leader. And that was my job: you know, to talk. -- Chris Paul
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Long note? Yes. Make it seem short. -- Eugene Ormandy
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I have a short attention span. -- Tony Scott
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I'm into short emails. -- Denis Mcdonough
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How can time be long or short? Time is without length or breadth. The question is, what happened during its passing. And what happened is, our lives have been joined together. -- Rohinton Mistry
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I strive to be brief but I become obscure. -- Horace
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Being short and seeing a promoter take the stock up is very irritating. It's not worth it to have that much irritation in your life. -- Charlie Munger
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Ten shot her a glare. "Zip it, shorty."
"Shorty?" Reese gasped and set her hand over her heart. "I'll have you know I'm two inches taller than Eva."
"Wow, I'm so impressed. I think I just pissed myself from excitement. -- Linda Kage
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If a book is well written, I will always find it too short. -- Jane Austen
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People who are short, they're often portrayed as the victim. -- Warwick Davis
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Interestingly, songs used to be short, then they became longer, and now they're getting shorter. -- Casey Kasem
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Life is short is what some niggaz said; not if you measure life - by how one lives and what he did. -- Nas
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Life's too short for chess. -- Henry James Byron
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The shortness of life cannot dissuade us from its pleasures, nor console us for its pains. -- Luc De Clapiers
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He said all I could do was tell them, so that is what I did, I told them all the long the short and the tall -- David Clarke
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Short stories are tiny windows into other worlds and other minds and other dreams. They are journeys you can make to the far side of the universe and still be back in time for dinner. -- Neil Gaiman
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Short wins does not guarantee long victories. -- Krishna Sagar
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If you can't be smart or funny, be brief. -- J.a. Konrath
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The short story is a very natural mode of storytelling; most stories can be told quickly. I always think of them as like a tightrope walk - every sentence is a step along the rope, and you can so easily misplace your step and break your neck. -- Kevin Barry
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Do short people reach their full potential quicker? -- Benny Bellamacina
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A short piece of work means as much to me as a long piece of work. -- Harold Pinter
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I love writing shorter fiction. -- Matthew Pearl
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That's No'-as-big-as-Medium-Sized-Jock-but-bigger-than-Wee-Jock-Jock, mistress,' said Not-as-big-as-Medium-Sized-Jock-but-bigger-than-Wee-Jock-Jock. 'Ye were one jock short,' he added helpfully. -- Terry Pratchett
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Short people DO NOT like to be picked up. -- Amy Poehler
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Life is to short to be small. -- Benjamin Disraeli
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Man wants but little here below, nor wants that little long. -- Oliver Goldsmith
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This life, gentlemen, is too short for our souls. -- Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe
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If a book is well written, I also find it too short. -- Jane Austen
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Life is short and art is long. -- Seneca The Younger