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Vodka Redbull: Upper meets downer in an effervescent hybrid of bubble gum and junkie piss -- Diablo Cody
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I rarely drink from the bottle, but I'll smoke a little weed, -- Aaron Lewis
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There can be nothing more frequent than an occasional drink. -- Oscar Wilde
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Beer ... a high and mighty liquor. -- Julius Caesar
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For watching sports, I tend to drink Guinness; early evenings always begin well with a Grey Goose and tonic with plenty of lime; and on a cold winter's night, there's nothing quite like a glass of Black Maple Hill ... an absolute peach of a bourbon. -- Martin Bashir
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What shall we drink to?"
"How about family?" Stacy said, showing up just in time to pour a fourth shot. "To those who are here, those who are gone, and those who are lost." and she clicked glasses with mom -- Kristin Hannah
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A martini. Shaken, not stirred. -- Sean Connery
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I know that people think I'm a party king; but, face it, if I finished the bottle every time I took a drink, I wouldn't be able to do the aerials I do onstage. -- David Lee Roth
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my brother's cognac and tobacco talk -- Charles Dickens
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Do you always drink Sprite?" I asked.
"Yeah, why?"
"I want to buy some for when you visit my place."
Bailey grinned like I had told her she won the lottery. If she kept smiling at me that way, I didn't think my ego could fit into the restaurant much longer. -- Bijou Hunter
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down. He realized he hadn't taken a single sip. -- William Kent Krueger
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I drink for the thirst to come. -- Francois Rabelais
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Drink is the feast of reason and the flow of soul. -- Alexander Pope
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In a long journey straw waighs. -- George Herbert
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I aint a drinker Im a thinker, call it what you want -- Kendrick Lamar
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With a sudden jerk of her bulky handbag, Claire Randall had bumped both whisky glasses off the table, showering Roger's lap and thighs with single malt whisky -- Diana Gabaldon
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Drinking is in reality an occupation which employs a considerable portion of the time of many people; and to conduct it in the most rational and agreeable manner is one of the great arts of living. -- James Boswell
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I like the effect drink has on me. -- Oliver Reed
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You know, up until later on today, I never really knew how to drink. -- Mary Robison
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I'm sticking with the Heinekens, but doing a few shots here and there. -- Jeff Hanneman
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brandy to sleep at night. -- J.d. Robb
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wine. Three cans of beer -- Anne Tyler
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I am drinking the stars -- Dom Perignon
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Vodka tonic with lemon. -- Tracy Brogan
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Pepsi: Drink Coke. -- Joseph Fink
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I drink to separate my body from my soul. -- Oscar Wilde
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Sugar and salt and kicks and kisses. -- Kami Garcia
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I'll tell you the truth: I had a double brandy before the game but, before, it used to be four bottles of whisky. Not any more. I was fine. I had a glass of wine after the game. But it was just a mouthful. -- Paul Gascoigne
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I'm the straw that stirs the drink. -- Reggie Jackson
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I love a whiskey chaser. -- Tiffany Reisz
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It is well to remember that there are five reasons for drinking: the arrival of a friend, one's present or future thirst, the excellence of the cognac, or any other reason -- W.c. Fields
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In the Immortal word of Socrates...I drank what?

Form the movie Real Genius -- Chris Knight
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The drinks were put in front of them. They stared at the drinks. They drank the drinks. Mr. -- Terry Pratchett
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A sip of wine, a cigarette, And then it's time to go. I tidied up the kitchenette; I tuned the old banjo. I'm wanted at the traffic-jam. They're saving me a seat. -- Leonard Cohen
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Many in the world are searching, often intensely, for a source of refreshment that will quench their yearning for meaning and direction in their lives. They crave a cool, satisfying drink of insight and knowledge that will soothe their parched souls. -- Joseph B. Wirthlin
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I'm not a big drinker. I don't really drink at all. But my dad and his pals will want to have a good swally because their nerves will be in some state, man! -- Charlie Flynn
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I drink because I'm thirsty. -- Shane Macgowan
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Second glasses of excellent -- James Patterson
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I will never, ever drink whiskey again. From now on, it's strictly sherry. -- Libba Bray
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He sips his drink and it leaves his handlebar mustache dripping like a cattle dog come outta a river. -- Erin Bowman
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In The Jack Daniels Sessions, folktales and modern landscapes collide, exploding and reforming in the form of an intriguing and intelligent collection. Cotman seizes the stories of tired tradition and galvanizes them, setting them to dance for us in wonderful, new interpretations. -- Cat Rambo
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Drinking is the soldier's pleasure. -- John Dryden
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S policy: "no snacks, no seconds, no sweets - except on days that begin with the letter S. -- Michael Pollan
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The world will always need a drink -- Gillian Flynn
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Orange flavoring and vodka. They -- Truman Capote
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chickaree coffee. -- Kristen Proby
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Ya think that the whiskey tastes good? Try a big cup of sobriety - now that is the good stuff! -- Steven Tyler
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What he hates about whisky hangovers, he thinks now, is the synthesis they achieve between the spiritual and the gastric, as if your soul needs to throw up or your stomach has realised life is meaningless. -- Ned Beauman
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Fetches cups of caf. -- Chuck Wendig
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I just did an interview where I was asked whether I drink beer or whisky, and I was sad to reveal that I'm pounding spring water. -- Brad Delson
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Is there anything in this place to drink that didn't once filter through internal organs? -- Sherrilyn Kenyon
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said. I gulped down some -- Seth Andrew Jacob
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Water, water everywhere and not a drop to drink. -- Samuel Taylor Coleridge
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For a bad hangover take the juice of two quarts of whisky. -- Eddie Condon
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Johnnie Walker in the tea, Jim Beam in the coffee -- Adrian Mckinty
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I quot the drink name because pouring fifteen different types of liquor into a glass of Coke does not an LIit make. But I learned an invaluable lesson that night: after one glass, who gives a shit anymore. Your taste buds sure don't. -- Harper Bentley
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Beer has long been the prime lubricant in our social intercourse and the sacred throat-anointing fluid that accompanies the ritual of mateship. To sink a few cold ones with the blokes is both an escape and a confirmation of belonging. -- Rennie Ellis
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I drink to forget I drink. -- Joe E. Lewis
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Porter it was that fattened people in my own fami ly, and it would be a hard thing not to drink porter with every other decent man, and maybe stand fi l ling your pipe with your back to the counte r , and maybe talk of the time you were in j a i l in England -- Anonymous
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I will drink life to the lees. -- Alfred Tennyson
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I drink for the effect, because it loosens up the tongue a little bit. -- Peter Steele
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Where in this pukehole can a man get a drink? he said -- Cormac Mccarthy
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My nerves could use a drink. -- Grace Kelly
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A small cup of the deceivingly cheerful cherry-red syrup -- Galaxy Craze
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Glasses are for people that sips instead of drinks. -- Kai Starr
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Basically, this guy was a saint, so we drink. -- Michelle Michaels
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Empty whiskey bottles strewn about like forgotten failures -- Michael Coorlim
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Some drink to forget, some drink to remember-me, I drink to get bagged, -- Jackie Gleason
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Who keeps putting alcohol in my alcohol? -- Tara Sivec
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One should not chug an entire glass of wine at an elegant dinner party. I start hacking and coughing, having practically water-boarded myself out of sheer humiliation. -- Lisa Daily
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Now, a month later, I sit, foggy, a similar state of mind, in a different seafood restaurant with a locals-know-every-secret bar, two happy hour martinis downed, fidgeting with my napkin below the lip of the table, and I barely hear Wendy ask me another question. She brought a bag of them tonight. -- Justin Bog
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Hefeweizen. Never drink something you can't spill. -- Steve Miller
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I don't drink these days. I am allergic to alcohol and narcotics. I break out in handcuffs. -- Robert Downey Jr.
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Let us take the air, in a tobacco trance,
Admire the moments
Discuss the late events,
Correct our watches by the public clocks.
Then sit for half an hour and drink our bocks. -- T. S. Eliot
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It is too easy lately to drink too much. To love the warm way it numbs. And I feel Jake watching me; he's counting my drinks too. -- T. Greenwood
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Everything in moderation except whiskey, and sometimes too much whiskey is just enough. -- Mark Twain
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I like to drink to suit my location. -- Tom Jones
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As you head into adulthood, June, you may occasionally encounter oversize exotic beverages of an alcoholic nature. I felt it was my duty to acquaint you with these potentially hazardous drinks. -- Carol Rifka Brunt
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I never touched drink. It uproots you. Plants you some place you will never remember the morning after. -- Abigail George
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I lose all control after two drinks of anything. -- Mercedes Mccambridge
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Normally, I don't drink on the job," she said to Rafe, "but damned if that old bastard hasn't given me a reason to start."
(Sam, Graham Winters secretary) -- Christine Warren
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It's nice to watch television but it's even nicer when you've got a drink in your hand,' Gregory Ratcliffe, a Birmingham shopkeeper, told Reynolds News. 'Makes it more intimate somehow. Gives you the feeling that you're in a posh cabaret. -- David Kynaston
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I'm drinking lots of rum and popping pinks and greys. -- L. Ron Hubbard
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So, what would you like to drink?"
"Aside from you?"
I laughed anxiously. "You can't drink me."
He leaned forward, his eyes running up and down my body, causing my skin to heat. "Yes, I believe I can. And I believe I will. But for now, I'll just have a Bombay and tonic. -- Karina Halle
Sips Quotes : pic 000513422 really feel a difference from drinking it?" Lad asked.
I nodded. He nearly jumped out of the chair and charged past me to the kitchen.
I followed him. "What are you doing?"
"Getting you a refill. -- Amy Patrick
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Oh, this beer here is cold, cold and hop-bitter, no point coming up for air, gulp, till it's all
hahhhh. -- Thomas Pynchon
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That questionable superfluity small beer. -- Douglas William Jerrold
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Suiffy, have you ever felt a sort of strange emptiness in the heart? A sort of aching void of the soul?'
'Oh, rather!'
'What do you do about it?'
'I generally take a couple of cocktails. -- P.g. Wodehouse
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I am delicate and the world is impossibly wrong, is unthinkable and I am not forewarned, forearmed, equipped. I cannot manage. If there was something useful I could do, I would - but there isn't. So I drink. -- A. L. Kennedy
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Ambitions and dreams put you at a drinking table with unexpected companions. Cups were filled and refilled, making you drunk with the illusion of changing the world. -- Guy Gavriel Kay
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Shaken and not stirred. -- Ian Fleming
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Champagne hangovers suck. -- Katie Mcgarry
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French martinis or lemon drops or cosmos and impromptu viewings of Auntie Mame (the Rosalind Russell version, not the Lucille Ball version) or Steel Magnolias. -- Kristen Ashley
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What are you drinking?" "Number fifty-four; it's supposed to be a chardonnay." Experimentally, Eve sipped again. "It's at least three steps up from horse piss. I recommend it. -- J.d. Robb
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I'm what you might call a Pepsi addict. -- S.e. Hinton
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I haven't had an alcoholic drink in 22 years, but when I did drink I'd go for either Canadian whisky or Budweiser. Sometimes both. For a long time I used to think "Hey you, get off the floor!" was my name. -- Alice Cooper
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The air over the table like the sparkling space just above a fresh-poured seltzer. -- David Foster Wallace
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What I never understand about a hangover is, where does the breath come from? You know what I mean? I mean, is someone shitting in your mouth? -- Richard Pryor
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Take sips of this pure wine being poured. Don't mind that you've been given a dirty cup. -- Rumi
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Gin and tonic," Christian says. "Hendricks if you have it or Bombay Sapphire. Cucumber with the Hendricks, lime with the Bombay. -- E.l. James