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Keep in mind that when you're working with your family, "slow" is "fast" and "fast" is -- Stephen R. Covey
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Being Slow means that you control the rhythms of your own life. You decide how fast you have to go in any context. If today I want to go fast, I go fast. If tomorrow I want to go slow, I go slow. What we are fighting for is the right to determine our own tempos. -- Carlo Petrini
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I'm not fast. But there are a lot of guys that are a hell of a lot slower than I am. Somebody wants to do a pay-per-view race between me and [Tom] Brady, sign me up. -- Drew Bledsoe
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Speed is a byproduct of good, slow practice. -- Guthrie Govan
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Fast is fine, but accuracy is everything. -- Wyatt Earp
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People judge. Fast -- Gillian Flynn
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I'm the slowest driver in the world. -- Anthony Hopkins
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He has got the slows, Mr. Blair. -- Abraham Lincoln
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Slow are the beginnings of philosophy. -- Henry David Thoreau
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You are slow for a machine. Are you a Trash-80? -- Keith Caserta
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Sometimes, the truth comes out slow. -- Matthew Desmond
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Slow motion, but the right direction. -- Marsell Morris
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Thinking, Fast and Slow -- Chip Heath
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The more haste, the less speed. -- John Heywood
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A little slower, sweetheart. Cape Cod is freezing over. -- Rick Riordan
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We have to walk slowly and carefully because we are in a hurry. -- Khem Veasna
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I'm not the slowest writer that you know. -- David Remnick
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One of the great disadvantages of hurry is that it takes such a long time. -- G.k. Chesterton
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slow it is
a slow business

to grow a few words
to say love -- Anselm Hollo
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A new beauty has been added to the splendor of the world - the beauty of speed. -- Filippo Tommaso Marinetti
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Nothing is slower than the true birth of a man. -- Marguerite Yourcenar
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Life is slow dying. -- Philip Larkin
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We don't play slow and we don't play fast, we play half fast -- Louis Armstrong
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Life is so urgent it necessitates living slow. -- Ann Voskamp
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In the slow motion that is the speed of humiliation. -- Colson Whitehead
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I'm a fast writer. -- Terry Mcmillan
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Life is death in slow motion. -- Henry Rollins
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Rather fast then surfette, rather starue then striue to exceede. -- John Lyly
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I made nothing happen very slowly. -- Gary Mccord
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Fast never saw us go. -- W. Bruce Cameron
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Part of me thinks the slowness is on your side. -- Kiera Cass
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We hate Slowdive more than we hate Hitler. -- Richey Edwards
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Straight and fast. -- John Green
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Hurry always empties a soul. -- Ann Voskamp
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I am not the fastest but I am always as fast as I need to be. -- Dante Hall
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I drove slowly because there -- Carolyn Brown
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It's not your fault that you're slow. I'm sure it's hard to recover from being hit on the head with a silver spoon. -- Susan Elizabeth Phillips
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I'm not the fastest guy or the quickest guy. -- James Harden
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People started saying, 'Oh you know, he's quicker than he looks', and I'm like, 'What does that mean? Do I look slow, or I'm not really sure what that means. -- Jeremy Lin
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Speed is the cushion of sloppiness. -- William P. Driscoll
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You can't slow the game here. It's grass, it's always going to be fast. -- Goran Ivanisevic
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There's a virtue in slowness, which we have lost -- Graham Greene
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Sometimes you need to slow down to go fast. -- Jeff Olson
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The most effortful forms of slow thinking are those that require you to think fast. -- Daniel Kahneman
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We're not good at thinking fast. We are good at feeling fast. -- Clay Shirky
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You just noticed? You're slow... -- Tite Kubo
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He needs both patience and speed. -- Paulo Coelho
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I am a man in a hurry. -- N. R. Narayana Murthy
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Come he slow or come he fast it is but death that comes at last -- Walter Scott
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speed understander, -- Rohit Bhargava
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Not too fast," called Raoul. "Let's not scare anyone."
"His majesty said with all deliberate speed!" chirped the courier. He flinched under Lerant's glare.
"That's how we're doing it," Raoul told him. "Deliberately. -- Tamora Pierce
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Most people think I paint fast. I paint very slowly. -- Claude Monet
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Tempo ... now there's a big word. -- Barry Venison
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Reckless haste makes poor speed. -- Benjamin Franklin
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Speed is a great asset; but it's greater when it's combined with quickness - and there's a big difference. -- Ty Cobb
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The slow philosophy is not about doing everything in tortoise mode. It's less about the speed and more about investing the right amount of time and attention in the problem so you solve it. -- Carl Honore
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I write very slowly. -- Carla Bley
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My friends say I have two speeds: fast and blistering. -- Jodi Picoult
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The team has come along slow but fast. -- Casey Stengel
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A spider is slow, but its web catches the fastest flies. -- Matshona Dhliwayo
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To go fast, row slowly. -- Norman Vincent Peale
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Any slower and he'd be in reverse. -- Andre-Pierre Gignac
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Long slow distance makes long slow runners. -- Jim Bush
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I'm not a very fast-paced person. -- Patrick Fugit
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We hate so fast and we love too slow -- Pink
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I'm in no hurry: the sun and the moon aren't, either.
Nobody goes faster than the legs they have.
If where I want to go is far away, I'm not there in an instant. -- Al Berto
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Sometimes life is slow life a postal system and sometimes fast like a mail. -- Lovely Goyal
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to seize them: no speed seemed too -- J.r.r. Tolkien
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I'm a sluggish character; I'm a bit slow. For some reason I find it hard to work quickly. -- Jarvis Cocker
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That which comes slow comes solid. -- Maharishi Mahesh Yogi
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Sometimes the slow ones blame the active for the delay. -- Aesop
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In the world of business, being slow is a losing move. -- Shawn Casemore
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Slowing down is sometimes the best way to speed up. -- Mike Vance
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When I look fast, I'm not smooth and I am going slowly. And when I look slow, I am smooth and going fast. -- Alain Prost
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We can't move quickly. You move quick out here and you die quick. -- Cody Lundin
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I wanna outrace the speed of pain. -- Marilyn Manson
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There's seldom as much hurry as I used to think there was. -- Ursula K. Le Guin
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Everybody in a hurry to slow down. -- August Wilson
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Haste is of the Devil. -- St. Jerome
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It matters not how slow you go as long as you do not stop. -- Confucius
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What are you doing in a fast lane, snail? -- Toba Beta
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I was indeed very slow as a youngster. -- Roger Penrose
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Hurry ruins saints as well as artists. -- Thomas Merton
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Slower, it turns out, often means better - better health, better work, better business, better family life, better exercise, better cuisine and better sex. -- Carl Honore
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Are you completely slow? YES. I'm mental. This is why I have a list called 'how to be normal -- Anne Eliot
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He is invariably in a hurry being in a hurry is one of the tributes he pays to life. -- Elizabeth Bibesco
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The Dead travel fast. -- Bram Stoker
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Hurry is the weakness of fools. -- Baltasar Gracian
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Give me fucking fast -- M. Never
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It does not matter how slow you go so long as you do not stop -- Confucius
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I'm slower and some days are better than others, but I'm a fighter. -- Richard Pryor
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I wonder why Holling had the fastest time," said Danny after the announcements - a whole lot louder than he had to. "Could it be because he was running away from two rats who were trying to eat him?"
"That might have a little to do with it," I said. -- Gary D. Schmidt
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We gain so much by quickness, and lose so much by slowness. -- Seneca The Younger
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I'm just very, very slow. I would not make it as a journalist, I've got to tell you. I sweat bullets over every sentence, and sometimes, you know, a day will pass and I've written one paragraph, and I've been at the computer for four hours. -- Susan Elizabeth Phillips
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Too much hurry will bury your goals. Too much haste will make you waste. Too quick race will cripple your pace. Be patient. -- Israelmore Ayivor
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I am an incredibly impatient person. -- Mindy Kaling
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Remember, slow and steady wins the race. -- Ieyasu Tokugawa
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the only thing men are fast at is sex. -- Cherise Sinclair
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Just because we talk slow doesn't mean we think slow, others point out. On the East Coast they seem to think there's something funny about riding around in a pickup truck. Well in the Deep South, we don't think it's all that natural to hurdle through the dark in a crowded subway. -- Maryln Schwartz
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The more haste, ever the worst speed. -- Charles Churchill