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Nice going, Beef McQueef. -- Peter Hammarberg
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Tizitash zeweter wode ene eye metah. I can't help thinking about you. -- Abraham Verghese
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We're trying to always expand Smosh and make Smosh a big thing. -- Ian Hecox
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Salish Kootenai College -- James Lee Burke
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meinstein n. My son, the genius. -- Steven Pinker
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I know that mess spelled backwards is ssem and I felt much better armed with that information. -- Tori Amos
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Well, what do you know? Fakespeare! -- Hillary Depiano
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What kind of name is Siler-Spence? I mean, what's wrong with these women who use hyphens? What if her name was Skowinski and she married a guy named Levondowski? Would her little liberated soul insist she go through life as F.Gwendolin Skowinski- Levondowski? -- John Grisham
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Swinburne was an absurd character. He was a bird of showy strut and plumage. One could not but admire his glorious feathers; but, as soon as he began to moult ... one saw how very little body there was underneath. -- Robert Wilson Lynd
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Irish-sparkle-fish, -- Anne Eliot
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Hoke Moseley is a magnificently battered hero. Willeford brings him to us lean and hard and brand-new. -- Donald E. Westlake
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Our Welsh teacher thinks he is young. He tells us that the Welsh for skiving in town is 'mitchio yn y dre'. -- Joe Dunthorne
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Elizabeth Sarah Kowalski!"
"Whoa," Evan said in a low voice. "How bad does a word have to be to get you middle-named during dirty Scrabble? -- Shannon Stacey
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Sumer is icumen in,
Lhude sing cucc.
Groweth sed, and bloweth med,
And springth the wude nu,
Sing cuccu! -- Ezra Pound
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STRYMAKTFJERDAN. Fjerdan might. -- Leigh Bardugo
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Ludwik Szatera was a passionate lover of nostalgia. He could never come to terms with the eternal passage of men, objects and events. Each moment inexorably turning into the past was to him precious, invaluable, and he witnessed its passing with a sense of inexpressible regret. -- Stefan Grabinski
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We lost Klimmt, Schiele and Moll -- George Pratt
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Nameless McBitchypants -- Seanan Mcguire
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I know him by another name. His real one is Slem, not uncommon for men of his generation. It stands for Stalin Lenin Engels Marx. He's always making up new names for himself
wouldn't you? -- Victor Robert Lee
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What about Wee Squirl? --Rose MacDonell -- Jen Holling
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Robin Einstein Sacrificial Lamb Varghese. -- Sidin Vadukut
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Shilo, when I was young, I used to call you name. -- Neil Diamond
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And if ye angler take fysshe; surely thenne is there noo man merier than he is in his spyryte. -- Juliana Berners
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Tazburg, Mise, Divine, South Ridge. He read the names off the -- David Baldacci
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Fuck a Smurf and call him Gimpy, is that who I think it is? -- Jim Butcher
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Call me Silidons, for such I am. -- Stephen R. Lawhead
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Silflay hraka, u embleer rah," replied Bigwig. -- Richard Adams
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Slattern! What a wonderful new word. 'Slattern,' I murmur appreciatively to Patricia.
'Yes, slattern,' Bunty says firmly. 'That's what she is.'
'Not a slut like you then?' Patricia says very quietly. Loud enough to be heard, but too quiet to be believed. -- Kate Atkinson
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For I have seyn of a ful misty morwe Folowen ful ofte a myrie someris day. -- Geoffrey Chaucer
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Yess, Exccellenccy. Larsst iss my name. -- D.m. Kirtaime
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The sergeant major -- Erich Maria Remarque
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Hayes. Peter Hayes. -- Veronica Roth
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Good morning, Sassenach, -- Diana Gabaldon
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Could you conjugate that? To sleaze. I sleaze. You sleaze. We all have sleazen. -- Armistead Maupin
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Magician of Lublin, -- David Lagercrantz
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I Choose You, Stephan -- Nina Dobrev
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Rosie Germaine Mole. -- Sue Townsend
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Yeah, I'm bringing back the word "slattern." Deal -- L. H. Cosway
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Schist," said an angry voice from the grass. Hazel raised her eyebrows. "Excuse me?" "Schist! Big pile of schist! -- Rick Riordan
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Today ain't in the mood to write... btw my name is Stevy. -- Deyth Banger
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What do you mean? I am Mogget, of course. The one and only Mogget. Though I have had other names. -- Garth Nix
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Sassenach. He had called me that from the first; the Gaelic word for outlander, a stranger. An Englishman. First in jest, then in affection. -- Diana Gabaldon
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For startups, SM is now crucial: it has never been cheaper and easier to reach one's customers. Entrepreneurs should thank God for Twitter, Facebook ... -- Guy Kawasaki
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Stutter, stutter! -- Yukio Mishima
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Dukhoborcheskaya -- Thomas Paine
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Smuts are parasitic fungi that are often spread by pollinators and so, in the case of campions, pollinators pose the double threat of both laying eggs that will hatch into voracious larvae and giving the flower a nasty dose of the clap. -- Dave Goulson
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Peter Crouch, the Marmite of football. -- Derek Rae
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What Cap'n?
You are a supreme idjit.
Aye cap'n. -- Dave Barry
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No effete dauber M. -- Peter Robb
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Trouthe is the hyest thyng that man may kepe. -- Geoffrey Chaucer
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i chose u, stephan -- Nina Dobrev
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How about a kiss, Saumensch? -- Markus Zusak
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I would like a cappuccino," says Linus politely. "Thank you."
"Your name?"
"I'll spell it for you," he says. "Z-W-P-A-E-N
"What?" She stares at him, Sharpie in hand.
"Wait, I haven't finished. Double F-hyphen-T-J-U-S. It's an unusual name, Linus adds gravely. "It's Dutch. -- Sophie Kinsella
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to hear of the new house that Sam Hochstetler, -- Stephanie Reed
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Robby called me Porcupine because of how I wore my hair. I didn't mind. Everyone else called me Austin.
Austin Szerba.
It is Polish. -- Andrew Smith
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Sai-Liber is my family name.Much like Wayfairer.You may call me Tetraphrimaportacheeq.It is much simpler."
To who? I'd barely got it out the first time. -- G.l. Tomas
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It's called Seflish, which is fitting -- Kim Kardashian
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Don't add an eezy to my name, 'cause it has never been that' -- Donald Glover
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Phil picke dup his coffee cup, -- Jerry Hanel
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All of us have schnozzles ... if not in our faces, then in our character, minds or habits. When we admit our schnozzles, instead of defending them, we begin to laugh, and the world laughs with us. -- Jimmy Durante
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Eenie, meenie, minie, moe, catch a killer by the toe. If his lawyer's Haller, let him go. Eenie, meenie, minie, moe. Hey bro. -- Michael Connelly
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Ragweed,wild oat,vetch,butcher grastrong>sstrong>strong>sstrong>,invaginate volunteer beanstrong>sstrong>,all headstrong>sstrong> gently nodding in a morning breeze like a mother'strong>sstrong> strong>sstrong>oft hand on your cheek ... -- David Foster Wallace
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the Reverend Felix Clowne, -- Georgette Heyer
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Sir McCoolpants Von No Touchy -- Penny Reid
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Some who were not yet ready to venture into the chapel on Sundays might well put in their first appearance on a Saturday night to see what Y dyn bach ('the little man') had got to say. (The Welsh term has an element of affection in it not obvious in the English) -- Iain H. Murray
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Ummmm, Excuse me, Cokey McWhoreslut? -- T. Torrest
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Sassy want a mousey??!! -Syd The Long Lost (Hayle Coven #5) -- Patti Larsen
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Stephen, q a man full of faith and r of the Holy Spirit, -- Anonymous
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May "the Meatball" Wexler. -- Elle Casey
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Stencil had called from a Hungarian coffee shop on York Avenue known as Hungarian Coffee Shop -- Thomas Pynchon
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Skulduggery? Where's Skulduggery?"
"I'm here," Skulduggery said. "I was beginning to think you were lost to us."
Finbar's mouth twitched into a brief smile. "Sorry. You're not going to get rid of me so easily. -- Derek Landy
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In my tadpole stage I was delivered to Metron Ariston and transmogrified, and here am I. My name is Sporos, by the way, and I do not like your thinking names like mouse-creature and shrimp-thing at me. -- Madeleine L'engle
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Excuse my charisma, vodka with a spritzer. Swagger down pat, call my shit Patricia. Young Money militia and I am the commissioner. You don't want start Weezy 'cause the F is for finisher
So misunderstood but what's a world without enigma? -- Lil' Wayne
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Manye chapeleyns arn chaste, ac charite is aweye; Are none hardere than hii whan hii ben avaunced: Unkynde to hire kyn and to alle Cristene, Chewen hire charite and chiden after moore - Swich chastite withouten charite worth cheyned in helle. -- William Langland
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Making a ski resort out of a molehill is wonderful if you're a Smurf. -- Khang Kijarro Nguyen
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McSorely's Tea verily the finest tea in the world" -Mister Snickering. -- Helen Ryan
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Hello, Hazel Levesque. -- Rick Riordan
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Cruddy Mouthbreather -- Holly Black
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Spake full well, in language quaint and olden, One who dwelleth by the castled Rhine, When he called the flowers, so blue and golden, Stars, that in earth's firmament do shine. -- Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
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I'm crepuscular. -- Christopher Hitchens
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Metaraon, with his unmerciful stare, -- S.m. Reine
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My name," he said, "is Slartibartfast." Arthur -- Douglas Adams
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S.P.A.M. S.enseless P.eople A.always M.essaging -- Stanley Victor Paskavich
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I think we're going to ditch Kellz as your nickname and just start calling you Sieve. -- Jennifer Lazaris
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Swyft, a shameless lickspittle whose greatest accomplishment was marrying his equally chinless daughter to Ser Kevan, and thereby attaching himself to the Lannisters. -- George R R Martin
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Did he just call his hammer Mee-Mee? - Magnus -- Rick Riordan
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Mirnin: Where's Shreve? -- Rachel Caine
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Make-Out McGuire -- Sara Humphreys
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Becky, are you studying conversational Yiddish? -- Shannon Hale
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Ah, there should be a young man, ein schone Junge carrying Blumen, a bouquet of roses. There should be cold Rhine wine and Strausswaltzes, and on the long way home kisses in the shadow of an archway, like a Cinderella. -- Laurence Stallings
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pane. "I can see what's left of our old place from -- K.b. Jensen
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Westside Hochdeutsch mafia, biggest of the big, construction, savings and loans, untaxed billions stashed under an Alp someplace, technically Jewish but wants to be a Nazi, becomes exercised often to the point of violence at those who forget to spell his name with two n's. What's he to you? -- Thomas Pynchon
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There is a man in Bolingbroke who lisps and always testifies in prayer-meeting. He says, 'If you can't thine like an electric thtar thine like a candlethtick. -- L.m. Montgomery
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Pretty as a pineapple," pronounced -- Gail Carriger
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Herr Vogel from Heide Strasse. Made all his money from his father. He throws it away on women -- Markus Zusak
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Garlick maketh a man wynke, drynke, and stynke. -- Thomas Nash
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When we go somewhere in New York, I'm known as Mr. Savini. -- Jimmy Webb
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Slim Shady, Eminem was the old initials. -- Eminem
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Think ere you speak -- Valerie Tripp
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Marjoram ... Blushes. -- Kate Greenaway