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It's because when we sneeze, our soul flies out our nose and if no one says 'bless you,' the devil can snatch it. -- Kelley Armstrong
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A matriarch who considers powerful sneezes as noise disruptions worthy of eviction. -- Alessandra Torre
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If you've only one breath left, use it to say thank you. -- Pam Brown
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I sneezed again. I guess it took me this long to find out I was allergic to skank. -- Karina Halle
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He must not laugh at his own wheeze: a snuff box has no right to sneeze. -- Keith Preston
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It used to be said that when the U.S. sneezed, the world caught a cold. The opposite is equally true today. -- Lawrence Summers
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Just breathe the beauty of life. -- Debasish Mridha
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Fifty million dollars is not to be sneezed at. Of course, I never catch cold. -- Eli Wallach
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I just swallow hard.
Nod and smile.
One foot in front of the other.
I'm fine, thanks for not asking. -- Sarah Ockler
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Step 4: Cough and gag. Step 5: Repeat Step 4 until it feels like maybe your lungs aren't inside your body anymore. Step 6: Remember that a really cute boy is beside you, so try to cough in a far more attractive manner. -- Ally Carter
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I've had my fair share of colds, which last longer than they should and can cause wheezing, so I avoid people who are sneezing like the plague and am scrupulous about hygiene and hand-washing. -- Kevin Mccloud
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Remember to Breathe! -- Aaron Hoopes
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Breathe, breathe in the air,
Don't be afraid to care ... -- Pink Floyd
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The trick is to keep breathing. -- Garbage
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Stay present, stay conscious. -- Eckhart Tolle
Sneeze Quotes : pic 000714557 kills time between disasters. -- Barbara Johnson
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Breathe and relax. -- Danielle Barone
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When all else fails just breath ! -- Pamela Dawn Scott
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Laugh and a moment will soon arrive when you cry. -- Kedar Joshi
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dig my fingernails into my palms. -- Paula Hawkins
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I yawned, which is my cover for everything. -- Jennifer Dubois
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Sneezes ... always sound much louder to the sneezer than to the hearers. It is an acoustical peculiarity. -- Sylvia Townsend Warner
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Laugh a lot. Never go a day without laughing at least once. -- Colleen Hoover
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cry huge, gasping tears. -- Sherman Alexie
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At home, my mother dabbed at her brow with a wet flannel she kept in the fridge for that purpose. -- Peter Goldsworthy
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Laugh loudly, laugh often, and most important, laugh at yourself. -- Chelsea Handler
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Whistling to keep myself from being afraid. -- John Dryden
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Laugh and the world laughs with you.
Fart and you're on your own. -- Peter James West
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Let your heart go out in spontaneous and immeasurable compassion. -- Sogyal Rinpoche
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Once, when a British Prime Minister sneezed, men half a world away would blow their noses. Now when a British Prime Minister sneezes nobody else will even say 'Bless You'. -- Bernard Levin
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let out a breath I didn't know I was holding -- Jennifer L. Armentrout
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Cross the street to avoid making aimless chitchat with random acquaintances. -- Susan Cain
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What's the first thing I do when I wake up in the morning? Wish I hadn't. -- Morrissey
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With eye and hand and breath and will. -- Ursula K. Le Guin
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Smile. It gives your face something to do. -- Sue Grafton
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Take deep breaths and hold them. Try to stay still for longer and longer periods of time. Make yourself small and like a stone. Curl the edges of yourself up and fold them under where no one else can see. -- Alice Sebold
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Stop ... Stop what you're doing ... Stop what you're doing and breathe. -- Dan Bern
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Laugh till you're exhausted. -- Naguib Mahfouz
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I look up to heaven only when I want to sneeze. -- Ivan Turgenev
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For a moment at least, be a smile on someone else's face. -- Dejan Stojanovic
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Breathe and let be. -- Jon Kabat-Zinn
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Freeze or panic. -- Judith Liere
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When in company, put not your hands to any part of the body, not usually discovered. -- George Washington
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Breath and caught the -- John Le Carre
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Inhale and hold the evening in your lungs. -- Sebastian Faulks
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I stuff my mouth with old fabric and scream until there are no sounds left under my skin. -- Laurie Halse Anderson
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I'm allergic to doing the obvious thing. -- Neneh Cherry
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Heart on Your Sleeve [10w]
If you wear your heart on your sleeve, don't sneeze. -- Beryl Dov
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Pray ceaselessly. -- Lailah Gifty Akita
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Smile and thank God, that you are alive today! -- John Steinbeck
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Make a fist. Lightly. Leave enough room for a breath to pass through. Good. Good. All magic proceeds from breath. Remember that. -- Clive Barker
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At the moment of waking up, before getting out of bed, get in touch with your breath -- Nhat Hanh
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Be able to hiccup silently, or at least without alerting neighbors to your situation. The first hiccup is an exception. -- Marilyn Vos Savant
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Take your bottom lip and pull it over your head. -- Bill Cosby
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I've heard that there are two things that a person simply cannot hide.

Sneezes and love..

But it looks like there's a person who never knows unless you tell them. -- Waroo
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Lift your eyes, straighten your back, let fear and pain walk away like the turtles they are. -- Victor Robert Lee
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Touch your vision daily. -- Sunday Adelaja
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I mean, death is a serious thing, certainly not to be sneezed at. -- Morrissey
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Suck your damn old aspirator until someone pulls you out. -- Stephen King
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When your mouth drops open, click the shutter. -- Harold Feinstein
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If all else fails, a few deep breaths. -- Amber Valletta
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Breathe those useless breaths. Drop this piece of life you're holding to your lips. Where are you? How long have you been here? Stop now. You have to stop.
Squeeze shut your stinging eyes, and take another bite. -- Isaac Marion
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Be. Here. NOW. Don't forget to breathe. When all else fails, grab a clown nose. -- Tom Bergeron
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When Paris has a cold, all Europe sneezes. -- Klemens Von Metternich
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Think of God more often than thou breathest. -- Epictetus
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It's a depressing habit you have of loving to sneeze and of eating apples as if they were juicier for you and being the first one to exclaim how good the movie is. You depress people. We like apples too. -- Leonard Cohen
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Laugh and the world laughs with you! -- Grant Morrison
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Sneezes pent but set like traps, the boys crouched, stood, lay sweating a cool and constant brine. -- Ray Bradbury
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Smile, so your teeth won't suffocate. -- Katherine Evans
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Open your eyes and then open your eyes again. -- Terry Pratchett
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Go slowly, breathe and smile. -- Nhat Hanh
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Dance like nobody's looking. -- Mark Twain
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Pretend you're good at it. -- Jenny Lawson
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Remember God more often than you breathe. -- Gregory Of Nazianzus
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Steel it.
Keep steeling it.

Trill it.
Keep trilling it.

Feel it.
Keep feeling it. -- Richelle E. Goodrich
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Like they were puppets, and the puppeteer had sneezed. -- Lee Child
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Close your eyes, cover your ears with your hands and open your soul. -- Kurban Said
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Smile. Your eyes sparkle when you do. -- Coco J. Ginger
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Every intelligent being, whether it breathes or not, coughs nervously at some time in its life. -- Terry Pratchett
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Touch with your heart more than with your hands. -- Karen Quan
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My tactic is to make eyes at someone. -- Carly Rae Jepsen
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Keep your head up, Legs closed, Eyes open. -- Tupac Shakur
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Unthaw and become more natural. -- Maxwell Maltz
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Always remember to breathe -- Sally Stap
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Whistle through your teeth and spit cuz, it's Alright -- Jerry Garcia
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Rub your eyes, and look again at love, with love. -- Rumi
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I wish that person outside would stop coughing. -- Lee Konitz
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Smile to enjoy the beauties of life. -- Debasish Mridha
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Close your eyes, and think of someone you physically admire, and let me kiss you. -- Morrissey
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A solid giggle should do the trick. -- Lulu
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Fall off your own roof. -- Veronica Rossi
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Inhale sky. Exhale stars. -- Vytautaseneyevich
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I close my eyes, take a deep breath, and let it out completely, along with my soul. -- John Locke
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We put boogers on our fingers, then shake your hand. -- Biz Markie
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I lift my eyes back to his and inhale, but for the life of me, I can't remember how to exhale -- Colleen Hoover
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Smile and joke, even when you don't feel like it.
ESPECIALLY when you don't feel like it. -- Rick Riordan
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Smile as if you are an angel from heaven. -- Debasish Mridha
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I snore. Just ask the others! -- Brian Littrell
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Take time to breathe in the aroma of Life. -- Denise Mansfield