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Even in winter an isolated patch of snow has a special quality. -- Andy Goldsworthy
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A wet autumn morning, a garbage truck clattering down the street. The first snowfall of the season, blossom sized flakes falling languidly and melting on teh ground, a premature snow fall delicate as lace, rapidly melting. -- Joyce Carol Oates
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No, I'm from the South, remember? We get snow when we've done something to upset God, which we don't do very often. -- Autumn Jordon
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It is not so much the science of snow for me, anymore. I'd rather just look at it. The light, the way it absorbs sound. The way we feel as if the more that falls, the more we are forgiven. -- Anthony Doerr
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The flakes are the size of tiny feathers, and that's the way snow is, it's not necessarily cold. -- Peter Hoeg
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Snow harder! Snow more!
Snow blizzards galore!
I can't get enough
Of the fluffy white stuff!
Snow! Snow! Snow!
Snow a ton! Snow a heap!
Snow ten feet deep!
I wouldn't cry
If it snowed til July.
Snow! Snow! Snow! -- Paul F. Kortepeter
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Raindrops blossom brilliantly in the rainbow, and change to flowers in the sod, but snow comes in full flower direct from the dark, frozen sky. -- John Muir
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The snow is not falling for you. -- Gemma Malley
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Snow makes the world quieter and louder at the same time. -- Mary-Rose Maccoll
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How much snow are they calling for?" "Somewhere between a lot and holy fuck. -- Jennifer L. Armentrout
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Heavy blizzards start as a gentle and persistent snow. -- Mark Helprin
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I love early snow now, though. Especially snow that happens when you least expect it and just sprinkles down for a while. It feels like a secret. -- Kate Messner
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The snow itself is lonely or, if you prefer, self-sufficient. There is no other time when the whole world seems composed of one thing and one thing only. -- Joseph Wood Krutch
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rain or snow. Mama worried and Papa was impressed; -- Jane Smiley
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Snow as fine and grainy as sugar covered the windows in and sifted off to the floor and did not melt. -- Laura Ingalls Wilder
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How I love the first snow ... unbroken and white, before it's ruined by footprints. -- Scott Snyder
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Winter is coming. -- Griff Hosker
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Later in the winter I'd tire of the snow, but Christmas snow was different. -- Marie Landry
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winter was coming. -- Benjamin Alire Saenz
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snow, I think. We have a few inches already." Julie knew that 'a little snow' to her aunt might well be enough to put the entire northeast into a state of emergency. Aunt Gwen was pushing hard for Julie -- Amy Gamet
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It snowed right before Jack stopped talking to Hazel, fluffy white flakes big enough to show their crystal architecture, like perfect geometric poems. -- Anne Ursu
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WHEN he was half-way there, the keen dry wind that had been blowing early that morning rose again, and a fine dry snow began falling thickly. It did not lie on the ground, but was whirled about by the wind, and soon there was a regular snowstorm. -- Fyodor Dostoyevsky
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When snow melts, what does it become?'
It becomes water, of course'
Wrong! It becomes spring! -- Natsuki Takaya
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Outside, the dark brushed the city and the wind unleashed the snow -- Colum Mccann
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Footprints in the snow have been unfailing provokers of sentiment ever since snow was first a white wonder in this drab-coloured world of ours. -- Kenneth Grahame
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Christmas; magnificent snowflakes snowing in your hope. -- Kristian Goldmund Aumann
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I don't know where this Arctic wind has come from but it's freezing! -- Alan Green
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Snow is like a wide sea. One could go out and be lost in it and forget the world, and oneself. -- Greta Garbo
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Imagine if fire extinguishers were full
of snow. Imagine the fun we could have. -- Neil Hilborn
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A great snow is the calm death of struggle and the transformative birth of life. -- A.d. Posey
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Snow, here?" Eric was as delighted as a child. "I love snow!"
Why was I not surprised?
"Maybe we will get snowed in together," he said suggestively, waggling his blond eyebrows. -- Charlaine Harris
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It's nine thirty as night, and it's still eighty-seven degrees outside. Besides, this is Southern California. When God makes it snow here, it's not a plan; it's a miracle. -- Debbie Viguie
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The snow wears moonlight like perfume. -- Emily Murdoch
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Snow is false purity. -- Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe
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A snowfall softens all the hard noises and hard corners. It's a natural liar. I saw the sky sprinkle down a hundred, a thousand little white lies, and decided I didn't owe Orion anything. -- Marie Rutkoski
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The message snow gives us is very valuable: The environment you live in can suddenly change! Are you ready for this? Let us be thankful to the snow for this spectacular warning! -- Mehmet Murat Ildan
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Stepping forth to replenish it, for now the snow came in flying sweeps -- Bram Stoker
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Just one more thing. I kill Snow. -- Suzanne Collins
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When men were all asleep the snow came flying, In large white flakes falling on the city brown, Stealthily and perpetually settling and loosely lying, Hushing the latest traffic of the drowsy town. -- Robert Bridges
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I guess the worst snow was the Kennedy inauguration in 1960. Heavy snow. -- Bob Schieffer
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I'll pass on snow myself, when I have the option. -- Larry Mcmurtry
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It was April in Minneapolis and snowing, the flakes coming down in thick swirls enchanting the city -- Cheryl Strayed
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Dirty glacial clouds hammered the city's anvil. On the District of Columbia's northwestern edge, gusts of snow rolled across the Park Road Bridge like volcanic ash. -- Simon Conway
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Nature has no mercy at all. Nature says, "I'm going to snow. If you have on a bikini and no snowshoes, that's tough. I am going to snow anyway." -- Maya Angelou
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A winter without snow seems depressing, lacking. -- Dacia Maraini
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When I was a child and the snow fell, my mother always rushed to the kitchen and made snow ice cream and divinity fudge-egg whites, sugar and pecans, mostly. It was a lark then and I always associate divinity fudge with snowstorms. -- Eudora Welty
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Snow always inspires such awe in me. Just consider one tiny snowflake alone, so delicate, so fragile, so ethereal. And yet, let a billion of them come together through the majestic force of nature, they can screw up a whole city. -- Betty White
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I have never seen snow and do not know what winter means. -- Duke Kahanamoku
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The snow, which had fallen quietly at first, was now pelting against the windowpanes, driven by a wicked wind; the storm was rapidly assuming proportions of a blizzard. -- Frances Parkinson Keyes
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A lot of snow out of one cloud, and it grows thicker. -- Ursula K. Le Guin
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I don't remember any snow in all of the Torah. The Lord probably doesn't even go to places where it snows. -- Christopher Moore
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Is it Nice in your snowstorm- freezing your brain? Do you think that your face looks the same? -- David Bowie
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Of all the forms of water the tiny six-pointed crystals of ice called snow are incomparably the most beautiful and varied. -- Wilson Bentley
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And there was still a lot of soft snow in the bush. We -- Alice Munro
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Snow flurries began to fall and they swirled around people's legs like house cats. It was magical, this snow globe world. -- Sarah Addison Allen
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Come, let's go
Till we're buried. -- Basho Matsuo
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It rained a lot in New Hampshire, and when I skied, the snow was icy and hard, and the mountains were small. -- Mikaela Shiffrin
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For the moment, the snow is quite wet and soft. If it was hard or icy, it would be a perfect downhill for my style, because I could fight even harder. -- Hermann Maier
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Where darkness blanketed the tarmac. Floodlights illuminated snow streaming -- Anonymous
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See, lady, that's what happens to snow in Texas. It- freaking- melts. -- Rick Riordan
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I'm that neighborhood blizzard flooding these streets with snow. -- Kool G Rap
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It was slushy snow," I clarified.
"Very slushy," Adrian confirmed. -- Temple West
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The first snow always startles. It covers the tricycle in the driveway, turning its frame into an abstact sculpture that says: See how quickly yesterday turns into today. -- Peggy Noonan
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In a dry wind like this, snow and ice can pass directly into the air as a gas without having first melted to water. This process is called sublimation; tonight the snow in the yard and the ice in the creek sublime. -- Annie Dillard
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Everyone talks about snows forty foot deep, and how the ice wind comes howling out of the north, but the real enemy is the cold. -- George R R Martin
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Snow is not a wolf in sheep's clothing - it is a tiger in lamb's clothing. -- Matthias Zdarsky
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There is nothing better in life than sliding down snow before flying through the air. -- Shane Mcconkey
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I found it inspiring that a sky could actually snow this much. -- Haruki Murakami
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When snow accumulates week after week, month after month, it works curious miracles. -- E.b. White
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Winter is winter. -- Lailah Gifty Akita
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Snow endures but for a season, and joy comes with the morning. -- Marcus Aurelius
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A snowball is simple, direct and familiar to most of us. I use this simplicity as a container for feelings and ideas that function on many levels. -- Andy Goldsworthy
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The heaviest snowfall in over 60 years is being reported in Beijing, China. To give you an idea of how bad it is, the army is now using snowplows to run over dissidents. -- Jay Leno
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Snow is so common that I have omitted to note its falling at least two days out of Three. -- William Henry Ashley
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I am not sure that any sight or sound on earth is as exquisite as the hushed descent of a sky full of snow. -- Parker J. Palmer
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The snow was endless, a heavy blanket on the outdoors; it had a way about it. A beauty. But I knew that, like many things, beauty could be deceiving. -- Cambria Hebert
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She had never seen snow before, except in TV shows and movies. It had looked to her like the stars were flaking out of the sky. It had looked like thousands of fireflies in the moonlight; like breathlessness, like time stopping, like the most beautiful thing she had ever seen. -- Lauren Oliver
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That grand old poem called Winter -- Henry David Thoreau
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Snow is so beautiful, it doesn't have to be useful. -- Richard Stallman
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The snow whispered down in the stillness and the sparks rose and dimmed and died in the eternal blackness. -- Cormac Mccarthy
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I grew up in Chicago, and there was always snow. In Los Angeles there never was, so we would always import snow! -- David Hasselhoff
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Snowdrops: Theirs is a fragile but hardy celebration ... in the very teeth of winter. -- Louise Wilder
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Layer upon layer of soft-packed snowflakes settled in near silence, forming a quilt of feathery ice crystals. -- Rebecca Nichols Alonzo
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Because when spring comes, it melts the snow one flake at a time -- Khaled Hosseini
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A snow day literally and figuratively falls from the sky, unbidden, and seems like a thing of wonder. -- Susan Orlean
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The winter's a little bit daunting in Montana. -- Phil Jackson
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Whenever a snowflake leaves the sky,It turns and turns to say "Good-by!Good-by, dear clouds, so cool and gray!"Then lightly travels on its way. -- Mary Mapes Dodge
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Today on the way home, it snows. Big, soft caressing flakes fall onto our skin like cold moths; the air fills with feathers. -- Margaret Atwood
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One day you stepped in snow, the next in mud, water soaked in your boots and froze them at night, it was the next worst thing to pure blizzardry, it was weather that wouldn't let you settle. -- E.l. Doctorow
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Here in our mountains, the snow falls even on the maple leaves. -- Yasunari Kawabata
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Normally you have news, weather and travel ... but not on snow day, on snow day news is weather is travel. -- Michael Mcintyre
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Flurries early, pristine and pearly. Winter's come calling! Can we endure so premature a falling? Some may find this trend distressing- others bend to say a blessing over sage and onion dressing. -- Old Farmer's Almanac
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Shannon smiled. "It's snowing. Just a light snow, but look." In that moment, she felt like the snowflakes were angels on wings, and she had witnessed a miracle of nature. -- Terry Spear
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The snow fell straight and slow, adding another layer to the drifts and covering roads, trees, bushes, and bodies, the living and the dead as one beneath its veil. -- John Connolly
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It was the kind of snow that didn't amount to anything on the ground. It would just dust the dead grass. The technical term for that level, he decided, was an "annoyance" of snow. -- Cassandra Clare
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Snowing is an attempt of God to make the dirty world look clean. -- Mehmet Murat Ildan
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Winter teetered on the verge of succumbing to the returning sun, but today the breeze still preferred the touch of snowflakes -- Rue
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Winter came early that year. Snow filled the gray December air like fragments of torn-up hope -- Philip Kerr
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How wonderful is Cold Mountain Climbers are all afraid The moon shines on clear water twinkle twinkle Wind rustles the tall grass Plum trees flower in the snow Bare twisted trees have clouds for foliage A touch of rain brings it all alive Unless you see clearly do not approach -- Hanshan
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I hope it snows soon. Christmas is so much more magical with snow. -- Anonymous