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To make sense of social epidemics, we must first understand that human communication has its own set of very unusual and counterintuitive rules. -- Malcolm Gladwell
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Social taboos are shy like virtue; once lost, there is no remedy -- Gunnar Myrdal
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Society is no comfort, to one not sociable. -- William Shakespeare
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I'm antisocial, they say. I don't mix. It's so strange. I'm very social indeed. It all depends on what you mean by social, doesn't it? -- Ray Bradbury
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Humans are different in private than in the presence of others. While the private persona merges into the social persona in varying degrees, the union is never complete. Something is always held back. -- Brian Herbert
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Thinking and feeling that have to do with action in association with others is as much a social mode of behavior as is the most overt cooperative or hostile act. -- John Dewey
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We mingle in society not so much to meet others as to escape ourselves. -- Josh Billings
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The social space between people who don't know each other is form one to three and a half metres. - Beate Lonne -- Jo Nesbo
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The human animal has evolved as a preeminently social animal. -- Leon Kass
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The world of rumor and gossip is like a privileged world with which a social scientist or an anthropologist can take the temperature of popular aspirations. -- James C. Scott
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I never really have believed in the existence of friendship in big societies - in great towns and great crowds. It's a plant that takes time and space and air; and London society is a huge "squash", as we elegantly call it - an elbowing, pushing, perspiring, chattering mob. -- Henry James
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I am not a socialite, though I seem to have got the reputation for being one. I have some very good friends who happen to be in so-called Society; but Society as such is a bore and holds no fascination for me. -- Douglas Fairbanks Jr.
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In a formal socialization, no one individual can stand without the other to rely on, regardless of the situation. -- Toots888
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Acquaintances, in sort, represent a source of social power, and the more acquaintances you have the more powerful you are. -- Malcolm Gladwell
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I'm not a social retard, but I prefer to go unnoticed. -- Tracy Pollan
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Hanging out is good historical methodology. -- Jean Pfaelzer
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I've never been a social person. -- Annie Lennox
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I don't like to socialise much. -- Shirley Maclaine
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All along we find that social life - religion, politics, art - reflects the stages reached in the development of the knowledge of self; it shows the social uses made of this knowledge. -- James Mark Baldwin
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Humans are social animals. They cluster like bees. -- Rick Yancey
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Every individual, from the highest to the lowest degree, has his place in the ladder of social life, and around him swirls a little world of interests, composed of stormy passions and conflicting atoms -- Alexandre Dumas
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Informal conversation is probably the oldest mechanism by which opinions on products and brands are developed, expressed, and spread. -- Johann Arndt
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Friends and neighbors, -- Stephen King
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Courtesy is the universal social lubricant. -- Miranda Davis
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To be a social success, do not act pathetic, arrogant, or bored. Do not discuss your unhappy childhood, your visit to the dentist,the shortcomings of your cleaning woman, the state of your bowels, or your spouse's bad habits. You will be thought a paragon (or perhaps a monster) of good behavior. -- Mason Cooley
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Ah, yes, my social life - a series of encounters where we briefly debate who is in the greater rush. -- Robert Breault
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I'm not really a very social person. It exhausts me when I'm out. -- Steve Grand
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You're an unpopular man. Memorable-but remarkably unpopular. You have no friends, for instance, in Brooklyn. Around Henry Street, say, where old women sit on the stoops in their aprons and men play dominoes on cardtables by the curb. -- James Sallis
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Social intercourse
a very limited thing in a half civilized country, becomes in our centers of civilization a great power ... -- Emily Blackwell
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Socially, I like the idea of sitting in a theater with a bunch of people. -- Willem Dafoe
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People who are ordinarily understood to dislike each other or at least to be indifferent toward each other discover that they have much in common. -- Walker Percy
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All plays are social comment to one extent or another. -- Edward Albee
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Social standing does not necessarily translate to social acceptance. -- Alexandra Robbins
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From social intercourse are derived some of the highest enjoyments of life; where there is a free interchange of sentiments the mind acquires new ideas, and by frequent exercise of its powers, the understanding gains fresh vigor. -- Joseph Addison
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I don't particularly have a wide social circle. -- Scott Rudin
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Focus On How To Be Social, Not On How To Do Social. -- Jay Baer
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At the heart of our friendly or purely social relations, there lurks a hostility momentarily cured but recurring by fits and starts. -- Marcel Proust
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Simply making myself aware of others has remarkably improved my social life. People accept me much faster now that I ignore them less. -- John Elder Robison
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Our character is mainly shaped by our primary social community - the people with whom we eat, play, converse, and study. -- Timothy Keller
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Social connection is such a basic feature of human experience that when we are deprived of it, we suffer. -- Leonard Mlodinow
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The success of any kind of social epidemic is heavily dependent on the involvement of people with a particular and rare set of social gifts. -- Malcolm Gladwell
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Friends are not made, but recognized. -- Carl Rakosi
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I'm having trouble dealing with society."
"What aspect of society?"
"The whole thing. -- Brandon Stanton
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Society is the picnic certain individuals leave early, the party they fail to enjoy, the musical comedy they find not worth the price of admission. -- Joyce Carol Oates
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interactions were valuable ways of accumulating social capital. -- Juliana Barbassa
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We have fewer friends than we imagine, but more than we know. -- Hugo Von Hofmannsthal
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I'd never considered myself socially retarded until that moment. -- C.j. Roberts
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Social action, just like physical action, is steered by perception. -- Kurt Lewin
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Any attempts to feign normal social interactions were just depressing because it was so glaringly obvious that everyone I spoke to for the rest of my life would feel awkward and self-conscious around me, except maybe kids like Jackie who just didn't know any better. -- John Green
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Even in the most insignificant details of our daily life, none of us can be said to constitute a material whole, which is identical for everyone, and need only be turned up like a page in an account-book or the record of a will; our social personality is created by the thoughts of other people. -- Marcel Proust
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The sociability of artists is a paradoxical and precarious thing, and ceases the instant they begin their actual artistic work. -- Robin G. Collingwood
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As soon as you are in a social setting, you better take away the key to the lock of your heart and pocket it; those who leave thekey in the lock are fools. -- Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe
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The first law of social communication is whenever you meet anyone, exalt him or her. -- Harbhajan Singh Yogi
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Friends tell each other what nobody else is willing to tell you. -- Nikki Sixx
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We become who we hang out with. -- Napoleon Hill
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In a culture, manners are the lubrication that ease the frictions of social contacts. -- L. Ron Hubbard
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We live with mutual thought processes in relationships; less with the physical attractions, less with the fame, less with the social status, and less with any sort of materialistic attributes. -- Rajasaraswathii
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Programming is a social activity. -- Robert C. Martin
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The real revelation of a player's character is not in his social life but in how he plays. In my social life I can hide my real personality. -- Arsene Wenger
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Things work well when a group of people know each other, and things break down when it's a bunch of random people interacting. -- Jimmy Wales
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We know so little about each other. We lie mostly submerged, like ice floes, with our visible social selves projecting only cool and white. -- Ian Mcewan
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Any education given by a group tends to socialize its members, but the quality and the value of the socialization depends upon the habits and aims of the group. Hence, once more, the need of a measure for the worth of any given mode of social life. -- John Dewey
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To be social is to be forgiving. -- Robert Frost
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Society becomes how you behave. -- Eric Liu
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Politeness is an inexpensive way to make friends. -- William Feather
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Once again we can see that social proof is most powerful for those who feel unfamiliar or unsure in a specific situation and who, consequently, must look outside of themselves for evidence of how best to behave there. -- Robert B. Cialdini
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Is socializing all that great? Riots are socializing. Arguably, more damage is done and time wasted in company with others than alone. -- Anneli Rufus
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Once you have become permanently startled, as I am, by the realization that we are a social species, you tend to keep an eye out for the pieces of evidence that this is, by and large, good for us. -- Lewis Thomas
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Social psychology is especially interested in the effect which the social group has in the determination of the experience and conduct of the individual member. -- George Herbert Mead
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Social dissipation, as witnessed in the ball-room, is the abettor of pride, the instigator of jealousy, it is the sacrificial altar of health, it is the defiler of the soul, it is the avenue of lust and it is the curse of every town in America. -- Thomas De Witt Talmage
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the whole process and state of alienation could be short-circuited by appealing to empathy, shared knowledge, and most people's desire to talk about themselves. -- Peter Hunt Welch
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People meet when they need to meet. -- Paulo Coelho
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One day I shall write a little book of conduct myself, and I shall call it Social Problems of the Unsociable. And the root problem, beneath a hundred varying manifestions, is How to Escape. How to escape, that is, at those times, be they few or frequent, when you want to keep yourself to yourself. -- Rose Macaulay
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The sharing of food is the basis of social life. -- Laurie Colwin
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The most important thing in human relationship is conversation.but people don't talk anymore,they don't sit down to talk and listen.They go to theatre,the cinema,watch television,listen to the radio,read books but they almost never talk.(pg114) -- Paulo Coelho
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Conversation, the gradual unveiling of oneself, one's quirks and characteristics, opinions and beliefs; what a fraught and awkward business that is. -- David Nicholls
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Humans have a lot of pro-social tendencies. -- Frans De Waal
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When people are forced to interact to survive, their prejudices diminish. -- Muhammad Ali
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I might be tempted to socialize more if the conversations taking place around me were half as interesting as the dialogue going on inside my head. -- Richelle E. Goodrich
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Acquaintances are numerous. Friends are few. Enemies many. -- Matshona Dhliwayo
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The strange anthropological lesson of social media is that human beings, if given a choice, often prefer to socialize alone. -- Walter Kirn
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A society is a group whose members have more relationships with one another then they do with outsiders. -- Carroll Quigley
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Social media allows me to pick my times for social interaction. -- Guy Kawasaki
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Today, people often make the American mistake of confusing acquaintances with friends. The former are there to share life's pleasures; only the latter should be invited to share one's problems. -- Julian Fellowes
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I'm a social caterpillar. I am not a social butterfly -- Harry Turtledove
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Two may talk together under the same roof for many years, yet never really meet; and two others at first speech are old friends. -- Mary Catherwood
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I am a super social person. I'm an only child, so I thrive on social settings and being around my friends because I make them my siblings. When I'm not acting or singing or working on anything, I am making new relationships with people because, to me, my friendships are very important. -- Hayley Orrantia
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the false courage of association with a crowd. -- Zane Grey
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Our social life is literally primal, in the sense that chimpanzees and gorillas, our closest relatives among the primates, are also social. -- Clay Shirky
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Back when 'social' had a broad definition, you could almost say that Yahoo Finance chat was the first social product. -- Carol Bartz
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We use eating as a medium for social relationships: satisfaction of the most individual of needs becomes a means of creating community. -- Margaret Visser
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friends. Besides, -- Miranda Liasson
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When loneliness wants to hide, it hides in a crowd. -- Marty Rubin
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for the other sort of intimate acquaintance, -- James Agee
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So... what was the reason to don't be social!???
Oh, thanks Hackers: Heroes of the Computer Revolution for reminding me. -- Deyth Banger
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Being socially retarded is like being mentally retarded, it arouses in others disgust and pity and the desire to torment and reform. -- Margaret Atwood
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I've never been a social person. When I grew up, the other girls would all be combing their hair and exchanging lipstick, and I just couldn't do that group thing. -- Annie Lennox
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Two attempts have been made in the world to found social life: the one was upon religion, and the other was upon social necessity. The one was founded upon spirituality, the other upon materialism; the one upon transcendentalism, the other upon realism. -- Swami Vivekananda
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introducing market norms into social exchanges, as we have seen, violates the social norms and hurts the relationships. Once this type of mistake has been committed, recovering a social relationship is difficult. -- Dan Ariely
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A social fact is every way of acting, fixed or not, capable of exercising on the individual an external constraint; or again, every way of acting which is general throughout a given society, while at the same time existing in its own right independent of its individual manifestations. -- Emile Durkheim