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If we are to wield great magic, then let us learn from great teachers: the alchemists -- magicians par excellence. -- Lawren Leo
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Be magic choose and believe that you can do anything you set your mind to believe. We are who we choose to be. -- Will Smith
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Some years ago there was in the city of York a society of magicians. They met upon the third Wednesday of every month and read each other long, dull papers upon the history of English magic. -- Susanna Clarke
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Read about the history of magic. -- Andrew Mayne
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For magicians -- whether modern entertainers or indigenous, tribal sorcerers -- have in common the fact that they work with the malleable texture of perception. -- David Abram
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Oh, Ivivis, sorcerers don't have mothers! -- Fritz Leiber
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I need gnome books. You know, because sorcerers just don't get them. He didn't get the joke. -- Chloe Neill
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Magic is dangerous: it's neither good nor bad, right nor wrong; it can be both a blessing and a curse. It takes strength, the strength of a man, to make the magic his own, to make it serve him, and not the other way around. -- Daniel Wallace
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You are the most powerful tool in your life. Use your energy, your thoughts and your magick wisely! -- Dacha Avelin
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What philosopher of the schoolroom, with the mental dowry of four summers, ever questions the power of the wand that opened the dark eyes of the beautiful princess, or subtracts a single inch from the stride of seven leagues? -- Robert Aris Willmott
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Seance to renaissance. So it begins -- Marilyn Manson
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Dark, primitive magic. Swords Against Death. -- John Darnielle
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If you still believe in magic,
you're subject to enchantment. -- Toba Beta
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The Magus,the sorcerer, the alchemist, are seized with the fascination of the unknown; and they desire a greatness that is inaccessible to mankind. -- W. Somerset Maugham
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Whenever you have a sorcerer betwixt your thighs, your powers tend to disappear -- Kresley Cole
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Did I know any useful spells? Why no, I sure didn't. But go on, ask me the Latin name of, like, foxglove. Digitalis purpurea. You're welcome. -- Cate Tiernan
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A mystic is a man who treats his feelings as tools of cognition. -- Ayn Rand
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Jacob, inspector of shadows, miraculous interpreter of squirmy gut feelings, seer and slayer of real and actual monsters - -- Ransom Riggs
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The mystic too full of God to speak intelligibly to the world. -- Arthur Symons
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In our household, which was essentially under an evil spell, my father 'Chaplin' was all the magic. A great man draws magic into himself, like reverse lightning. There's nothing to spare for anyone else. -- Joyce Carol Oates
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Witch, scholar, poet, dreamer, and the rest... -- Elizabeth Barrett Browning
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If a fae sorcerer, or sorcerers, are using necromancy to raise the dead they need to be stopped. No matter what happens, we need to bring a reckoning.--Catherine -- Chris Pavesic
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In my position, the right witchdoctor
Might have caught you in flight with his bare hands,
Tossed you, cooling, one hand to the other,
Godless, happy, quieted.
I managed
A wisp of your hair, your ring, your watch, your nightgown. -- Ted Hughes
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Mistress of love or of hate, occult science can dispense paradise or hell at its pleasure to human hearts; it disposes of all forms and confers beauty or ugliness; with the wand of Circe it changes men into brutes and animals alternately into men. -- Eliphas Levi
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Even if he survived the Sorcerer, there would always be another Sorcerer, bigger and more dangerous than the last. It was just a matter of time until he died the kind of gruesome death that was the very reason people had paralyzing phobias of heights. -- Megan Westfield
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Best Witchcraft is Geometry
To the magician's mind -
His ordinary acts are feats
To thinking of mankind. -- Emily Dickinson
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High Magic's Aid) -- Magick Planet Guides
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Magical since Birth. -- Stephanie Lahart
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Magic has often been thought of us the art of making dreams come true; the art of realizing visions. Yet before we can bring birth to the vision we have to see it. -- Starhawk
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I really am a mystic. I don't know where I got it from. -- Debbie Harry
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A mystic is a man who separates heaven and earth even if he enjoys them both. -- G.k. Chesterton
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Evil sorcerers always looked evil - at least in the Disney versions.
This was not Disney. -- Cate Rowan
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I don't do magic. I turn your attention back to Friday night and the big-ass sword I was carrying. My job is to run and swing. -- Danielle Monsch
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Know your magic, trust your magic, use your magic and know that you are a manifestation of life's magic. -- Rasheed Ogunlaru
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FaraWell or Goodbye it really doesn't matter it shows one magic. If you find it, you are a magician! -- Deyth Banger
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Magician is the best storyteller in the world. -- Amit Kalantri
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He is a mysterious and captivating fellow, this wizard who can live backward in time ... -- T.a. Barron
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I'm a specialist in black magic -- Mikhail Bulgakov
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Do you come to a philosopher as to a cunning man, to learn something by magic or witchcraft, beyond what can be known by common prudence and discretion? -- David Hume
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My style for the moment is modern mystic priestess. -- Elisa Jimenez
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Image is sorcery. -- Jorge Luis Borges
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A mystic is one who has dropped all dreams, who has thrown away this mirror of the mind and who looks directly into life, without any medium interfering. Then he sees the eternal progression, then in a single moment he sees all eternity, and in a single atom he can see the whole reflected. -- Osho
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Where is the magic? In nature! Where is the magician? In nature? Who is the magician? The nature! -- Mehmet Murat Ildan
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They called her witch because she knew how to heal herself. -- Te' V. Smith
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Magic is something strange, -- Malinda Andrews
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Magic. It can get a guy killed. -- Jim Butcher
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Faith, Princess," the Prism Cat repeated. "It is a highly underrated weapon against the dark things in this world. -- Terry Brooks
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Mastery is the rudder, Mystery is the sail and Magic the wind to move you in your chosen direction. -- Jack White
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Alchemy, Dex called it, which was something to do with magic if you were French. -- Jenny Downham
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You killed the teleporters." - Valkyrie
"I did." - Paddy
"You are Batu."
"I am ... Sorcerers would tell me their biggest secrets - do you know why? Because I'm a mere mortal. Because they're far too arrogant to think that a mortal could pose a threat to gods like them. -- Derek Landy
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In primitive society, where uniformity of occupation is the rule, and the distribution of the community into various classes of workers has hardly begun, every man is more or less his own magician; he practices charms and incantations for his own good and the injury of his enemies. -- James G. Frazer
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I want everyday magic. -- Christy Hall
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The secret of good magic is another magic. -- Amit Kalantri
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It's the Gaelic word for magic That is what you are, Ella Mae. You are Other. You are magical. -- Ellery Adams
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Devil's Wish
A bowl of spells
Swirls a mix
Smoke and bubbles
Seek the fix
Young boy's eye
And fever few
Witches grass
Some mandrake root -- William O'brien
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Hat = wizard, wizard = hat. Everything else is frippery. -- Terry Pratchett
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The strength of the snow and the fire has turned you into a traveling magician. You heal people by holding their hands between yours, you make them forget the cold, hunger, sickness, and war. -- Shan Sa
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I have not drawn a very rosy picture of the magician. I did not intend to do so. To the novice entering the life and promising himself ease, indolence, and wealth, I should say, Don't! -- Alexander Herrmann
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We don't need anyone to teach us sorcery, because there is really nothing to learn. What we need is a teacher to convince us that there is incalculable power at our fingertips. What a strange paradox! -- Carlos Castaneda
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Call upon the Goddess and God to protect you and teach you the secrets of magic.
Ask stones and plants to reveal their powers - and listen. -- Scott Cunningham
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The master initiate of any craft appears magical to the uninitiated. -- Bryant Mcgill
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That will teach me to meddle with magic meant for kings! Norrell is right. Some magic is not meant for ordinary magicians. Presumably John Uskglass knew what to do with this horrible knowledge. I do not. -- Susanna Clarke
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Witches try to 'connect' with the world around them. Witchcraft, they say, is about the tactile, intuitive understanding of the turn of the seasons, the song of the birds; it is the awareness of all things as holy ... -- Tanya Luhrmann
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Think like magician, present like magician and perform like magician. -- Amit Kalantri
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A mystic is a spiritual realist, a person for whom the Invisible is a matter of more or less firsthand experience. -- Frances Parkinson Keyes
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Several years ago, I was getting drunk with four or five of the most powerful sorcerers in the Empire - like you do - when Daymar told a story. -- Steven Brust
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Cast yourself. You are the spell. -- T. Thorn Coyle
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Even you couldn't have magicked that into being, witch, -- Lauren Groff
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Enchancers are my pride, i do everything for them -- Greyson Chance
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star-topped wand! -- Daisy Meadows
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I can teach you how to bewitch the mind and ensnare the senses. I can tell you how to bottle fame, brew glory, and even put a stopper in death. -- J.k. Rowling
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your a wizard harry -- J.k. Rowling
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My clever baton holds your unnatural sorcery in abeyance. -- Jack Vance
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Spell is a structured words that creates miracles in mind. -- Toba Beta
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A good perfumer was part alchemist, part artist, and part wizard. -- Lisa Kleypas
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Eripuit coele fulmen sceptrumque tyrannis," or from Latin to English "He snatched the lightning from the skies and the scepter from the tyrants. Jacques Turgot -- Nye
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In the art of magic be quick of sleight and slow of climax. -- Amit Kalantri
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A Witch awakens within herself qualities of the elements and forces of nature. -- Dacha Avelin
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HAIL HERMES! Mr. Lantiere has created something very special for all of us who love the history of mystery. The Magicician's Wand book opens doors to the past where we have an opportunity to explore the deeper meanings, myths and symbols of our art. -- Jeff Mcbride
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Seeing energy as it flows is an imperious need on the path of knowledge. Ultimately, all the effort of sorcerers is guided to that end. It is not enough for a warrior to know that the universe is energy; he has to verify it for himself. -- Carlos Castaneda
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My entire life, I saw myself as the beautiful damsel or the graceful maiden. I was the princess searching for her knight. But with my newfound abilities, I finally discovered that, after all this time, I was the powerful witch. -- Christina L. Barr
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A QUEST OF HEROES (Book #1 in the Sorcerer's Ring) Morgan Rice -- Morgan Rice
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So You Want To Be A Wizard? -- Diane Duane
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Dreamer in Exile. -- Teresa Medeiros
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It's not the wand, it's the wizard. -- Duff Goldman
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He's not my warlock. -- Cassandra Clare
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Determined to enshroud his enchantment. -- Jazz Feylynn
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Make no mistake about the character of mystics. To undercut your consciousness has always been their only purpose throughout the ages - and power, the power to rule you by force, has always been their only lust (John Galt) -- Ayn Rand
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Magic is a naughty beast. -- Rob E. Boley
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To practice magic is to be a quack; to know magic is to be a sage. -- Eliphas Levi
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I am a mystic. I believe in hearing the inaudible and touching the intangible and seeing the invisible. -- Adam Clayton Powell Iii
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I did magic all my life from the time I was 12, and I like to tap into the magic from history. -- Marco Tempest
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Talisman, Talisman, show me your secrets,
Helmsman, Helmsman, turn me for home. -- Robert James Waller
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mistress of Netherfold. -- Georgette Heyer
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My wand of yew did everything of -- J.k. Rowling
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The world is the ring of his spells,
And the play of his miracles. -- Ralph Waldo Emerson
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No fewer than four of my esteemed elders told me I was on no account to ever converse with you, so I vowed that I would know you. My name is Edmund Herondale. May I ask your name? They reffered to you only as 'that disgraceful one-warlock show. -- Cassandra Clare
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That most ancient of magics, the binding of a man by the use of his name, gripped him. -- Robin Hobb
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Speak, or I will put a dint in your hat that even a wizard will find hard to deal with! -- J.r.r. Tolkien
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But you can tell he's a wizard, because he's got a pointy hat with a floppy brim. It's got the word "Wizzard" embroidered on it in big silver letters, by someone whose needlework is even worse than their spelling. -- Terry Pratchett