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The balls were dry as wood, you had to lick and suck at them before they tasted like sour cherries. If you chewed them well, the pit felt very smooth and hot on the tongue. Those night cherries were a happy thing, but they only sharpened our hunger.
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Michael, you shall have some syrup of figs.
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pickle juice on a cookie.
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And vinegar that makes them sour - and camomile that makes them bitter - and - and barley-sugar and such things that make children sweet-tempered. I only wish people knew that: then they wouldn't be so stingy about it, you know -
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My tongue is sour
from the hunger
of missing you
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Joys season'd high, and tasting strong of guilt.
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The craving today is for something light and spicy, and few have patience, still less desire, to examine carefully that which would make a demand both upon their hearts and
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These are very dainty and superrefined, but really vile.
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What makes bitter things sweet? Hunger.
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A man must know how to estimate a sour face. The sour face of the multitude, like thier sweet faces, have no deep cause, but are put on and off as the wind blows and the newspaper directs.
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The orange juice was sweet and sour, a sad and painful taste.
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panchitos, blacks,
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the best choice we have on the menu tonight.
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With the right kind of touch, sour apples turn sweet again.
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The perfection of rottenness.
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Intensely craving a salad of green papaya with bird chilies that tore your mouth apart, that burned your lips, set fire to your heart.
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Beautiful December grapes, blue as plums, every grape a little skinful of sweet, tasteless water
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An I must drink sour ale, I must, but never have I yielded to a man before, and that without would or mark upon my body. Nor, when I bethink me, will I yield now.
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The tantalizing scent transported me to a white, sandy beach lapped by a turquoise sea under a tropical sun. Lime and coconut were the getaway flavors my bakery customers needed in April, tax time.
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Who peed in your cheerios?
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strange and imported foods.
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What say you to a piece of beef and mustard?
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She tasted what she had said and found it sour enough to be accurate.
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When the milk of human kindness turns sour, it is a singularly unpalatable draught.
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These are the best things I've ever had in my mouth!
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From cane reeds, sugar. From a worm's cocoon, silk. Be patient if you can, and from sour grapes will come something sweet.
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As the bitterroots, necessary for the healing but unpleasant to taste. (What Father Sacco's parishioners say about the man.)
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The last dregs of winter spoiling the taste of everything.
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Bitter are the roots of study, but how sweet their fruit.
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Shite and onions!
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topped with whipped cream, chopped nuts
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As his mouth flooded with that horrible sweet purple taste, he could actually see those grapes dull, dusty, obese and nasty, crawling up a dirty stucco wall in a thick, syrupy sunlight that was silent except for the stupid buzz of many flies
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wanta taste shit rolling
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I'd have to say Sunset Salsa. Nothing against Honey Lime, but it's for losers.
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Peppermint swirled into my nostrils, sharp as glass, then raspberry almost to sweet, like too-ripe fruit. Apple, crisp and pure. Nuts, buttery, warm, earthy
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Unleavened Bread, all
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thick negroid lips
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Your flavor in my mind swings back and forth between sweeter than any wine and as bitter as mustard greens.
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You taste like a storm.
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Who Stole the Tarts?
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Once off the bush The fruit fermented, the sweet flesh would turn sour. I always felt like crying. It wasn't fair That all the lovely canfuls smelt of rot. Each year I hoped they'd keep, knew they would not. -Blackberry picking
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whose dark eyes narrowed to lightless almonds,
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I remain faithful to bourbon sour. It's absolutely delicious. You'd have to ask a bartender what's in it, but I think if you know you might never have a drink. I also love a little rum, 7 years aged, brown, when it is chilly, before dinner.
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Sweets to the sweet.
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From the heart of this fountain of delights wells up some bitter taste to choke them even amid the flowers.
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Sweetness cloys. Tart fruit and tart women give life its savor ... Daenerys, sweet queen, I cannot tell you what a pleasure it gives me to bask once more in your presence.
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I grew up on a ranch and my daddy always said, "If the milk is sour move the herd". Well things have been sour here for a while and getting worse...gotta let (it) go.
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You know what really fries my Puerto rican pancakes?
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I realized that I've had a really rocky relationship with food - it has not been a gauzy, beautiful summer of ripe melons and perfectly buttered toast.
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All of the plants that we do not consider food that are safe for the human body to digest, we don't eat because they're sour and bitter. The reason why you don't eat Kentucky bluegrass or crabgrass is because it tastes sour and bitter.
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Your lips are bitter-sweet with the taste of my wine of pain.
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What have you eaten today?"
"Humble pie, my own words, and a little crow. All three taste like shit.
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There's a hint of sweet with a full helping of stubborn and dirty as fuck.
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A lemon drop. They're a kind of Muggle sweet I'm rather fond of.
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Nothing pleases which is not freshened by variety.
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He rolled his tongue around in his mouth and made a sour face. "Got any gum? Mints?"
"No. You going to hark again?" He shook his head. "Mouth tastes like the bottom of my shoe." I didn't ask him how he knew that particular flavor.
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Pain has a flavor. The question is ... what does it taste like to you?
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I went to the juice isle, I learned something. Cranberries are taking over everything. What do you got, apples? Put some cranberrise in there, make it 50/50. Cran-apple. Grapes? Cran-grape. Mangos? Cran-mango. Pork chops? Cran-chop!
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Late season fruits.
The blood orange has its admirer, who suck it smugly. Cooks stalk it; they'd like to put it in some tartare sauce. However, some, like me, turn their noses up. In silence they mould bits of bread into balls, delighting in their work, then chuck them in God's face.
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What wine goes with Captain Crunch?
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He settles back with a small handful of cashews; dry-roasted, they have a little acid sting to them, the tang of poison that he likes.
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Delicious tears! The heart's own dew.
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rashers of bacon.
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I'm having a cheeseburger," Anna said. "With fries smothered in vinegar and salt."
"I told you I wouldn't kiss you again. You don't have to poison your mouth."
"Very funny. What are you having?"
"Something with onions and garlic.
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Hot crumpets with butter and jam - what could be more ambrosial?
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You take them home expecting a nice English cucumber, but regrettably end up with a pickle.
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In the land of sour grapes, the half-eaten apple is the queen
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Taste is a result of a thousand distastes.
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With all the sweetness of a chocolate-coated razor-blade.
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Red Delicious apples, whose misleading name is a travesty.
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Where'd you get the coconuts?
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scraggly trees produce apples so sour that one only has to look at them to feel ill. Lousy Lane traverses
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Sweets grown common lose their dear delight.
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I am not so foolish as to murmur, if now, since I have drunk up my wine and beer, I have to put up with skimmed milk and sour.
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I give you bitter pills, in a sugar coating. The pills are harmless - the poison's in the sugar
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Thy wit is a very bitter sweeting; it is a most sharp sauce.
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There is a certain delicacy which in yielding conquers; and with a pitiful look makes one find cause to crave help one's self.
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was like a crystal bowl filled with warm kettle corn. But when you lifted it up and checked the bottom, you could see a layer of burnt, unpopped kernels. The kind that makes you flinch from the unexpected bitter taste. The kind that may cause you to chip a tooth.
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I bought the sweetness with this pain.
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It tasted like a shade of white near blue; it tasted like the idea of pearls; it tasted like a memory nearly grasped but lost at the last moment.
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Where do you get bitter cherries?" Deuce asked.
"Disgruntled trees.
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Without the bitter the sweet aint as sweet
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I like cashew nuts.
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I woke up with an unfamiliar taste in my mouth, part sweet part sour, it took me days to realize this was simply hope.
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Cirrus sky hawk drift, blue haze in the autumn air, and my mouth is dry.
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Cranberry Catsup
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brown-capped porcini, yellow chanterelles, and oysters, every hillside ablaze with multicolored mushrooms, tasty and not nourishing in the slightest.
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There were pecans, there were cashews and then there was just plain nuts.
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Sourdough? Well, next to the Bible, sourdough is the most important possession on the frontier. You can make flapjacks and biscuits with it, patch a crack in the cabin, treat wounds, and even make brew.
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We do not bear sweets; we are recruited by a bitter potion.
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I took a fresh pack of Luckies, a mint called Sen-Sen, my old man's Trojans.
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Who spit in your porridge?
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Caught between the tongue and the taste.
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I made bitterness into a wad and swallowed it. I
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Envious, cold, and lonely. The perfect ingredients for a nice homemade bitter pie.
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It tasted like salt and failure.
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A simple and tasty evening snacks.
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Of the smells, bread; of the tastes, salt.
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Bitter flavours were all his palate knew. Once
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I'm a fastidious sort of fellow, fond of watermelon and buckbrush nuts.