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fishhook. It's squiggly like a worm. Something's
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Prongs rode again last night.
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Blast-Ended Skrewts for a walk than
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I got one that can throw but can't catch, and one that can catch but can't throw, and one who can hit but can't do either.
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Now You Leave Me No Option But TO Die A Spinter! ~ Rebecca
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At the end of the day, every child has learned the Lesson of Spin: Almost every wrong action can be stripped of consequences, along with the need for feelings of guilt and remorse.
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and spinach from the pan
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All right. Go. Our brave little shank.
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Dallas Bines. Dallicious Bines would be a more fitting name.
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Come close now,' ordered Fenworth. 'Time for an exit. I think we'll whirl, Kale likes to whirl. Hold hands. Let's stay together, children. I want no one lost.
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My Swaraj takes note of bhangis, dheds, dublas and the weakest of the weak, and except the spinning wheel I know no other thing which befriends all these.
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Tinks titties Rache
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chooks. You cannot go away and leave
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One hour spent in spinning should be an hour of self-development for the spinner.
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And angling too, that solitary vice, What Izaak Walton sings or says: The quaint, old, cruel coxcomb, in his gullet Should have a hook, and a small trout to pull it.
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Round and round we spin, with feet of lead and wings of tin.
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Quidditch match, taking
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Ripper in the front, ZZ in the back, Dirty in the mouth.
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Park hill staten island seal, rock the reel to reel we high hills deep
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Mike Dukakis? He's the salt of the earth.
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Dylan Quinn's knickers,
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Tink's a Disney whore!
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Gilly Gilleshpee
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row of stitches.
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Perry Johansson.
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I am a spinner of yarns; hopefully to transport the reader or listener to places I see in my minds eye.
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We're gonna rock your world, Tink." Brandon Knight
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Small pitchers have wyde eares.
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In fact, as a spin bowler, you have to work on the batsman over after over.
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No cricketer is so dependent on the turf on which the game is played as the spinner; it can make, break, enfang or defang him.
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Alfred has trapped you, Uhtred."
"No," I said, "the spinners did that." Ur r, Ver andi, and Skuld, the three women who spin our threads at the foot of Yggdrasil, had decided my fate. Destiny is all. "I shall go to my woman," I said.
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There are two bowlers who I think are very tough to play against - Dale Steyn and Morne Morkel.
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Now Coraline," said Miss Spink, "what's your name?"
"Coraline," said Coraline.
"And we don't know each other, do we?"
Coraline looked at the thin young woman with black button eyes and shook her head slowly.
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Blasted doorknob of a kender
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The question is, how long does Mr. Spinny have to live? And what does that tell us?
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ANKER (A'NKER) n.s.[ancker, Dut.] A liquid measure chiefly used at Amsterdam. It is the fourth part of the awm, and contains two stekans: each stekan consists of sixteen mengles; the mengle being equal
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Krispy Kreme Doughnuts, everybody loves them. But I thought this was interesting on the box, 'Konsult Kardiologist.
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You're turned in to the biggest balls of them all, DJ Suk T Nutts.
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We live - on a spinning planet in a world of spin.
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Noseless and Handless, the Lannister Boys.
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Nobody needs a mink coat but the mink.
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It must have been a snapper
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Pakistani Dalek: Put him in the cur-ry
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Penguins skate. Penguins spin. Penguins love to make you grin.
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Richard Dawson must
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The manikins, I mean the little men who held the shutters open during the day, those little metal figures: when you wanted to close the shutters you swivelled them round so that all night long they hung head down.
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Man. God. Roarke.
An interesting and flattering lineup.
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Tink's a Disney whore!- Jenks
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Reps, reps, reps
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Klunk's another word for poo. Poo makes a klunk sound when it falls in our pee pots.
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Whoever invented the spork should be killed.
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Warlock D. J. Prod of Didsbury says:
My wife used to sneer at my feeble charms, but one month into your fabulous Kwikspell course and I succeeded in turning her into a yak!
Thank you, Kwikspell!
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Oh for the sweet humpin' love of Tink! ~ Jenks
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That name was a sadistic play on the Underground Railroad that smuggled American slaves north. The old Nazis set up their own version and used it mainly to move their people. They called it Die Spinne.
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pilaster, probably meant to anchor a
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Duffers who consistently shank their balls are urged to buy and study Shanks - No Thanks by R.K. Hoffman, or in extreme cases, M.S. Howard's excellent Tennis for Beginners.
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between Scylla and Charybdis,
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We ought to call it something,' said Banokles thoughtfully. 'We can't just keep calling it "that big bastard horse". It ought to have a name.' 'What do you suggest?' - 'Arse Face.
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Voytek is here, to fuck penguin.
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A pitcher is worth a thousand worts.
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Remote and ineffectual don.
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Harlow's monkeys,
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I'm not him, I'm not the turncloak, he died at Winterfell. My name is Reek, It rhymes with freak
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Hickory dickory dock my daddy's nuts from shellshock.
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On the subject of spinach: divide into little piles. Rearrange again into new piles. After five of six maneuvers, sit back and say you are full.
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When I look at tricks, I look at Michael Vick.
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And later we'll have action from the men's cockles pairs.
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a furtive groove
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Stealers, keepers.
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I like sporks. They're like spoons, but you can poke people with them.
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What do you call those knobby things on doors that help you open them?
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Pekka Rollins couldn't count the threats he'd heard, the men he'd killed, or the men he'd seen die, but the look in Brekker's eye still sent a chill slithering up his spine. Some wrathful thing in this boy was beginning to get loose, and Rollin's didn't want to be around when it slipped its leash.
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And we all know how ladies get minks ... "
Popsy and Sandra chorused the answer together. "The same way minks get minks!
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I'm a finesse pitcher without the finesse.
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Most people would say 'the deets', but I say 'the tails'. Just another example of innovation.
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What do you call a kid with no arms and an eyepatch? Names.
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The foundation of service and your real training lie in spinning khaddar.
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POKSI (Physically Okay but Socially Inept)
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Derek Randall bats like an octopus with piles
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In the last analysis, a pickle is a cucumber with experience.
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Ulick Norman Owen.
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Wet catkins fur the twigs of a willow.
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Rolf Ekeus, his appearance can deceive. He looks somewhere between an international diplomat and a mad professor. He's got that sort of shock of white hair and a slightly absent-minded way of speaking. But he's extremely sharp and very serious about power relationships.
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Safe word is Pickle
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Sits bits unhitch!
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pickle juice on a cookie.
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Out of nowhere, Valek appeared before me, yelling in my ear, shaking my shoulders. Stupidly, belatedly, I realized he was the drunk. Who else but Valek could win a fight against four large men when armed only with a beer mug?
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by Rebecca 0 minutes ago
" Tink's titties!" Jenks from any of Kim Harrison's books on The Hollows. (aka Cincinnati,OH)

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No one in the world needs a mink coat but a mink.
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You're not wearing mink knickers,are you?
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I hate the gooks. I will hate them as long as I live.
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Bink," said Gollie, "I must inform you that you are giving a home to a truly unremarkable fish."
"I love him" said Bink.
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Rekers's fat begins under his nipples and increases exponentially until it eases back at his thighs. It looks as if a regular fat guy had some sort of seismic shift resulting in a landslide. A manslide. Chief Rekers is a walking manslide.
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Philo Vance / Needs a kick in the pance.
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four tumbling, squealing cubs,
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The old spelling MAGICK has been adopted throughout in order to distinguish the Science of the Magi from all its counterfeits.
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Basker possesses three kinds of bite: a snap, a nip, and then something like a buzz saw and an angle grinder mounted on a bear trap.
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Loony, Loopy Lupin.