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My dear Natalya Petrovna, there's funny and funny. -- Ivan Turgenev
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Swagruhe Pujyate Murkhaha; Swagraame Pujyate Prabhuhu Swadeshe Pujyate Raja; Vidvaansarvatra Pujyate. A fool is worshipped in his home. A chief is worshipped in his village. A king is worshipped in his kingdom. A knowledgeable person is worshipped everywhere. -- Amish Tripathi
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MOST POWERFULL VASHIKARN FOR ANY PROBLEM +91-9988220712 -- Astrology Horoscopes
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Ullahbluh! Sehyoh narar, pokehole sann! Manhead very dirty by am anoyato. Like old Dolldy Icon when he cooked up his iggs in bicon. He gatovit and me gotafit and Oalgoak's Cheloven gut a fudden. Povar old pitschobed! Molodeztious -- James Joyce
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Papa Ubu: Captain Bordure, I've decided to make you Duke of Lithuania. -- Alfred Jarry
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Sleep, ladies. I will be your St. Florian." Tomaso -- Eileen Granfors
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Maktub" (It is written.) -- Paulo Coelho
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Gilly Gilleshpee -- Victoria Laurie
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Just hopped off the plane came back from Vancouv Little white tee sum boobs & bamboo -- Nicki Minaj
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Anekico ler aracnia"
~Victory to the spider
"Ki mi ypomonitikosi teleson semerie"
~And today my patience ends -- Sherrilyn Kenyon
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Uniden Homepatrol -- Andrew Baze
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Sassicaia from Tuscany, -- Aubrey James
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When I say panni here, everyone says Bless you. -- Maggie Stiefvater
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The hell I care with your flavor of the month?' Sabi ko. Yeah, yun yu<>ng>ngng> girlfiend niya which I consider his flavor of the month. Or should I say, flavor of the week? A<>ng>ngng> bilis niya kasi<>ng>ngng> magpalit <>ng>ngng> babae, well I'm the only exception! Hahaha!" - Arkisha -- Ruth Mendoza
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Zendagi migzara. Life goes on. -- Khaled Hosseini
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YURIT - discover it! -- Stella Dunn
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chickaree coffee. -- Kristen Proby
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Luceo Non Uro. 'I shine, not burn, -- Diana Gabaldon
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Vashon is an island, accessible by ferry from Seattle, mainly populated by NIMBY-ish hippies, NIMBY-ish yuppies, boutique farmers, and wizards riding recumbent bicycles. A full quarter of the children in Vashon schools are unvaccinated. -- Lindy West
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Montovani? They play Montovani to insomniacs that don't respond to strong drugs -- Robin Williams
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Point north and vok voort. -- Andrew Miller
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Karibu, dada wangu. Hapa, wewe ni nyumbani.

Welcome, my sister. Here, you are home.


And to this home, may you always return. -- Jen Lynn Anderson
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Ngari-ngari - literally -- Jack London
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I've always wanted to go to Timbuktu. First of all I think it has the best name of anywhere in the world. -- David Tang
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Heavens! what thick darkness pervades the minds of men.
[Lat., Pro superi! quantum mortalia pectora caecae,
Noctis habent.] -- Ovid
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Klunk's another word for poo. Poo makes a klunk sound when it falls in our pee pots. -- James Dashner
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Hell yeah," Danika -- R.k. Lilley
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Whoever is not too wise is wise.
[Lat., Quisquis plus justo non sapit, ille sapit.] -- Martial
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Rumo!" said Rumo.
"That's right!" Smyke exclaimed. "You Rumo, me Smyke."
"You Rumo, me Smyke." Rumo repeated eagerly.
"No, no." Smyke chuckled. -- Walter Moers
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You do not know it but you are the talk of all the town.
[Lat., Fabula (nec sentis) tota jactaris in urba.] -- Ovid
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I know him. He's a hot chilli pepper, just like me!
(on Valeri Bojinov) -- Hristo Stoichkov
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There is not, and never was, a greater man than Emil Zatopek. -- Ron Clarke
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you are khan- khan -- Khan
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We'll meet again in Lvov, my love and I ... Tatiana hums, eating her ice cream, in our Leningrad, in jasmine June, near Fontanka, the Neva, the Summer Garden, where we are forever young. -- Paullina Simons
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Audentes fortuna iuvat. Fortune favors the bold. -- Wynne Channing
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Do not pursue with the terrible scourge him who deserves a slight whip.
[Lat., Ne scutica dignum horribili sectere flagello.] -- Horace
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Moscow ... how many strains are fusing in that one sound, for Russian hearts! what store of riches it imparts! -- Alexander Pushkin
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Ashurbanipal." Oh, baby, keep talking dirty to me. -- Jo Raven
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In hoc signo vinces -- Machado De Assis
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Minsk! How pissed-off that sounded! It was great. You could scare the bejayzus out of someone if you said it right. -- Marian Keyes
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NOTES FROM UNDERGROUND -- Fyodor Dostoyevsky
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Quark!"--the Quarkbeast -- Jasper Fforde
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I will build the best Potemkin village for you, my love! -- Ljupka Cvetanova
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Valar Dohaeris. All men must serve. -- George R R Martin
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At first encounter the Karoo may seem arid, desolate and unforgiving, but to those who know it, it is a land of secret beauty and infinite variety. -- Eve Palmer
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All places are filled with fools.
[Lat., Stultorum plenea sunt omnia.] -- Marcus Tullius Cicero
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Sala-manda-strong>stronstrong>, look out here we come,
A thief a warrior and a mole.
Though the quest may take its toll,
We'll march until we reach our goal,
-- Brian Jacques
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Hermann Buhl with K2. First -- James M. Tabor
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You are a hole in my life, a black hole. Anything I place there cannot be returned. I miss you terribly. Ci vedremo lassu, angelo. -- Timothy Conigrave
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Agapa Know what that is? -- Frank Corso
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Salish Kootenai College -- James Lee Burke
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apapi mou, zoi mou" means my love, my life. -- Jennifer L. Armentrout
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pocket lizard licker. -- Anonymous
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Guru in the Ukraine, -- Jim Butcher
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stomata. The guard -- Kenya Literature Bureau
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Tai Shimano visited Shunryu Suzuki. "How are you feeling these days?" Suzuki replied, "They have a new name for me: Cancer!" -- Shunryu Suzuki
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face touchage"
"Sulky McSulkerton -- Rachel Hawkins
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Prickomo fucking cocksca. That bastard old arsehole-fucker. -- Joe Abercrombie
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Our first-year list is Sangeeta Bandyopadhyay (translated by Arunava Sinha), Hwang Jung-eun (translated by Jung Yewon), and Khairani Barokka. -- Deborah Smith
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I banana the softest banana in the world; it's a new game, seeing just how soft I can banana while still banana-ing. -- Kate Ellison
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panchitos, blacks, -- Rafael Chirbes
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Johnny Vassilaros is the man who has created the finest cup of coffee ever served in the city of New York. -- Lewis Black
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Brothers Karamazov -- Kurt Vonnegut Jr.
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Stick." I said in Russian. I had no clue what the word for stake was. I pointed at the silver ring I wore and made a slashing motion. "Stick. where?"
He stared at me in utter confusion and then asked in perfect English, "why are you talking like that? -- Richelle Mead
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Niki Behrikis Shanahan -- Niki Behrikis Shanahan
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Timbuktu. The last pure place. Isolation being the mother of purity. All men are jealous of Timbuktu because Timbuktu is removed from men, it's the wholeness men have fractured, the sacred extreme they've traded away. -- Tom Robbins
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Keiichi-kun. I found you. -- Ryukishi07
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Valar Dohaeris. All must men serve. -- George R R Martin
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Petra Hermans
25 September 2016 -- Petra Hermans
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Suddenly I remembered this place, -- Rick Riordan
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Home? I have no home. Hunted, despised, living like an animal. The jungle is my home. But I will show the world that I can be its master. I will perfect my own race of people, a race of atomic supermen, which will conquer the world. -- Ed Wood
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The bird, the best, the fisch eke in the see,They live in fredome, everich in his kynd.And I a man, and lakkith libertee. -- James I Of Scotland
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I think I'm going to Katmandu, that's really, really where I'm going to -- Bob Seger
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The island is in Kenya, the water is in Uganda ... But the [Luos, a Kenyan ethnic group] are mad, they want to fish here but this is Uganda. -- Yoweri Museveni
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Mayoimashita. Can you help me find my cat? - Watashi -- Adam Johnson
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Credo Mutwa, the most knowledgeable man i have ever had the honor of knowing. -- David Icke
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My inamorata, you know where I'll be: where I'll always be. Waiting. For you. -- Debra Anastasia
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Not just a timely movie, a great one ... Timbuktu feels at once timely and permanent, immediate and essential. -- A.o. Scott
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'Moldova: Yes or No?' That's a great app, and we actually used the geo-locator on your phone, so if you are in Moldova, it will say 'Yes, you're in Moldova.' I'm so excited. People need that. That's the whole point. The whole reason you buy a $500 phone is to see if you are ... in Moldova. Or not. -- Jimmy Fallon
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New York City vagrant:
"What sort of 'nese are you people? Are you Chinese, or Japanese, or Javanese?"
Kakuzo Okakura responds:
"We are Japanese gentleman. But what sort of 'key are you? Are you a Yankee, or a donkey, or a monkey? -- Okakura Kakuzo
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Verranica, I will never leave you. -- Carey Corp
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I've backpacked to countries like Italy and Turkey and observed beautiful scenery, but then I realized that beauty was always very close to me. It is here in Belitung Island, where the rivers, beaches and the terrain captivate my attention most. -- Andrea Hirata
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Post tot naufragia portus, which translates as "After so many shipwrecks, a haven. -- Belinda Jones
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And our sailors of space have a legend of the furthest star of all, where the gods lay their plans against us, or plot the catastrophes of the end of time: the pachacuti. We call this undiscovered star Karu, which means 'far'.'
'As we speak of Ultima,' Quintus mused. -- Stephen Baxter
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Kurtapyjama. His face was deeply lined, and his white -- Gregory David Roberts
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Most gay, conversational, careless, lovely city ... where one drinks golden Tokay until one feels most beautiful, and warm and loved - oh, Budapesth! -- Winifred Holtby
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Wave to the haters like nanananana. -- Chris Brown
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Good-bye bilauta -- Colleen Houck
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Serva me, servabo te. Save me and I will save you. -- Courtney Cole
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Peru, Peru. My heart's lighthouse. -- Morrissey
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blatherskate," I -- Patrick Rothfuss
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Barcza is the most versatile player in the opening. He sometimes plays P-KKt3 on the first, sometimes on the second, sometimes on the third, and sometimes only on the fourth move. -- Harry Golombek
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I am a pupil of Pissarro. -- Paul Cezanne
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Nuzleaf Grass/Dark -- Acer Guides
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From: Zuzana Subject: Miss Radio Silence To: Karou -- Laini Taylor
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Zugzwang. It's when you have no good moves. But you still have to move. -- Michael Chabon
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Perchance to dream
"What are you doing here, Ariel? I would have thought you'd be halfway to Timbuktu."
- lisa mantchev perchance to dream -- Lisa Mantchev
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Spread this over Vanni's -- Robyn Carr
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Ankh-Morpork, the melting pot of the world, which occasionally runs foul of lumps that don't melt. -- Terry Pratchett
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I'm gonna take a patato chip! AND eat it! -- Tsugumi Ohba