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I'll have a stamp on me forever. There will always be questions. I brought new fans to the Orioles' organization, and that's good.
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I didn't accept it. I received it.
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It's finished. There isn't a stamp, or an error that I haven't collected. Not one. What shall I do now?"
"I think I'm beginning to understand," said Moomintroll slowly. "You aren't a collector anymore, you're only an owner, and that isn't nearly so much fun.
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Custom is the most certain mistress of language, as the public stamp makes the current money.
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Words are only postage stamps delivering the object for you to unwrap
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A reformed bitch is going to cost a fortune in stamps.
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'You've got mail!' exclaims the cheery automaton at America Online. The flag on the mailbox icon waves invitingly on my computer screen. For a second, I'm 10 years old again, waiting for the postman's whistle to slice the stillness of an Australian afternoon.
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Thudding racket of the rock crushers pulverizing ore. The sound of the stamps in operation is the sound of money being made, and only two things will stop them - Christmas and tragedy.
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The Medal of St. Benedict,
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I get airsick just licking an airmail stamp.
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I'll take a rusty nail and scratch your initials on my arm.
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A good many young writers make the mistake of enclosing a stamped, self-addressed envelope, big enough for the manuscript to come back in. This is too much of a temptation to the editor.
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The post office in the city of Christmas, Florida, where thousands descend each year to get their holiday cards postmarked. It's the best tradition we got, so fuck it, I'm rodeo-riding this cultural mutation.
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A mark.... is left when you complete your internal quest when you leave........
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Right about now, he'd like to have a stamp that said "Mine, stay the hell away" to put right on her forehead.
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Once you engrave your name on something, you create history
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In ten years, you'll be on a stamp /
where anyone at all can lick you.
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Don't think it, ink it.
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It is obvious I shall have to abandon my hopes of getting the Queen's head off the stamps.
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Which, as any American high school student can tell you, was an act that apparently had something to do with stamps.
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Some people collect stamps, other people like to be famous. I don't have that hobby.
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Authenticity is key.
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You won't see my parents honored on any stamps.
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He was clearly marked with the stamp of the Philistine.
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It was a Geek Squad badge from Best Buy.
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Theft of the Courtauld's signature
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Reputation is a hall-mark: it can remove doubt from pure silver, and it can also make the plated article pass for pure.
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Put his stamp on me?" Dee frowned. "It was a kiss, not a stamp. Jesus, do I have 'Ryder's Property' stamped on my forehead?" "Check your throat. Apparently he had his tongue down it, so it's probably there.
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The card was displayed in the post office window between 'Room to let, suit single professional person' and 'Kittens, 12 weeks old, litter trained'. Diana wouldn't have seen it if she hadn't been checking her reflection to see if her new jacket was creased.
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Jazz music is as American as it gets, and so is the U.S. Postal Service. A Miles Davis stamp is a perfect marriage of two great American institutions.
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No reckoning made, but sent to my account with all my imperfections on my head.
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I've read up to Lot #49, which is a valuable postage stamp.
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This girl was so authentic she probably had a trademark stamped on her ass.
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Message? What the hell do you think I am, a bloody postman?
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The letters I had inscribed on it were not even dry yet and already they belonged to the past.
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I love to receive a beautiful postcard from your place of voyage.
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Checkered past. I know about these jewels the same way I
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My signature is the one that Hyun Joong hyung made for me five years ago, but I'm still using it.
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I want to leave a mark.
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ship. The courier just arrived from Paidara.
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When you die, are you ever allowed to come back?"
"Only if you had your hand stamped ...
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Imprinting on someone is like ... Like when you see her ... Everything changes. All of a sudden, its not gravity holding you to the planet. It's her ... Nothing else matters.
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We were marked and had been marked in unforgettable and forever ways. We were all better men for it. Marked men. None of us would have it any other way.
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I went to this tattoo parlor in the East Village and I got an outline of a violin on my lower back. They call them tramp stamps now.
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Box held seven hammered-gold rings, each as thin as manila paper, to be worn stacked. And he had gotten himself a ring too,
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beheld, she sends again and again. So far
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As soft wax is apt to take the stamp of the seal, so are the minds of young children to receive the instruction imprinted on them.
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Where you travel to, I would love to receive a beautiful postcard.
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Every thought you produce, anything you say, any action you do, it bears your signature.
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Everything that comes by you has your name on it.
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You didn't hurt me, babe," he said. "You marked me. Big difference. That night was the most important thing that's ever happened in my life. Holding you, catching Noah - it changed me forever. I didn't want to forget. So when the bruises started to fade, I went and got them inked, so I couldn't.
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Tramp stamp. A tattoo in the center of a woman's lower back. Also referred to as a "California bumper sticker." The germans refer to this as "arschgeweih," which translates as "ass antler." Bravo!
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It's nice to collect stamps, but if it becomes obsessive, and you start stealing for your stamps, it becomes too much.
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The mark of writing on me is so indelible, a tattoo would be redundant.
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We are all familiar with the dove carrying an olive branch as a peace offering. The jewelry I've created pays tribute both to the messenger's noble mission and gardens as a refuge of peace and tranquility.
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Whisper to the flashing water your real name, write your signature in the sand, and shout your identity to the sky until it answers to you in thunder.
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You make your mark by being true to who you are and letting that be your staple.
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Engrave on your heart; love, hope and faith.
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Has that Copperfield no tague! I would do a good deal for you, if you tell me, without lying that somebody had cut it out
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The self-addressed stamped envelope. The representation of everything that was wrong with the old publishing industry.
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You can leave your marks on things, but the most lasting marks are written in the heart.
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My motto is strong packaging, clear addressing.
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It's not really much good tearing out a page because you can see the place where it's been torn. [ ... ] You can pull a stamp out,' she said with terrible youthful clarity, 'and you don't know that it's ever been there.
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Even if false gold makes a man happy:
At the mint it will be identified.
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What's that?' Thaniel said, curious. The postmarks and stamps weren't English or Japanese.

'A painting. There's a depressed Dutchman who does countryside scenes and flowers and things. It's ugly, but I have to maintain the estates in Japan and modern art is a good investment.
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An empty envelope that is sealed contains a secret.
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A bad forgery's the ultimate insult.
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Our Lord was 30 years preparing for 3 years of service. The modern stamp is to spend 3 hours preparing for 30 years of service.
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Inscribed on the temple of Apollo
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the envelope. "And our best wishes.
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But we have all been branded even if you can't see it, inside if not without
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The stamp of the Saint is that he can waive his own rights and obey the Lord Jesus.
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I have to clear my name.
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Dallas closes the leather case, set to store it away in her closet. She looks at the message one last time, memorizes it, and leaves the postcard on the table before she walks away. You matter.
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The print on canvas is the closest to the original work. I personally sign them as well.
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The binding was of citron-green leather, with a design of gilt trellis-work and dotted pomegranates.
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Embroidering the account, and decided it offered
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Every Mark does not make a Mark
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We also mark what's ours. And as I'm not going to see you for twelve hours, I think I'll leave a little more all over you.
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The Stamp Act imposed on the colonies by the Parliament of Great Britain is an ill-judged measure. Parliament has no right to put its hands into our pockets without our consent.
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of paper with my name and phone
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marked more by the way the grass
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If somebody stamps on your head in that way, you wouldn't say, 'thank you very much' and turn the other cheek. Only Jesus Christ did that.
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I want you to steal something."
I smiled. "Do you want the king's seal? I can get it for you."
"If I were you," said the magus, "I'd stop bragging about that." His voice grated.
My smile grew. The gold ring with the engraved ruby had been in his safekeeping when I had stolen it away.
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She's the kind of person who can lick everything but a stamp.
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It has sick on the sleeve. And no apostrophe.
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The President of today is just the postage stamp of tomorrow.
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The planet is sending out two unmanned craft
to determine what you did to me
I am requesting a copy
of their findings

which I would send to you
if I had your address
or any stamps.
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You had only one chance for a signature in life, but most people left no impression.
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We have to make a mark, even if it's only a scribble.
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Issues need to be addressed. So do boxes of bricks that need to be mailed. Make the shipping label out to Kat Nelb, 2332 Blanket Anagram Way, Jacksonville, Fl 3223.
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Ephraim found a stack of postcards tied together with a faded green ribbon. He shuffled through them and found they were from every World's Fair from 1915 in San Francisco to 1939 in New York. None of the postcards hed been written on or mailed.
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We've sent this message in this card to wish you a happy birthday, hope your day is a special one because you deserve it in every way.
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Why are stamps adorned with kings and presidents? That we may lick their hinder parts and thump their heads.
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The message was contained in a sealed lead wafer that was two inches square and three-eighths of an inch thick. The wafer itself was contained in a gold mesh reticule which was hung on a stainless steel band clamped to the shaft that might be called Salo's neck.
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Art is great only when it bears the stamp of the individual.
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If you want to send a message, try Western Union.
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Your uniqueness is your trademark.
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The idea of licking stamps seemed great fun for me.
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He who would pry behind the scenes oft sees a counterfeit.