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The stars are golden fruit upon a tree all out of reach. -- George Eliot
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Stars will be looking up to you -- Antoine De Saint-Exupery
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From what we cannot hold the stars are made. -- Benjamin Alire Saenz
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You know what shows today are missing? Stars. -- Aaron Spelling
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Above our heads, the stars flare and glitter and flash: thousands and thousands of them, so many thousands they look like snowflakes whirling away into the inky dark. -- Lauren Oliver
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Let's go rattle the stars. -- Sarah J. Maas
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We are all creatures of the stars. -- Doris Lessing
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The stars are reliable, unlike any other thing in this crazy world. Leaves fall off the trees. Snow melts. Rain washes away all the things we wrote on the pavement. But the stars are relentless in shining. -- Hannah Brencher
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We are all star stuff. -- Carl Sagan
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Reach Up Your Hand ... and take a star. -- Langston Hughes
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Stars are tragic. Most of the stars are nothing but reminders of love gone horribly wrong, or men challenging the gods. -- Kaitlin Bevis
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What are stars but points in the body of God where we insert the healing needles of our terror and longing? -- Lawrence Durrell
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Every man and every woman is a star. -- Aleister Crowley
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Lights of the world, and stars of human race. -- William Cowper
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Stars don't sit still, they twinkle -- Pharrell Williams
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People and stars are made of the same stuff. -- Bill Nye
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I have nothing more than that to ask of the stars. -- Fausto Brizzi
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As marvelous as the stars is the mind of the person who studies them. -- Martin Luther King Jr.
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The stars govern our conditions -- William Shakespeare
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The stars are dead, but their memories fill the sky -- Gregory Galloway
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I'm not a star. I'm just backing up the cats. -- Jaco Pastorius
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My definition of a star is someone who really lasts for a very long time. -- Lauren Bacall
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Stars today are just masturbation images. -- Robert Mitchum
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I love you, what star do you live on? -- Conrad Aiken
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We're stars who run off of stars. -- Stephanie Oakes
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I ofen looked up at the sky an' assed meself the question - what is the stars, what is the stars? -- Sean O'casey
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We have bottled the stars this evening, my young friends. -- John Green
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You are the stars and the world is watching you. By your presence, you send a message to every village, every city, every nation. A message of hope. A message of victory. -- Eunice Kennedy Shriver
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Stars are so much more brilliant when they are allowed to shine. -- Kathryn Smith
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Basically there are no stars anymore. The audience is the star. -- Billy Bob Thornton
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the silver pepper of the stars. -- F Scott Fitzgerald
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The stars are distant and unobtrusive, but bright and enduring as our fairest and most memorable experiences. -- Henry David Thoreau
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Stars to live by. Stars to steer by. Stars to die by. -- Mark Z. Danielewski
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The stars are so pretty. It's like they're speaking to us. -- Naoshi Arakawa
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Out of darkness shine the stars. -- J. Guenther
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Oh, I daresay they're all very well as decoration, somethin' nice to look at while you're workin', somethin' for show, but the start and finish, the start and finish, is helpin' people when life is on the edge. Even people you don't like. Stars is easy, people is hard. -- Terry Pratchett
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We are made of starstuff. Some -- Carl Sagan
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We are made of starstuff. -- Carl Sagan
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Years from now, when all the junk they got is broken and long forgotten, you'll still have your stars. -- Jeannette Walls
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I am drinking the stars -- Dom Perignon
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The stars are the apexes of what triangles! -- Henry David Thoreau
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What were all of them, really, but bits of something else? Bits of stars? -- Kameron Hurley
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But you do not think much about the stars. They are always there. Look at them when you have a moment. -- Mary Jane Ward
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You know the reason I love the stars is because we can't hurt them: we can't burn them, we can't melt them , we can't make them overflow, we can't flood them or burn them up - so we keep reacing for them -- Laurie Anderson
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I don't consider myself a star. -- Andres Iniesta
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The stars are pretty but the space between them is infinite and black with promise. -- Mark Lawrence
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I've never seen the stars before.
And I never knew they were so beautiful. -- Beth Revis
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The stars are the land-marks of the universe. -- John Herschel
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Underground, the stars are legend. -- Catherine Fisher
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You never get tired of looking at the stars -- Warren Ellis
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Every star has that certain something that stands out and compels us to notice them. -- Maureen O'hara
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Stars have their moments then they die. -- Nick Cave
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Today everyone is a star - they're all billed as 'starring' or 'also starring'. In my day, we earned that recognition. -- Bette Davis
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We have bottled all the stars this evening, my young friend. -- John Green
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When one star sets, a million spring forth. -- Vincent Lowry
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The stars are duller than an old pocket knife, they used to sparkle like five-carat diamonds. -- Lisa Schroeder
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Stars arrive on their own timetable. -- Cameron Crowe
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Star quality: I don't know what it is, but I've got it. -- Noel Coward
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The Stars Are Not Wanted but the Sky Will Submit -- Samantha Young
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The stars here and the ones there are each special for their own reason. You grew up looking at these, while I looked at mine. Now we've both looked at each of them together. -- Nyrae Dawn
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Now, I guess, people want stars. People are trying to invent stars. -- Oscar Robertson
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If I'm a star, then the people made me a star. -- Marilyn Monroe
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What I want to know is this: Are the stars gold paper or is the gold paper stars? -- P.l. Travers
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Stars crown the world, she said, but the lights in your eyes, those are stars, too.
They make up your crown, he said. -- Jeannine Atkins
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The stars glitter from outside... like cosmic confetti sprinkled across the night sky. -- Gretchen Powell
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What can stars do? Nothing..But sit on their axis! -- Charlie Chaplin
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The stars will live for me, if not anything else -- Munia Khan
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Surely the stars are images of love. -- Philip James Bailey
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Stars are attributed w/ intelligence they don't have, beauty they haven't worked for, loyaly & love they are incapable of reciprocating, and strength they do not possess. They are treated like a beautiful vase of cut flowers. When wilted, simply replaced w/ new blooms. -- Pete Townshend
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I feel the stars. Each sparkle sets aflame the pain in my heart. -- Donna Jo Napoli
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The stars in the sky are immeasurable. -- Lailah Gifty Akita
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When people stargazing, they stare at stars,
and many other things which they've already
presumed commonly and universally as stars. -- Toba Beta
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A star for every State, and a State for every star. -- Robert Charles Winthrop
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The stars are the jewels of the night, and perchance surpass anything which day has to show. -- Henry David Thoreau
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The stars are gone.. Only for tonight -- A.s.
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Some stars are large, and some are small,
And some are quite invisiball! -- Walter R. Brooks
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What is a star? Is stardom a kind of suspended adulthood? Is it a place beyond good and evil? Is a star a person you need to believe in--a daredevil, a risk-taker, a person who goes close to the edge without falling? -- Kim Gordon
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The stars are scattered all over the sky like shimmering tears, there must be great pain in the eye from which they trickled. -- Georg Buchner
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Stars believe there is no distance between them and me. -- Suzanne Tyrpak
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Stars on our door, stars in our eyes, stars exploding in the bits of our brains where the common sense should have been -- Angela Carter
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It is the stars as not yet known to science that I would know, the stars which the lonely traveler knows. -- Henry David Thoreau
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It doesn't matter who you are, there are stars in every city, in every house, and on every street. -- Ray Davies
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Stars should not be seen alone. That's why there are so many. Two people should stand together and look at them. One person alone will surely miss the good ones. -- Augusten Burroughs
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You are your own star. -- Lailah Gifty Akita
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Cammie: I never knew there were this many stars.
Zach: I can't see them. I just see you. -- Ally Carter
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Stars were made to suffer, and I am a star. -- Jayne Mansfield
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The stars, bright sentinels of the skies. -- William Habington
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Stardust to stardust -- Michele Amitrani
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Oh, the self-importance of fading stars. Never mind, they will be black holes one day. -- Jeffrey Bernard
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Come quickly, I am drinking the stars! -- Dom Perignon
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Any star can be devoured by human adoration, sparkle by sparkle. -- Shirley Temple Black
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The healing of the world is in its nameless saints. Each separate star seems nothing, but a myriad scattered stars break up the night and make it beautiful. -- Bayard Taylor
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Almost nine years later, I know that stars don't burn forever, and even the brightest can shatter into a million, burning sparks before falling from the sky. -- Kristen Kehoe
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There they stand, the innumerable stars, shining in order like a living hymn, written in light. -- Nathaniel Parker Willis
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We think of stars as celestial beings. And once in a while, they smile at us from the pages of 'People' magazine. -- A. E. Hotchner
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Only a foolish soul would love the stars. As beautiful as they are, they will burn you. Regardless of your best intentions. -- Kendal Rob
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The discovery of one star is the promise of another. -- Robert Aris Willmott
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You know what may be the oddest thing about being a star? Stars have an effect on people. It's a responsibility, and it's frightening. -- Andie Macdowell
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Our stars are not where we last admired them. Our homes crumble and we don't know which place to long for. -- Ann Druyan