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To my crew: Please be reasonable and do it my way.
The Captain -- Rusty Mills
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There is no ownership. There is only stewardship. -- Leeann Taylor
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When you value your crew, they look after you. -- Tori Amos
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Everybody needs a servant, excellent sir, whether they know it or not. -- Michael Swanwick
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I'm the granddaddy of this side. I'm the oldest person playing in the team, so I've got a mentoring role. I've been around the tracks and achieved a few things. I try to make sure that the younger players reach their full potential, and stay on the right track. -- Filo Tiatia
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I'm LEP. A captain. No rent-a-cop gnome is going to stand in the way of my orders. -- Eoin Colfer
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the master of this person of an excellent disposition. And is remarkable in the ship for his gentleness,and the mildness of his disipline... added to his well known integrity and dauntless courage, made me desirious to engage him. -- Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley
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A seagull manager is one who periodically flies into the area, makes a lot of noise, dumps on the people, maybe eats their lunch, and flies away. -- James Hunter
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"Being a good steward" and "placing your hope in" is not the same thing. -- Matt Chandler
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We lead people, but we manage things. -- Sam Chand
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A good, very good, not to say admirable schoolmaster, but then he is only a schoolmaster. -- Henry George
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The principal task of a conductor is not to put himself in evidence but to disappear behind his functions as much as possible. We are pilots, not servants. -- Franz Liszt
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Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?
Who supervises the supervisors themselves? -- Juvenal
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Staff or anyone else - you. So I hope whatever information -- Julie James
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Sometimes command means letting those under you do their jobs -- Kirsten Beyer
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I'm simpley one hell of a butler. -- Sebastian Michealis
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The first requisite of stewardship is to give ourselves to God. Thus, a logical recognition of God's absolute ownership should follow. -- Stephen F Olford
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I am an Imperial commissar. I will enflame the weak, support the wavering, guide the lost. I will be all things to all men who need me. But I will also punish without hesitation the incompetent, the cowardly, and the treasonous.
Ibram Gaunt -- Dan Abnett
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I've been told I'm a good midcareer manager. -- Arne Glimcher
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For all professional pilots there exists a kind of guild, without charter and without by-laws. it demands no requirements for inclusion save an understanding of the wind, the compass, the rudder, and fair fellowship. -- Beryl Markham
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I am being taken care of by a higher being than myself or my coaches or my training staff. -- Rebecca Lobo
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You're the healing janitor dude."
"Isn't that like a janitor?"
"No, it's like a groundskeeper. -- Rachel Hawkins
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He that staies does the businesse. -- George Herbert
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When people asked me what I did for a living, I told them I make pilots. They thought I was a stewardess. -- Suzanne Somers
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I get what I desire, it's my empire
And yes I call the shots, I am the umpire -- Nicki Minaj
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Yes, you're in charge. That makes me XO, and it's the XO's job to tell the captain when he's being an idiot. You're being an idiot, sir. -- James S.a. Corey
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We do a stewardship series every Sunday ... at offering time. -- Johnny Hunt
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You're either my ship's cook-and then you were treated handsome-or Cap'n Silver, a common mutineer and pirate, and then you can go hang! -- Robert Louis Stevenson
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I really have to make sure that I'm staying true to who I am, and that I know my responsibilities to current N.B.A. players, to future N.B.A. players, to our past and retired N.B.A. Players. -- Derek Fisher
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I am a director. I'm the one who can order men around. -- Lina Wertmuller
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Leadership is stewardship, it's temporary and you're accountable! -- Andy Stanley
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Although we can't control which roles are assigned to us, it must be our business to act our given role as best we possibly can and to refrain from complaining about it. Where ever you find yourself and in whatever circumstances, give an impeccable performance. -- Epictetus
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With my team I am an absolute czar. My men know it. I order plays and they obey. If the don't, I fine them. -- John Mcgraw
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The man who gives me employment, which I must have or suffer, that man is my master, let me call him what I will. -- Henry George
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Umpire Harold Bird, having a wonderful time, signalling everything in the world, including stopping traffic coming on from behind. -- John Arlott
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Damn! This flight attendant treating us like we won these first class tickets in a contest. -- J. B. Smoove
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But who guards the guardians? -- Juvenal
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I am, madam, Jonathan Randall, Esquire, Captain of His Majesty's Eighth Dragoons. At your service, madam. -- Diana Gabaldon
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I'm simply one hell of a butler. -- Yana Toboso
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Who's running things? -- Hector Tobar
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You wanted to know your role, Joes, and I'm tellin' you that's your role in my life and in my club. You. Are. Mine. -- Carina Adams
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French zombie chauffeur. -- Rick Riordan
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I always said to the directors that the minute a player becomes more powerful than the manager of Manchester United, it's not Manchester United. You have lost control of the whole club. So I always made sure that I was in control. They always knew who the manager was. -- Alex Ferguson
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Lookit, I've done it their way this far and now it's my turn. I'm my own handler. Any questions? Ask me ... There's not going to be any more handler stories because I'm the handler ... I'm Doctor Spin. -- Dan Quayle
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The Lord of Rags and Tatters. -- Megan Whalen Turner
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Just someone who gets bounced around in whatever position needs to be filled, used and used like a candle on a moonless night until I burn away into a puddle of compliance and obedience. -- Sara Raasch
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instructor - and -- J.d. Robb
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First class Manager hire first class leader, second class Manager hire third class manager and third class manager fire first class leader. -- Carsten K. Rath
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I'll have you know I do the swearing on this ship. If I need your assitance I'll call you. Capt. Wolf Larsen -- Jack London
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Serving is the best kind of Leading. -- Todd Stocker
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Keep cool and you will command everyone. -- Justinian I
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He does everything a Marshal does but twice as hard, twice as dirty, and without the soft and cushioning arms of the government to wipe his tears. The -- Catherynne M Valente
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The stewardship of influence. What have you done with influence? -- Johnny Hunt
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Head Bitch in charge, luvah... -- Mia Asher
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- I am the chief steward of my fate, I am the fireman of my soul. -- Malcolm Lowry
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Quis custodiet ipsos custodes.
Which roughly translates as
Who will Guard the Guardians, or
Who watches the watchers. -- Juvenal
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Lord, help me to wait upon my Master. Let me leave all idea of honour to the hour when thou thyself shalt honour me. May thy Holy Spirit make me a lowly and patient worker and waiter! -- Charles Haddon Spurgeon
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I am the master of my fate, the captain of my soul -- William Ernest Henley
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Mychael Eiliesor. Guardian paladin, sacred protector, master spellsinger, fashion consultant. -- Lisa Shearin
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Be the captain. You are the captain. Take the ball and run. -- Cheryl Strayed
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Due to circumstances beyond my control, I am master of my fate and captain of my soul. -- Ashleigh Brilliant
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upholder of all that surrounds thee. He who -- Ralph Waldo Emerson
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I serve at the discretion of the prime minister. -- George Osborne
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He runs a very tightly knit ship -- Rob Hawthorne
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Remote and ineffectual don. -- Hilaire Belloc
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I'm the master of the wicket! -- Gerard Way
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A man who knew his job as he spent a long time commanding a regiment and who earned great respect from everybody. -- Aleksandr Vasilevsky
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I would say I'm a boss who's learning, and I hope people have the patience for the fact that I'm learning along the way because that's a tough thing. -- Sophia Amoruso
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Newcastle need a chief scout who is in unicism with the management -- Bobby Gould
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Beware the past, Kelsea. Be a steward. -- Erika Johansen
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Manager! Have brain - use it! -- Gerry Geek
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The manager sits down with me; I sit down with the board. We assess the success of the year. The manager assesses whose coming through the academy system. His job is to look at what is happening in European and world football. -- David Gill
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This job is all about appearances, Sage. We only hire individuals who take pride in themselves, who can present themselves in a certain manner, while at the same time representing us in such a way that reflects class and allure ... a certain degree of unattainability. -- Anonymous
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A mixed up knot of incompatible roles, tied up too tight to know where one ended and another began. -- Genevieve Dewey
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A good conductor ought to be a good chauffeur; the qualities that make the one also make the other. They are concentration, an incessant control of attention, and presence of mind; the conductor only has to add a little sense of music. -- Sergei Rachmaninoff
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As I see it, I am not just in charge of food service; I am in charge of morale. -- Chip Heath
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Be a leader, not a superior. -- Toyotomi Hideyoshi
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You must be either the servant or the master, the hammer or the anvil. -- Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe
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A superior pilot uses his superior judgment to avoid situations which require the use of his superior skill. -- Frank Borman
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A proper young lady who should, in your opinion, play by the conventional rules. do as you like, Mr. Hopkins, but I am having a mulled wine. This feels like a good day to break rules. -- A.s. Croyle
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Your job is to be you, which includes being the chief beneficiary of all things you do right, the chief victim of all you do wrong, and the one person on Earth who has to live with every choice you make. As gatekeeper to your life, you're it. -- Carolyn Hax
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stomata. The guard -- Kenya Literature Bureau
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Usually in features, I'm the lead. I consider the director the captain, but I consider myself the first mate, and it's up to me to keep in contact with the heart of the crew. -- Eddie Albert
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What does he stand for? -- James Carville
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passionate leadership. -- Rob Roy
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In losing stewardship we lose fellowship; we become outcasts from the great neighborhood of creation. -- Wendell Berry
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Your job is to umpire for the ball and not the player. -- Bill Klem
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Responsible for wrapping the iron fist of authority in its velvet glove is Jane Axtell, head of the accountancy firm's Human Resources department. -- Alain De Botton
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Chef: Any cook who swears in French. -- Henry Beard
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Let this be our rule for goodwill and helpfulness, that whenever we are able to assist others we should behave as stewards who must someday give an account of ourselves. -- John Calvin
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The Captain, so close as he was, didn't warrant their attention. Even a fly on a horse's hindquarters gets a tail whip. And that is the thick of it. We are less than flies to these foul foes. -- Greever Williams
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You are more than your job title. -- Rachel Singer Gordon
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I had rather have a plain, russet-coated Captain, that knows what he fights for, and loves what he knows, than that which you call a Gentle-man and is nothing else. -- Oliver Cromwell
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As my great friend Aristotle said, 'If you cannot command, you must learn to listen.' I'm not the hierarchy here. I am a worker bee. -- Shaquille O'neal
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Above all, a director has to be a good captain. -- Charlton Heston
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Anyone can hold the helm when the sea is calm. -- Publilius Syrus
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I make honorable things pleasant to children. A teacher from Sparta -- David Brooks
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There isn't any such thing as being your own boss in this world unless you're a tramp, and then there's the constable. -- George Horace Lorimer
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These stewards of the company way are the intellectual and emotional foundation of the organization. -- Reid Hoffman