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Thinking to be tactful and adroit, the woman stood -- Yasunari Kawabata
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To stand strongly, we need three legs: Two legs and a work that will keep us busy! -- Mehmet Murat Ildan
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Stand strong. Stand firm. -- Lailah Gifty Akita
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He would stand by her. He would stand by her as long as the sun came up in the morning, as long as spring followed winter. -- Karen Kingsbury
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I really should have fell but I stood -- Eminem
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him who standeth, take heed lest he fall. -- E. M. Forster
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Better die standing than live kneeling. -- Pericles
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Sometimes standing alone makes you stronger than hiding in a group. When you choose to stand when those close to you are sitting down, it speaks volumes about your integrity and character. It's when those who stand alone come together that the opposite is true. -- Lori Goodwin
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Freely they stood who stood, and fell who fell. -- John Milton
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Once again standing on past route. -- Remembrance
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Don't you know Im still standing better than I ever did. Looking like a true survivor, feeling like a little kid. I'm still standing after all this time. -- Elton John
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We stood there, locked and lovely as statues in a garden. -- Paula Mclain
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Stand up and finish what you started -- Bob Harper
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Bodies lay in the sun. Bodies stood in the sun. -- N.j. Hallard
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Stand up.
Stand out.
Stand firm.
Stand strong. -- Matshona Dhliwayo
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I do stand up sometimes out of anger. Sometimes the greatest stuff comes from a dark place. -- Tracy Morgan
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One who does not fall, does not stand up. -- Fedor Emelianenko
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Standing for something isn't just about writing it down. It's about believing it and living it. -- Jason Fried
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The heart of standing is that you cannot fly. -- William Empson
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you pinned
my legs to
the ground
with your feet
and demanded
i stand up -- Rupi Kaur
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his body close to the ground, he turned and -- Gene Wolfe
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If you fell down yesterday, stand up today. -- H.g.wells
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I stood in this unsheltered place, 'til I could see the face behind the face. -- Peter Gabriel
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As long as you SIT, you Stay In Trouble. Once you STAND, you Shift Toward A New Direction, take a STEP, and Start To Embrace Purpose, then WALK to Welcome Abundance, Love and Knowledge. -- Niquenya D. Fulbright
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The faulty stands on his guard. -- George Herbert
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Stand up straight. If you stand up straight, you will instantly feel better about yourself, and you will project a better image to the world, one that says you don't feel like you have to be hunched over and closed off. -- Chris Hardwick
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I want to stand on the truth that God has designed us to stand, and that the opportunity to stand is the opportunity to live exuberantly and gloriously. -- Craig D. Lounsbrough
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It stands on a slight eminence -- J. Sheridan Le Fanu
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Dare to Stand Alone -- Thomas S. Monson
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I stand up, sure of one thing and one thing only. That my father will come and get me. He won't give me a lecture, he won't try to teach me a lesson. He won't ask a thousand questions or ask me to apologize. He'll just come and get me.
Just tell me where you are. -- Melina Marchetta
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If I flew for you, you would still be standing. -- Heather Nova
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Hee stands not surely, that never slips. -- George Herbert
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Standing is harder than moving. -- Moshe Feldenkrais
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walked out to the deck that overlooked -- Dianne Harman
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How are you still standing?" "Because we're not yet done. -- Pierce Brown
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Never leave an enemy standing. -- Shaka
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Stand-up is hard. -- Jerry Seinfeld
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Risin up, when you're weak, makes a person stronger. By standin, thery're saying that [she] matters, and they matter too. I feel better when I think about how showin respect to one person makes every person makes every person worth more. -- Todd Johnson
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Don't just stand there; make something happen. -- Lee Iacocca
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Better to die standing, than to live on your knees. -- Che Guevara
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You can't set down and stand up at the same time, each situation has its advantages, but you can't be in both places at once ... it can't be did. -- Marietta Holley
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You must stand for something! It does not have to be grand, but it must be a positive that brings light to someone else's darkness. -- Anthony Carmona
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The planets in their station list'ning stood. -- John Milton
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Nobody stands taller than those willing to stand corrected. -- William Safire
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He stands not alone. You would die before your stroke fell. -- J.r.r. Tolkien
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Why, stand-under and under-stand is all one. -- William Shakespeare
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Just stand. Bend. Balance. -- Lisa Mcmann
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I get a standing ovation just standing -- George Burns
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Stand Fast, Stand Firm, Stand Sure, Stand True. -- Harrison Gray Otis
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Like tired dogs they stand there,
because they use up all their strength
in remaining upright in one's memory. -- Franz Kafka
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A man can stand up -- Esther Forbes
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Alma Belasco had caught her attention. She stood -- Isabel Allende
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I stood on the outside of disaster, looking in. -- Dick Francis
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He was feeling buoyant, flexible. He wanted to go jogging. He stood. He couldn't go jogging. He called room service and ordered a basket of breads and pastries. -- Dave Eggers
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You have to stand for what you believe in and sometimes you have to stand alone. -- Queen Latifah
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You don't know how hard I've tried to be left standing all by myself. -- Ayn Rand
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Stand-up is like a row boat: it's fun and romantic when you're choosing to do it. But if you have no other choice than to be in a row boat it's not as enjoyable; that's survival. -- Demetri Martin
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Before one can stand, one needs to learn how to fall. -- Ashwin Sanghi
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Any assessment of where we stand in relationship to Him tells us that we do not stand at all. We kneel. -- Neal A. Maxwell
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come to a stop and she was -- Jessica Snow
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No soul deserved to stand alone, -- Steven Erikson
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They stood there eclipsed by concrete columns, paradoxically trapped -- Anonymous
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Women stood along the -- Ted Dekker
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When you missed someone you became them, that you did things to fill the space they'd left so you wouldn't feel so alone. Standing -- Anna Carey
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but seven of us went to where she was standing, looked -- Lauren Baratz-Logsted
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Where you stand depends on where you sit. -- Nelson Mandela
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I do believe in standing for something more than just a product. -- Waris Ahluwalia
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Remained on hands and knees, eyes narrowed thoughtfully, -- Diana Gabaldon
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For even if you should have stood your ground, he said, yet what ground was it? -- Cormac Mccarthy
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One must be willing to stand alone - in the unknown, with no reference to authority or the past or any of one's conditioning. One must stand where no one has stood before in complete nakedness, innocence, and humility. -- Adyashanti
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It's easy to stand in the crowd but it takes courage to stand alone -- Mahatma Gandhi
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A lot of kneeling will keep you in good standing. -- Mhalyn Campos Anonuevo
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When it's going well, stand-up is the best thing in the world, but when it's not, it feels like all your toes are being pulled off one by one. -- Jennifer Coolidge
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A lot of kneeling keeps one in good standing. -- Barbara Johnson
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who stood by as the consequences -- Anthony Doerr
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He who tip-toes cannot stand; he who strides cannot walk. -- Jean De La Bruyere
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To stand still is to fall behind. -- Mark Twain
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He who stands on tiptoe does not stand firm. -- Laozi
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Your task is to stand straight; not to be held straight. -- Marcus Aurelius
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It's better to die standing than live on your knees. -- Emiliano Zapata
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I stood in the wind and tried to get through the moment. -- Anchee Min
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To remain standing one often has to fall. -- Ashwin Sanghi
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Clovensport, half German shepherd, half who-knows-what, was standing on hind legs before them. -- Casey Sean Harmon
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I'm standing for real freedom. -- Todd Akin
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I stand up to people. -- Keith Olbermann
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He [Levi] made standing look vertical lying down. -- Rainbow Rowell
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higher and kicked him. -- Catherine Ryan Hyde
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Sometimes you have to stand alone, just to make sure you still can. -- Monica Murphy
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She stood and showed off her knee-high boots. Very Kalinda Sharma, -- Sylvia Day
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What are you willing to lay down so you can stand up? -- Bobby F. Kimbrough Jr.
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Be strong to stand alone. -- Lailah Gifty Akita
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I'd rather die standing than live on my knees. -- Shania Twain
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Oh, I love stand-up. -- Louis C.k.
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My moral standing is lying down. -- Trent Reznor
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I knelt a mortal; I rose an immortal. -- Yann Martel
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on a stool amid his guffawing comrades, 'I stand for -- Boris Johnson
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They'd been standing like that for thirty seconds of forever. -- Markus Zusak
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I may not stand tall in a crowd, but I definitely stand out. That -- Nick Vujicic
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Standup is tough; if you are going through a hard period in your life, it is very hard to get up in front of people and be the happy guy in the room. -- Doc Brown
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He stepped down, avoiding any long look at her as one avoids long looks at the sun, but seeing her as one sees the sun, without looking. On that day of the week and at -- Leo Tolstoy