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Nothing that surrounds us is object, all is subject.
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I never let my subject get in the way of what I want to talk about.
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Your subject should always answer the question "What is the problem to be solved?" or "What is the job to be done?" A
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[T]he object of any subject is nothing else than the subject's own nature taken objectively.
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Subjectivity ceases to exist only when the mutation-like leap is made from subjectivity to objectivity, from individual existence to universal existence.
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What's the subject of life - to get rich? All of those fellows out there getting rich could be dancing around the real subject of life.
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As far as I'm concerned, there is no subject that's off the table.
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People wonder why you choose certain subjects to write about. The truth is: you don't really. They choose you
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One always starts work with the subject, no matter how tenuous it is, and one constructs an artificial structure by which one can trap the reality of the subject-matter that one has started from.
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The commonest, dullest, most threadbare topic might be rendered interesting by the skill of the speaker.
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For people who live in the imagination, there is no lack of subjects. To seek for the exact moment at which inspiration comes is false. Imagination floods us with suggestions all the time, from all directions.
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All subjects do not reside in neat little compartments, but are continuous and inseparable from the one big subject we have been put on Earth to study, which is life itself.
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The chief vestige of subjectivity is the fallacy that everybody else also cares about the same things as the observer, and/or lives in his/her exact same state of mind
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Subjectivity is objective.
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As for the subject matter in my painting ... it is very often an incidental thing in the background, elusive and unclear, that really stirred me.
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After all, everyone's favorite subject is themselves.
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Mental events, it is said, are not passive happenings but the acts of a subject.
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Discourse, the sweeter banquet of the mind.
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Philosophy. - Nil.
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When I first started to take photographs in Czechoslovakia, I met this old gentleman, this old photographer, who told me a few practical things. One of the things he said was, "Josef, a photographer works on the subject, but the subject works on the photographer."
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I am my own muse, the subject I know best.
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The starting point is a question.
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The only subject I know anything about is myself and I don't know that too clearly.
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When you fight among subjects you are a figure, a form, an idea.
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The world is inseparable from the subject, but from a subject which is nothing but a project of the world, and the subject is inseparable from the world, but from a world which the subject itself projects.
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but now we see that the subject controls the time of its environment. While we said before, "There can be no living subject without time," now we shall have to say, "Without a living subject, there can be no time.
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The object is freedom.
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As a journalist, I'm not supposed to be the subject, but as an author, I'm fair game - another ingredient in the media soup.
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The purpose of subject matter is to veil technique. The great artist uses the cloak of resemblance to hide the means.
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The simplest subjects are the immortal ones.
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A sentence has a subject and a verb and expresses a complete thought. However,
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The best subjects are always people, who never fail to amaze me by their unpredictability.
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The task of education is not to teach subjects: it is to teach students.
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Literature is not a subject of study, but an object of study.
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The pains and pleasures of the body, howsoever important to ourselves, are an indelicate subject of conversation
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The subject, the thing itself, is the genesis of all types of photography.
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The topics which language limits us to aren't much worth discussing in the first place.
(attrib: F.L. Vanderson)
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It just makes me wonder what subject you blame for talking to me every night.'
I'm still settling on an answer for that one. Probably Chemistry.
Jesus Christ. I can't believe I just wrote that.
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Conversation is not a search after knowledge, but an endeavor at effect.
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To me Art's subject is the human clay, / And landscape but a background to a torso; / All Cezanne's apples I would give away / For one small Goya or a Daumier.
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We know that man has the faculty of becoming completely absorbed in a subject however trivial it may be, and that there is no subject so trivial that it will not grow to infinite proportions if one's entire attention is devoted to it.
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Everything turns on grasping and expressing the True, not only as Substance, but equally as Subject.
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An object of art creates a public capable of finding pleasure in its beauty. Production, therefore, not only produces an object for the subject, but also a subject for the object.
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In my view, no subject is ever finished. No concept is sealed off from other concepts. Knowledge is continuous; ideas flow.
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Death is not my best subject.
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I do have trouble with titles.
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Anything I've not experienced I do not look to for a subject. I have to feel it.
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Philosophy, art, and science are not the mental objects of an objectified brain but the three aspects under which the brain becomes subject.
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My interests were aroused, and my faith in the cliches of the subject destroyed, as so often with other subjects, by the discussions with my friend, Aaron Director.
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Religion is the one area of our discourse
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What is said upon a subject is gathered from an hundred people.
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No matter what the subject, the subject is always love.
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Beauty and happiness and life are all the same and they are pervasive, unattached and abstract and they are our only concern. They are immeasurable, completely lacking in substance. They are perfect and sublime. This is the subject matter of art.
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I could not write about a subject sacred to me because I would be too flippant. Fortunately, there are no subjects sacred to me.
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subject would largely have to have been a retraction. Because all the while, I was looking for lies to expose. No bit of information existed merely as a fact but as a clue to a deep underlying truth that would reveal a massive cover-up by both East and West.
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The subjectivist in morals, when his moral feelings are at war with the facts about him, is always free to seek harmony by toningdown the sensitiveness of the feelings.
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Don't 'discover' a subject of any kind.
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Words and sentences are subjects of revision; paragraphs and whole compositions are subjects of prevision.
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The choice of a topic which will bear analysis and support enthusiasm, is essential to the enjoyment of conversation.
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What concerns me alone I only think, what concerns my friends I tell them, what can be of interest to only a limited public I write, and what the world ought to know is printed ...
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At bottom there is but one subject of study: the forms and metamorphoses of mind. All other subjects may be reduced to that; all other studies bring us back to this study.
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Teachers, you don't teach a subject, you teach a child.
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Desire, loneliness, wind in the flowering almond
surely these are the great, the inexhaustible subjects
to which my predecessors apprenticed themselves.
I hear them echo in my own heart, disguised as convention.
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Love, our subject:
we've trained it like ivy to our walls.
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Light and subject is inseparable. But when it is well integrated, it becomes the work of a fine masterpiece.
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Conversation is the legs on which thought walks; and writing, the wings by which it flies.
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The talk was supposed to be about gender and sexuality in music videos. Those who know how I usually flow were tripping at the title [Alicia vs. India], but I had to remind them that had I called the talk "Gender and Sexuality in Music Videos," wouldn't nobody be up in the room.
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I only have one subject. The question I am obsessed with is: How do children survive?
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Until they give me opportunity to write about matters that are not-me, the world must go on uninstructed and unreformed, and I can only do my best with the one small subject upon which I am allowed to discourse.
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Conversation is the laboratory and workshop of the student.
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Never be ashamed of your subject, and of your passion for your subject.
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I have an object, a task, let me say the word, a passion. The profession of writing is a violent and almost indestructible one.
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My work never directly addresses the literal subject matter of the photograph, but attempts to ask questions about vision itself.
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The essayist is a self-liberated man, sustained by the childish belief that everything he thinks about, everything that happens to him, is of general interest.
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A young man is stirred and stimulated by the consciousness of how much depends upon his own exertions: a young girl is oppressed by it.
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The subjectivization of the universal in art brings the universal downward on one hand, while on the other it helps raise the individual toward the universal.
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It's not about something that inspires you, but it's about something that makes you think.
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In writing, the point is not to manifest or exalt the act of writing, nor is it to pin a subject within language; it is, rather, a question of creating a space into which the writing subject constantly disappears.
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To compose a subject well means no more than to see and present it in the strongest manner possible.
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The artist himself is actually the subject in everything after, say, 1900. Eventually, art becomes so removed from the community that you have to know about the artist before you can even look at the painting, because there is a conceptual idea going on.
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Content is more than 'subject matter.' It is all the feelings and ideas you bring to your painting.
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When the subject is strong, simplicity is the only way to treat it.
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Unlike my subject will I frame my song, It shall be witty and it shan't be long.
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The fact that I
am writing to you
in English
already falsifies what I
wanted to tell you.
My subject:
how to explain to you that I
don't belong to English
though I belong nowhere else
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Everyone to me has to pick a subject to talk about in music if you're going to be a writer.
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While I have devised various formal strategies for articulating [my] concerns, I think fundamentally the work is driven by a basic curiosity. I seek to find out things about people by making photographs of them.
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Her Majesty is not a subject.
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Love is a huge topic.
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It is so much better to make a big thing out of a little subject than to make a little thing out of a big one.
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Some subjects come up suddenly in our speech and cannot be silenced.
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My friend, who loved above all things precision and concentration of thought, resented anything which distracted his attention from the matter in hand. And yet, without a harshness which was foreign to his nature, it was impossible to refuse to listen to the story of the young and beautiful woman
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Art cannot be subordinate to its subject, otherwise it is not art but biography.
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The character of the subject must influence the choice of the method of its representation.
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I'm writing about emotions.
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Like any other composer of opera, I choose a subject not for polemical reasons, but because it contains vivid characters in highly charged dramatic situations.
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If you want to understand a subject promise to speak on it.
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In order to be able to write well upon a subject, one must have ceased to be interested in it; the thought which is to be soberlyexpressed must already be entirely past and no longer be one's actual concern.
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How could this next thought define your subjectivity at all?
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There are no "great" subjects for the creative writer; there are only the singular details of a single human life.
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The awkwardness and embarrassment which all feel on beginning to write, when they themselves are the theme, ought to serve as a hint to author's that self is a subject they ought very rarely to descant upon.