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One of the greatest values of mentors is the ability to see ahead what others cannot see and to help them navigate a course to their destination. -- John C. Maxwell
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A manager is an assistant to his men. -- Thomas J. Watson
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Imagine how fluid life would be if we each had an advisor who, with our best interest at heart, provided clear, objective and decisive guidance. When we trust our instincts, we do. -- Gina Greenlee
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Most of us are called on to perform tasks far beyond what we can do. Our capabilities seldom match our aspirations, and we are often woefully unprepared. To this extent, we are all Assistant Pig-Keepers at heart. -- Lloyd Alexander
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The number one success in music supervision is when you can satisfy everybody on every level, creatively and in terms of the budget. That's when I'm most stoked, when we can balance the left-brained stuff and the right-brained stuff. -- Liza Richardson
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When you become a parent, or a teacher, you turn into a manager of this whole system. You become the person controlling the bubble of innocence around a child, regulating it. -- Kazuo Ishiguro
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Building awareness and responsibility is the essence of good coaching. -- John Whitmore
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Training leaders is part of the work of discipling. -- Max Anders
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I take my mentoring responsibilities very seriously. -- Erin O'connor
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While you teach, you learn. -- Seneca The Younger
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What I learned from directing, I learned from soccer, where it's like a coach-player relationship. -- Sean Durkin
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One of my missions was to teach. -- Paul Prudhomme
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Discipling involves instruction and imitation. -- Mark Dever
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I look after people. -- Amy Winehouse
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Do not feel surprise at being schooled amid toil: you are being schooled for a wondrous destiny. -- Augustine Of Hippo
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Teachers are directed to instruct their pupils ... and to awaken in them a sense of their responsibility toward the community of the nation. -- Bernhard Rust
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As leader of the effort of the Iraqi Survey Group, I spent most of my days not out in the field leading inspections. It's typically what you do at that level. I was trying to motivate, direct, find strategies. -- David Kay
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I'm committed to working with teachers. -- Kathleen Wynne
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Most busy people want to mentor someone great -- Ramit Sethi
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It was the responsibility of a senior fireman to teach as well as to do. -- David Halberstam
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Mentoring is a brain to pick, an ear to listen, and a push in the right direction. -- John C. Crosby
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Technology Coaches demonstrate professional knowledge, skills, and dispositions in content, pedagogical, and technological areas as well as adult learning and leadership and are continuously deepening their knowledge and expertise. -- Jo Williamson
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So, if you haven't picked up some tips during an apprenticeship like that, you shouldn't be directing. It doesn't mean you can do it, but it loads you up with information. -- Colin Firth
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Part of the way that I work is to observe. -- John Hawkes
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That is the Proctor. He is our Cerberus; he has to keep all undergraduates in good order." "What a task! He ought to have three heads. -- Thomas Hughes
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I manage a team, for beach soccer. I'm the coach. Player, coach. -- Eric Cantona
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When you're in command, command. -- Chester W. Nimitz
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Teach, and you shall receive. -- Robert T. Kiyosaki
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We teach what we need to learn. -- Gloria Steinem
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You want to surround yourself with people who are as dedicated to their discipline as you are to yours and let them do what they do. -- Victor Levin
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What gets watched, gets done -- Don White
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Mentorship is the key to extraordinary success. -- Mike Murdock
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Teach the art of living well. -- Seneca The Younger
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I am a coach on the outside of the establishment and that works. -- Linford Christie
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Show your instructions in actions as much as you can. -- Catherine Mcauley
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My dear, the duty that devolved wholly on you in my absence of guiding and expanding the minds of our dear children is a laborious one and a responsible one. -- Ezra Cornell
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Managing up requires the mentee to take responsibility for his or her part in the collaborative alliance and to be the leader of the relationship by guiding and facilitating the mentor's efforts to create a satisfying and productive relationship for both parties -- Anonymous
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I think that teaching coaches are the norm now. -- Oscar Robertson
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The learner should be actively involved in the learning process. -- Malcolm Knowles
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In all teaching there must be a fusion of authority as an adult providing a stable framework for the children in one's care, and humility as another human being ready to educate an equal who may turn out to be a superior. -- Yehudi Menuhin
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Manager! Have brain - use it! -- Gerry Geek
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Do not delegate an assignment and then attempt to manage it yourself - you will make an enemy of the overruled subordinate. -- Wess Roberts
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Coaching has been my entire life. -- Jerry Tarkanian
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I had some training on how to cope with hostage-taking. -- Richard Engel
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Coaching is an ongoing intentional conversation that empowers a person or group to fully live out God's calling. -- Keith E. Webb
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Let us begin. Repeat after me. I would like
I wud like
To feed your fingertips
To feed yur fingerteeps
To the wolverines. -- Michael O'donoghue
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Know the extent of your authority and exercise it. Establish and maintain authority. -- Bob Briner
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The main thing I wanted was to manage. -- Bobby Cox
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Let others take care of the details." That, in a few words, is the meaning of delegating work and responsibility. -- Meir Liraz
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I love teaching. -- Harry Mathews
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When you're directing, you're right at the coal face, always exhausted, often emotional - and I'll enjoy being a couple of steps back from that and simply helping where I can. -- Peter Jackson
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This book is about cultivating habits that let you become organized enough to get results for your students and to make your life more fun and less stressful. -- Maia Heyck-Merlin
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I love to teach - that's my role. -- Julia Child
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You must have a passion to coach. -- Rick Majerus
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My job is to teach someone something they never knew, but it should not be like you're in a prisoner-of-war camp. I'm supposed to be teaching you but also entertaining you. You're giving me an hour of your time. It should be lively. We're on a hunt, it's a mystery, and it's amazing. -- Bonnie Bassler
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While observing some people with their dogs, it is often a question of who is training whom. It is not uncommon to see an owner with their arms extended, holding on for dear life, while their dog runs wild. Unfortunately, I was becoming one of those owners. -- Elizabeth Parker
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I've wanted to manage a long time and I've been moving in that direction. -- Don Mattingly
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Knowing when to leave requires training. -- Jane Prowse
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I have learned to delegate. -- Gwen Stefani
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Duty is the best and wisest of all teachers. -- Alan Bradley
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Coaching is like flying an airplane, there is going to be a lot of turbulence, but your job is to land the plane safely. -- Chuck Daly
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required position -- Tillie Cole
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I am excited to have the opportunity to help provide the same swim instruction that I received as a child when I was enrolled in a water safety class at five-years-old. -- Michael Phelps
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If you're going to have 19 children, you should supervise them well. -- Keith Ablow
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When you learn, teach, -- Maya Angelou
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Listen for the instruction, instead of begging for the direction. -- Iyanla Vanzant
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To be a mentor for up-and-coming artists is right up my alley. -- Jessica Simpson
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I try to help people with management stuff a lot. -- Ben Horowitz
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I enjoy helping young children succeed. -- William Hung
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I coach young people. I have a group called BTP - Broadway Theatre Project. -- Ben Vereen
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Help People Reach Their Full Potential
Catch Them Doing Something Right -- Kenneth H. Blanchard
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Lead by example, not by instruction. -- Jared Matthew Kessler
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I was more than an elementary teacher, for I was present, or directly taught the children, from eight in the morning to seven in the evening without interruption. These two years of practice are my first and indeed my true degree in pedagogy. From the very beginning of my -- Maria Montessori
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Discipline must be maintained. -- Charles Dickens
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I think the most effective way to run a kitchen is to teach, not to just yell. -- Tom Colicchio
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When it comes to training I do that through teaching. -- Ryron Gracie
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An excellent mentor keeps a cool head and listens. -- Patty Alper
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Teaching is bringing the news. -- Frank Mccourt
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A man who reviews the old so as to find out the new is qualified to teach others. -- Confucius
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You're taking classes? That's great. Crime scene etiquette, perhaps? -- Kim Harrison
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Teachers spend most of their daytime hours with children. Teachers at every level, coaches, counselors, cafeteria workers and yes, custodians, spend their hours trying to make children's lives different, if not always better. -- Susan Straight
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Think like a head coach, but act like an assistant coach -- Tommy Amaker
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Teachers often make the mistake of thinking they're the boss of the class; they're not. The boss of the class is sitting down there somewhere. -- Philip Pullman
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Nothing is quite as satisfying and exhausting as teaching. -- Joe Sacco
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To command, you must first of all speak to the eyes. -- Napoleon Bonaparte
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Those who can't do, teach! -- Woody Allen
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To manage one must lead. To lead, one must understand the work that he and his people are responsible for -- W. Edwards Deming
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I could have coached better. -- Dan Devine
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My mandate ... is to promote the protection, rights and welfare of children ... -- Olara Otunnu
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We are working essentially to build a leadership force of folks who will, during their first two years of teaching, actually put their kids on a different trajectory - not just survive as a new teacher, but actually help close the achievement gap for their kids. -- Wendy Kopp
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To be in charge as a parent means inspiring your children to motivate themselves. -- Hal Edward Runkel
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I teach about suffering and the way to end it -- Gautama Buddha
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Love the discipline you know, and let it support you. Entrust -- Marcus Aurelius
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You will be learning along with the students, and your status as a learning expert will provide them with the support they need so that their work is the best it can be. -- Larissa Pahomov
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There is nothing more helpful than shouted instructions, particularly incomprehensible ones. I -- Connie Willis
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However, I should perhaps add that during the 20 years I have been back in Cambridge, I have been actively involved in the teaching of undergraduates, as well as of course supervising research students. -- Aaron Klug
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We manage what we monitor. -- Gretchen Rubin
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To teach, learn. To learn, teach. -- Mokokoma Mokhonoana
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We lead people, but we manage things. -- Sam Chand